W Aug 15, 2018

Today at approximately 12:45 PM I visited the Newport Coast California Pavilions (Safeway) to grab two limes. I approached the express checkout where Steph was the only staff member on duty. When I got to her register and put my limes down she was reading what appeared to be an internal memo - she literally weighed the limes, keyed the register and took my $1.18 without EVER taking her eyes off the paper she was reading. I have never been treated so badly at one of your stores - oh wait - I'm always treated pretty badly at this particular store. What surprises and disappoints me is one of the Newport Coast managers is Mike who used to work at the San Miguel location. The San Miguel store is staffed with cheerful and helpful employees who treat customers the way we want to be treated. I will never give the Newport Coast location my business . There are too many options in this area where customers are treated properly.

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