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Countrywide Home Loans Complaints & Reviews

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Countrywide Home Loans - Tennessee, Antioch / preditory lending and foreclosed my house with a new buyer after court

James T. Green on Jul 18, 2011
On oct 2000 to july2005 i purchased a home for no money down first time home buyer took advantage of my savings my checking account with a adjusment rate mortage and turned around and sent forclousure information along with a ballon payment of 8, 000.00 after asking for a monthly payment of 1482.00 a month when i moved in my monthly payments were only 200.00 dollars more than my beautiful 1 bedroom apartment in brentridge in Antioch payed every month 600.00 a month never late and ontime.today and now bad credit foreclosed on and a homeless veteran with four kids a wife one income lost house...

Countrywide Home Loans / scam artists

Countrywide home loans is requiring and has taken out a $2, 000 flood insurance policy (Which they are deducting from our escrow account) on our property on mission beach road in marysville because they say it is within a flood zone and it's required by fema. The fema map we find online through fema shows our property in flood zone x which is not in a flood zone. We have called countrywide and they say it's out of their hands, that their "new" map says fema has us in a flood zone. The only way to change it is to get a loma (Letter of map amendment) from fema. We think countrywide is scamming us and maybe others.

Countrywide Home Loans / scam charges

We have a mortgage with Countrywide. We are now being harassed and threatened with foreclosure. Countrywide had inflated my husbands income on the application and also added my daughters social security that she draws from her dad who is deceased. This money is for her care, not for the home but they inflated that also. We have attempted to contact them numerous times to have them work with us to lower our payments so that this would not happen but each time they refused or became so rude that they would eventually hang up. They are charging us escrow when we told them that we would handle the...

Countrywide Home Loans / mortgage/escrow woes

This company lost payments, increased payments, took double payments from our personal account, put an unauthorized escrow on our account which included taxes, insurance and water and sewer. There was no need because we were never late on any of them. Then continuously applied payments to the escrow instead of to the balance due, put negatives on my credit report claiming that we were late after they applied it elswhere. After I reported them to the BBB they responded to me by trying to charge me $40 for a payment over the phone. This is a company that is very slimy in how they deal with there customers because according to an Attorney I spoke to, it is legal, Slimy but legal

Countrywide Home Loans / fraudulent company

I just realized today that I have not received a bill from Countrywide in the past two months. I immediately called to see if I just lost my mind or what. They insisted that they had sent the bills to the proper address. I immediately made a double payment by phone and was charged a late payment for February. I argued that we have made all our payments on time since 2017. I told them that I rely on receiving the bill as I not only do my personal bills, I do my fiance's personal bills and I am a bookkeeper for his company, and I have my own business. I process a lot of checks each month...

Countrywide Home Loans - California, Irvine / misleading consumers

In october 2008 my husband and I contacted countrywide to obtain help with our home mortgage loan as I had lost my job and recently had a baby and we were finding it very difficult to make our mortgage payment. We were told by the extremely rude representative that as our account was current there was nothing they could do to help and to call in next month when we had a payment due. We called back in november and a representative took all our financial info and told us that we are spending over our income therefore there was nothing they could do and we had to cut our expenditure in order for...

Countrywide Home Loans - West Virginia / using bad credit to give loans

We tried for a regular home loan in 2007 and was turned down to having low credit scores and a bankruptcy as well. Then we were contacted by Challenge Financial a broker for Countrywide and was told they could get us a VA loan no problem. We filed the paper work and were turned down the first time cause we didn't have enough income. Then they called back and was told if we could use my husbands overtime and my income combined it would be ok. My husbands boss at the time even signed a form stating that they could use it. We later found out they even used my husbands previous employement a...

Countrywide Home Loans / mortgage servicing faud

If you want to keep your home, if you want to put a stop to the criminal activities by this compay, then it's time to DECLARE WAR ON COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS NOW!!! Contact your congresspeople, the President, every homeowner's advocate you can. the FTC and the FBI, HUD, and, if possible, an attorney, and write them again and again. If we act en masse, we can bring down these creeps and put them where they belong - IN PRISON! I apologize for the length of this, but I think you will find it good reading, but don't just read it. TAKE ACTION!! The home you save may be your own!! You...

Countrywide Home Loans - Illinois, Chicago / mortgage modification denial

First of all, my website containing my petition against Countrywide Home Loans: http://www.petitiononline.com/mortgage/petition.html Countrywide has been absolutely horrible to work with in regards to a mortgage modification. I requested a modification because I strongly believe that Truth in Lending errors and possible RESPA violations were done when my loan was underwritten. When my 2nd mortgage was funded, I was told the value of my home was $158, 000 through an online valuation they use. It turns out the online valution compared my condo (studio) to 1 and 2 bedroom condos in my area and over...

Countrywide Home Loans / loans and service

Well, where to begin. We had excellent credit- we purchased a home in 2002 in Missouri. Our first mistake was Countrywide. We were in formed in 2006- that we should have never gotten our loan due to ineligible house. At that time we wante to know why- apparently the apprasial company (they hired) had not put info in the first apprasial when we purchased the home ( a mobile home wall still existing in the walls). We know that they knew, because the apprasial people knew about the home when they did that "BAD" apprasial -we got that from the horses mouth themselves. So, we got the loan no...

