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napa drop leaf dining table

I first placed an order for this table on September 10, 2019 and was given an approximate delivery date. After that date came and went, and after several phone calls to try to find out what happened, I was informed there was a delay in all shipments due to Hurricane Dorian (which did NOT even hit the US but did hit the islands on August 24... again I placed my order September 10.)

Anyway the table was never delivered and I cancelled that order. I searched high and low for another table; for various reasons, that particular table was 100% what I needed and I wasn't able to find a suitable substitute. Unfortunately, I placed another order for the same table on October 25 thinking that whatever backlog problems they were having had cleared up by then. So far, I have been given 3 different delivery dates, the first two came and went with no table being delivered and no reason why. Tomorrow, November 22, is the third date...we'll see what happens. Will it be delivered? Will it be damaged? This is way too much stress for a piece of furniture. Rest assured, I will never purchase another thing from Joss & Main.

dining table that has been for and still not delivered

I ordered a table, have been calling for days and can't be told when my table will arrive. I was told there was a "case study" person assigned to it...yet no call. I find it...


I had originally purchased the three rectangular rugs in various sizes with item #MGNM04A. I cancelled those within hours and ordered a different design. I have the emails showing...

waiting since feb 22,2018 for credit on return

in Jan 2018 I purchased an area rug. Didn't open it because there was a fowl smell from it. I shipped the area rug back with the label provided UPS. Was received back in warehouse Feb 22, 2018. I keep calling for my refund to be posted, I get the run around that it takes 3 weeks. then Ill post your credit in 3 days, then you must contact comenity bank. Still no refund and today is April 7, 2018. I have purchased many thing s from Joss & Main and I will no longer do so. The customer service and the way this company is being run it a DISGRACE.

Never again!!

No values on how to treat customers.
Been waiting for my sofa to arrive for 2 months. Thank god didn't order anything else or I would die of an endless waiting.
Customer service is full of [censored]s who don't know their products and can't even provide any information at all. They probably have issues with manufacturers, that's why shipping and delivery are so slow.
Anyway, I don't even want to know what reasons made them do so, I just want them to deliver my sofa.
I wish I could cancel the order, but they said it was impossible. What's interesting is that their CS is always available, but absolutely useless...

They charged me for "free shipping"

I bought two beautiful lamps from them: Bailey Table Lamp and Lexi Table Lamp. The website claims that they provide a free shipping on orders over $49, that was my case, however, I paid for shipping anyway without any reason. And the worst part of it is that I noticed it after I paid for the order. Of course, if I saw the total cost at the beginning, I would refuse to order. But they were very sneaky and just cheated.
I can't do anything about it, but I would like to warn the other: be very careful and you better call them before ordering, maybe it will prevent you from mistakes like mine, even though it wasn't my fault, I don't think they will want to listen to me

anneliese 88 sectional

I am not giving a negative review of this sectional as I have yet to receive it. The sectional looks beautiful. I ordered my sectional on September 17th and have yet to receive...

website access

Hi J&S, Greetings from Arizona! I feel like you are losing more business than you are gaining by making people enter their email address before they can enter your web...

Joss and Main — pick up of carpet to be returned

On 9/17/2017 I ordered a carpet, isabella ivory rug. After receiving the carpet we decided to return it to joss and main. I followed instructions for submitting a return by...

room divider & rug

I place an order and come to find out my order was not excepted because my card address was different so I called my bank got that straight out. I gave them the proper addre...

wrong couch delivery 2 times

Several months ago I ordered the Ilana 119" sectional sofa in spinnsol navy. They delivered a couch that was missing a piece, they left it and told me to call for a return. I...

evelyn curtain panels

302064 I had originally ordered two sets of the white Evelyn Curtain Panels (order #[protected]) on May 26, 2017. After hanging the sets I decided two more panels one each window would...

wrong couch. horrible customer service!!

Order #[protected] - not only were we sent the wrong couch (Sectional was facing the wrong way) the entire sectional piece was missing! We got a refund and was told by maggie curtis (Which is probably a fake name) that it i'd get a call from someone to pick it up. That call never came. It's been 3 weeks and the wrong/ half missing couch is still sitting in my guest room. It's too heavy for my husband and I to remove it. I've called and emailed maggie several times and i'm being ignored. Horrible company!!

Also - as someone else on here stated, when I go to my account to check the order details, it's been deleted. I can't find the order in my account yet I have the confirmation email.

Be aware...


