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At least 3 or 4 times a week I Aaron Blevins come to open in the morning and there’s multiple trash cans full of food that I gotta dump and my batter corner is almost always absolutely disgusting when I don’t close / n/a

on Apr 30, 2018

At least 3 or 4 times a week I Aaron Blevins come to open in the morning and there’s multiple trash cans full of food that I gotta dump and my batter corner is almost always absolutely disgusting when I don’t closeSo this morning on 4/30 /2018 I Aaron Blevins came to work to open poets Lafayette la South Park Pinhook location and yet again I come to a disgustingly filthy batter corner 3 trash cans full of food and then go to throw it and find the dumpster area with bags batter boxes full and food...

African bank poor service / my refund

on Apr 30, 2018

I am Snethemba Peter who has a credit card with African bank.i paid all the balance I had on that card and told them I want to close the account but they did not help me with on the 26 April 2018 they debuted my money R750.i called them asking for a refund they asked for proof of...

Vanilla Visa Gift Card Rip Off!!! / Rip Off!!

on Apr 29, 2018

My 9 son was given a £25 Vanilla Gift Card as a present for his birthday. He's very sensible and as he didn't need anything as he's just had his birthday and Xmas he saved his card until he wanted something. We went to use it in Amazon and got rejected 3 times. I eventually logged in after...* Banana Sta Amsterdam NLD N. 635516 /

on Apr 27, 2018

Salve pure io ho addebitato 5 € a un sito di incontri che diceva che erano solo di tre giorni ma alla fine sul mio conto non mi sono trovato più 29, 95 ed io non ho attivato nessun abbonamento quindi cortesemente quei soldi li vorrei indietro sennò veramente vado dalla polizia e non scherzo...

Bargainclub. sale / xsdeluxe [protected] i

on Apr 27, 2018

Guillermo Cordovez March 6 /2018 No he recibido número de código de seguimiento hasta hoy. compre con tarjeta Visa, cuya numeración termina en 1876. El día 6 de marzo del 2018, vino mi estado de cuenta de Visa y aparece el número 7326607, que corresponde a unos lentes LUXHD lens y no he...

My Replacement Card Has A Block On It That I Did Not Put On There!!! / I want the block off my card asap

on Apr 27, 2018

I had my card stolen so I went to Wal-Mart and got the same one to replace it . I was unable to activate it. So I called to report the other one stolen and could not get a hold of anyone finally when I did she sent me a replacement. I received it just to find out I can not use it either...

IDP IELTS / booking fee

on Apr 26, 2018

IDP IELTSI am booking for my IELTS UKVI exam in Riyadh, KSA under this email address but there was an error that occurred during the payment process. My Debit Card was already charged with 1, 070SR but there was no email confirmation regarding the booking details. Therefore, the booking did not go...

Kathryn E Travis / my discover card repeatedly charged by audible

on Apr 25, 2018

Unauthorized charges by AUDIBLE $15.85 I have security on this card. I am going to report AUDIBLE for these unauthorized charges. Checking back my March bill shows an unauthorized charge for the same amount. At this point it appears to me this is an automatic charge. I have only bought one...

Account Now Gold Visa Prepaid / expired card won't release new one

on Apr 25, 2018

They sent my card it expired i'm homeless they won't give me a new one they have all the money I have on card won't release it i've sent all info several times still just keeping my money they should be forced to give me my money plus interest they are nothing more then common criminal...

Waiting in line and cashier not helping my mom's I do the shopping / light bulbs

on Apr 22, 2018

My mom' is 86 and I often do the shopping at the Woodland Hills store, the wait is often long the managers, don't open any other register, and the Cashier was training someone I told her the card works, she wouldn't help me showed her my Drivers License also, we not big...

Naukrihuts and team, Mr. Nishan, Pankaj, Rahul are fraud person / he has been fraud with me

on Apr 21, 2018

Dear naukrihuts team, I pradeep srivastav I say that Mr. Nishan ([protected]), Rahul ([protected]) and Pankaj from naukarihuts was call me for providing secure job in best companies and that he has been taken registration charges and security deposit total amount 16000/-. but he had not...

Ferguson Store / I think you have problem with gas credit card theif

on Apr 17, 2018

Please call me have problems with trying to get my money back from your store basically went spoke to a manager and she just referred me to your customer service number and nobody ever picks up the phone we appreciate if you can call me back because I'm missing more than $200 off of my...

