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1:57 pm EDT
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Wayfair 36'' Single Bathroom Vanity with Ceramic Vanity Top

I ordered the item on June 06,2023

Order # [protected]

I was renovating my house and hoping to get it early July,but I heard apologize and said: the original company just cancelled!Wait for 6 months!

Why were not notified about unavailability of this item?That is because Wayfair used this money for their purchases.

How a company could be irresponsible?

Thank you

Desired outcome: The same amount of money a free item or buy this item from another sellers

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12:03 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Order #[protected]

Good Morning Wayfair,

I'm so completely upset regarding a sofa I purchased on your website (order#[protected]) on 6-14-23. It was shipped Fed Express-Ground. I received 7 of the 8 boxes on 6-23-23 (missing box 1, received box 2-8 on 6-23-23). I tracked the missing Box #1 (FedEx tracking #[protected]) was shipped 6-18-23 with an estimated delivery of 6-22-23. I wanted a few days for the tracking information to get updated and it's never been. I went onto Wayfair's site and followed the instructions to reach out to the carrier first, then if after a few days if there's no resolution to reach out to Wayfair. I did exactly that. On 6-22-23, I went online and opened a ticket on Federal Express's website that the package was not delivered and was stuck in North Hampton, OH since 6-22-23. I received an auto generated e-mail stating someone would call within 24 hours. I heard nothing, I then called on 6-26-23 and they stated they saw the open ticket I generated and that I would get a call sometime that day with some type of answer whether it was lost or still under investigation. So, I heard nothing from Federal Express, from the open ticket or from my phone call. On 6-26-23 end of day around 6pm I called Wayfair's customer service and explained to the representative all the above, she was very nice, empathetic and truly concerned. She apologized for the situation and very nicely stated that she would resend out the missing piece of the furniture. She was extremely patient and went thru all boxes received, what was in them and determined what the missing piece was. I walked through my garage to confirm and all was correct. This representative went to ship out the missing piece and placed me on hold to speak with her Manager. The representative came back on the phone and stated that I had to wait until 6-28-23 because Federal Express had a 6 day hold from 6-22-23. So she said to call back on 6-28 and she would re-order the missing piece. Again, I'm giving the benefit to see if things would work out. Now today is 6-29-23, I reached out to Wayfairs Customer Service department and got on the phone with a representative that was the complete opposite of the person I spoke with over the phone on 6-26-23, I explained all of the above, she asked me to verify my address and e-mail, after that she didn't say a word, I could hear her typing so I assumed she was looking into the matter, then without saying a word places me on hold for 7 to 8 minutes, I held on the phone on hold until she came back on the phone. She came back on the phone and stated that she was going to order the replacement piece and that I needed to tell her what piece was missing. I explained to her I was not at home and that when I spoke with the representative on 6-26-23, she knew exactly what piece was missing and that didn't she have that in the notes from my last call. She said no and that I would have to call back and notify Wayfair Customer Service of the piece that was missing. So at this point can you imagine the nightmare of ordering this sofa on 6-14, getting all pieces delivered except one, having a garage filled with 7 boxes that I'm not able to walk through because the boxes are blocking the way to get in/out of the gargage. My living space has no seating (it's empty). I explained that if the past representative knew what the missing piece was how does she not know. She didn't answer and just said you'll have to call back when you get home, I then asked if she ordered the replacement piece how long would it take for me to receive, she said a week or two. At that point I was extremely frustrated and just said that I needed to return the merchandise. She said ok, told me that the return shipping labels would be e-mailed. I then asked her would Federal Express be picking them up, she replied I'm not sure because when the ticket is generated it will be determined if a pick-up would be approved or not. I told her it was a sectional sofa, that has 7 boxes and I would not be able to bring these boxes to have them shipped. She said that's what's going to happen. I asked to speak with a Manager, she placed me on hold for 19 minutes, came back on the phone and said "My manager said that my explanation of the return is what's going to happen and there's nothing else that can be done. As I sit here typing this e-mail to I just feel defeated. I was excited to get this sofa, I loved the reviews and the look, but this whole experience has literally drained every piece of energy, I feel like she didn't care and had no desire to resolve my issue. I'm now at your mercy...if you could resolve this matter, get the missing piece out to me in a relatively decent timeframe I would want that. Otherwise, I would like this refunded and picked up. I'm hopeful for a resolution and looking foward to hearing back from someone. Sincererly, Denise Lucas

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Clayton, US
Jul 03, 2023 11:32 am EDT

The worst company I have ever purchased an item from. They do not stand behind there products or follow thru with there comment to you

1:56 pm EDT
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Wayfair Gable Vents

I order Gable vents from you and the way I checked out there was nothing that told me it was non- returnable. If you go directly to cart from page it does have any verbiage stating the vent cannot be returned. If you go out of the screen and go to cart it says it in small print buried in the description. I do not feel I should be required to keep the item when I was not told it could not be returned.

Desired outcome: refund

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1:26 pm EDT

Wayfair unhelpful customer service

I called on 6/26/23 and informed the representative that it appeared that the specific dimensions provided for the Red Barrel Hardan over the toilet storage did not match the number given for the overall dimensions. I asked for length and width of the doors along with other dimensions that were not provided and was transferred to sales. The call was never picked up. I repeated my calling on Monday, June 26, 2023 and the call to sales was continually dropped.

Desired outcome: would someone please call me so that I can be given the correct information in order to place my order? My email is [protected] or I can be reached at [protected] or [protected]

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3:54 pm EDT

Wayfair A gazebo the was purchased from your company

I received the Gazebo on June 16 2023 which included installation.

However, on June 21, 2023, the contracted team could not complete the job because some parts were missing from the box. They spoke to customer service and informed them of the specific parts needed to complete the job.

