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Alisha Curry / iphone 7

on Feb 20, 2018

She has made plenty money on this phone because I was scammed for $150 for this phone walmart to walmart. First I sent it to Alisha Curry who stated that she could not meet me because she was in Ashford Alabama. Then she begged me to change to Terrell Bass. I sent the money on 2/11 and...

Phonysm78 / item not received

on Feb 20, 2018

i have order a samsung s7 edge with this "seller" and its been 2 weeks but still no sight of my phone. he promise me that i will received my item in 2 working days. after the 3-4 days, i tried to contact him, and he block my number. i have a total lost of rm1150. how do this type of scammer...

LG Company / lg4 wireless phone

on Feb 19, 2018

As of the 16th of Feb, 2018-my LG4 phone will not do anything but stay on Life is Good-LG4. The screen is completely frozen and will not power off, reset or anything else. I have changed the battery, taken the battery out for 15 minutes and even tried looking it up on You Tube but to no...

Fero Iris / shut down

on Feb 19, 2018

I placed an order on 21/09/2017 12:53:20 for a fero iris phone the product named iris - 8gb - 1gb ram - 8mp camera - 4g lte - dual sim - gold. I received it on 22/09/2017 20:00:17 and paid cash on delivery. It has been barely 4 months and the phone has shut down on its own. I am therefore...

Verstraeten / bestelling smartphone niet gekregen, maar teruggestuurd door de douane.

on Feb 17, 2018

geachte, Dat maakt nu +/- 3 maanden dat ik probeer mijn bestelling te lokaliseren, zonder succes. De bestelling 59ca6eebd54760fd2fad7cec dateert van 26 september 2017, was toegekomen bij de douane ( Bpost Mechelen), heb enkel een globale prijs kunnen geven aan de douane van wat ik betaald heb...

Jess / digi prepaid

on Feb 16, 2018

Saya pelik dan sangat-sangatlah kecewa terhadap internet digi ni. Dahlah harga mahal pastu cepat makan kuota which is very unacceptable! Sy pun hairan padahal I only used my internet for researching some useful info for my assignments tapi tak sampai seminggu dah habis dah 5GB kuota. What...

E2Save / mobile phone device contract

on Feb 15, 2018

I was told I would be delivered a Samsung 5s on Monday after payment. Payment taken and no phone. I can no longer log into my account as I'd number Apparently invalid and all contact numbers are void. Parent companies deny involvement and I literally cannot find a way to contact e2. I wa...

E Van Der Merwe / billing

on Feb 14, 2018

Telkom did not submit Jan 2018 debit order because I assume I took out an additional contract. I did not pay this balance manually because it was already added to my Feb 2018 invoive and my experience with Telkom is that they will still submit the full invoice amount regardless of the... / apple accessories

on Feb 10, 2018 get a quote from this website originate in China and get a pricing of Apple pencils and dock station soon i need to order so i ask Dong how to fullfill order as she gave me her personal bank detail for payment every thing was perfect and getting reply from Dong on timely manner but once...

Vesta [email protected] / cell phone charges

on Feb 7, 2018

I called go phone and explained I use my phone 4 times a month to make my paycheck deposit. I was explained they had a plan where I pay $25.00 to open account and if I did not use the time up in 90 days the minutes not used would carry on to the next 90 days. If I used the 25.00 up before...

Joanne Gopper / mtn

on Feb 6, 2018

On Monday 29 Jan '18 I went to visit the Somerset Mall MTN Store for an upgrade. As I entered the store the Manager Allison came to me to assist and I mentioned to her that I'm interested in an upgrade to the LG K10 2017. She then assured me stock is available. Then Georginia the...

Al Jadeed Bakery / du monthly plan

on Feb 3, 2018

Can you please help me to find the answer on this.. Im a du plan user of 150 monthly..i dont know what is the difference between using my plan monthly and consuming it all and suddenly they cut my plan without prior notice..everytime i try to dialed number "your monthly plan has deen...

Roger Bergeleen / straight talk prepaid

on Jan 28, 2018

I am in need of my phone also being a hotspot for my computer. NO WHERE on the outside of the prepaid card package does it state cannot be used as a hotspot. You sell hotspots with small amounts of data but that adds up to what Verizon charges me now. I just purchased Straight Talk today...

