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Jewel Complaints & Reviews

Jewel - Indiana, Merrillville / brew pub lottza motzza frozen pizza

Oct 8, 2018

Jewel in Crown Point Indiana is the only place I can find Brew Pub Lottza MOTZZA frozen sausage pizzas. I bought 8 of them about 2 month's ago. We ate them all up. When I back yesterday to get more I see they no longer carry them. WHY? No one I could find could give me an answer. One of the main reasons I shopped at Jewel. Guess I will shop elsewhere now as Meijer is cheaper on other products. Thank you

Jewel / lack of service

Jun 25, 2018

Sunday. June 24, 2018 There were 3 checkout lines opened in jewel store 187. There were 30 or more people lined up in each of the 3 check out lines. I waited in line 30 minutes before I was checked out by a cashier. Never again will I shop at that store. It is actually a lovely well stocked grocery store but my experience was horrible. There is no excusr for the shabby service. Many people got tired of waiting in line and walked out of thr store. In talking with others, I was told the service of that store is always poor. Hopefully, this will not happen again. Bertha Rowe [email protected] Com 708 667 4151

Jewel - Illinois, Woodridge / chunked pineapple

Mar 26, 2018

Why did you raise the price of chunked pineapple in the Produce area? It was 3 for $12.00 (noted on a sticker on top of the container). When we went to our Jewel in Woodridge a couple of days ago, there was no price seen by the sliced/chunked fruit. My husband asked the produce man. The price was now located on the bottom of the container...$5.99 a container. $17.97 for 3. Why???? Another reason to go to Costco!!!

Jewel - Illinois, Spring Grove / double charged

Nov 7, 2017

The register I was at froze as I was going to sign for my card so I had to go to another register to check out and I was double charged I was told I shouldn't be double charged An I was so I proceeded to call Jewel and they told me I had to wait and see if it's posted twice and then I had to wait and see if it re-issued a credit There was not a credit issued so I had to call customer service and have them issue a credit they told me it will take a Nother 72 hours before I will see a credit so I have to wait approximately a whole week before I get credited and all I get is t I'm sorry too long...

Jewel - Illinois, Elmhurst / sanitation


I was shopping in the jewel this morning, I am a regular customer.I buy many item from the deli, the problem is not the deli itself it is a worker. She is a heavy set women I thought her name tag said pat or pam any way I could smell a very strong odor as she came around the counter to help me. Her uniform was very dirty. I don't think she has any bussiness behind the deli counter serving fresh food. Its sick. Like I saiud I love the deli I always get nice fresh products. But I will NOT let this person ever wait on me. I think you need to get her out of there I don't think I was the only one smelling her body odor.