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Wayfair review: Chat and other aggravating issues

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I'd like to send a detailed email about my experience whats the email for customer service back order and return fees.

Order [protected]- The tile color is wrong. I need to stop the shipment but will be charged $60 for the return? I really just need to change the color. Can't get anything done online by myself. And, online help just send the process in circles. Why am I being charged are turn fee for a product that has not shipped?

I've had my eye on chairs that are advertised as $98.99 by zero inbox regulary $173 { Velvet Dining Chairs, Upholstered High-End Tufted Dining room chairs with Nail Head Back Ring} but when I put them in my cart the total is $419. It happened before christmas too. I tried to get online help at the time to no avail. And, there is never a follow up from a real customer assistance person. This is really frustrating and feels hinky when prices change. OH NOW I SEE THAT ITS ONLY THE ORANGE CHAIRS and They're OUT OF STOCK! Take the ad down!... wish customer service would've explained it to me sooner. Still feels hinky and like ew!

I have 5 pieces of tile that broke in transit and I gotta take a picture of and submit but this online stuff doesn't get much resolve. But, I'll do it. I won't charge you for my photography services tho... see how ridiculous that sounds. and a small return fee is one thing but $60- for products that haven't shipped. I spend a lot of $ with Wayfair and I'm about to pay return fees for product that I haven't received and I can't stop orders that haven't been shipped. Geez the greed

I'm trying to clear up a back order on [protected]. I want to cancel the stoneware. And, Ill be returning the mats but gosh I wonder what the charge will be. I received one of the mats and nothing else. I tried to cancel it earlier this week.

And, as mad as I get, I have been pleased with most of the items I've gotten but when I have to do anything with Chat bots, nothing happens and there's no follow up. I tried to get help for the same issue about the chairs that change price by over $300 when put in cart b/c I'm sure I'm not the only customer that wonders why that happens, I chatted a couple of time about it before Christmas, hoping someone would resolve it and nothing happened. What is the explanation for the price hike? Isn't that kind of a bait n switch tacit? The chairs are $98 on the flyer and 419 once in the cart, Not just the blue ones either. It's troubling but has taught me a lesson about watching the totals. And, its troubles me more that this is the 2nd time I've had this problem with the sale flyer that states the chairs are $98, oh, its the orange ones... where are the ones for $173? I think this funny business is a terrible example of baiting customers.

And, what no one wants to hear is that I NEVER have this problem with Amazon. And, your customer service ranks at about the same level as Walmart.

And, finally, I am over the APP only specials. I see better from my PC. And, sometimes I fill my cart and then get on my phone to complete the order and see if discounts apply. But, its ridiculous that there's any difference in price at all. I dont' like the limited view of the app on my phone so I guess I'll be outta luck on the discounts when I can't remember to get back on the APP! So dumb.

I feel unheard and unappreciated. I also feel bad for the person, if my complaint ever reaches a person, who has to deal with dissatisfied customers who's issue is with customer service.

And, I won't leave free reviews because why should I help y'all? $60 return fees... seriously

As of this morning, I had an extremely rude bot text at 7am, When I complained about the hour of the day, the response was that I didn't have to respond or could respond at my leisure.

Desired outcome: I'll send more pics and info when a human contacts me

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