Lawyers Office Complaining Unauthorized Credit On Your Mastercard / 3 unauthorized credit card charges see infra

on Apr 16, 2018

dates incident: 11/03 *fclinc 866-450-4000usa € 1, 64 12/03 *fclinc 866-450-4000usa € 2, 84 20/03 [protected] cyp € 99, 95 mastercard client number [protected] my name frans carsau, kochdreef 1, b 2990 wuustwezel desirable resolution: request refund for €...

Ambrogio Maiocchi / mastercard international

on Apr 13, 2018

since you have installed the new pos in save more, ace my international mastercard (italy) is not accepted while with the old pos is accepted. why ? In other stores I have no problems because they have the "old" poses so I force myself not to spend in the SM stores with the new pos I have...

Easypay / order#[protected]

on Apr 12, 2018

Hi With ref. to Order#[protected], Rs. 2738/- been paid thru my credit card as Easypay. During checking of my cr. Card payment history, I have found this payment against mentioned above order. You are requested to verify the payment confirmation of pkr 2738/- against (order#[protected])? This order# i...

Visa Business Credit Card / late fee

on Apr 11, 2018

I am asking that you removed the late fee of 38.00. I lost my card during travel. I reported it immediately after getting home. You all made some adjustments; but now I'm getting charged a late fee. I requested my replacement card after waiting two weeks for the first card, had to wait...

1000 Mastercard / master card

on Apr 9, 2018

1000 MastercardIt popped up that I could spin and win. So I spinned and on the 2nd spin said I won a $1000 master card. Well when I got to where I was to put my info in it kicked me off. So I tried to. Go back and it had me spin all over it did this 3xs. I could seriously use that card. Please hold true... / id#1635315628672761invoice#ss1804060458388134

on Apr 6, 2018

I made an online purchase on 4/5/18 and tried to cancel and they wouldn't I'm do to go on a cruise with my husband and the time frame that it will arrive I will be gone three days already and they charged it on my credit and I want it charged back to my credit card you can't speak with...

I phone winning scheme / winning iphone scam

on Apr 6, 2018

Sir I am an indian citizen accidently logged into mail about winning an I phone into my mail a/c in feburary and guided me that only A dollar would be deducted from my a/c if I loose. But when my bank statement came I was shocked to see amount of 50$ approx. deducted from my savings a/c...

Prime Solutions / debt solution/credit management

on Apr 4, 2018

Prime SolutionsI was and am in credit card on or about $20,000. This company emailed my mom. She then signed me up. I had no knowledge. My mom helped me with my bills. Anyways, she managed my finances to the extent I couldn't. I get a packet in the mail and it has a signature that is not mine. I...

Priority Payment Systems LLC / credit card processing

on Apr 3, 2018

Our business cancelled service in 2015. They continued to withdraw money from our checking until we finally blocked it. Then they sent us to collections. They will not reimburse us the money they took out. Customer service told me to send a copy of my cancellation. I emailed it and called...

Store #5761 / my total purchase on my credit card

on Apr 3, 2018

The sales person told me my credit card did not go through. I told her I thought it did. She said she had to put it through again. when I got my bank notification about 20 mins later (after leaving store) THE PURCHASE OF $36.17 was charged 2X's on my credit card> I went right back to the... / I please and order dvd kung fu the legend continues box set for 95.95

on Mar 30, 2018

My Name is Iris Pace I place and order w/o the show DVD on Feb/2/2018 for DVD box set and had knot Recseved it yet the show was kung fu the legend continues Box Set for 89.99 +shipping 5.95 that came out to 95.96 that gave me and order Number [protected] I've been leaving massage asking them...

Forever Gabon / bonus

on Mar 29, 2018

Good evening Mr. Gregg MAUGHAN, how are you? We are distributors forever Gabon. We are a collective, in fact, we claim our bonuses forever for years but FOREVER CAMEROON does nothing to pay us. Does FOREVER have no more money? We signed a contract with forever but why our commissions are...

Best Buy & Citibank Visa Fraud / fraud regarding 10% best buy credit for initial purchase

on Mar 28, 2018

I just wasted over an hour at Best Buy attempting to purchase 5 appliances. I was told that I would received a 10% Best Buy credit for my FIRST purchase if I signed up for a Citibank Visa. My appliance order was over $4, 500, so that would have meant I would have received $450 in credit at...

Maverick Rock/Recl-Beige (Washi 9830-801) / maverick rock/recl - beige

on Mar 25, 2018

Purchase recliner on May 30, 2017 and by November started calling Brand Smart to complaint about it! The part where you rest your legs, was showing or touching the wood part! In other words, the cushion was not longer there and I felt the wood cutting my legs (it was pretty sharp) After...