Customer service notified us that the parts would be sent. We receiver the parts on June 23 and notified customer service that the parts had been received and now they are not able to send the contractors back out to complete the job. I was told that the installation charge was refunded and now I have to find someone to finish installing the Gazebo. we did not ask for a refund, we want the Gazebo installed as originally planned by Wayfair.

This is unacceptable and

Dan Anderson (213)_ 610-4305

Desired outcome: Send someone out here as soon as possible to complete the job.

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Update by DA factor
Jun 24, 2023 4:06 pm EDT

We were also told by the installers that they would return to complete the job as soon as we received the parts. Customer Service tells us that they do not know the installers were and cannot contact the to complete the job.

Very un-professional service.

The instructions are complicated, and any new installers would have to start from the beginning.

I think it would be best to send the same installers to complete the job.

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7:43 pm EDT

Wayfair 2nd winsome vanity charged to acct

Had a month long Hassel over a winsome vanity got the Supreme runaround for A month the supervisor Andrew was so dissmissive..I sent messages to this co not to send another wynsom.because I got tired of B.S. I bought another vanity and am paying to have it assembled here I would appreciate it if you credited my account 112.oo you charged me for the second time.

Desired outcome: 112.oocredited to my account

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2:34 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Delivery of recliner

I ordered a recliner and I only received the bottom half. It was supposed to arrive in 2 boxes then I was going to put it together at home. I talked to customer service and they said they need to connect me with the manufacturer. The manufacturer will email me for support in a couple days. I paid wayfair for the item. I don't understand why I have to be involved with the manufacturer. 2 boxes were supposed to arrive but only 1 did. To me, that is bad customer service.

Desired outcome: I would love to receive the rest of the chair that I was immediately charged for.

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11:05 am EDT

Wayfair Wrongful placed payment for my order

On 4/30/23 an order was placed by the employee of Wayfair for me, Order# [protected]. During the ph conversation, the lady told me that I was approved for financing with Wayfair credit card for 3000$, she then went through with checking my credit score, I accepted the terms and Conditions and then she congratulated me for the Wayfair credit with 15mo interest free. On the call my fiance was also present. Everything was OK until I got my AmEx statement and I saw that the Wayfair employee charged in error my credit card for the whole amount, card that was probably stored in my Wayfair acct from way in the past when I made other purchases. The charge on AmEx was not authorized by me! I already opened a dispute with AmEx however, because she placed the order online for me... I don;t know if this will be resolved in my favor. I may end up paying interest to AmEx instead of getting what I was promised. The call needs to be listened because it is the only proof I have. Please help to have this resolved ASAP! I AM EXTREMELY UPSET of how my order was handled and I have a witness too, my fiance.

Desired outcome: The charge should be moved to a Wayfair credit card instead of the charge to be on my AmEx!!! that is why my credit report was ran in the first place!

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Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Shady Business Practice: Wayfair Cancels Order and Increases Price

So, we was looking to buy a couch from Wayfair website. We saw a few of them and found one we liked that was priced at $399 on sale because of their sales event. My wife said she will think about ordering the couch after she checked our financial position. The next day, my wife went onto the wayfair website to order the couch, but the price had increased back to its original price of $1604.99. We was thinking, man that was a good deal that we missed. Two days later my wife went back onto the wayfair website and the same couch was back on sale for $399. So we picked a color and my wife ordered the couch that was on sale for $399. This price was 75% off on a sale event that Wayfair had going on its website. If you signed up for a wayfair credit card they would give you an additional $40 off the sale price if the purchase was over $100. The original listed price was $1604.99. They had this couch in seven different color options when we ordered the couch, and we selected a color option that we liked and ordered it. We had three color options that we liked.

We received the approval that the purchase had gone through as we were using the wayfair credit card for the additional $40 off the sale price. The first email we received right away said thanks for the order and that the company will be contacting us in a few days to set up the delivery date and time. Two days later, we receive an email from wayfair saying we canceled our order. We did not cancel our order, so my wife called up wayfair to talk to a representative. Once on the phone with a representative the representative said that the couch company canceled the order because the color we ordered was supposedly out of stock. They didn't give us an option to choose another color to replace the one that was canceled, as we had three color choices that we liked.

While my wife is on the phone talking with the representative, she went onto the wayfair website to look to see if the couch that we had ordered was on the website. The same couch from the same company in the same color was on the website for sale, except it was now on sale for $839. My wife asked the representative about this, and they said sorry for the inconvenience with this order because the company canceled the order. If you like we can put the order in for a new couch in the same color as our first choice at the $839 price point but the representative said they would give us a coupon for 10% off the purchase price. We were never offered a replacement color at the original sales price of $399. My wife even asked about this.

We were not going to do the 10% discount as that is an increase in the price of the couch by $360. This is a very poor business practice if they do this to multiple people every day of the year. Needless to say we did not order anything from them and never will because of this shady business practice they did to do to us. Cancel our order then jack the price up higher. I might reconsider our options with them if we get a formal apology from the company and they sold us the couch at its original sales price, but we know the company will not do this.

I hope this helps people in their business dealings with Wayfair, as to me they are crooks for doing a shady business practice. We have enclosed a screen shot of the listed couch price on sale when we were looking at it. My wife has the email confirmations if needed I can send them.

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Wayfair Review: Frustrating Customer Service and Delivery Process

I recently made a purchase on for a coffee table and sofa sleeper. I placed my order on a Sunday and checked on it the following Monday only to realize that I had accidentally entered my work address for shipping instead of my home address. I immediately contacted customer service to update the shipping address, but was informed that the coffee table was already in the process of shipping and they were unable to update the information with FedEx or UPS. I was disappointed with the level of customer service provided, but decided to let it go. However, when I requested to change the shipping address for the sofa sleeper, I was told that they were unable to do so as the item had not yet been marked as shipped. This seemed counter-intuitive to me as pre-shipping would be the perfect time to correct any errors. I called again on Tuesday and received the same response.

