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Mani Rari / dhgate scammed me / refuses to refund me for an order that was never shipped

on Sep 22, 2017

I have ordered a cellphone on dhgate website that I never received since the seller never shipped my order and gave me instead a fake tracking number. I then open a dispute in order to be refunded the seller was making fun of me and I didnt get a refund. I then contacted dhgate(through...

CoolPad/3300A / there seems to be a problem troubleshooting my cellphone. I can't make or receive phone calls in my

on Sep 21, 2017

own personal cellphone and this is part of the CoolPadCompany.3300A I need to hear from you as soon as possible you can reach me at any of these emails. [protected] or [protected] and even my...

Xiaomi By Dod_Uae / used phone re-packed and sent as new

on Sep 19, 2017

Xiaomi By Dod_Uaei ordered a xiaomi mi 6 from souq and the seller was dod_uae it was delivered to me on 19-09-17 The package was sealed from out side but when i tried to open the phone it wouldn't start where else phones already are charged in package secondly when i charged and turned the phone on, there...

Kikay Shoppe / not delivered in time!

on Sep 18, 2017

Kikay ShoppeNakalagay sa tracking number ko:[protected], september 18, 2017. Expect to deliver within the day! Eh, buong araw ko na hinintay wala pa dn. Tapos makikita ko received by set na daw? Ano ibig sabihin nun? Nakakadisappoint akala ko makukuha ko na ung product ngayon! Ilang beses ko na tinawagan seller. Wala padn! Nakakainis na! Hays sana ayusin nyo!

Daisy / wants to give the product back

on Sep 18, 2017

The person came and checked out the phone from me, the phone is brand new never been used. I negotiated the price with him. He put his own sim card in it to check it out. He checked the phone out for at least 15 mins. I am guessing he set it up as his own as well. Now he texted me saying...

Jodi Gillman / iphone 7 plus red

on Sep 17, 2017

Hi I did everything you guys said I met up with the seller. It looked legit but turns out after I went to Apple it is a knock off iPhone using a gold ime number. I notified seller he said he would get back to me. I told him was at Apple and his product a fraud he. Locked me. Seller name...

April Kovach / checkout

on Sep 14, 2017

I was extremely displeased your cashier "Lorna" was checking her phone while handling my check during checkout. It made me wonder if she was possibly photographing the information on my check. This incident occurred at approximately 7:10 p.m. at the Westnedge Meijer. I really don't think...

Ukusindiswa Tshabalala / false marketing by rossenta pillay

on Sep 14, 2017

On the 12th of September at about 3:30pm, I was called by Rossenta regarding a free sim card that is provided by Mr. Price for free. The reason she give for issuing a sim card was that I am a good consistent payer for the account that I have with Mr. Price. I agreed on the sim card being...

Messenger / my internet texting and facetime on "messenger"

on Sep 13, 2017

I lost my messenger and had to reinstall. Yahoo asked for my phone number and now I am listed on my facebook account. I don't want people to know my phone number. Please removed my number or I'll close my account. Ok since it is so short, why do have to make connecting to an app. so...

Jabba cell phone / cell phone cost

on Sep 12, 2017

I had a cell phone with the company named Jabba... In 2012 lost phone and could not get hold off the office to repot the matter. Now they send me sms's telling me I owe them. If so why did the take so long to contact me. I would like have the email address of jabba so I can ask and tell...

nexus 5x / lg nexus 5x bootloop issue

on Sep 10, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a LG Nexus 5X that went into bootloop on August 24th, 2017. Since my phone had that problem, I have contacted Google, who requested that I contact LG to see what can be done about my phone. I understand that this is a known issue with many Nexus 5X users also...

ExcellencePlus / Not Providing Replacement Phone or Cost to Buy the New Phone

on Sep 7, 2017

Hi There, I have already spent about 2 hours of my time to deal with Asurion (ExcellencePluss) staff but to no avail. I got three phones from Costco Phone Kiosk with Bell 2 years warranty. I paid about $400.00 to get Samsung S7 Edge in Aug-2016. The sale guy at the kiosk sold me warranty...

Elaine Willemse / Account ref: [protected]

on Sep 7, 2017

Both telephone nr.s was updated at N1 city. The person assisting made a mistake and put the difference of R 7779.00 as a once off payment instead of instalments for the rest of the contract. I have been there various time trying to correct it, but to no avail. They keep on wanting to take of...

Tri Comm Wireless / Pizza and customer service

on Aug 31, 2017

Went to the University of Penn location and order two pizzas one pepperoni and the second one was a meat lover pie. When the pies came they were both over bake. When I said something to the server she treated me as if I was wrong for saying something and the rest of our time spent in the...

