Canadian Tirebad customer service and poor management skill

S Aug 16, 2018

This refers to a gas promotion at Canadian Tire gas bar #1327 on June 13, 2018. I took advantage of the coupon which also had car wash sales ( 2 for $10 for Ultimate package). I purchased two car washes and was given receipts for the car washes which expires on Sept 11, 2018.
Yesterday I drove into the car wash and punched in the code 76604 on my receipt. I was not let through and was told that the code has already been used on July 19, 2018. On inquiry with the staff I was told that the computer records show that the code has been used. I asked to see the manager of the gasbar .
The manager had the same comments to tell me inspite of my insisting that my car has not been washed because my daughter got married on July 14 and we were out of town and could not possibly have gone through the carwash. There was a lot of heated words exchanged between the manager and me who was not willing to believe me but instead threatened that the computer records were final.
Since it was a promotion day and a lot of customers, the manager finally gave me a rewash receipt. The matter was settled but not to my satisfaction. I told the manager that the computer was accessible from his end and not me. Also, it was a second time this has happened to me. The first time it happened a year ago and my code was used, but giving way to a doubt I purchased a new carwash. But this time, nobody had access to the carwash receipt or code or the car, so I was definite there was something wrong and emphatically denied the manager's claim. Finally I was told by the manager that he is going in a loss for giving an additional car wash and do not buy car wash from this gasbar again. (which is fine by me, he loses a customer)
What a good management would do is take a broader view of the customer's complaint. I do believe that there are tricksters but not all customers are thieves, as I was presumably made to be. Your systems has so many faults which can lead to this situation such as:
1. Somebody could have accidently struck upon my code when keying in their
2. Your computer is accessible by your employees and they have access to the
codes issued.
3. Your computer could be hacked and the codes retrieved.

The solution to this problem is simple. This service is prepaid by the customer. Instead of issuing a code in advance, just issue a payment receipt for the car wash at the promotion time, which the customer would bring at the time he needs a car wash, pay for the service at which time he is issued a code and he can go through the car wash without any hassle. I understand that this would inconvenience the customer a little but it would go a long way to overcome the trouble I went through two times for the car washes. If further security is required, then the coded car wash receipt could be stamped "car washed" after the service is done to completely seal the transaction, which was done in my case yesterday. That receipt cannot be reused due to the stamp.

I was told that no other customer has lodged a complaint such as mine, for which I have no means of verification but the matter is that my complaint is genuine and needs to be looked into at a higher level because the manager has closed the subject by giving me a replacement carwash.

Please look into this matter seriously before more cases similar to mine arise.

Thank you

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