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Pavilions Complaints & Reviews

Pavilions / checker/cashiers

Aug 13, 2019

I've been shopping at the Pavilions for almost 2 years. This location appears to be for the almost retired employees. The lack of customer service is comical. There is no sense of urgency, if the line gets to be over 6 people they seem to slow down. The cashiers talk to the baggers and will stop scanning items to finish the conversation. This location needs new management cashiers and baggers.

Pavilions - California, Los Angeles / rude service from cashier

Jan 20, 2019

Date on incident: January 20, 2019; Time: 18:42; My membership # 600315 [protected] Hello, this evening I shopped at my regular Pavilions store which is located at 727 N. Vine St., Los Angeles, Ca 90038. My visit was fine until I went to check-out with cashier Kandy. I had explained to her that I needed to have bread that I was trying to check-out under a separate Pavilions memebership card. I had to run to my car and get it after she checked-out my other items. When I came back into the store, I saw her walking around and I told her I had the card and which register was she at. She replied that...

Pavilions / security harassment

Jan 29, 2018

The security accused my brother of shoplifting just because he's homeless. His name is Jared. And the manager allowed the security guard to Chase and threaten my brother with a basket and tried to hit him. This is the 10th time I have had problems with this market and I think this is rediculous. I can't go any higher than you guys. Please solve this problem before someone gets hurt.

Pavilions - England, West Sussex, Horsham / don't sign up to the gym

Feb 10, 2015

I picked up a newspaper one day and Pavilions in the Park Gym was advertising a special on there Gym membership for £33.95. So i viewed the gym online, the pics and wesbite is great and i signed up. I went for my first induction class. Wow ... The gym was cramed and you could barely move nevermind workout in the free weights area, people were carrying weights to other area's and working out. 15min wait between machines and benches is not what i was expecting. So i emailed the gym and asked them to please terminate my membership as this was ridiculous, this is what i got in reply...