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Dear Sir,
    I bought a tv from Argos Nov 2020, Xmas present two weeks ago I put the tv up only to find it damaged, not visible until switched on.
After speaking with customer service the outcome was for me to travel 11.5 miles to return the product to a Sanisbury outlet, i was not happy so phoned the Police for advice they said the policy Argos gave me was misleading and that it was not in the spirit of the law as it was  not essential shopping.
I don't have a tv now so  asked if they would collect and deliver a replacement which was denied.
           So i thought i would escalate and asked for a manager on my 2nd chat after the representative had come on i asked to speak with a manager but she just ended the chat. 

          We have spent well with argos over the years, This is the worst treatment ever. 
       So disappointed with treatment i am now soured with Argos i have no tv this is my only source of entertainment
 Can you please help?.
Regards Clive Austin

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    ArgosWarranty - worthless

    I bought a fitbit charge 2 for my wife in april of this year (2020) and it has stopped charging so it's not fit for purpose. My wife went into our local store in northwich cheshire and explained the situation. She expected that argos would honor the warranty of 12 months as she had only had the watch for 5 months. The shop assistant told her that it was in excess of the 28 day return period? And she would need to send it to fitbit for assessment etc.
    But we bought the watch from argos not fitbit and the contract is with them. This is the last time I will buy anything from argos.

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      Aug 13, 2020

      Argos — Customer services and home delivery..

      Start off I love my new washing machine. From argos... I was upset tho way it was treated new... Got dent in...

      Argoscustomer service

      Ian from Argos delivery does not give any information out to who sign for the item so you don't even know who gets it safely I find Argos and information you get and from the delivery drivers are [censored]ing disgraceful and customer who buys the item had a right to know !!! You have no rights to know who sign for item you brought and two delivery drivers Peter and Hayley don't tell you nothing and I find very rude Argos home delivery and customer serives disgraceful [censored]ing disgusting way we get treated money [censored]ing hungry Only [censored] us customers

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        • Updated by Willowskye · Oct 07, 2019

          There me thinking Argos Is the best bs !! Argos Should protect items going to wring people at the address if they not person on the order they can’t have the item they should show id to delivery driver and two sign it by person they are on order and three we have a right to know who sign for the item always !!! Not Argos ever customers only

        • Updated by Willowskye · Oct 07, 2019

          Cara online chat gives me run around wasting my time too so well done [censored]ing Argos as always time wasters too

        • Updated by Willowskye · Oct 07, 2019

          I find customer services very poor and unfairly treated to us customers we don’t get told nothing

        Argosdriver of argo lorry kx55wxd

        On Sunday, early evening, 11th August 2019 I was driving on the M25 from the A1 towards the A127. Whilst coming up to the A10 turn off an Argos lorry went into the A10 Lane, undertook some traffic then went back into the M25 lane. The driver did this twice and then stayed in the A10 lane until at the last minute he cut across the chevrons from the A10 lane of the junction and went back on the M25. It was scary to see, he could have caused a major accident.
        His driving was not only dangerous but also illegal.
        I passed him later on the M25 and he came down the slip road for the A127 behind me and headed in the direction of Basildon/Southend.
        If this is how he drives everyday I fully expect him to cause an accident very soon, lets just hope he does not injure anyone or worse.

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          Argosdelivery driver

          On arriving home an Argus lorry was parked directly outside our home, we asked the driver to move forward as we wanted to park outside the house due to one of us being disabled and not able to walk far, the driver did move forward but got out of the cab asking my partner to move back I said this is why we asked you to move forward he then get mouthy, and I mouthed back he then got into a fight mode and wanted to fight with myself just because I asked him to move outside the property he was delivering totour got argumentative and lost his control so I walked in the house and now complaining about this due to the upset it has caused today the registration of this vehicle is LM64BJK the driver was the abusive one not his colleague, this happened at 14.40. 2/10/2018

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            Argoshi sense 50 inch tv

            I bought a Hi Sense TV about 6 months ago and a few weeks before Christmas it malfunctioned.
            After going on line and spending hours being transferred from one Chat line person to another I was finally told that I would have to go to the manufacturer to get them to try to fix the TV.
            This I believe is contrary to consumer rights legislation.
            I contacted Hi Sense Service Dept and they promised to send a spare part to their local sub contractor in Cardiff - 40 miles from my home.
            The part did not arrive in the specified time and we were due to go on holiday which we did the following week (to Portugal). On arrival home I contacted the sub contractoe who said they still had not received the part. I then phoned Hi Sense Service (or lack of) Department again.
            They said they had despatched the part but on checking could not find details of despatch. I explained that we had been waiting for over ten days to get the part to Cardiff to begin the repair and so Hi Sense finally agreed for us to get a replacement TV direct from Argos.
            So I contacted Argos again, they said they would replace the TV but there was not another hi Sense of the size in stock. They insisted we had to choose a TV of exactly the same price which limited our options to one.
            Only one TV matched the price.
            So reluctantly I accepted this.
            About another week elapsed and still no replacement TV and several more phone calls to various Argos Department and emails ensued. The TV issue took over three weeks to be resolved and hours spent on the phone and via chat sites and emailing later I finally wrote a letter of complaint. I was offered £20 as an offer of "goodwill".
            The hours spent trying to get a resolution and the lack of a TV for three weeks or more in my opinion warranted a better gesture of goodwill - if it had been one of my customers a far more generous offer would have ben made.
            I think Argos have contravened customer rights and offered a derisory amount to placate me.
            I would never shop at Argos again and recommend others to go elsewhere as I am not the only disgruntled customer - it seems there are many. Perhaps that is why they can only afford £20 compensation.