Compaqocean Co., Ltd / second hand iphone

on Aug 30, 2017

Hello I order'd to this company name of compaq ocean co., ltd they are froud company and they are organazing this fake company from hong kong first time I order 5 iphone and they gave it to me but second order I did it 5000 dollar and 5, 6 days she told me I will send you and one day she...

Meto PCS / the services

on Aug 22, 2017

Meto pcs is the most horrible phone provider that i have ever had . Both locations the one on hwy 14 & also the one on prien lake here in lake charles the employees are very rude & ghetto & they dont know anythig about the actual service the wait time is at least 20/30 min...

C Surance / cell phone insurance

on Aug 20, 2017

When I took out my cell phone contract from Cell C, I was encouraged to take out cell phone insurance with C Surance. I pay my insurance every month. In June my cell phone was stolen I reported it at the Cell C shop at the Greestone shopping mall and filled in all the necessary form...

Edson rodrigues / PEDIDO2017060132007101260044820917

on Aug 16, 2017

---------- Mensagem encaminhada ---------- De: "EBANX/AliExpress" Data: 2 de jun de 2017 20:03 Assunto: Não esqueça de pagar seu boleto AliExpress. Pedido 2017060132007101260044820917. Para: "EDSON RODRIGUES DA SILVA" Cc: O EBANX é o parceiro oficial de pagamentos do AliExpress. Olá, Edson...

iFitness.Bounce / unauthorised charges

on Aug 16, 2017

I have been charge in total £9.00 divided by 3 separate charges of £3.00 dates - 22/7/17, 29/7/17 & 5/8/17 which shows as iFitness. iFitness 05 Aug 2017 £3.00 iFitness 29 Jul 2017 £3.00 iFitness 22 Jul 2017 £3.00 My complaint is that I have never subscribed to ifitness & was not...

iPhone 7 / iphone 7

on Aug 13, 2017

I am buying an iPhone from someone on this app and his account was deleted by the team. I have his information but I was just wondering why his account was deleted, did he do something that I should know about, is he a fraud. The thing is I already sent him the money and I am waiting on my...

B.V. Seshu. C/O Elite Computers., Andhra Pradesh / wind5 touch not working

on Aug 12, 2017

sir my lyf wind5 fell down screen broken one of the corner cracked the screen but its working. last week I was orderd touch digitizer. I was recived friday evening, immediatly I removed my touch digitizer and incerted u r touch digitizer then poer on cell touch is not working, after power...

King Fahad Medical City / payment for product order number cn17h07q3911-g51lgy

on Aug 10, 2017

King Fahad Medical CityI ordered a gimbal from tomtop. But my ordere status is still payment processing for 4 days. They told me to send photos of my credit cart at [protected] and told me they will fix it soon. Until now the status remains thesame and nobody bothers to reply. I am planning to cancel it...

Staighttalk / straighttalk portable wireless

on Aug 9, 2017

we purchased a straight talk portable wireless device from the Chiefland, fl Walmart on 7/10/17 on the recommendation of a sales clerk. Purchase was to take on a camping trip. Purchased $40 worth of data also. It worked when we set it up at home and then for 1 day on the trip. IT NEVER...

Martin Wireless LLC / cell phone purchase/selling

on Aug 1, 2017

Sent and sold cell phones back in FEBRUARY to Martin Wireless and have still not received payment from them. They never pick up phone calls and return emails weeks later. DO NOT TRUST THIS BUSINESS!!! They said they lost our cell phones but that they would still send us a check. However we...

Polaroid A400 / need help to re-set original colors

on Aug 1, 2017

Who could help me with my cell phone. Just up grated mine to a Polaroid A400 and now the colors are off. What do I have to do or where could I get help? My cell # [protected] and I just received new phone a week ago from Safe Link. My home phone is [protected] Thank you kindly Renee...

Cex 88 High Street, Middlesex Staines, Unit 5 TW18 4DP / mobile phone and store manager miss lucy plant

on Aug 1, 2017

Hello, I gave my partner £80 to go buy a phone, to my disgust the mobile phone doesn't keep its charge (took 10% charge in 20mins and phone wasn't on?)plus it cuts off if your on the phone to someone it also had a mark on it...I went in today to see if it could be exchanged or my...

S. Ravi Data Card No 7483286611 (Reliance) / data card no.[protected]

on Jul 29, 2017

ravi s Today at 13:06 To Reliance Group Message body Sir, This is to inform you that, I am S.RAVI holding datacard bearing No.[protected]. I hereby surrendering this datadard since I do not want to continue with the Reliance Group in future and I also mention here that I am getting...