Kambariokas / I ordered the goods, I paid for the money I did not receive any goods.

on Jan 26, 2018

KambariokasOrder Number: [protected] Date Received [protected]:19 Payment Method Credit Card Total EUR € 21, 96 Tracking number: RG994911135BE Logistics company: Bpost International Shipment time: [protected]:36:30 Receiver address: Gelvonu 44-21, Vilnius, Lithuania, Lithuania Sandra...

Education and Training Unit / cellular service suspended

on Jan 24, 2018

My cellular service was suspended on the 23rd January 2017. When I called Vodacom they said it's been suspended due to non - payment of R1500 which I made on the 18th of December 2017 through internet banking. The confirmation was sent to [protected] on the same date. I made another...

Orange España / internet, mobile and home phone / fail to install but still bill

on Jan 22, 2018

We signed up with Orange to install a simple ADSL internet connection. We are not remote we live in Torrevieja along a main road and next to a major supermarket (Carrefour). After 4 weeks of being promised they are coming and not showing up we cancelled. But Orange renewed the contract... / worst customer service ever!

on Jan 19, 2018

Worst Customer service ever. I ordered an item and cancelled it immediately after realizing it was the incorrect item. They charged me anyways and sent the item. Only a $3 item, but it still contacted them about the return. In response, they sent me an email personally attacking me. Wow! I...

Stanley Mageto / product

on Jan 19, 2018

I bought a phone but never lasted for even a month raised a complain by emailling you but u never replied. infinix phone and it had warrant pliz inform how to refund or return to be replaced with abetter one kindly assist. the product was smart (5010)-16gb 1gb ram -8mp Camera-dual sim -...

Haas / coli perdu

on Jan 17, 2018

Haasbonjour mon colis à été perdu. il à été envoyé par globalgrow. il à été déclaré perdu par la société COLIS PRIVE le 22 septembre 2017. un mail vous à été envoyé. A l'heure actuelle je n'ai aucune réponse de votre part. il sagit de la commande gearbest W1708171640446157envoyé avec le numero de suivi...

Certified Pre Owned Shipped by: Com / apple iphone 7 plus with facetime - 128 gb, 4g lte, silver

on Jan 14, 2018

When i received this product first i turn on this mobile but at the time of start phone getting heat so much, then complaint against this product for return and i don't want this product again, i didn't use this product and i returned this product as same condition which i received, but... / samsung mobile

on Jan 13, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I had ordered 2 Nos. of Samsung S8 Edge Mobiles through Online buying and my order ID as per their order details is 23455 dated 03/01/2018. I have sent several mails for the order status on their email ID [protected], but the same is not being delivered. As per...

Junk / phone wallet received dec 6th.

on Jan 11, 2018

JunkI received after almost a month of waiting for a red phone wallet and a plastic case. This was for my phone: Samsung Galaxy 73 Pro. The plastic case has no jack hole and it was not correct in the back for the camera, not lined up correctly for any of the holes and has extra holes for some...

Individual Fraud / fake iphone mobile fraud

on Jan 6, 2018

Hello TEAM, I have been cheated by someone an individual selling me the fraud iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB model yesterday. He told me it was the working item and verified the IMEI number as well but he showed me the other phone while verifying so I paid 1800 AED in cash to him. It turns out to be...

Supcase / camera phone screen protector

on Dec 26, 2017

I ordered a screen protector from SUPCASE. After a lengthy delay, I finally received the screen protector and installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S8, only to discover that it doesn't quite fit. There is a small gap between the right and left edges of the screen protector and the edge of the S8...

eSsuranty / cell phone insurance

on Dec 21, 2017

Essuranty is the worst company I have ever dealt with, once you file a claim with them. I sent my phone to them for a damaged screen over 3 months ago and never received my phone back. If you try and email this company you most likely will never receive a response. If you call, no one...

iPhone / iphone 5 t mobile austria

on Dec 19, 2017

Few weeks ago I paid to unlock my iPhone 5 T-Mobile Austria and until now they don't unlock my iPhone 5 and they never answer me even I contacted them to all their emails. I am totally disappointed and I will contact my Visa card service and my lawyer if I will not receive my money back...

No Company / phone

on Dec 17, 2017

Today I received a call from this number +[protected] and he said he is from Du and I won cash prize of Million with I phone and I have to give them any nearest Dubai Islamic branch location to process my papers. When I started asking questions to him he started giving bad words please take...

