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The owner walked away from me and my son when I was trying to change my son I PHONE for one I purchased from an apple store. The apple store customer service rep was on the phone trying to assist. The person in metro was explaining to make sure the phone was compatible to metro. I and the apple rep was trying to explain it was. He was mean and very aggressive. The store was across from beecher high school in mt morris, MI 48458. The store lies on N Saginaw rd across from Cold water Rd. I think there number is [protected]. The mean person was the shorter brother. I have been going their for years but will never return. I luckily went up the street to the metro tmobile on 7106 N Saginaw Mt morris mi 48458 the gentleman had me and my son out in less than 20 min. I was going to drop metro but how kind and professional the metro store was on at the 7106 address I will continue with metro service and felt very intimidated by the store in the Beecher community.

wireless 3620 fenton rd flint mi 48507 metro pcs

I paid my bill on the 28th of September for the month of October on October 7th Metro PCS hit my NetSpend...

new phone doesn't stay charged

I went it to buy a charger because my charger wasn't working, they didn't have any so I asked about an...

poor customer service

When I contacted Metro about horrible reception and not being able to use my phone, it was suggested that I...

fraudulent practices

I went into the store on 09/15/19 with my husband. We purchased two Stylo 5 phones for $179.99 a piece. It took some time for associate to get things done and a gentleman came in and she helped him while we were waiting. She asked us if we wanted phone covers immediately after choosing our phones and my husband informed her we always get them somewhere else. She said okay that's fine. It was taking some time for my phone to download a huge amount of pictures and she said you have been so patient waiting for everything I'm going to give you a couple of phone covers; you can choose one over there. I said thank you how nice. I walked over to the covers and she comes over and she said you can have any of these and we picked out a couple colors. We were very appreciative and I thanked her about four times. She just said okay it's no problem you were really patient. We get our bag with the boxes for phones and we leave with our new phones. Today my husband is paying bills and notices that the bill was higher than what he thought for the phones. We start looking around and realized she never gave us a receipt. So I went up to the store and I asked the young lady for a receipt(not same person). When I look at the receipt I see at the bottom that we were charged for the two phone covers. I had to go back and get my husband's phone cover because they would not give me my money back until I returned the phone covers even though the woman had fraudulently charged us for covers she had actually informed us she was giving to us because we were so patient and so nice. This woman needs to be fired. There's no telling how many people she's done this to. Her customer ID is MIMI. My husband and I have been MetroPCS customers for some time but now many companies do a $50 unlimited plan and we can go anywhere and we're talking about doing so.

fraudulent practices

not asking for my security pin

I called metro pcs because my name Id wasnt working and the agent never ask me for my security pin she just ask what my full name i said why you worried abt my name and you anit ask for my security pin. she said i could look it up by your name or phone number i called. Customer care several times over the years and their procedure is to ask for your security pin because they cant access your account without it so i called back again and spoke with a gentleman he ask if you calling from and called out my number instead of asking for my security pin i told him why you didn't ask for my security pin and i called again same result so basically so anybody call call metro and say a number to access your account they letting hackers and thieves access your information by not asking for the security pin

new cell phone

I am verys dissatisfied with the service/phone of MetroPCS. Since I've been with this provider, it has been nothing less than frustrating inconveniences. I'm a frequent customer service caller, for whatever is malfunctioning 1 week old phone, now my name on caller ID is incorrect ( deluxe icing on the cake). Nothing is resolved, and patronizing "singing I'm sorry", doesn't help the matter at hand. I plan to let whoever know of my horrible experience with this company. I plan to part ways with MetroPCS after this billing period.

4 g

Hi my name is Regina

I have two lines with metro. I had to get an extension but of a bill mix up. The same day I received the extension. I was given my credit. This have been a couple of months ago. I still don't have all my services restored. I have been to Corporate they couldn't tell me nothing. They tried in on a new phone nothing. I really believe I was given a deal and had it taken away from me. Customer service is a waste of time. Trouble shooting for nothing. When they know like I do metro took it back. That's illegal over around the broader. I have tried to work with this company and zero. These people have wasted enough of my time with the run around. I'm looking into what can be done. I lost alot of business that costed me dearly. This number won't even open the Internet nothing just talk.
[protected]. Very Disappointed and Angry

Regina Stephens

samsung j7 star - old model phone received for new service

Horrible management, horrible service. Mistake to step in this store. I went in to purchase two lines and...

new metropcs/t mobile phone

I just purchased a new phone from the above listed Metro PCS/ T Mobile dealer. On the second day I owned the...

phone service

I changed my phone number with metro pcs. Once they changed it I had no service! I've called about 20 times and I get the run around that if I wait 2 hours my service will be restored. Then I was told I need to wait 72 hrs and my service will be restored! Just called and metro pcs told me I need to wait another 72 hrs! I asked for a refund since I haven't had service and my plan is prepaid! They informed me they do not give refunds!

phone fort smith ar

We are paying $100 a month unlimited. The data just spins and spins. Will not load anything most if the time...

customer service and device

Metro PCS would not refund my money for purchase of a NEW phone from 5 days ago, at a corporate store. They...

worker rachel johnson

My husband and I were treated poorly by this worker named. Rachel Johnson I made a google review. The same...

