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CSN Stores Complaints & Reviews

CSN Stores / Deceptive return policy

Jun 21, 2011

CSN describes a "no problem" return policy. They actually charge almost half the price of each item you are returning as a shipping and handling charge even if all the items were shipped together in one box. I have purchased from numerous online retailers and they all accept returns with a minor restocking fee. CSN has numerous complaints published regarding this exact situation. The fees are charged whether you accept store credit or ask for a refund so either way, you pay for the item so they can resell it at full price. They make me ashamed to be from Massachusetts.

CSN Stores / Fraud, Gouging,

Apr 25, 2011

More than a week before they said they would ship, I tried to cancel my order. Next day, by e-mail CSN congratulated me and said they upgraded my order and would ship that day. I then called them and they said it was too late they had already shipped. From there it has gone downhill. Now I expect delivery this week. Package is 195 pound. They won't get if off the truck and wan't to charge another $144.98 to have a truck with a lift gate deliver it. They want more to take it back. I will never but from these people ever again !!! Columbian

CSN Stores - Missouri / deceptive sales practice/lack of customer service

Feb 2, 2011

I ordered and was immediately charged for the four crystal beverage glasses I ordered. I later received an email with tracking info. When UPS delivered, they advised that I not accept the shipment. (The agent shook the box in front of me...and it sounded like a box of shattered glass. The glasses were all broken, and no packing material at all was evident.) I called CSN immediately (on a Thursday) and was told I would receive the replacement shipment the following Wednesday. I called the following Wednesday and found that no shipment had gone out. They told me it would go out in ANOTHER two...

CSN Stores - Massachusetts / Return Policy


I ordered a king size bed frame from CSN STORES. Box arrived on time and in good condition. Due to change in decorating plan, the frame was no longer needed. Contacted CSN STORES regarding return of bed frame. They offered refund of only 46% of the purchase price (payable up to two months later) and that I would be responsible for the return shipping. This would leave only pennies remaining from my original purchase price. CSN STORES would then have a new king size bed frame to resell and I would have almost nothing of the original cost returned. BUYER BEWARE, if you need to return an item to CSN STORES, YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF.

CSN Stores - New York, rockville centre / returns


We purchased 2 c, at trees under the impression that the shipping and return shipping was paid for. when we needed to return one, their 'hassel free" shipping was not ! this thing weighed over 10lbs, they said we were responsible for the shipping return and would not refund our origional shipping fee and if we wanted a shipping label emailed to us fr them it would cost 14$! The way their policy reads leads you to think they will pay for returns. THEY DO NOT AND YOU ARE EXPECTED TO PICK UP ANY FEES.I would not buy anything fr theses people again, they are totally inflexible and not clear as to their return policies...and now I see why. Buyer Beware!

CSN Stores - Washington / deceptive advertising


WATCH OUT...THIS COMPANY USES DECEPTIVE METHODS FOR THEIR SHIPPING. Three day shipping is NOT three day shipping (or 2 day or 1 day). When you order from Amazon or any other reputable company, lets say on a Sunday, three day shipping means they ship Monday, and have it to you Thursday...three days. AFTER I placed my order for 3 day shipping, I checked my email to view the purchase invoice and it said expected delivery was exactly 10 days from my order date!! I called cust service the next bus. day and they non-chalantly said "oh, it takes 2 or 3 days in the warehouse and once it's ready...

CSN Stores - Alberta, Calgary / Bad Customer Service, Slow Delivery


NEVER EVER AGAIN - Shipment to Canada was a nightmare. Was a Christmas Gift!!! Ordered Nov 16 with a ship date of Nov 23 Screw up at CSN therefore did not ship until Dec 3 (if I had not called they would not have known) Dec 5 arrives in Indiana via Home Direct Sits in Indiana until Dec 15 because Home Direct overloaded truck so pulled my package & did not bother to notify my of change Expected arrival Dec 18 Dec 18 called to find out the shipment was in Toronto yesterday and won't be shipped from TO to Calgary until Dec 22 (Tues) and won't be delivered to our home until Dec 29 ...

CSN Stores - Massachusetts, Boston / Unacceptable Delays/Communication


1) After a mid-September order, this dining set was extended-backordered from September to November to Decemeber to January, and I was not notified of the January date until November, despite pre-emptive email inquiries. Because of this delay in notification, I had no opportunity to order from someone else in time for Christmas. (My new, empty dining room addition was built in less time than this set takes to build, apparently.) 3) After this keen display of accuracy regarding the furniture ship time, I cancelled. I was then given inaccurate info about the time required for an electronic refund (48...

CSN Stores / Online scam


Do not buy from CSN STORES! They have lots of websites under the same umbrella... products come damaged and they charge you restocking fee and shipping if you don't want replacements. Therefore, i told them to send me another one and it took them another 2 weeks to ship it out. I waited and the 2nd one came damaged again as well... again told them just give me my money back and they said they will send me another one... i told them i will file a charge back with my credit card company and they refunded me. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CSN STORES!

CSN Stores / Customer Service


Summary: Shortly before ordering our bunkbeds from CSN on 10 Feb. 2008 my wife and I found out we were pregnant with our second child. After hearing some horror stories from friends regarding there experiences with transitioning their children out of a crib and into there "big kid" or in our case "big boy bed" we decided to get ahead of the game and order the bed early. Well, thank the lord we did. The first attempt at delivering our much awaited bunk beds or as my two year old call them "bump a heads" was on 15 March 2008, 3 days after the estimated delivery window of 22 Feb.- 12 March which...

CSN Stores - California / Poor service!


I ordered a Weber perform grill from barbecure grills and more the beginning of February 2007. The next week I get an email telling me that there were out of stock and sorry but we expect to ship your oder on or before 2/20/07. I call on the 20th and they tell me that they now expect it to ship a week later. On 2/27 I get another email same form letter now saying sorry but now we expect it to ship on March 5th. I call on March 5th to see if it shipped and was told that the truck just got in an hour ago and they were going to check with the warehouse and get back to me. I then get an email...