Countrywide Home Loans / bait and switch

In May of 2008 I applied for a refinance of my home to take out equity in the amount of $25, 000 for a kitchen remodel and to pay off some higher interest credit cards. My home is appraised at $260, 000 and my mortgage balance is $108, 000. After applying for the loan I was told that everything looked good and was given a closing date 3 weeks out. I kept in contact with our Countrywide rep at least twice a week to make sure everything was on track, which it was. The day before we were to close the loan, our rep called me and said that due to an error in their entering figures, I did not...

Countrywide Home Loans - Arizona, Tempe / wrongful termination

I WAS FIRED FOR AN UNDISCLOSED COMPANY POLICY! On 11/7/08 I was advised that a call center audit was done to see how long each person was taking in between out bound calls. I was advised that the audit indicated that I was taking excessive time in between outbound calls... Countrywide didn’t give me the opportunity to be coached for this issue especially seeing that previous clear expectations were never set. Instead it was immediately looked upon as intentionally avoiding calls and I was immediately terminated... After firing myself and a few others, on the same day Countrywide immediately...

Countrywide Home Loans / terrible organization

I was relocated for my job from NH to MD in November 2007 and forced to put my house on the market just has things were getting bad. As it turns out, the market was already so bad that the homes in our area were already valued at less than what many had paid - including us. At this point, we contacted countrywide about a possible short sale. They said to call back when we had an offer on the home. Finally, in July 08, we had an offer. Called Countrywide. They had us send documentation incldg bank and tax statements so that the short sale process could begin. We faxed the info 7 times... each...

Countrywide Home Loans - California / mortgage statements

9/2008 URGENT! To All Countrywide Customers with Home Loans... I would like to know if the following occurred to any customers of countrywide home loans byside myself. I have (two) Mortgages with countrywide home loans and have then now for 2.5 years. I noticied that in July I did not receive a statement from countrywide for my first mortgage. I got the statement for the second mortgages as usual. They said they will send one out to me soon. Ok, I waited nothing. Now August 2008 comes in and no first mortgage statement again. Yet for August I received the second as usual. I called...

Countrywide Home Loans - New York, Pearl River / bad service

Countrywide Home Loan's Full Spectrum Lending division is a disgrace to an increasingly disgusting mortgage business. Last April, my wife and I decided to refinance our home. So, we made a few calls and settled on Countrywide's Full Spectrum Lending because we liked the agent we dealt with. His name was John Donaghue, and he suggested getting an interest only loan because we were only staying in our house another year or two and we wouldn't be paying off much principal balance anyway. This way we could save more money. I checked into it, and he was right - the money we could...

Countrywide Home Loans - New Mexico, Plano TX 75204 / illegal/unethical practices, predatory lending

First, let me say that Countrywide's criminal and unethical practices need to be stopped and all of us that have mortgages with them need to be compensated for damages. We also, have been financially damaged by them. To name a few, they did a classic bait and switch to our refinance loan; we were promised in writing a credit come back loan, yet we found out after the fact that they locked us into a sub prime 2 year hybrid libor adjustable rate loan, they falsified information on documents, did not provide us with a copy of a good faith estimate and truth in lending prior to closing...

Countrywide Home Loans - California, Tracy / bait and switch on home loan

I too am a victim of the bait and switch tactic that Countrywide Home Loans used. I had very good credit when I decided to buy my dream home and two weeks before signing the seller wanted more down payment which I did. Then one week before the signing my realtor told me that all they can get is a subprime loan, I was promised a prime loan and that was one of the point I insisted on, along with $25000 deposit, I had to come up with an $51000 and was sucked into a sub-prime loan due to the fact I already had a large amount of money down. I have been selling my personal items to pay for my two...

Countrywide Home Loans - California, Van Nuys / scam and fraud

If you go to the website for the Attny General for the state of California you will see the full attachment of the legal papers filed in court against countrywide. Apparently two other states are suing Countrywide also, Washington and?? If you go to the NPR website there is a new release on it. Also if you go to the website for Mortgage New Daily there is a rather large news article about this suit. I think anyone living in California should file a complaint against this terrible company!!

Countrywide Home Loans / I completed all necessary paper work they took my money for the appraisal and i never heard from them again

On April 30th, 2008 I started a refinance process on my home of 20 yrs from avariable rate to a fixed rate with an Account Executive Sally Vance who's office was located in Orlando. Funds were taken from my checking account to in the amount of $315.00 towards the appraisal fee which was done on Fri may 9th, 2008. All my required paper work was signed and faxed back as requested prior to the appraisal and I have not been able to touch base with anyone since. my maine contact was Sally_Vance@countrywide.com and all her emails are returned undiliverable. my % quote was locked in at 6% for 45...

Countrywide Home Loans - Minnesota, Inver Grove Heights / stay away from countrywide

Countrywide bought our loan a few months after we purchased our home. Everything was fine for a while until I started trying to refinance a few years ago. They would not work with me and made it impossible to go anywhere else for financing. They started rasing our payments 4 months before they were supposed to and they went from $1258 a month to $1938 a month in 1 year knowing full well that we couldn't afford that much each month. I was told by some snotty man at Countrywide that if they wanted they could raise the interest rate to 13.75% instead of the 11.125% rate they raised it to if...
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