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Countrywide - Montana, tampa / cash for keys program

KevinJ Williams on Feb 22, 2012
I have been in contact with Sen. Baccus office and was told of the "cash for keys" program settlements of up to $2000. I had a loan sold to Countrywide in Jan/Feb 2008 after purchase in Dec. 2007 on Cedar Creek Rd. in Plains Mt. 59859-9504 which soon after was foreclosed on. I understand there were several attempts at auction sale and not even sure if i an still the owner or if it sold which I assume has occurred. I tried to contact Countrywide and get my redress under the "cash/keys program. Please all help I can get is greatly appreciated as I am presently a homeless unemployed USAF vet.

Countrywide - California / Unfair Business Practices

I am filing a complaint against Countrywide Home Loans and Bank of America for unfair business practices, harrassment and fraud. In 2006 Countrywide's refusal to negotiate the loan and monthly payment of my home, refusal to answer my letters & calls for months and over a year. Talking to several people from their office ohn the phone with no sucess. They continuely raised the payment and the interest rate after they said they would not, they knowingly also impounded my taxes into my payment without my consent knowingly after all the calls I made saying I needed them to negoiate the loan...

Countrywide - New York / Refinancing problems

I have two houses with Countrywide mortgages. I applied in March, 2009 two refinance both loans to a lower interest rate. I was not behind on payments, I did not want money out, my loan-to-debt ratio is fine. I filed the appropriate paperwork, for each mortgage to be at 4.65% . Suddenly, the paperwork was "lost, " the appraisal for one of the houses was "lost, " and therefore my file was not completed on time, and the loan process for both loans was closed. When I complained and said that I wanted to re-open them, I was told that the interest rate was now 5.75%, that my credit score had gone...

Countrywide - Arizona / Oops...I meant, you AREN'T getting your house.

No help. In January of 2009, my husband & I decided to try to get a loan to purchase a home. We had two friends that had been pre-approved for a home loan, young like us so we asked ourselves, "Why not us?" I got in touch with a family friend who referred me to a loan officer working for Country Wide. She told me that I was pre-qualified on my own. My husband doesn't have the best credit so we figured that was good news. We started looking around at houses, had offers on a couple that just didn't work out then found the (1st) home of our dreams!! Beautiful, 1 story house in Goodyear...

Countrywide - Washington / Short Sale Process

Below is a timeline of the life of this file. We had originally been told your short sale process was 45 to 90 days. We are now somewhere around day 140 with no end in site. I faxed the short sale packet to Country Wide on Jan 27th and again on Feb 3rd. I was told that it was uploaded into your system on Feb 1st and that the Short Sale process took any where from 45 to 90 days. On Feb 4th the file was opened and I was told it would take 7 to 10 business days to assign. After several requests for assignment to a negotiator the file was finally assigned on March 6th to a Mark Lewis. I was told...

Countrywide - California / LYING ABOUT MODIFICATIONS

We wanted to let everyone know that mortgage lenders are still deceiving the American people and the American government regarding loan modifications. We hear in the news everyday how the U.S. housing market is "bottoming out" or "finally stabilizing" or "sales are picking up". But the reality is that it is not. Not for homeowners whose lenders are corrupt, that is. Please do not misunderstand. There are lenders who are doing their best to help homeowners and we are pleased they are now generally making a effort to work with homeowners and keep them in their homes. We applaud those...

Countrywide - Missouri / Nonrefundable $400 Application Fee

On Mar 30, 2009 I spoke with a loan analyst (Corey Brown) and completed an application for a refinance over the phone. At the time of our phone application, it did not occur to me that a refinance loan with 1.5% points was not advisable for individuals looking to sell their homes within 12 months nor did the loan analyst articulate the % definition. I simply was interested in consolidating our primary mortgage with a HELC. I immediately contacted Mr. Brown and requested that the loan be calculated without points. Once he did, it was determined that there was no financial incentive to refinance...

Countrywide / Hardship is a broad term

I experienced a job loss at the beginning of February and wanted to make sure that our loss of my income would not cause a hit to my credit rating. I contacted Countrywide to see if there was anything they could do to either lower my payment or interest rate so that the mortgage would become less of a financial burden right now (My account is spotless). I was just exploring all options to help keep the most $$ available to me. After learning that I was not eligible to refinance because my loan amount was higher than my house was now apparently worth (since they were able to calculate the cheaper...

Countrywide - Colorado / Remodification loans

I was struggling with my ARM mortgage last fall as I was laid off by Bank of America and unable to find employment. I was sent an offer by Countrywide to modify my loan at a much lower interest rate effective September 1, 2008. I eagerly agreed and accepted the offer. I was then able to keep my home and would hopefully be able to refinance at a later date. Since September 1, 2008, Countrywide had delayed processing the modification (because they are so busy so they say) and because of that they have reported me as being 120 days late in payments. Of course, that is not true and negatively affects my...

Countrywide - Arizona / SCAMS

I have been faced with financial hardship and fell behind on my house payments. On January 1, 2009 I received a certified letter from Countrywide stating that they understood that I was going through a difficult time and with the HOPE team they were going to refinance my home, making me current on my back payments as well as lower my monthly payment from 1580 to 1240. The letter stated that I needed to have it signed and notarized and to return it in the pre certified envelope enclosed by Jan 27, 2009. Effective Feb 1, 2009 I would restart on a clean slate. I did as instructed. Sent the letter...

