Pavilions Complaints & Reviews

Pavilions / checker/cashiers

Aug 13, 2019

I've been shopping at the Pavilions for almost 2 years. This location appears to be for the almost retired employees. The lack of customer service is comical. There is no sense of urgency, if the line gets to be over 6 people they seem to slow down. The cashiers talk to the bagger...

Pavilions / rude service from cashier

Jan 20, 2019

PavilionsDate on incident: January 20, 2019; Time: 18:42; My membership # 600315 [protected] Hello, this evening I shopped at my regular Pavilions store which is located at 727 N. Vine St., Los Angeles, Ca 90038. My visit was fine until I went to check-out with cashier Kandy. I had explained to her...

Safeway/Pavilions / personnel

Aug 15, 2018

Today at approximately 12:45 PM I visited the Newport Coast California Pavilions (Safeway) to grab two limes. I approached the express checkout where Steph was the only staff member on duty. When I got to her register and put my limes down she was reading what appeared to be an internal...

Pavilions / security harassment

Jan 29, 2018

The security accused my brother of shoplifting just because he's homeless. His name is Jared. And the manager allowed the security guard to Chase and threaten my brother with a basket and tried to hit him. This is the 10th time I have had problems with this market and I think this i...

Vons / Pavilions / poor goods, lousiest customer service


I just returned from another disappointing visit to my nearby Vons Pavillions, located at the corner of Boat Canyon and Pacific Coast Highway in North Laguna Beach, CA. I hoped that their recent remodel would help to solve some employee morale problems and help to encourage better and...

Vons / Pavilions / bad, bad commercial


They have a commercial on the radio advertising salmon available at Pavillions. It begins with a woman's voice describing the salmon mating season, the great difficulties that the salmon face in getting upstream, and the distance traveled. The salmon make a remarkable journey. Tied...