Canadian Tiremanagement, 441 gibb street, oshawa, ontario

R Aug 11, 2018

My son worked at Canadian Tire for 10 years and I live next door and have been happily shopping at Canadian Tire for 30 years. I have nothing but fond memories. On April 21, 2017 a horrific incident happened just outside the front doors of this store. I was assaulted by a stranger who stalked me from the SuperStore next door who thought I disrespected him. He yelled into my face, grabbed with both hands by the my neck hard and shook me, I had 40 lbs of groceries over my shoulder at the time. I screamed for my life. I got away and got to the vestibule of Canadian Tire to call the police, where the man followed me in and tried to punch me, I had to throw myself backwards out of the way. The man proceeded through the store slandering me on his cell phone and taking my picture and laughing at me as he walked out. There were at least 20 eye- witnesses. One of the managers called 911 on my behalf. I spoke to 911 and they told me they would come to my home in 10 minutes. The 911 response never showed up. I had to call the police again the next day, they came to my home and threatened me. They refused to take my statement, and everything else. Within a week I developed a stiff neck and progressed to the back of my calf and lasted very painfully for 5 months. And I developed a severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to this day, over a year later. I was extremely ill since the assault. In short the police refused to answer any questions about the assault, after I made 11 official complaints and many more unofficial complaints. After a year of police not responding to my pleas, I approached Canadian Tire to look for the Truth.
I feel that the courts should handle this very severe issue. I was hoping on leaving Canadian Tire out of the picture, since I have no animosity towards CT. I approached the manager and I asked for his help on this issue, I was given some very negative responses, I don't understand this since there were eye-witnesses and video of the assault on store security cameras. I was told by police a year later that the police viewed the video. I never knew this. However, I found out by one honest police staff sergeant two weeks ago that they falsely accused me of instigating the assault! After more than a year I finally got an unbiased officer to tell a bit of the truth, the other police officers deliberately held any information from me in every possible way. I was also tipped off that the man who assaulted me is very close to the police in some way. I don't care, but it explains allot, but I am currently just trying to get this case to the courts. I approached the same store manager and he treated me worse this time. I was basically in tears since I thought the manager would help clear up any issues that occurred at Canadian Tire that the police refused to tell me. I just had a visit from the police (not so nice police) and they told me to stop harassing Canadian Tire and threatened to arrest me if I went back. WOW.
Then I talked to other police (friendly police) and urged me to find the truth, since they can't do anything, since they just told me the case was closed. I was thinking the case was still open until the assailant was caught and due process through the courts.
All I want is the truthful, cooperation about what happened at the Canadian Tire store that I don't know about. I didn't think I was out of line at all, considering the extreme torment I have gone through. There is a great Injustice going on here for sometime and I was sacrificed to keep a violent man from being accountable for his actions.
Thank You
Ronald William Kerkhoven

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