I bought some cushions from these guys (are they Wayfair or Joss&Main btw?- not clear) that I'm trying to return, but when I went to my account I got greeted by an "There are no...

poor customer service

I am very disappointed with Joss and Main. Your customer service said they would apply a discount, to place the order, I placed the order and they emailed me that code did not apply. They could have checked the discount before I purchased the item, not have me go through all this trouble to then tell me I couldn't.

I also spent more than 30 minutes trying to cancel the order. I had to cancel the order an I wanted this item by next week since I have my mom visiting from Puerto Rico. Disappointed.

Order # [protected]

Accent Chest

302064 I spoke with [protected] 8 days ago about the product I ordered being damaged. I emailed photos and was promised a replacement top no later than Thursday of last week...

7-piece angelica patio seating group

Josh and Main had this item up on its website for $529.99 showing its 81% off the original asking price of $2, 765.97. When my wife went to hit buy now the price jump to over $1300. The next day when I called they said they couldn't sell it for the advertising price listed on its website. We even took a screen shot of the listing on the website and they still declined to sell it at that price admitting they had done false advertising. This happened 5/14 and I spoke with Sarah from Joss and Main on Monday May 15th. I request that I should be able to purchase the item for the amount listed on their website.

7-piece angelica patio seating group

  • Te
    Teri Lebens Jul 24, 2017

    I was told by their csr that their policy is they can correct prices at any time, you're lucky she didn't buy it and get charged their corrected price.

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I bought a sofa from Joss & Main and received the wrong one

I bought a sofa from Joss & Main and delivery was very slow. I tried to cancel my order many times but they did not allow me to do that. I waited patiently and when my sofa finally arrived I was not very happy because it was not the one I ordered.
I contacted Joss & Main and explained that I received wrong item and they promised to send someone to my house to check. No one ever arrived and every time I contacted them I got nothing but excuses and empty promises. Sofa wasn't bad, but it didn't match my living room and didn't look good, so I wanted to replacement it as soon as possible.
No matter how hard I've tried I wasn't able to do anything, and every time I contacted them their excuses got more ridiculous.

Sectional sofa. Not received in 2 months order number: [protected]

This is the most insane thing i have ever dealt with in my entire life. The "expected delivery date" to the delivery center (who is then supposed to contact me to schedule a...

Order no [protected] couches

I received 1 couch on March 10th and have been trying to get an update on my 2nd couch ever since. Talked to a Lauren, MacKenzie and the a John. Still no further along on getting...

Shipping to customer

I am very disappointed in this company! I am a Interior Designer and delt with getting furniture to my clients and NEVER came across this kind of problem. My husband and I both ordered the Felicity chest. We did it separately but at the same exact time. Orders were confirmed. When I did NOT receive a call on the ship date ( which by the way theirs date references when it will be shipped to them ) I had to call them. I was told it did ship to New Jersey and they need to look for it. Ha, really. I also was told by one of their employees they do have a PROBLEM in this area. This is Unacceptable! I will give them until Tuesday if the answer is not favorable I WILL take this to the public via tv and Internet. Mr. Shah the CEO should be looking into these complaints!

Delivery of a living room chair

I bought a living room chair from them, it was the worst buying decision I ever made! They delivered it on a day I was working despited being in communication with John in customer service who promised to call Fed Ex to assure that it would be delivered on a day I was there. They stated my upholstered large chair was a "Small parcel" and just left it at the back door in the rain. The box was larger than my door and had HEAVY stamped on it. There was no way I could lift it much less get it in door. I would have gladly paid to have it delivered into my home but that was never offered as an option, silly me, I ASSUMED they would not just dump it outside and leave! To add insult to injury, the legs require a drill to attach them AND two of the legs had no drill holes, just blocks of wood. I could have screamed. I wrote multiple emails to John, the MANAGER of customer service and he has not responded. So, I am left with writing to the upper management. DO NOT ORDER FROM JOSS&MAIN or WAYFAIR if you want your sanity!

Joss and Main — Bed order

I ordered a bed in October they said it would take 2 weeks - it's been 5 months and I still have not received order but they did charge my cc I called customer service over and...

Missing order and no way to contact customer service

Hello I really need help and I need to reach someone from Joss & Main! They do not reply when I try to contact them directly so I have no other choice.
I bought a gift from their website and delivery date changed two times, then they just stopped replying. I don't have a tracking number and know absolutely nothing about my order. Their rep said it was shipped but it's already over a month and something tells me I'll never get my order.

Joss and MainService

I purchased two end tables.
Nov 28, 2016
Joss & Main Order Number

Nov 23, 2016
Joss & Main Order Number
I called to receive a refund for the difference of $58 and she hung up on me! The order has not even shipped and the price dropped within 5 days of purchasing. I want to have a refund of the $58 difference.

