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I have made purchases through Wayfair for years. Most recently I have been doing a home renovation and purchased thousands of dollars through their website, from tile, to doors, vanities, lighting, etc. Spent thousands! So yesterday (10/24/23) they send me a text asking me id I use the app, and I text back YES! They instantly send me a text back saying, "Thank you, here is an EXTRA 20% off with code WAYDAY" No restrictions in the text, no expiration in the text, and the link just takes you to the website. So I try to place an order for extra lighting that I need and the code comes up - ERROR! No explanation, just ERROR! So I wait and call them today. The 1st person I spoke with tells me, it expired last night, you can't use it. I explain again, that I tried to use it last night, it got an error, that is why I'm calling today! She refuses to be helpful and basically tells me I'm out of luck! So I ask for a supervisor and she tells me she can't forward me to one, so I hung up and called back. The 2nd person won't send me to a supervisor but wants to know what my issue is, so I go back through it again! She gets in communication with a supervisor and they go back & forth with my story. She asks me to email her my text from Wayfair, which I do. Next I'm on the phone with her and the supervisor and he tells me that that coupon was only good on item that specified that you could get an additional 20% off, which no where was that on the text, nor did I see anything like that on the site! I tell him I have spent way too much money with Wayfair to be playing these games, and he basically tells me too bad! I told him I have spent thousands of dollars through them on a renovation and I didn't appreciate all of this, that I wouldn't buy anything else from them, that I would just go to Overstock/Bed, Bath & Beyond with their 20% coupon, and of course he didn't care and I hung up! I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in Wayfair, not standing by what they sent me, and playing games with hidden expirations dates, hidden restrictions on the coupon. I will file reviews on all platforms on this! I have deleted my cart, and will move on to someone else! RESPECT and CUSTOMER SERVICE are things of the past! BEWARE Wayfair Shoppers!

Desired outcome: Honor what you sent me!

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