CB Furniture Stores Wayfair Darion adjustable 48-86 inch adjustable antique black curtain rod

Wayfair review: Darion adjustable 48-86 inch adjustable antique black curtain rod

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I purchased this item on 01/10/2024 per order number [protected] for $12.74 plus tax for total of $13.63. I received an email stating that the order was delivered and could not locate the item. I called customer service and was told that the item was returned to Wayfair warehouse due to bar code was unreadable. I was told I would have to wait 3 days before they could ship the item back out and that I need to call back. Upon calling back, I was told that they could not resend the item and that my only option was a refund. I requested that instead of refund, I would like for the item to be shipped out again and was told that was not an option and I would have to repurchased now for higher price $19.99. I called back again and asked for a manager as I feel Wayfair should honor the original purchase price. Rashawn B told me that he could not help me so I requested to speak with manager. I was told manager was not available and I would receive a call back. I waited a week and never received a call back. Called today 01/16/24 and asked for a manager and got Brandy. Brandy refused to help me as well indicating prices changes due to open box condition. This is poor business and Wayfair should honor original price due to their error with bar code.


Diana Jimenez


Claimed loss: n/a

Desired outcome: Product shipped to me at the same cost I originally paid.

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