On Wednesday, I received a notification that the sofa sleeper was now marked as "shipping." I quickly went onto the website to update the shipping address, but was met with an error message stating that I could not do so because the item was already marked as "shipping." I called customer service once again and was told that my request had been submitted, but had not yet been approved. They assured me that it would not be a problem and that the address would be updated once the item was on the truck and in the system with the large-item shipping department. I was given a delivery date and time for Saturday between 1-4pm, but the shipping address was still listed as my work address.

I called customer service yet again, frustrated with the cyclical runaround I had been experiencing. The representative was apologetic and promised that the shipping address would be updated soon. She also offered me a 10% coupon for my trouble, but I was hesitant to make any future purchases from Wayfair. On Friday, I decided to escalate my issue and hunt down the corporate information. Finally, when I logged in, I saw that the shipping address had been updated to my home address. I thought my headache was over, but I was wrong.

On Saturday, I waited for my delivery window between 1-4pm, but at 3:50pm, I checked the website and saw that my delivery window had disappeared. I called customer service once again and was told that I needed to wait for a delivery to be scheduled first. I explained that I had been waiting for two days and had not received any calls. The representative looked into the system and discovered that the delivery had been cancelled due to running out of time. She rescheduled my delivery for Thursday morning between 7-11am, which disrupted my work schedule.

I received a confirmation email at 5:10pm, but at 5:22pm, I received another message bumping my delivery time to 1-5pm. I had to reschedule my time out of the office. On Thursday, I discovered that I was not first on the delivery list, but twelfth. However, the delivery men were the best part of the whole process. They were very kind and quick at putting the couch together, although they missed one of the hitches for the sectional portion. I will have to get assistance from a friend to help me complete the process I paid an additional $100+ for.

Overall, I was beyond disappointed with the two-week hassle and now avoid any shopping prompt that shows me a Wayfair item. While the delivery men were great, the customer service experience was lacking and the process was frustrating. I hope that Wayfair can improve their customer service and delivery process in the future.

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Wayfair Fraudulent Sales and Service: My Experience with Wayfair

I recently made a purchase on for an adjustable bed with a mattress included. I paid in full on September 16, 2021, with a delivery date of September 24, 2021. However, the delivery did not arrive, so I called customer service to inquire about the delay. They informed me that the product had not yet left the warehouse, and a shipping ticket was printed. I was given a new delivery date of October 8, 2021, but once again, the delivery did not arrive. I called customer service again, and this time, they informed me that the product was out of stock and offered to refund my money.

However, there was a catch to it all. When I asked about the mattress included, I was told that it was not included. I insisted that it was, but the customer service representative checked and said that it was not. I had screen shot the ad, the SKU, and the payment made, and I sent an email with the screen shots to Wayfair. The mattress included was removed from the ad, but the SKU matched, and it was not on my invoice. Wayfair was not getting out of this sale, and I said that I did not want a refund. I wanted my order that I paid in full for. It was not out of stock until now, and a shipping label was printed, but the order was never put out for FedEx to pick up. I verified this through FedEx and the tracking number that customer service gave me.

On my third call to customer service, they noted all the calls I made to them and what was being told to them by the warehouse or whoever they were getting their information from. I wanted a comparable product at the same price, but Wayfair refused this. I found the same item sold by the same place, White Noise, with a different SKU and no mattress included. They refused to send me any product unless I accepted a refund. They told me that my item would be back in stock on October 28, 2021, but still, nothing arrived.

I called my credit card company and told them what was going on. I refused a refund because if I took a refund, Wayfair would not have to honor what they sold me and paid in full for the same price or a compatible product for the same price. It's a binding agreement, and if I accept a refund, I refuse the refund by law, and they have to honor that sale and make it happen to deliver what I paid for. It's a fraudulent sale, and I told this to the credit card company and to Wayfair customer service, who was supervised. She said they could change the pricing whenever they chose to, but I said they could not on an item I already paid for. If they refunded my money, they would be doing so without my permission. She said the item was no longer available and would not be, so they had to refund my money first. I said no, that's not an option.

I found the exact same adjustable bed base from White Noise at the same price without a mattress. There was no way I was paying two times or more for the same thing I already paid for six weeks ago. Wayfair said the item was lost in transit, and they do not replace those. I said that was a lie because it was never shipped. I had proof from FedEx, and they were lying and changing the notes in the Wayfair system. If it never shipped, it couldn't be lost in transit. Even if it was, they had to replace it. Wayfair refused to do anything except refund my money, but I was not accepting this.

I am getting in contact with a class-action lawsuit attorney for fraudulent sales and service and advertisement. Does anyone else have a similar issue with Wayfair? Watch the class-action lawsuit online for a possible consumer class-action lawsuit against Wayfair starting between November 2021 and into 2022. I'm not going to be put through this by a multi-billion-dollar company that drops sales products, rips off consumers fraudulently, and makes no attempt to honor their sold items or replace damaged goods without charging consumers a return shipment fee. They charge consumers more than what the advertised sale ad states. Buying online, screenshot every detail of the ad, invoice, etc. It makes a difference if documented. Without screenshots, it's the consumer's word against mine. They rewrite their system to make their fraudulent practices disadvantageous to the consumer.

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Wayfair Wayfair: Overpriced, Poor Quality, and Misleading

I gotta say, I'm not a fan of Wayfair. I mean, why bother shopping there when you can get the same stuff on Amazon or even at Dollar General for way less money? And when it comes to quality, Walmart is where it's at. I'm not even a Walmart shopper, but I've seen way better stuff there than what Wayfair has to offer.

