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M Oct 29, 2018

I'm unhappy with the service that I have had in the tire maintenance department. I recently had purchased some new tires from your store in Kelowna and had them installed. Over the following few days I had started to hear a noise in the front passenger wheel. So I brought the truck in to have them take the tire off and inspect to see if something dislodged during my tire install. They noticed that I had a seized brake caliper which had nothing to do with my tire install, so I had them go ahead and replace the caliper and do the front brake rotors and brake pads. I went to pick up the truck an hour later paid my bill and got into my truck. As I drove out of the parking lot and away a few blocks down the road I went to stop at a red light and my pedal went completely to the floor and only slightly slowed me down not stopping me. I managed to run through the red light not hitting anybody with two little children in the back seat of my truck. Long story short, I made it home a couple more blocks and phoned the service manager. He told me to drive it in and they would correct the problem. I said it was unsafe to drive, so he sent 2 guys to my house the following morning. Who ended up driving it back to the shop and bleeding the brakes. I looked at my paperwork from the initial job and it did state that they bled the brakes. I never did receive a follow up phone call. I feel I am owed some sort of compensation because this could have turned out in a fatality or a huge vehicle accident and my families life was on the line.
I would appreciate a follow up and a reply. Thanks

Ashley Serhan
435 Dell Rd Kelowna B.C.


Phone number [protected]

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