Simore / dual sim card for iphone

on Jul 25, 2017

Placed order online and paid 13/06/2017.I was told to expect the item after 15 working days.Item still not received.Tracking of item out of CH is not possible. Sent so many emails and lodged ticket queries but Simore refuses to respond. I have demanded a refund to no avail. I am beginning...

Personal use / Weak connection; No Signal

on Jul 24, 2017

Hi Good Day! I am complaining regarding the weak connection and no signal in our area which is in Villamor Airbase Pasay City, everyday when I'm went home my signal was so weak I cant send any text message even call and when I'm inside our house there's no signal yet, it so hard for me to...

Mari-Louise Beach / poor customer satisfaction and lack of interest from cell c

on Jul 20, 2017

On the 3rd of May 2017 I was informed that should I pay up one of my 4 existing contracts I will be able to do an early upgrade. Unfortunatly I cannot remember the name of the lady who assist me, but as usuall no one ever came back to me, I had to keep phoning trying to find out if they...

Wham mobile company / refunds of money rs.3704/- + interest till as on date on providing defective mobile handset/ instrument set of mobile wham company

on Jul 19, 2017

Mr.Varghese Biju N [customer] Hubli, Karnataka Mobile : +[protected] Email: [protected] or [protected], Dated:- 19-07-2017 To, [01] Branch Manager, Mr.Lokesh HK Support Team Customer Care Sangeetha Mobiles Pvt Ltd., 080 -...

Tha / digi network

on Jul 18, 2017

The digi network at genting permai 2, genting highlands, Pahang is [censor]ing slow... I don knw wht to tell about the digi network.. Sometimes there is no line at here.. If gt line aso [censor]ing slow... Even can't use WhatsApp.. Since one week the line at here for digi is making...

Tiisetso / unknown subscription

on Jul 17, 2017

I have been phoning several times in the past few weeks, and not gettting anyone to cancel the unknown subscriptions where they have to take R6 or R7 a day. I would call and will be promised that it was cancelled. And they send the sms with the nunber to cancel and i keep on telling them...

PureLoad Station / waiting for too long

on Jul 17, 2017

PureLoad StationHi inform ko po kayo pinipilit po ako ng driver na icancel ang booking. Pacheck na lang po un picture na naka attached. Hindi ko na po na screen ang next conversation namin. Pero ito po mga sumunod. Driver: Ikaw nga mag cancel diba ayaw mo. Me: Ok, intayin ko na lang po kayo. Driver...

Zanele Xolo / cell phone contract

on Jul 16, 2017

R1590 was debited, june and july invoice is added together? Why tho They are suppose to debit that amount on the 27th or 30th because my contract with the says I get paid on the 27th! This is so wrong. When I call, they say its not their problem!. Please fix this. End of this month I am not suppose to be debited sunce july is being debited in june!

Home Direct / cell phones

on Jul 15, 2017

I had purchased a cellophane from home direct when I had opened the package the phone looked ok but it had a crack on the screen otherwise turning the phone on and using all the functions on it was not a problem at all. I have had the phone since March or April and up until July Wednesday...

"Secure-"Unaphone-Zenith / undelivered-allegedly-"secure"- mobile-phone

on Jul 14, 2017

Hi, there please do not order an allegedly "secure Unaphone Zenith". In the best case the persons behind this are simply overworked as they constantly claim, in worse scenario they are just a little bit incompetent and the very worst scenario they are outright fraudulent though sofar I do not...

Csurance / claiming for a new phone from csurance

on Jul 13, 2017

After waiting a whole week after I claimed my Insurance. I had to call Csurance, calling them and having to wait for a consultant for 1hour each and every time I call them. I called them yesterday to follow up and all my documents were proper. Nothing was explained to me properly. Even...

Saiful Nizam Zaini / maze alpha

on Jul 13, 2017

Order No.: AA17F24J0038-2C1J00 I want to cancel this order. so many times delay. I don't want exchange other item. many emails you never respond!! right now I only want my money back. more than a month order still processing, then delay, delay and delay. I pay using PayPal. I already requested my...

Suncellular Phils. / unauthorized renewal of postpaid plan by another person claiming to be myself

on Jul 12, 2017

July 12, 2017, I went to Suncellular office at SM City Bacoor, Cavite to renew my postpaid plan with customer acct no. [protected] because my previous contract will expire on7/29/2017. JP Laboriente and Asst Mgr. Mady Villanueva told me that my contract was previously renewed last Jan. 2017...