Canadian Tire Calgary Pacific Place, ABover all service

A Aug 13, 2018

Needed a tire valve replaced as it had rusted through over the years of winter conditions. The appointment was supposed to be approx one hour. 3 hours later I was informed by one of the female staff that she had not put my order through yet and it would take at least another two hours, at least. Cost 62, 37.

Had to go back the next week as another wheel had the same problem. However, they said it also needed a new TMPS sensor. Total 168.48. The female staff member stated she should have charged me the 168.48 the 1st time as well even though there was no TMPS valve replaced.

Prior to the above, I had our vehicle in for an oil change and a front end alignment they said was required as the alignment was out. 282.64.

Finally, we had a check engine light come on. Back to the same Canadian Tire. The ran a diagnostic on the vehicle and said it was going to need approx$ 1, 000.00 in parts and repairs. We noted that when they backed the vehicle out of the garage the check engine light was still on. I queried the fact the light was still on as based on similar experiences in work vehicles I had driven for a past employer, the light should have been off that short distance. based on past experiences wherein the vehicles had major issues but the light still stayed off for a few days. This made me really question Canadian Tire.

I took the vehicle, a 2001 Mitsubishi RVR, to Midas and paid 1/2 the price for the same tests to have a 2nd opinion. Midas was able to do a reset and informed me to just monitor the situation but more than likely everything is okay. Canadian Tire insisted they reset the light and it needed costly repairs. Light is still off and vehicle as always is running fine.

I should note that every time Canadian Tire had my vehicle in they would run a complete check to add to the costs as opposed to reading the vehicle's history they had on file.

Bottom line, Canadain Tire has lost both my faith and any future business based on the staff, over pricing and trying to scam me for parts and repairs I did not need. I will never recommend them again.

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