Freshly cut 7.5' to 8' christmas tree

Bought a Christmas Tree and never got it!

Ordered November 7 for delivery on November 23.

If I could give zero, I would. When I ordered it was supposed to be delivered on Nov 23. Then on that day it showed Nov 24. Now it shows Monday. I was very, VERY, concerned this tree had been sitting in a box for 9 days, not to mention they have ruined my decorating plans with my family.

After three different people and being hung up on twice, I worked with someone for 2 hours! They could not get a tree here any earlier than mid-December so she issued a refund. She said they would still deliver the tree since it is in the next town and if it was salvageable, I could use it. Because of this, I did not order another tree from anyone.

Today, Monday after Thanksgiving, when it was to be delivered, I see it was physically on the FedEx truck Saturday and they pulled it off in order to send back to the vendor. This was done without notifying me! Now I have no tree!!

Because of their thoughtlessness, I have missed the window for most fresh delivery places and will not be able to receive a tree until 10 days before Christmas. Merry Christmas to me! Thanks for nothing Joss and Main.

Joss and MainShipped items after I canceled

I have the same issued. I ordered two night stands on a Monday that was supposed to ship on Wednesday. The order was canceled on Tuesday and I followed up with a phone call on Wednesday to make sure the items did not ship. On Thursday I received an email saying the order shipped already and therefore could not be canceled. After speaking to a Joss and Main representative they told me even though they shipped early I would be responsible for the return shipment and I declined the offer. They next offered to pay for 50% of the return shipment and I declined again. The rep then go on to say the fee will be waived but then I will only get a store credit. SERIOUSLY??? I declined again and told them I would never shop there so a store credit would be useless to me. I want my money back and refuse to pay one dime for their error. They finally agreed to refund me but I do not trust them. They also told me that if I attempt to stop the charge I would be 6 months getting my money back. Wow!!! Stay away for this company.


Ordered a table from and after I paid I received a confirmation email.
Later they contacted me and said that my order was cancelled because my order was no longer in stock and offered me to pick something else. I refused and asked for a refund. They tried to change my mind but I was pushy and they finally agree. But I still haven't got my money back.

Rug order

I have to admit, I'm a Joss and Main groupie. However, I think we are in for a separation. I order a rug 2 weeks ago. Received the rug and it was the wrong rug. Called J&M and was told that the warehouse made an error and they'd send another rug. After examining the picture I called back an hour later and said I thought they had a description/picture error. Upon their further investigation they agreed. I was told they stopped the 2nd order and is hear from the warehouse within 3 weeks to collect the rug. They even added, if I didn't hear from the warehouse, then keep the rug. Rug number 2 still arrived. Still the wrong rug. I called J&M for the 3rd time to tell them I now had 2 incorrect rugs. They gave me a return number, said to attach to the first rug and hold on to the second until I hear from the warehouse. Fed ex shows up, takes the first rug and leaves a note saying they were told to pick up 2 rugs. Not what I was told! Emailed J&M and got a rude reply saying that I must have misunderstood the directions and I should have checked the email. Ok, I checked the email. It said 1 rug pick up. He tells me that I'm not getting a credit until they have all rugs. Fast forward. Phone call number 7 to Koss and Main. Fed ex arrives today to take the second rug and tells me I still owe a rug. Huh? I call J&M to inform them they now have both rugs! I did get my credit but here I am 2 weeks later, no rug AND NEVER EVER ONCE DID I RECEIVE AN APOLOGY! I was just made to feel it was all my error! Ummm, no!! They've lost my business.

Joss and MainE-Certificate Purchase

I purchased an e-certificate from them in the amount of $207 for custum artwork. When I contacted the company doing the picture they informed me that the certificate was expired. I failed to read the "fine print" correctly in original purchase to see that there was indeed an expiration date even though I paid in full including shipping and handling for the product. I never received a single reminder from Joss that the certificate was about to expire and that I would essentially forfeit the $207 if I didn't move ahead with order. So now according to Joss and Main I am out $207 and have no picture to boot.

Joss and Main — Order shipped after cancellation

I also had an item shipped after cancelling the order after 20 minutes of placing it. I never received the email they claimed I would get the next business day confirming the item...

Joss and MainCustomer Service

I had a very bad experience with First their delivery times are too long because probably most of the items come from China. I placed the order on Dec 24, 2015 for a sofa (Worth $1675.00). They don't inform me of the delivery or order status. I had to call to find out that it will be middle of feb, 2016 that they will ship. And then they asked me to update my credit card which I did right away. Then I call to find out when will it be shipped. That is when they tell me that they cancelled the order a day ago. And now to get the sofa I need to wait another 5-7 weeks.