Countrywide / loan consultant

They have some REALLY great folks at CW and some REALLY bad ones! There seems to be no in between. All I can say is I sure hope they really ARE monitoring the calls because the woman I spoke with tonight misinterpreted everything I said, acted like I'm trying to get out of payment, and then refused to identify herself. I've already paid this month, on time and IN FULL, as I have every month for the last six years. However, since losing my job I just wanted to see if I could have the insurance and taxes taken off the monthly payments and put on yearly instead. That's all...That'...

Countrywide - Illinois / Forced Flood Insurance

I received a letter from Countrywide stating I had to have flood insurance on my property because according to FEMA I was in zone AE (a flood area). I contacted FEMA who had me download their insurance maps. I am clearly in zone X. I called and faxed the FEMA maps with no results except a headache. They totally refuse to acknowledge the maps, even though its the exact same map they said they used for their determination. Their letter also informed me that if I do not get my own flood insurance they will take out flood insurance from my escrow with, surprise, surprise, Countrywide Insurance Company. After almost three weeks of arguing and faxing it looks like this will be going to court.

Countrywide / an inaccurate past due amt. on loan

Countrywide is showing we have a past due (30day) amount of $1, 208. We were approved for a loan modification on Acct#115512750. The new payments are $1585.24 @ 3% interest for 5 yrs. The amount they say is overdue is the old loan monthly payment of $1, 208. The paper work we have shows the restructured amount was approved for September 1, 2008 through Aug.1.2013. We have called and called to try and tell them we have the approved paperwork for the new amount that we HAVE BEEN PAYING ON TIME EVERY MONTH, yet they are charging us late fees on the old amount. Please fix this. Thank you.

Countrywide - Minnesota, Apple Valley / Triple Advantage Credit Monitoring

Letter received from countrywide about my personal info being compromised. Gave me a complimentatry credit monitoring service that I am unable to log into. Please investigate.

Countrywide - California, calabassas / realestate fraud

December of 05 iI had entered into a contract to purchase a house. My mortgage broker had asked me to buy more time as he was looking for a way to find me a loan. I made a deposit of 5k, then another 130k from an equity line he procured for me on another house. A day before close of april7/06 he notifies me that in order to 'get through escrow' I was to sign over the interest in the escrow to him and after close the following morning it would be replaced in my name. This has not happened. Since inception of the lawsuit it has been discovered that- he had been preparing, signing, and...

Countrywide - California / Monthly Statements / Late Fees

Fraud alert, I believe every one of the 2 millions countrywide customers should read this letter I am sure it will benefit them as long as they are dealing with Countrywide Mortgage Company. Throughout the pas 2.5 half years that we have a home loan with countrywide, we are receiving monthly statement and envelop to mail out our monthly payments. During the last two months we did not received any monthly statement and if it was not because of my wife we would have be late on our monthly payment. After many calls to countrywide customer service they have informed us that the statement has been...

Countrywide - California, Rancho Cordova / Subprime Lending Modification Loan

I was proactive from the very beginning when my family member experienced identity theft last year in October, 2007. I contacted Countrywide and nofified the representatives of my situation, conveyed to them about identity theft, expressed this was the reason for my late payments, and spoke about my securing a loan modification. I continued to contact Countrywide and was told that I could not gain immediate assistance for a loan modification because my home loan was not in foreclosure. I asked if this was the only way to gain immediate assistance and was told yes. In May of 2008, I wa...

Countrywide - Florida / bad service/lies/and no one knows what is going on.

In september of 2007 i had to apply for a loan modification, with countrywide because i lost my job was seperated from my husband since feb, 07 & because i had a an ajustable rate mortgage. They told me it would be 15-45 buisness days to get a response, and that i would be called by a "negotiator". when there was a response or if more information was needed. today is April, 15 2008 exactly 7 months since the whole process started i have not spoken to a negotiator, and according to the papers i received in the mail in march of 2008 i had been approved for the loan modification, i was told by...

Countrywide - Arkansas, Little Rock / Countrywide refinancing scam!

As an attorney and a Countrywide customer, I am in complete agreement with all the comments posted, in particular those pertaining to refinancing -- which appears to be a huge scam. Our existing loan was (is) an adjustable rate mortgage that has increased from an initial monthly payment of $600.00 to now almost twice that amount, and at nearly 11% interest (with notification from Countrywide that it may go up further). When we received our most recent rate hike, we had been getting inundated for months by Countrywide with "URGENT" notices concerning our mortgage, inviting us to "refinance...

Countrywide / Ripped us off for over $400!

We were told we were disapproved then when we waited and waited for our loan they kept telling us OH everything is OK it is just taking longer than we thought !!! I actually fired our loan officer after SEVERAL lies... 4 weeks after he was FIRED they took almost $400 out of our checking account for an APPRAISAL WE DID NOT NEED... and after the deal had fallen through due to all this... the home owner opted to back out for a better offer!!! Now we are SCREWED out of over $1000 (home inspection WE PAID FOR) and appraisal we told him to cancel!!!
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