Metro PCS

poor customer service

The worst Customer Service in years. On [protected] I went to pay bill for a relative. I was grilled by the...

cell phone and service promised refund

Metro Location: Address: 4247 Fm 1764 Rd, Ste 400, Santa Fe, TX 77517 Phone: [protected] I went by thi...


Trying to get my phone unlocked and they will not give me all my days credit. The first phone I bought for 250$. It got stolen about 2 weeks after i bought it. All I could do is pay sticker price for a new phone the night it happen because I had to have one the next day. This was another 250? I'm trying to have all my days combined so I can unlock the phone and they said they cant do it. I dont understand that. Maybe if I switch back to att they will .

amazon prime

Metro is offering free Amazon Prime with their service. The problem is, I never got the text to set it up. When I talked to customer service and got the link to set up the Amazon account it was temporarily unavailable. It has been temporarily unavailable every time I check, for weeks. The fact that they are with T Mobile, my former carrier, price, and Amazon Prime included is why I chose them. I suppose they think 2 out of 3 is okay.

service and management in its entirety

We have been with metro for close to 12 years now... We have 2 phones on the $60 addition to our nearly $100 monthly bill, we use hotspot on our phones to watch movies and things... So that means we have to purchase additional data every month in order to do this... That can add up to another $60+ or more every month... Our plan now includes membership with amazon prime... Since I am an existing prime member, and have been for years, I have numerous services and programs connected to my account... My annual membership fees are due on the 10th of this month... So I contacted metro and requested that they make the adjustment to my existing account to reflect that metro is responsible for the annual dues and all other things about the account remain as they are... I was told to cancel my account, I explained the reason for wanting to just have to fees of membership adjusted and for everything else to remain as it has been... Their response was to state that I should pay my fees myself and then open a 2nd account... So. It is of thier opinion should pay double for it... Once annually and then again monthly through my phone payment... Now thats not the worst of metros addition to that... It has resently been robbing us of our hotspot data as well... We havent been able to access our hotspot on either of our phones... And when we contact metro, even their system states we have approx 40gbs of hotspot data available on each phone... But metro blocks our use of it... And when we speak to c.S. Rep... We are told that the system is messed up but they are fixing it... Yet they then state we have no data available... When only minutes before we had close to 80gbs between both phones available... That I must purchase additional data if I want to use my hotspot... Left with no resolution but to buy more... I had 6 more gbs added to each phone... But was too angry to enjoy a movie, I decided to wait to watch anything until today... Yet when I checked to see if they had fixed their issues and replaced my data back to the nearly 90 gbs now that should have been on our phones... Instead it states only 15 gbs (not 46) on each one and that half that data had been used over night... This is straight robbing us... There isnt any attempts to fix or resolve these issues...' if there is no effort to replace what has been taken... Then maybe the bbb can get them motivated... This is unacceptable on every level...

service and management in its entirety
service and management in its entirety

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    First i have a phone plan that includes prime membership...i am an existing prime member with many other programs and services connected to my annual dues are due next week. So i contacted metro to have them adjust my amazon account to reflect the membership fees to be covered by metro...since it will be very time involved to cancel it...having been a member for years...they stated that i must cancel it...after explaining my situation...their answer was for me to pay my annual fees and open a new other words i should pay twice for prime...since my plan is just shy of $100 a month for my phones ...and my prime is alittle more than $100 a year...they make effort to work with me on this issue...secondly. I contacted metro to state i was not able to use my hotspot data..that i have an abundance of available data to use..which i pay extra for ...their system stated this my phones both stated this...but when i chatted with a rep. she says its all used up...that they are aware that there is a problem with their system..they are fixing it...but i now have no data we are talking 41 gbs on one phone alone...that isnot cheap...i pay extra for that data...this isnt a minor little thing when the other phone had about 37gbs of its own data...that is close to 80gbs of data...what are they twice for a service (prime) and oh well datas vanished from our system...oh well...its not money out of metros it seems to be something that they do not feel merits their attention...and they feel should not be resolved...this is extra data use costs approx. $100 dollars a month on top of my monthly plan payments...and now prime too...this is much for the great customer service and phone service that i had for the past 10 years that ive been a constant metro customer...

the data and customer service and hidden charges

I've been using metro PCS and my phones are so slow on the internet I have top-of-the-line phone and I get...

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