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Mobile & Cell Phones, By Most Complaints | Page 9

Willie Wireless/iphones / Unlocked Iphones

Dear Sirs, I ordered three (3) unlocked iphones and paid for them with a check to Colossal Trade. I received the iphones after a long time but the iphones are not unlocked and they don't work with any SIM (I took them to another country). I have sent many messages to them (on their...

tMoble / G1

Purchased a g1 for christmas gift and phone could not be activated until 1/2/09 Called on 1/2/09 and was told it could take 24 hours to activate phone. Called on 1/3/09 and was given many reasons why phone wouldn't activate and after 3 hours and many people, we decided to send phone...

CSW Ringtones / ringtones

I bought my son a new cell phone several months ago and since then have been getting charged for ringtones from my cell phone carrier which is Sprint.I have had the phone in my possession for 2 months and my bill keeps getting charged 9.99 a month.Tell me how this can be stopped.I have no...

3G Mobile Company / Repairing for about 4 times without admitting that the mobile is faulty.


I got a Nokia E65 on contract from the 3 Store about a year ago. I have had the mobile and I kept getting network problems, battery needed charging every day and every time I talked on the mobile for about 10 minutes the back of the phone used to get very warm. Anyway I sent my E65 for...

Ringza / Fraudulent Service


This company is providing legitimate looking quiz on Facebook. It then asks for your cell phone number so it can send verification to you. You get a text with a PIN. Once you enter that PIN it creates an account for you on RINGZA and subscribes you with a $9.95 recurring charge. I have sent...

CELL ONE / No customer service


I started a plan with this company because I wanted to try someplace different. Their plans were comparable to just about everybody else. Although at the time I felt that their 20 on 20 was a good deal so I went with them. First off, they got my name wrong. I asked them to fix it, they...

harassing phone calls / saudi cell number complaint


since last two days I am getting unwanted/ disturbing calls from a saudi number [protected] Kindly take a strict action against the user of this number as soon as possible. Thanx

CSWMobile / unsubscribe me i did not ask for or want this


i have been workin with the cell phone comp. texting STOP-orCANCEL-and even SUBSCRIBE/QUIT. I want this to stop and to have my money refunded on my cell phone bill.

tradelimitz New zealand or LA / scam

On several advertising websites you will find Tradelimitz. They claim to sell cellphones. I have paid for one and they came back to me that the phone was seized by customs in Nigeria... and if I would pay to a fedex agent via western union they could release my phone.. So obviously they just...

Horoscopes / Cancel


I have tried over and over to Cancel getting Horoscopes off my cellphone and I am told to submit my cell phone number or to call [protected] and I cannot get through to anyone. I was even given the e-mail address [protected] that does not take me to what I want. I will not...

Helio / Stupidity

GREATEST HELIO SCREW UP!! Where to start...I thought I was the only person that was dealing with idiots at HELIO, but it makes me feel a little better that everyone's receiving the all-around dumb-### Helio service. Literally, Helio reps are pretty stupid. My latest dispute? Lost my...

vodaphone ie / taffiff advertised at one rate charged another

Vodaphone ie advertise on website that if you ring from a vodaphone ie phone to a uk landline it caosts 15c per minute. They recently changed my husbands tarriff and have informed him that Belfast is a national call and is not considered part of the uk so will be charged at 55c per minute. I...


this company has advertised the shop the selling mobile in our country, so ive contack this company to order a mobile phone, 1st the ask thak we can pay half 1st, after the mobile has arrived we can pay the ballance, so i deal with it with transfer $200usd from western union which they...

NCOA / Device Protection Plan


I purchased My cell phone through Wire Fly in 2008 January 23.With the order forms I received this device protection plan through NCOA, So I paid $49.99. for the whole year. I had a issue with my Nokia 5300Xpress music phone and I informed to them about it. I could not talk to anybody so I...

M.M Lunika / Cellphone closure

I was phoned today by Vodacom representative, who told me about my phone which has an outstanding amount of about hundred and some few cents which was not paid and becouse of this amount she treathened me to close my phone dispite the fact that I told her that its only few days before the...

Gadgets Limited (UK) Ltd / money taken not delivering the goods nor refunding the money

v a

GADGETS LIMITED (UK) LTD Registered No. [protected] THE OLD STABLES, ARUNDEL ROAD, POLING, ARUNDEL, WEST SUSSEX, BN18 9QA UNITED KINGDOM the above company has taken money long back against the new apple i phone of 16gb, now thay r neither refunding my money nor executing the order. they are not even responding to my mail.

Jack Parkinson(probably fake) / sms scam


a mate of mine got a message on his cell phone in the caribbean claiming he won 150 000GBP. he was asked to contact this number [protected], he was asked to pay a substancial amount of money as tax on his winnings. beware of such messages demanding money fom you. if something seems too... / Rebate not received


I purchased a phone and cell phone plan through, with a rebate for the phone. After submitting all documents, including bar codes, packing lists, cell phone bills, and rebate forms, TWICE, still no sign of a rebate and no response from them to the many emails (you can't...


On the 9th Jan I took an IQ test advertised on FACEBOOK & was told to enter my mobile phone no. for the results to be sent to. Over the preceding weeks I was sent txt messages containing IQ test questions which I ignored and deleted. Finally I replied to a text with the word STOP...

Cingular / harrassment


this company harrassess people. they call and when the answering machine answers they hang up and they do it repeatedly. I am a student online i do not mwant harrassments and phones ringing all the time. i am working on my masters degree at phoenix the underdog of the superbowl. would...