The lady at the customer service was very rude. I had to ask to talk to supervisor. Supervisor was nice but of no help.

I cannot say anything of the quality because I never received the sofa. The bench I received was of a mediocre quality certainly not value for the money. I would go with any day.

I will never ever order from again.

Cannot purchase a gift card!

I tried to buy a gift card for my sister since she is a big fan of Joss & Main. I bought her one last year and this year I decided to do the same. But when I tried to do it something went wrong. My payment never went through. It is actually very difficult to navigate their website and almost impossible to find anything. It took me 30 minutes juts to find the option to purchase a gift card. Once I found that, I tried to add it to the cart to purchase, but website gave me an error. I tried again, but the same error appeared. It said my password was incorrect. I clicked on the link to reset my password and went to my mail. I used the new password they've sent me, but it didn't work either. Just a waste of time!

Strange company

I am furnishing a very big apartment and so am ordering from multiple sites. I wanted to order a few lamps from Joss & Main, because they have pretty nice prices and items look great. I requested a delivery for the end of the week and they told okay, no problem with that. It was Friday when my lamps were delivered. I was at work and didn't receive any calls from them. Thank goodness my wife was at home and received the lamps. I called them later and spoke with customer service. They told that did call me many times and I said that I'm fine with Friday. But I never did that! They also told that I need to pay some extra money for delivery. I asked why didn't they told me anything about delivery fees when I placed an order. They said they were very sorry that I forgot that they did tell me about it. Well, that was very rude. I was left very angry. Horrible service, horrible staff! But the lamps are great. Furniture there is nice, but I will never buy from them again.

Joss and Main — Improper shipment causes two month delay

I purchased two bookcases from J&M on October 11 for $3300 but only received a single unit on October 30. J&M had both in stock but their supply chain screwed up somewhere and...

Order Cancelled

I placed an order for a sideboard and painting. Two days later I received an email that my order had been cancelled. I called immediately to find out what had happened and was told that my order had been flagged as fraudulent because my shipping and billing addresses did not match. That is correct, they do not. I had entered the correct billing address to match my credit card and the correct shipping address for the items. Why have an option to enter a separate billing address on the site? Customer service informed me there was nothing that could be done unless I wanted to call my credit card company and change my billing address! Ridiculous. So even though all my information is accurate and I wanted to order these items, they won't allow me to. I regularly order off home shopping sites such as Horchow and One Kings Lane all the same information and no problem. Very disappointed.


I made the mistake of ordering prints from Joss & Main that could only be exchanged for store credit. I was sure I could find something I liked for the 200 some dollars I spent. Months later I am still having to deal with this poorly managed company. The products are misrepresented online, forcing you to have to return them- and then beg for your account to be refunded. The customer service team sends you the sugary sweet blanket response "We are so sorry! You're account will be refunded in 3-5 days." -which it never is, so you have to contact them again for your money. To make matters worse, they send emails with conflicting information causing confusion about the account and your refunds.
I was working with a customer service rep to sort out these issues- who blamed it on a glitch with my account. Then when I asked again about my refund, she claimed I recieved it before, my return was even received by Joss & Main- then two days later, I was told my item was just returned and I would be refunded. When I wrote for explanation and my money- I never heard back. Confused? So am I...and that's how they take your money. I have contacted the better business bureau in regards to the scamming company. RUN- RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Joss and MainItems shipped after order was cancelled

When my order was placed with free shipping, the order summary popped up with $60 shipping fee! I immediately took action to cancel the order via phone and multiple emails. Joss and Main responded by email and said the request to cancel the order would be processed within one day. 8 days later the order arrived on my doorstep with a $60 shipping fee included in the total.
Joss and Main did not honor the free shipping that I was gifted from a previous order nor did they apply the free shipping incentive advertised on Sept. 5th

Joss and MainEver Changing Delivery Date

NEVER buy from them if you need the delivery date to be anywhere accurate. They give you ship dates that constantly change. I had to change the bed I was buying 3 times to try to receive it by the time I moved. Each time I was told it would be delivered on time and then I would receive subsequent emails changing the delivery date.

Joss and MainPoor delivery and customer service

9 weeks ago I purchased a beautiful picture as a surprise birthday present. The date for despatch and arrival worked out well. 9 weeks later picture did not turn up. They kept in touch as I had put a complaint but kept on feeding me with rubbish. Could I give them a couple of days to chase it up. I cancelled the order and was offered nothing in the way of trying to keep my custom. I will never use them again