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Argos Complaints & Reviews

Argos / it is a lose, lose situation with argos

Tonicho on Jul 15, 2017
This is what Argus should have told me before I bought my Lenovo YOGA Tab from their Wimbledon store. Dear potential customer, Kindly note that if you buy a Lenovo YOGA Tab or … (list all the other products that this ridiculous rule applies to) make sure that, during the guarantee period of...

Argos / Do not on any account buy an iphone from argos, until you have read this message

Argosomewhereelse on Apr 4, 2017
ARGOS own parent company Sainsbury's mobile policy is and I quote "You can return your mobile within 14 days as sold for any reason for a no quibble refund or exchange" Apple Store has a similar no quibble policy. I asked ARGOS to redress this issue by allowing me to exchange my iPhone...

Argos UK / Complaint

Skye winter on Mar 20, 2017
I paid 153pounds on my argos gift card for a phone called moto g4 from the argos uk website on the 1st march it was cancelled at 9pm that night no one knows why either why it was cancelled 19days later i'm still fighting to get my refund back still not got yet argos are bunch of...

Argos / Phone screen cracked cannot get it replaced anywhere.

Elaine Charles on Jan 21, 2017
Hi, I purchased a phone on the 16th September 2016 at your argos store 24, Queens Arcade, Queen Street, cardiff, CF10 2BY. Sim free Bush Spira D3 5.5 . Model number AC55DIP. The phone is cracked four months after purchasing it and I cannot get the glass replaced anywhere I have been to...

Argos / Camera and their general customer service

Vivi Tar on Jan 16, 2017
I bought a camera from Argos which almost immediately had issues. My written communications were ignored for months - it's very hard to get in touch online - and when Argos did finally reply to an e address I had to work hard to find, I had short robotic unsatisfactory replies which had...

Argos / 32 inch hitachi smart tv tv/dvd

Michelle84 on Nov 25, 2016
Towhom It may concern I ordered a TV online on the 14th of november I paid for it and said I cud collect in 3 days which was 17th so I went to the store in south Ruislip on the 17 th and was told it wasn't in store yet and I wud get an email to collect between the 17th and the 24th so I...

Argos UK / All of it

savour faire on Nov 23, 2016
Lies lies lies! You lie about having stock you lie about delivery times you lie about refunding customers you lie about having a 30 day money back guarentee you lie about price match its all lies. You are loosing many customers rapidly. Hopefully you will go out of business very soon. P. S i...

Argos / 10 inch bush tablet

Mariannej on Apr 25, 2016
I bought a bush tablet in November 2014 after a few days the screen cracked and returned it, it was swapped with no issues, however, since then I've had nothing but issues, from it not turning on to it crashing and other issues. By about August 2015 I'd had enough and took it to one of...

Argos / Delivery driver's attempt to ram my car twice today

Mr Dredge on Dec 8, 2015
This afternoon around 2.00pm at the Bagington Island, Coventry one of your vehicles driven by one of your drivers 9with a passenger) attempted to ram my car twice in traffic. He was in the inside right lane of the island and I was in the middle lane attempting to go straight ahead onto the...

Argos Limited / Unethical irresponsible behaviour

Brander on Nov 26, 2015
My home telephone number has been on the internet as Argos complaints department for the last month at least. Irate customers have been ringing my number from Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Kent and at least 16 other places. They are all apologetic, some having tried for three weeks to get in...

Argos / Home Delivery Customer Service

Vanuka Parameswaran on Nov 21, 2015
Dear Argos, I have ordered an item online for same day delivery on the 21st November 2015, in the evening as I needed it for the next day in the morning. I received a confirmation email (order reference: 1082070786) stating the delivery will be between 7pm to 10pm. However, at 10pm I...

ARGOS Blackpool UK / Argos Staff could not find items I wanted to buy

jayne blackpool on Sep 28, 2015
I recently went into Argos Blackpool UK, with cash to purchase to items from the Jewellery Department, a gents 9ct gold ring and also a 9 ct gold initial pendant. Both items were coming up on the computer as in stock, but the sales assistant could not find them. She told me to please leave...

Argos Limited / The website

Reviewer11670 on Sep 19, 2015
The Website for Argos is absolutely hopeless. I have spent the last 4 hours trying to order something from them online to pick up in store. It is a NIGHTMARE! You apparently have to wait 2 hours for your verification code which is not great if you want to pick it up immediately. I am thoroughly disappointed

www.argos-sports.co.uk / No order and I can't get refund

eddyf on Aug 28, 2015
I was sure that the website www.argos-sports.co.uk was professional and there wouldn’t be any problems with them. However, I have problems with this company, because they lost my order. I bought watch in December, 2014, but the seller still hasn’t delivered them. Each time the seller provided...

Argos / Unfair returns policy

Julian Plant on Aug 8, 2015
Do not buy a watch from Argos Please be wary of buying a watch from Argos. They provide nowhere near the level of service a jeweller would. My wife bought a Rotary ladies watch for €139.99 from the Dundrum, Ireland branch of Argos yesterday, 7th August 2015. She liked everything about...

Argos / mattress faulty in under a year

geo2 on Jun 24, 2015
I placed an order with Argos on 18/3/2014 .The order was for £297.42 including a dalton 4ft6 bed frame and a mattress. M y complaint is with the mattress on this order . The mattress proved faulty before the year was out. I used the Live Chat on the Argos website and spoke to a...

Argos / never any available stock

vikwens on Feb 7, 2015
Had a bunk bed on sale for£69-99 but each time I went to order online it would say not available for delivery in my area. For a week I tried and it remained the same. I called customer services who told me that stock had run out in the warehouse in my area and new stock would be...

Argos / Cot Set

Wendy Bryan on Nov 3, 2014
Recently attempted to purchase a 5 piece cot set from Argos. Never again. The cost set arrived without any instructions or tools to assemble the cot. I then phoned Argos who sent me 1 Alan key and 2 screws!! I phoned again and was then told they would send a new cot set. The cot set would...

Argos / Incompetent repair service with a Refund Policy to match

Plonkerson on Sep 26, 2014
Three months before the 1-year warranty expiry my portable computer stopped charging. Local Argos store sent away for repair, noting on the sheet that there was no physical damage. Having not heard from Argos after over a fortnight I called the store, was told that the device was back in and...

Argos / Proaction Washing Machine / Fault

l cunningham on May 21, 2014
I bought a proaction washing machine over a year ago an have never had any problems it was a great little washer. But the other day as it was on its last spin there was this great big noise coming from it as it stopped I really didn't think much of it till I went t put another load in...

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