I did some research and it turns out that Wayfair is basically just another one of those knock-off import peddlers from China that we all hate dealing with on Amazon. The only difference is that Wayfair jacks up the prices like crazy.

I made the mistake of ordering a standing, mirrored jewelry armoire from them right before the pandemic hit. I only just got around to opening the box recently, and boy was I disappointed. It's too late to return it now, and the 3rd party seller return process is a nightmare. It would cost more to exchange it than to just toss it out on the curb and hope my trash service doesn't charge me extra to haul it away.

I spent twice as long as I should have researching the perfect jewelry armoire based on all the fake reviews on the site. I also spent three times as much money as I should have because I had some very specific needs and specifications. I wanted a wood that matched the Tiger Maple antiques we have in the house, a full length mirror, and carvings that would mesh with our existing furniture.

But when I opened the box, I was absolutely disgusted. The "wood" they advertised on the site was actually just plain, dark matte brown painted pressboard and plastic. It didn't even have a wood grain! At least big box furniture stores have the decency to paint on a fake veneer wood look. This was just plain brown paint that was horribly scuffed.

And to top it all off, the full length mirror was broken due to poor packaging. They didn't even bother to put any protective foam over the mirror. They just wrapped it in cellophane and hoped for the best. The assembly instructions were terrible and didn't even attempt to bridge the language barrier. Once I finally got it put together, it looked like something you'd find on the curb waiting to be picked up by the trash truck.

The interior wasn't as advertised either. And it stunk! Like, it actually smelled horrible. The interior was made of real wood, but it was like weak balsa wood that you'd find in a toy. It could scratch your jewelry because it's in need of a good sanding. And there was no protective velvet backing on any of the interior. It was just poorly constructed, scratchy, splintery wood.

I can't believe I spent twice as much money on this piece of garbage. I could have spent a quarter of the price and gotten nearly the same thing on HSN, made from actual wood with a safe, satisfactory interior and a mirror that wasn't broken.

And get this: I did some digging and it turns out that almost all of the products sold on Wayfair are cheap crap imported from China. They just warehouse it here in the States so they can pretend it's made in the USA. Even their "imports" from other places originate from China. But that's not even the worst part.

When I tried to log into my account to view my purchase and compare it to the displayed photo, I couldn't remember which email address I used. So I tried all four of my emails. And guess what? Their system established a new account with each login attempt! I did not have more than one account before this. I don't know if they're trying to make it seem like they have more accounts signed up than they really do to impress investors or what, but it's just plain wrong to create new accounts each time someone tries to log in.

So, would I shop at Wayfair again? No way. Do I recommend them? Absolutely not. I wouldn't trust their products, and I definitely wouldn't trust them with my personal information.

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Wayfair's Misleading Product Descriptions & Poor Customer Service

Me and my hubby were looking to buy the Winners Only, Inc. Quails Run 6 Piece Dining Set from The price was $663.00 and the description said it included the table, 4 chairs, and bench. We made sure we were buying the set and not just the table. We went through the checkout process, confirmed the item and clicked submit. We got an email confirmation but I didn't really review it in detail, just the amount.

Two days ago, I received an email stating the item was being shipped. Yesterday (9/16) I was measuring the space to see how I wanted to arrange the other furniture to make it fit. I opened up the confirmation email to get the exact dimensions, and to my surprise, the picture displayed with my email isn't linked to the product any longer, rather goes to the Winners Only, Inc company history on

I went directly to and typed in the item itself, which again, brought me to the Winners Only, Inc. company history, rather than the item. Thus, I just a generic search for "Quails Run" which the dining set no longer showed up. Concerning? Yes.

I then went back to the email to read all again and noticed the description dropped the "6 piece dining set" and just said table. Sketch yup!

I called customer service and told him the incident, he fed me any odd lines. In one instance I said I had a screen shot of the item being part of the set and he told me that if that's the case, to send him the screen shot and they could take care of it. Really? As we were on the phone, I did a quick Google search of "Wayfair complaints dining room set" and of course, similar stories came to the top. Shocking? Not really.

I told him this looks like it has happened to many customers, he said "you can't believe everything on the internet, I mean if you do a Google search of September 11th people embellish how many people died..." SERIOUSLY? He compared my situation with an American tragedy. No thank you. I asked for a manager.

Manager came on, was very polite, but was trained to be a broken record saying "I can understand how you feel," "I'm so sorry to hear your experience wasn't positive." He told me the website doesn't traditionally work like other online sites like Amazon or others online consumers are used to. He stated when you go thru the checkout process for dining room sets, you have to select the "set" items in the right hand side.

Clarification: I am purchasing a set but have to go ahead and select the additional "set" items from a list, otherwise it will just be the table, even though in the description it says it comes with those items? Odd. OK.

I said ok, let's go through that exercise. I chose another "Winners Only, Inc" dining room set on their site, looked to see if there were those "clickable options" as he described, didn't see them, hit the "add to cart" button, which brought me to the 3 step checkout process. Didn't see an area there to click the add chairs, still looks like you are getting the entire dining set. Put in my credit card to verify the purchase -- still nothing.

I told him there are no options as he described. He asked what item I was looking at, told him -- I went through the process again with him. Funny enough... page doesn't work any longer. I couldn't add that product to the cart. Ironic? Prob not.

I did this with another company dining set, went through the checkout process, didn't see any "options" again. Told him, again... he asked for that item. I told him no.

I could see this wasn't going to go anywhere as he was feeding me line after line and calmly stating over and over "i can understand why your frustrated."

