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+1 604 268 5500 (British Columbia)
+1 416 221 4300 (South Central Ontario)
+1 780 430 5555 (Alberta Motor Association)
+1 905 984 8585 (Niagara)
+1 800 564 6222 (Saskatchewan)
+1 506 634 1400 (Atlantic)
+1 204 262 6161 (Manitoba)
+1 613 820 1890 (North & East Ontario)
500-1545 Carling Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada - K1Z8P9

Complaints & Reviews

customer service department

Wow! Has your customer service gone downhill. My husband's car wouldn't start this morning, so he had to take my car. I called CAA using his card and they wouldn't schedule a service call without talking to him first and they want to see his photo I.D. when they get here. That was after I had to call back because I got disconnected the first time around. They wouldn't even schedule the service call for later in the day when he would be back home and here to provide the necessary documents. The kicker here is that I paid for his subscription using my credit card. Now the question remains, who actually owns the subscription, him or me? Come on CAA and stop treating everyone like they are a common criminal. Photo I.D. now? The friggin car is in my driveway at the address listed in your files and I'm in possession of your CAA card. Sometimes you just need to use your brain CAA. Not every scenario is the same and please don't read me the privacy act BS. Looks like we'll be with someone new come February. Furthermore, is this the way you treat your long standing customers and seniors?

towing dispatch, complaint line

We called for a tow at 12:22pm, the Towing company informs me they weren't dispatched until 4;30pm. The call...

Crap service

I recently purchased my CAA membership and two days ago I had called their office for the first time to...

Toronto Towing

Membership rebate

After coverage for roadside assistance expired on my vehicle, (Covered for 3 years when purchased) I...

Saint Catharines Towing

Member and Tow Service

Not worth the hassle to get a tow from CAA. I purchased the "Gold" Membership as my family has a 5...

9 comments Thornhill Towing

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