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              Argos — it is a lose, lose situation with argos

              This is what Argus should have told me before I bought my Lenovo YOGA Tab from their Wimbledon store. Dear...

              Argos — Do not on any account buy an iphone from argos, until you have read this message

              ARGOS own parent company Sainsbury's mobile policy is and I quote "You can return your mobile within 14 day...

              Argos UKComplaint

              I paid 153pounds on my argos gift card for a phone called moto g4 from the argos uk website on the 1st march it was cancelled at 9pm that night no one knows why either why it was cancelled 19days later i'm still fighting to get my refund back still not got yet argos are bunch of theft's stollen my money off my voucher and still not got back yet... I reported to the police to.

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                Argos — Phone screen cracked cannot get it replaced anywhere.

                Hi, I purchased a phone on the 16th September 2016 at your argos store 24, Queens Arcade, Queen Street...

                ArgosCamera and their general customer service

                I bought a camera from Argos which almost immediately had issues. My written communications were ignored for months - it's very hard to get in touch online - and when Argos did finally reply to an e address I had to work hard to find, I had short robotic unsatisfactory replies which had comprehension issues. I had provided proof of purchase but the camera had also damaged other devices, and I sought goodwill for that.

                I was asked to go into store and then that they couldn't print off receipts (already shown to them) in " a time window" - and had not raised a complaint to handle as such. And then told me that they couldn't "move forward" - because they were repeating things, and only over 2 days - when I'd been chasing emails to them for many weeks!

                I said that returning to a store was inconvenient, and after the trouble already suffered, was not suitable. The success of my going to a store depends on the staff I see that day. It was now a while after the purchase date, due to their own delays; and I have no proof of the many communications already sent or any promises made by Argos. I was not seeking a simple return and refund, but further goodwill, and I knew that a local store would fob me to head office for that and so my trip into town would be wasted.

                They then said that if I wanted to make a formal complaint, I needed to write in the post, and refused to send the email conversation onto HQ.
                I said it had been a formal complaint for 4 months already. I received the same preformatted reply. Even though I had no printing facility at the time - another shoddy product from Argos not working - they still said they couldn't perform what I'd asked.

                It took a month to hear from the correspondence department, going well over the deadline I gave them.

                Argos's suggestion of my return goods to their HQ were unsatisfactory on a number of levels.

                One, no postage cost was offered. Then, I lose the item whilst Argos tests it - using its own employees - in my absence to decide if they are at fault. It is very likely that they would decide in their own favour.

                I also said that the damaged item, not bought from them, had personal material on it and so I did not want that falling into another's hands for privacy reasons.

                Argos seemed unconcerned at the loss of my long custom, unaware of statutory rights: they said that a cheque if I returned the item was goodwill. To return a faulty item in exchange for a refund is standard statutory right, not a goodwill gesture, which is over and above those rights - as I explained. They also didn't at first specify if I'd get money back, and never did say how much, and if it would cover the losses associated with the camera as well as the camera's value.

                I asked this to go to a manager, which was never done.

                Then they said, get legal advice but implied that there was nothing that could be done for me, so effectively, they had won.

                I advised that this was not so, and judging by the amount of bad experiences on sites like these, Argos had work to do to survive.

                Due to privacy as well as length, I have summarised here.

                I remain very angry at Argos, and have had no even real apology let alone any recompense, and feel very frustrated at this policy led cut and paste handling. I pointed out on balance it was likely I had really suffered what I said or why would I bother to keep writing?

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                  • Le
                    Lesa Le Monnier Jan 18, 2017
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Sorry to hear about your retail complaint with Argos, if you wish we can help resolve this for you easily and quickly. Our new online Law Firm Go Complain offers a one-off fixed fee legal complaint service for only £29.99 for goods bought up to the value of £3, 000 and as a law firm we fully understand your consumer rights and are experts in this field.

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                    Please be aware that we are a SRA registered law firm not a claims handler or administration company we offer a legal evaluation, advice and service for your complaint all within the fee.
                    For any refunds or compensation we may win for you it goes directly to your bank account and we do not charge any extra fees, just the one-off fixed fee taken at application.
                    As a law firm we can also escalate your complaint through the courts if we feel you have a strong case.