I cancelled the item, told him to reroute it back to them and went on to write a negative review -- OHHHH but you can't, the site won't let you submit comments, nor will the site let you comment, hit the "no" buttons on "was this comment helpful". Try it! It will let you hit "no" show as if you submitted it -- HIT REFRESH, ohhhh its gone? That's weird... nah, they rig the site...

Be careful, take screenshots if you are purchasing a set of any kind!

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Wayfair Terrible Customer Service Experience with Wayfair - Incomplete Bed and Hours on the Phone

I recently ordered a bed frame from Wayfair and while I did receive the product on time, I had a lot of issues with their customer service. When I opened the package, I realized that I had received two left side rails instead of one for each side. I called Wayfair to get a replacement part and they said they could send it out in a few days. I asked if they could expedite the shipment, but they said it wasn't possible. So I waited an additional 10 days for the replacement. When the new part finally arrived, it was the wrong part! It wasn't a side rail at all. I called again and they said they would send out the correct part and have the shipping process expedited. Mind you that they said the process could not be expedited when I called them the first time, but all of a sudden it was possible.

I got an email later that afternoon telling me the replacement had shipped via FedEx, along with a tracking #. The next day, I checked on FedEx to see where the product was, but FedEx showed no record of having picked the item up. I called FedEx and had them do a trace, and in the meantime followed up with Wayfair. The person in customer service I spoke to assured me that the product had been picked up on Monday night and that I would receive it by Wednesday night. When I pointed out the FedEx did not show it as having been picked up, he told me that sometimes FedEx doesn't reflect their pick ups in a timely manner, and that he had confirmed directly with the warehouse that the item was sent.

Later that day, the FedEx driver called and told me that they hadn't picked up anything on Monday night, and that this warehouse was actually closed that week for inventory. Still, I thought that maybe FedEx had a mix-up and that my product was still coming. The next day, I called Wayfair again and spoke with a Rachel. Rachel told me that the product had not shipped out on Monday night (as Josh had assured me that it had), but had shipped out Tuesday morning, and that I should receive it by Thursday night. I pointed out that FedEx still wasn't showing the item in their system and told her about my conversation with the driver about the warehouse being closed. She assured me that the item had been shipped.

Thursday morning I called Wayfair again since FedEx still hadn't shown any status update. The rep I spoke to then said that the part had never shipped out because the warehouse was out of stock. I asked when they received this info from the warehouse and she told me the night before. When I asked why no one got in touch with me to give me an update she told me "probably because no one got around to it." She then told me that I could either have a completely brand new bed shipped to me or get a full refund, but that the new bed wouldn't ship out for another month. I opted for the refund and asked her what I should do with the incomplete bed I had in my apartment. She said I could do whatever I wanted - didn't offer to send anyone to pick it up or anything.

I now have to deal with disposing of bulk furniture on my own. On the email they sent confirming my refund they had the nerve to tell me I should hold onto the product and packaging for two weeks in case they decide to retrieve it, as if after all that I'm going to provide them with free storage. When I first looked up Wayfair I saw a lot of the negative reviews but took them with a grain of salt. I decided to take a gamble because they had a product that I really liked. I really wish I hadn't. After over three weeks and hours on the phone, all I have to show for my order is an incomplete bed that I am now responsible for throwing away.

I hope someone takes this review more seriously than I took the negative reviews that I read. I'm at a loss to explain how this company is still even in business. Whoever is in charge of customer service at Wayfair needs to be fired. If you see something you really like on this website, make a note of it and order it some other way. Spare yourself the headache of dealing with this company.

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Wayfair Disastrous Experience with Wayfair Gazebo Purchase and Installation

I just bought a gazebo from Wayfair and let me tell you, it was a complete disaster. I spent $2100 on this thing and it was supposed to arrive in two weeks. When it finally got here, it was only one box and it weighed 250lbs. I thought that was strange because the gazebo was supposed to weigh 550lbs. When I asked the delivery team about it, they said that was all that was on the order. I contacted customer service and they said the same thing. They claimed that all the wood, metal hardware, and roofing panels were in that one box. I was skeptical but I went ahead and scheduled some friends to help me install it the following weekend.

Right before my friends were supposed to come over, Wayfair called me and said that there was another box in their warehouse that belonged to me. They said they were sorry and that they would send it out but it would take another week or so to get here. My friends couldn't reschedule so I decided to pay the extra $600 to have Wayfair assemble it for me. They contracted the assembly through and they scheduled two guys to come out and install it.

I took all the parts out of the boxes and had everything waiting outside as instructed. The guys arrived and seemed nice so I left them to work and ran to the store. A little while later, one of the guys called me and said that some vital hardware was missing or incorrect and that they wouldn't be able to assemble the gazebo without it. He said that due to the part being a special part and the product being out of stock at Wayfair, they had no idea when the replacement part would come. He offered to contact Wayfair and get the part from a contractor supply place he works with. He said that I could either request a refund through Handy and pay him to come back and install it or reschedule through Handy but that might take longer.

I appreciated his help and told him to handle it. I felt bad that they came out for nothing so I tipped them both. Five minutes later, the second installer came back and tried to give me my tip back. He said that he felt bad for accepting it because he believed the first guy (they are both independent contractors that Handy scheduled together) runs a scam. He said that apparently, this other guy is known for taking vital parts out of the hardware kit when no one is looking and then claiming that the product was shipped without the parts. He then offers to help get a refund for the incomplete item and set up a different installation directly through him so that he gets paid twice. He showed me messages between contractors to prove it.