FAB (FGB) Bank / not issuing the clearance letter

on Mar 21, 2018

Dear Sir /Madam, I wish to make a complaint against FGB (FAB Bank), I was having a credit card since 2015, now I had decided to close the Fgb credit card and had paid all amount as they shown on the liability letter. this is a take over from other bank. I submitted all the documents at Mirdiff...

Account Assurance / insurance protection

on Mar 21, 2018

I am 73 years old and did I make a mistake by agreeing to this protection on my Meijer Credit card among others! I looked at my statement today and they charged me $12.00 for protection.. I'm going to get copies of all my statements and find out how much they have charged me! This last month...

Google Telepathic / being charged for something I didn’t order or approve

on Mar 21, 2018

Hi! I'd really like your help on this. I'm being charged 3.95 $ on my mastercard for google telepathic. Don't know what it is. I never bought nothing with that name or that price. This is 1-2 times a month for a long time now. I cant get no where with anyone to stop this. Id...

Fingerhut/Safeline / safeline benefits

on Mar 21, 2018

Customer # [protected] benefit # [protected] I was told I did not have any protection but when looking at my statement dated mail payment by 6/17/17 I am and was paying for protection, fingerhut stated my disability started july 2017 and fingerhut stated my safeline started sept 2017, that i...

Consolidated Payment Services / top sales companies to work at in dallas

on Mar 20, 2018

I have work ed there for over two years as a National Account Manager. I loved every minute of it. I was a middle of the road producer but still made over $68, 000 Yr in 2017. The leads are hot and qualified. The management is hands on. Go see Mr. Barry Beau he is the best in the busine...

BLS*Baltsoft / unauthorised incasso

on Mar 19, 2018

On 16 January 2018 € 9, 11 On 16 February 2018 € 8, 97 On 16 March 2018 € 9, 06 Perhaps also on 16 April similar amount ?? were charged to my VISA account. I did not buy any product or service from BLS*Software as far as I know. Please reimburse me and cancel future similar withdrawals. Dr. C...

FollicleRx / scam

on Mar 18, 2018

Over 8 months ago I ordered their product. Never delivered despite numerous emails. Now they say that they cannot reimburse me! In July 2017 I ordered from the website, provider - Bellavie. Despite numerous emails they have failed to resolve the issue. As soon as you email them it become...

Ms (Howayda Fares) / money deducted more than my payment receipt

on Mar 15, 2018

Ms (Howayda Fares)I have booked a flight from MNL to GES in February payment was 5272.48 PHP, which is equal to 1790 EGP, Credit card report from the bank was with 2390 EGP which is around 7,070 PHP, bank informed us that you have deducted this amount totally from your site I need clarification for thi... / a gift card

on Mar 9, 2018

I had one refund on my gift card that I purchased in order to pay bills because online privacy information. The refund came from NHL jerseys because they sent the wrong size. These jerseys were for my grandchildren. I went online and noticed the refund was available on my card. To even go...

Items never received / items that were never delivered

on Mar 6, 2018

I have ordered several items. A pair if men's hiking boots size 9 1/2 due by february 19th. Also the following items were due the 9th of february. 2 shirts size 6x in green and black. Black magnetic bracelet. 16 pc silver rings. Trendy women's pocketbook, subwoofer speaker and a white...

Sage Resolution Group / credit card

on Mar 6, 2018

They are threatening to seize my accounts and a warrant for my arrest if I don't pay them now. I have no clue who they are, and threatening me for 275 dollars sounds a bit much and extreme for such a small amount of money. They've called me before I asked for more info said they were not... / billing

on Mar 4, 2018

I don't this service any more they billed my card when it said free. Can you please cancel my membership and reimburse my money back on my card please and thank you.I don't want this service cause it charged my credit card and I didn't want to do that I just wanted to verify...

Car Not Available To Pick Up The Guest / unavailability of the car/driver to take the guest to the drop off point

on Mar 1, 2018

We had booked private transfer for our client Immaculate Mbithe booked and confirmed under reference number: ZA909703720 unfortunately, She didn't find anyone waiting for her when she arrived. she had to look for an alternative means of transport which was very inconveniencing after paying USD...

Peter F. Dubois / you have charged me 2 times for my subscription this year

on Feb 27, 2018

First payment... Jan 31.134.17 canadian dollers skype [protected] ref. No. [protected] second payment... Feb. 8 133.31 canadian dollers ref. No. [protected] both payments were from credit card, bank of monteal mastercard and out of lux. Please arrange a credit. Please note that my...