Fonetech Int'l / mobile phone warranty not honored

on Dec 17, 2017

Fonetech Int'l based in Makati City, Metro Manila, Phils. did not honor warranty for a house brand touch screen smartphone. The small screen mobile phone was only 2 months old and on the 5th time kept in front pocket of my pants, suffered a 2 inch crack because of thin and defective screen...

Star Fashions / arrogant customer service employee

on Dec 11, 2017

Good day . I called customer service with regards to my sons cell numbers. He was constantly being called at odd hours of the morning and spoken to very rudely . I spoke to a consultant by the name: Ian Mazimba who was very arrogant on the call. I do not take lightly to people talking to...

Bocoin / bocoin k37 mobile

on Dec 10, 2017

Hi, I have received this mobile yesterday through my order # [protected] and I have encountered a problem. When I install the SIM card, the mobile goes off after few seconds and then and then start again but it asks me to enter the SIM card code once again. This mobile would not work. Now...

Airlink International / apple iphone

on Dec 8, 2017

Hi. I had purchased Apple Iphone X in the name of Tabrez Shariff M- [protected] 64 GB Silver Model. At the billing counter they said the reciept twill be recieved to our email ID. But still I haven't received any bill to my Email ID. Please appreciate to send a Soft copy to my below email ID. Tabrez [protected] Regards, Tabrez M-[protected]

Magda van Heerden / poor service from cell c

on Dec 1, 2017

Magda van HeerdenMy contract (for cell phone no [protected]) expired on the 11th of August 2017. a Month earlier they started to phone to remind me about the expiring date and time after time I told them I do not wish to continue with the contract. Every time they try to put me through to the cancellation...

Kvd International Group Limited / this cell phone x6 pro does not meet all the requirements stated on the box that we purchased it in.

on Nov 29, 2017

I bought the Doogee X6 Pro cellphone on the 7th of September 2017 from Cash Crusaders Mossel Bay for the first time, the camera had a black spot on the lence, so I returned it a week later [protected]) wherea after the friendly staff exchanged it with a new phone, however, about two week...

SBC Trading Co. Ltd. / samsung mobile

on Nov 29, 2017

SBC Trading Co. Ltd.TRADE DISPUTE FORMAT Sl.No. Particulars Details 1 Name of the Indian company Mrs. Coleen Dsouza (individual) / Mr. Augustine Dsouza (Individual 2 Contact person with designations Mrs. Coleen Dsouza (individual) / Mr. Augustine Dsouza (Individual 3 Address C/512, Dheeraj Kirti, Mith...

Phone Services ™ / The Unlock Team / iphone unlocking

on Nov 27, 2017 I just got scammed by them. They were not able to unlock my iphone and did not provide a refund under their bogus refund terms; 8.0 refunds 8.1 we offer a full refund if we are unable to provide an unlock solution for your phone. You must claim a Refund within 30...

Lifeceyecle Inc. / bell mobility

on Nov 27, 2017

I called on Black Friday ( November 24th) to upgrade both our lines, and was told that we would be eligible for upgrades on both our lines. We were told that one of the lines was eligible for the iPhone 7 128G for $0 (Ref # B31676), and one of the lines for the iPhone Plus 128 for $79 (Ref...

Foshini Robertson / unethical behaviour

on Nov 24, 2017

I wanted to buy a nokia 5 as it just arrived at store. The sales lady said she cant help me due to the fact that shes the only person in store. So I left empty handed. I returned the following day at 16h30 when I wanted to buy the phone at the tills it was 16h50 and they said sorry we cant...

Cellular Country / bad products

on Nov 23, 2017

Fraud company. Sent me a phone that shuts down repeatedly for using Google Map. Complained, polite for the 1st time, sent me a replacement, though with the shipping cost on me. Replaced phone with a Crack at the bottom of the phone (they say its a Mint condition), Camera & many feature...

Jacqueline V Zyl / data contract

on Nov 21, 2017

I took out a data contract special on 30 September 2017 for the WiFi console with 60GB per month : 30 GB Anytime and 30 GB nightowl data. The 60 GB data loaded fine for October. But on 01 November only 30 GB data was loaded. After several calls to customer relations, I was told the error...

Jet Store in East London - Oxford Street / display tablet price changed on the cashier

on Nov 21, 2017

Jet Store in East London - Oxford StreetOn Sunday 19 November 2017, I (Masonwabe Patrick Galadla, Cell number: [protected], have been a customer of Edcon Group for the past 12 years) visited Jet Store in East London Oxford Street to buy a Tablet for my son's present. I looked around and found a nice tablet which was costing...