I was so angry that the gazebo I purchased and was excited to have installed before Memorial Day weekend was not going to be put up because of what sounded like a man's lack of integrity. I called Wayfair and voiced my frustration at the entire experience from shipping to the trainwreck drama-filled installation. Their response was shocking. They just said, "Sorry bout all that, we will reorder the hardware pack, may take another week or so for you to get. We understand you not wanting to reschedule through Handy for installation. We will request a refund and recommend you pay a different installer of your choice. If the request is approved it will take 3-4 weeks to issue you the $600 dollar refund for the installation, have a good day."

Their lack of empathy was unbelievable but unfortunately, it's 2021 and this sort of response is par for the course. Overall, it was a terrible experience and I would love to return the product and never deal with any of these companies again. However, gazebos are seasonal and sold out just about everywhere so I am forced to continue with this nightmare. Instead of enjoying my purchase over the holiday weekend, I will be cutting and pasting this review all over the internet to help others avoid this type of headache, if you can.

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Wayfair Buyer Beware: Wayfair's Misleading Product Descriptions and Inaccessible Return Process

I have used Wayfair a couple of times, but I will never use it again. It's a real buyer beware situation. Wayfair has no criteria for determining whether a product has the features it advertised. The return process is designed to be as inaccessible and as much of a hassle as possible because Wayfair is betting on you not putting up with the effort. Their vendors know and exploit that as well. So, if you're thinking of buying something from Wayfair, stay away.

The breaking point for me was a fan I ordered. It was labeled as "smart enabled" using Wayfair's categories. Now, "smart" is legally ambiguous, and that allows companies to throw it around like a buzzword. That's exactly what this vendor did. But, most people's meaning of "smart" is the capability to connect to a smart device such as an Alexa or a smartphone and be a part of a smart home. They made the phrasing intentionally misleading to make the fan seem like it was smart with a few other typical features (included remote, lighting/timing functions, etc).

I won't get a lot of smart devices because operations like loading your laundry and cooking are still very much manual processes, but a fan is different. I purchased it because I was told it was smart, and a remote control is not good enough because if you lose that remote or it stops working, you are screwed and can no longer leverage those features you paid for. With a smart fan, you control it from your phone, so you can always get into the app and control your fan even if you need to replace your phone. I also already paid a contractor to install it which, through Angi's list and given the demand at the time, cost me an upcharge of $300 before finding out the fan I bought was not actually smart.

I voiced my concerns to Wayfair about the bad practice of the vendor, the first couple girls agreed with me (I started on chat and one gave me a phone number after determining resolution had to be escalated to management then talked to another girl on the phone who spoke with a manager), but the manager determined that it was okay what the vendor did because "although confusing they listed the smart features," and "if they had an app and WiFi then they would have listed such," which is utter bs. You can't just call something smart that isn't smart, rail off a few features, and not expect people to expect the product to be smart on top of those features. What's more is the first girl filed a report on the vendor to clarify how the fan is smart after basically admitting to me that Wayfair does not get these things, and will basically let the listing stay smart as long as they clarify what their interpretation of a smart feature is, even if it isn't actually smart. That's like if I sold a cordless phone and called it smart because it was wireless in hopes of hoodwinking someone into buying it.

The resolution was to choose between a full refund for the fan or a partial refund and keep the product, and I had to eat the $300 loss for installation I never would have had to spend otherwise if the product was labeled correctly. But what really got me was when I called back to finalize my decision and I got the most uncaring, belligerent manager who told me that I'd have to uninstall it myself, costing me more money for this fan I would not have to pay for if Wayfair held their vendors to a higher standard of honesty. I'd also have to handle printing the return label, which is one last slap to the face in a digital age where there are so many companies who offer paperless solutions, and I myself, being a new homeowner, do not have a printer.

This is all by design, honestly. To return the product to Wayfair, I will be spending $200 more than I am getting back on top of the $300 Angi's raked me over the coals for, but I'm doing it because I don't want Wayfair or this vendor to have a god damn cent of my money, and I want a smart fan (I'd uninstall it myself, but I'd probably get electrocuted since I have 0 experience with this).

Wayfair is betting on you not taking the effort to return their $#*!. They make it as much of a hassle as possible and as inaccessible as possible to keep your money because they're hurting for it. Vendors also know Wayfair has their back and how much of a pain it is to actually return something after installation, and write the most vague and ambiguous descriptions to oversell their products.

I find a small solace after the call in looking up Wayfair's quarterly reporting to see that they are significantly down and in the middle of a "growth hangover" with a consumer rating of 1.75 and not even profitable. It's good knowing their practices aren't being rewarded.

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Wayfair My Frustrating Experience with Wayfair: Delayed Delivery, Missing Items, and Poor Customer Service

Hey everyone,

I'm writing this review to share my experience with Wayfair, and let me tell you, it has been a frustrating one. I've had a hard time getting a refund and following up with representatives who don't seem to know what's going on. And let's not forget about FedEx and Allstate insurance.

At the end of September, I spent an hour chatting with a representative who assured me that they had all six chairs I wanted to order. I confirmed this several times during our conversation, and I received a confirmation email stating that all six chairs would arrive on October 29th. I was thrilled!

However, October 29th came and went, and I wasn't able to reach out until November 1st. At that time, the update showed that the chairs would arrive on November 2nd, and I was expecting all six chairs. But when the shipment arrived, it only contained three of the six chairs. I was disappointed, but I received an email later that day stating that the other half of the shipment would be arriving soon.

On November 14th, I called and spoke with a representative who told me that the other three chairs were out of stock, and there was no date for when they would be back in stock. He also told me that there was a pick-up slip that went out to FedEx, but they never responded to it. When I asked if the chairs were at the warehouse, he couldn't confirm.

I explained the chat I had prior to placing the order, where I was told that all six chairs were in stock and would be delivered at the same time. He said he could refund the money for the three chairs that hadn't arrived and for the Allstate insurance policy that I purchased. He would send boxes and return labels for the three chairs that were delivered, which I needed to return with a November 22nd pick-up date that he scheduled for me.

