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AAA Auto Insurance Complaints & Reviews

AAA Auto Insurance - California, Oakland / Billing

Sep 25, 2016

My husband called AAA to inquire why our auto insurance policy went up to $219 a month. He got the bill down to an appropriate amount by providing the necessary information and asked for another bill. It is September 25th and we have yet to see a revised bill for the beginning of our policy year. The bill comes out on around the 3rd of every month. We have had this issue several times over the years with them sending the appropriate requested paperwork.

AAA Auto Insurance - Nevada / Wouldn't stand behind quote they sent me!

Jan 14, 2011

I have been a long time customer of AAA. Recently, I had them requote my auto insurance coverage. While on the phone they quoted me an annual policy with $19 monthly premium. I was very surprised by this quote and had them check it 4 times while I was on the phone. I even asked their representative if he had seen a quote so low like this before. He claimed he had and that I had several discounts that reduced the premium. Then I had them email me the quote. They did and I have a copy of the email but it states that my policy is a $19 annual premium. After following up with their customer service...

AAA Auto Insurance / Billing issue


I have a BIG problem with AAA! I had a policy last year on my car, canceled it (in person at the Victorville, CA AAA office) and went with my wife's carrier, USAA, as it was alot less expensive. Ever since, AAA has been trying to bill me for insurance coverage for another month or so AFTER I canceled it. It is NOW in collections and affecting my credit! I just spent 2 years in Iraq, am active duty Army Soldier and really don't need this right now. I've written numerous times and get no response. I even faxed in proof of coverage with USAA as requested, and got no response from that either. Please help me resolve this as it's affecting my Security Clearance!

AAA Auto Insurance - California / Poor Service and Dishonest


AAA has aweful service when filing a claim. DO NOT SIGN UP your policy with them. First, it took 30 days to cut me a check on my accident. They never answer calls directly, but send you to an answering machine. Then they often wouldn't even call back. Per their system, they kept transferring my account to different people in different departments so 4 different people handled my claim. I was never sure who was in charge...hence, no one at AAA really takes responsiblity. Their adjustment was low and didn't include my A.C., Powersteering, trim package, low engine miles, stereo. They assured...

AAA Auto Insurance - California, Chino Hills / Surcharges


Excessive surcharge for voluntarily cancelling my minor's daughters license. Placed a point against her claiming suspension of license. Approximately a $600.00 year surcharge. Grades were to come up before placing my signature back on the license. Stated no charge would be accessed by AAA. 9 months later $600.00 surcharge because I voluntarily made her give up the license.

AAA Auto Insurance / Poor customer service and help


I had an accident on December with one of AAA clients. First one I reported the accident they will not call my witness because "they needed a police report". I sent the police report by fax and they never contact me. I have to call for three days until somebody will even look for the fax. Then, when they had the report my adjuster tried to tell me that some numbers in the police report said that my inexperience was one of the factors that make the accident and that i should take 50% fault. When I said not and that they should contact my witness she did and then change her mind but that they...

AAA Auto Insurance / AAA is ripping people off


I took out AAA car insurance on June 8th, two weeks later the underwriters called to take a survey and go over the policy. EVERTHING WAS FINE ACCORDING TO THEM. I got a notice in the mail on Sat.July 8th(AAA is closed until Monday) stating that of Monday the 10 my insurance would be cancled due to the fact that I was a service contractor..................I clean houses, dont carry machines or anything other than a mop and broom! They knew what I did before and took my 421.00 dollars and sent me a policy..................... AAA is ripping people off and I think something should be done to stop...