                    All you need to do is complete our online form and upload any photos of correspondence, receipts and the product and we take care of the rest.
                    Simply visit http://bit.ly/2iHCJ3a and start your complaint now, and then relax.
                    Thank you

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                  Argos — 32 inch hitachi smart tv tv/dvd

                  Towhom It may concern I ordered a TV online on the 14th of november I paid for it and said I cud collect in...

                  Argos UKAll of it

                  Lies lies lies! You lie about having stock you lie about delivery times you lie about refunding customers you lie about having a 30 day money back guarentee you lie about price match its all lies. You are loosing many customers rapidly. Hopefully you will go out of business very soon.
                  P. S i dont expect a response to this as you lie about having customer service as well.

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                    Argos10 inch bush tablet

                    I bought a bush tablet in November 2014 after a few days the screen cracked and returned it, it was swapped with no issues, however, since then I've had nothing but issues, from it not turning on to it crashing and other issues.

                    By about August 2015 I'd had enough and took it to one of the Argos shops in Newcastle with the receipt, I was told they wouldn't help even though it was under guarantee, I spoke to the manager who said the same.

                    I ended up having to go a buy a new tablet. When I got home I sent a compliant to Argos, this was ignored, so I sent another, which was also ignored.

                    Every so often I had use of the tablet, but still had the same issues with it.

                    Today I tried to switch it on and it cracked the screen and shut down again.

                    So I m yet again making a complaint. Although it is now out of gurentee it is not fit for purpose, which is longer than the guarantee warranty lasts.

                    So not only am I complaining about the rubbish product, but about the fact the gurentee wasn't honored either.

                    I would like for this complaint not to be ignored.

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                      ArgosDelivery driver's attempt to ram my car twice today

                      This afternoon around 2.00pm at the Bagington Island, Coventry one of your vehicles driven by one of your drivers 9with a passenger) attempted to ram my car twice in traffic. He was in the inside right lane of the island and I was in the middle lane attempting to go straight ahead onto the A46 when he veered across into my lane almost hitting my car. I was forced into the left lane and made to go into Coventry towards Whitley, your driver attempted again to ram my car so that he could get passed. I was forced to go around the next island as he forced his way passed me on the inside. I managed to get a photo of the rear of his vehicle as he forced his way passed me which is attached. I will be uploading this to the "Id*ot Drivers in the UK" site later tonight. Whilst all of this was going on his passenger thought it was hilarious judging by his laughs and expressions. This driver is unsafe and will kill someone if he's allowed to continue driving as he did today. Please resolve this issue !

                      Delivery driver's attempt to ram my car twice today

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                        Argos LimitedUnethical irresponsible behaviour

                        My home telephone number has been on the internet as Argos complaints department for the last month at least. Irate customers have been ringing my number from Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Kent and at least 16 other places. They are all apologetic, some having tried for three weeks to get in contact with Argos. BT refuse to check the links given to me by callers to verify the defect. They offer me a new number and ignore the already let down customers who see my number on the internet. I have on two occasions eventually managed to contact local stores who said that the would investigate. I have on three occasions spent 50 minutes on the phone trying to get through to someone who has the authority to investigate. The only moral course I feel I can now take is to go into a local store and disrupt business. Mr Ian Rate

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                          ArgosHome Delivery Customer Service

                          Dear Argos, I have ordered an item online for same day delivery on the 21st November 2015, in the evening as I needed it for the next day in the morning. I received a confirmation email (order reference: [protected]) stating the delivery will be between 7pm to 10pm. However, at 10pm I receive a message from a private mobile number on my phone saying that there are delays and I will be updated with further details. After few minutes, I received another message that said, the delivery will be within the next hour!.. So around 11pm! After approx. 45 min, I received a call from a lady, who did not speak fluent English but knew how to be very rude to customers! The lady demanded me to open the door! However, as I received the call I already ran to the door as I thought that my delivery has reached. When looking outside, no one was there and the lady kept shouting at me to open the door. Although, I tried to explain her that I am outside my door and no delivery driver is VISIBLE, she did not give me a chance to speak! After finding out somehow that she was at a totally wrong address, I told her that I will contact someone to take this further as I was very angry and for that, she just hang up on me! Now, the item I needed for the following day has not been delivered, I had to listen as well as learn that Argos Delivery Staff is very rude, and mainly, that there is no Customer Support at the Customer Centre during evening deliveries! Well Done Argos for training your staff to deliver only the items but no customer service. Please, respond to this message as I would like my money back and ensure I will never order anything from argos again. I can also provide the persons's mobile number, where I received the rude call from. Regards Vanuka

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                            ARGOS Blackpool UK — Argos Staff could not find items I wanted to buy

                            I recently went into Argos Blackpool UK, with cash to purchase to items from the Jewellery Department, a...


                            Argos LimitedThe website

                            The Website for Argos is absolutely hopeless. I have spent the last 4 hours trying to order something from them online to pick up in store. It is a NIGHTMARE! You apparently have to wait 2 hours for your verification code which is not great if you want to pick it up immediately. I am thoroughly disappointed

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