On November 17th, I received an email saying that they were checking with the warehouse to see if they would even be wanting them back. I called on November 18th to talk to another representative and to ask why my refund for the three chairs that were never delivered had not posted to my account yet. She told me to wait another day or two, and if the refund had not posted, to call back. At that time, they would have to create another form to find out why the refund had not been made and to try and set up the refund again.

Today, I had time to call while waiting for my flight to return home and explain the situation one more time. She said that the refund had not been initiated yet, and she didn't know why. She also couldn't provide the boxes for the three chairs as the first representative promised. I would now need to buy the boxes for the three chairs I'm returning. I explained that I would not return from my trip in time before U-Haul closed for the night. I asked if they would even be picking the chairs up because I still don't have return labels nor have I been credited with a refund for the three that never were delivered!

Wayfair told me on November 19th that my refund was on its way, as was my Allstate refund. I also hadn't received an Allstate credit either. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I shared the story with the supervisor, and she said there was nothing she could do but refund the $8+ shipping for my returning the chairs, and I could put that towards the cost of the boxes. I tried to stay calm and tell her that the problem was on their end from the beginning. She did notice that the previous two people had not put in to refund my money on the three chairs that I never received. She noticed that there was a ticket for the other three chairs to be picked up from the warehouse, but FedEx never acknowledged.

I asked if the chairs were still there, but once again, she couldn't confirm. I get that there are supply chain issues, but when it's confirmed several times that all six are in stock, I expect my order to be fulfilled.

I still have no resolution from Wayfair, no information on when the insurance money from Allstate will be posted, no information on why FedEx didn't pick up all six chairs to be delivered on November 2nd, and no information on why they didn't pick up the three chairs later that week to deliver them. If the other three chairs are at the warehouse, why isn't that being figured out?

For all the trouble, Wayfair offered me a 10% coupon off one item in the future. I'm not thrilled with the customer service at Wayfair or their assistance, speed, or help to correct the matter. And as for FedEx and Allstate, I'm sorry to bring you into my frustrations. I had hoped to have six nice chairs for Thanksgiving.

By the way, the supervisor I spoke with today said she was the last stop. There was no one else I could speak with. This is the reason for my post on Facebook.

I'm fuming and frustrated.


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Wayfair Wayfair Review: Good Quality Rugs, Poor Customer Service

Wayfair is a website that sells rugs and other home decor items. While their rugs are of good quality and reasonably priced, their customer service is not worth the hassle. I had a problem with my second rug order where I received the wrong rug. I contacted Customer Service and worked with a nice representative in their Bangor, ME office. He asked me to email him a picture of the rug I received, which I did. He agreed with me that it was not the rug I ordered and promised to get back to me. However, I never heard from him again and instead received another box containing the same wrong rug I already had.

I left voice mails and emails for the representative but received no replies. I called the main number and got another representative in their Texas office who agreed with me that the rug I received was not the one I ordered. I asked her to research the issue and before she did anything, I wanted her to answer four questions. She promised to make my issue a priority to be solved but it took two more days before I received an email from another representative who told me that I was mistaken and the rug they sent me was the right rug all along. They offered to waive the normal return fee as a token of their apology, but it sounded to me like they were doing me a favor for my inability to compare pictures of two rugs side by side.

I have now spent about 10 or 12 days talking to four customer service representatives for about two hours of my time and their time and I am no closer to understanding what happened or the answers to my four questions. Wayfair has spent probably four or five times their potential profit from this small sale on customer representative and warehouse time and in the process made me an angry ex-customer. Their customer service is worse than horrible and seems planned. It seems the regular way they do business and not a mistake or goof up.

I have sent emails to the representatives asking them to call me so I can find out what is really happening. I am curious to hear the excuse for this strange reply. The two rugs in question are not the same, and I would guess that 99 out of 100 people would agree. Why in the world would they try to convince me of that rather than just say sorry and refund my money? This makes no sense whatsoever.

In conclusion, while Wayfair has good quality rugs at reasonable prices, their customer service is so poor that I would not trust them with a large dollar purchase. They strike me as a company that may not be around much longer.

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Wayfair Terrible Customer Service and Defective Products: My Experience with Wayfair

I gotta say, Wayfair is not the place for me. I had a real tough time trying to get an item for my daughter for Christmas - like, three whole months of trying! And when it finally arrived, it was all messed up and defective. I had to call customer service a bunch of times, send pictures of the messed up item, and all that jazz. But that wasn't even the worst part. When I found out that the replacement item was gonna be even later, I had to reschedule an event. But guess what? The replacement item never even showed up! I called customer service again and talked to a couple of people who were no help at all. Finally, I spoke to someone who said she was the boss - her name was Meagan, but I think it was really Maggie. Let me tell you, she was the rudest, most unprofessional person I've ever talked to in customer service. She got me so mad that I said some bad words! She told me there was nothing she could do to help me and that I had to return the item I didn't even have and then ask for a refund. She even said it was too late for a refund! She kept changing her story, saying the item had been delivered but then saying there was no tracking information. And then she hung up on me! So now I'm out $200 for a 20 foot outdoor screen that I don't even have. I called back a bunch of times and no one could help me until I finally talked to Alva. She was the only good part of my experience with Wayfair. She listened to me and said she could help. She agreed that I needed a refund and had the item sent back to Wayfair. She was really nice and I trust that I'll get my money back soon. But let me tell you, Wayfair has the worst customer service and the products are cheap and low quality. I was so upset after talking to Maggie/Meagan that I had chest pains and had to take aspirin and use my inhaler. Why do the reps have so many limits on what they can do to help customers? Why do we have to beg for help? It's ridiculous! I'm getting sick just thinking about it. I'm gonna write to Wayfair's corporate office and tell them they need to fix their customer service department. As someone who used to teach customer service classes, I know what I'm talking about.

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Wayfair Disappointing Experience with Wayfair: Low Quality Products, Useless Customer Service, and No Rewards for Customers

I gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed with Wayfair. I've had to call their customer service a few times now and every time, it's been a total waste of my time. The first time I called was about a coupon code they were advertising for new customers. It said that if you spent $50 or more, you'd get 10% off your purchase. So I signed up and never got the email with the code. When I called to ask about it, they basically told me tough luck. They said that not everyone gets the coupon and there's no way to guarantee it. That's not right, if you ask me. Why even advertise it if you're not going to give it to everyone?

The second issue I had was with the quality of their products. I bought some faucets and showerheads and they were all really cheaply made. They were all plastic and definitely not worth the price I paid. Plus, they don't even show you the brand name unless you really dig into the item details. I looked up one of the items I almost bought and found the exact same thing on Amazon for $85 less. And the reviews were terrible, but on Wayfair, they had 5-star reviews. I'm pretty sure they filter out the bad ones.

And then there was the issue with the coupon code. I had over $300 worth of stuff in my cart and I found a coupon code that was working. It gave me almost $40 off my purchase. But when I clicked away to double-check something and came back, the discount was gone. I tried for hours to get it back, but no luck. And customer service was no help at all. They couldn't even send me a new code or anything.

Honestly, I expected more from Wayfair. I've shopped with other companies that treat their customers way better. And they used to have a refer-a-friend program where you could get rewards for referring people. But when I referred someone and they made a purchase, I got nothing. When I called to ask about it, they said they'd gotten rid of the program. Just another disappointment.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend Wayfair. Their products are low quality and overpriced, their customer service is useless, and they don't do anything to reward their customers. Save your money and shop somewhere else.

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Wayfair In-depth Review

In summary, Wayfair is a comprehensive destination for those looking to furnish and decorate their homes. With a vast selection of products and an easy-to-navigate website, it offers a convenient shopping experience. However, there are areas where Wayfair can improve to enhance customer satisfaction further.

Website Navigation and User Experience

The Wayfair website is designed with user-friendly interface. It is easy to move around and find what you need. Pages load quickly, which is good for people with not so much patience.

Product Range and Selection

Wayfair has very wide range of products. You can find almost everything for home - furniture, decor, lighting, and more. It is like one-stop shop for home needs.

Product Quality and Descriptions

Most products on Wayfair seem to be of good quality. Descriptions are detailed with lots of pictures. But sometimes, real product can look a bit different than photo. It is important to read reviews for quality check.

Pricing and Value for Money

Prices on Wayfair can vary. There are affordable options and more expensive ones too. They often have sales, which is good time to buy for better value.

Search Functionality and Filters

Search function on Wayfair is very helpful. You can use filters to narrow down choices by style, price, color, and more. It makes finding what you want easier.

Customer Service and Support

Wayfair customer service is available through phone or email. They try to help with problems, but sometimes response can take time. It is not perfect, but they do make effort to assist.

Shipping and Delivery Services

Shipping services are generally reliable. Wayfair offers tracking for orders, which is useful. But, delivery time can be long for some items. It is important to check estimated delivery before buying.

Return Policy and Process

Wayfair has a return policy that is straightforward. You can return most items within 30 days. But, you may need to pay for return shipping, which is not so good.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

There are many customer reviews on Wayfair site. They can be very helpful to understand product quality and customer satisfaction. It is wise to read these before making decision.

Payment Options and Security

Wayfair offers different payment options like credit card, PayPal, and Wayfair financing. The website is secure for transactions, which gives peace of mind when buying.

Sales, Promotions, and Discounts

Wayfair has many sales and promotions throughout the year. They offer good discounts, especially on holiday sales. It is good chance to save money on purchases.

Mobile App Usability

The Wayfair mobile app is convenient for shopping on-the-go. It works well and is easy to use, similar to website. But, sometimes app can be slower than website.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Wayfair could provide more information about their environmental and social responsibility efforts. It is not very clear what actions they are taking in this area.

Loyalty Programs and Customer Incentives

Wayfair has a loyalty program called MyWay. It offers free shipping on everything, discounts on services like assembly, and exclusive perks. It can be good for frequent shoppers.

Comparison with Competitors

Compared to competitors, Wayfair stands out for its vast product range and user-friendly website. However, in terms of pricing and customer service, some competitors may offer better experiences. It is good to compare before buying.

How to file a complaint about Wayfair?

Here is a guide on how to file a complaint against Wayfair on

1. Log in or create an account:
- Start by logging into your account. If you don't have an account, create one on the website.

2. Navigating to the complaint form:
- Locate and click on the 'File a Complaint' button on the website. You can find this button at the top right corner of the website.

3. Writing the title:
- Summarize the main issue you have with Wayfair in the 'Complaint Title' section.

4. Detailing the experience:
- Provide detailed information about your experience with Wayfair. Mention key areas such as transactions, the nature of the issue, steps taken to resolve it, the company's response, and the personal impact of the problem.

5. Attaching supporting documents:
- Attach any relevant supporting documents to strengthen your complaint. Avoid including sensitive personal data.

6. Filing optional fields:
- Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to state any financial losses and the 'Desired Outcome' field to specify the resolution you are seeking.

7. Review before submission:
- Review your complaint for clarity, accuracy, and completeness before submitting it.

8. Submission process:
- Click the 'Submit' button to submit your complaint.

9. Post-Submission Actions:
- Regularly check for any responses or updates related to your complaint on

Ensure you follow these steps to effectively file a complaint against Wayfair on

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