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Telecommunications Complaints

SingTel / Singapore Telecommunications / unprofessional customer service when contract finish with Singtel

Atar Lay on Jul 16, 2018

- 30 April 2018 till present - Singtel account: 51878944 on 29 March 2018, I am personally sent down to Singtel woodland shop to terminate the contract but the counter asked to call hotline to do so. Your hotline is very teribble with busy tone and wasting many hours to get a chance to...

Cell C / payments up to date - handed over for collection

graath on Jul 16, 2018

About 3 weeks ago I was called by an employee of Cell C, with the name of Silindokuhle Qwabe . I was informed that I was in arrears of R295.00 for the month of April. I agreed to send him proof that I had may payment on the 30th May and asked if I could copy him in so that he could...

DU / super offer activation

Albin Sekar on Jul 16, 2018

Dear Sir, This is inform you that I am continuous trying to contact your customer service I can't reach you I went your customer service center they said you have to call toll free NO. I received one super offer 50Dhs unlimited non stop internet service. I trying to activate *135*003# but...

Vodacom / illegal deductions and services

Sundrasen Moonsamy on Jul 15, 2018

Good day, During the month of May, June and possibly July, I've had fraudulent activities added to my VODACOM bill. Despite me questioning the data usage for May, at the end of May, and requesting the data to be switched off in June, there has been data usage in June. The charges are for...

Telkom SA SOC / email

Cathy Gallick on Jul 15, 2018

I have a email address with Telkom. On Wednesday 11th July 2018 I didn't receive any emails. I know this is incorrect as I have things that I have subscribed to that I get on a daily basis and I never received them. I also sent my an email from another email...

SingTel / Singapore Telecommunications / singtel... poor service!!!

Lle Lee on Jul 13, 2018

SingTel / Singapore TelecommunicationsI have re-contract with free wifi mesh upgrade on 29/06/18. Singtel has made appointment to install on 9th July 2018. On the day of appointment, the wifi mesh is not in checklist. Therefore, the installation cannot be done and install only router. We attempt to call hotline (1688) and...

Telkom SA SOC / unlawfully blacklisted

Nel101 on Jul 13, 2018

Telkom SA SOCI have been unlawfully blacklisted by Telkom after applying to cancel my landline in 2016. I submitted the form at the Telkom Shop, Greenacres, Port Elizabeth. After numerous visits to this office as well as email sent, letters submitted and phone calls the line was never cancelled. Telkom...

Telkom SA SOC / fiber

Musa_Sickof Telkom on Jul 12, 2018

The first opportunity I get I am canceling all contracts I have with telkom. I am sick & tired of inefficient & incompetence! You guys deserve to close down! I will be telling as many people as I can that they should not even think of taking out any contract with telkom. Your service...

Vodacom / fraud on my account

Francis Matabane on Jul 12, 2018

On the 17th May 2018 I lodged a fraud case on my account (after visiting Vodaworld customer center where I was attended by one Matshepo and discovered that my account was defrauded) and Vodacom confirmed receipt of such and responded with reference / case EC-1JEX-3JBYSJ. On the 17th June I...

Victoria's secrets credit card / no know

geofff on Jul 12, 2018

Hi Guys, Could I suggest you add a contact address to the 1st email that you send on new accounts, so that if you have the wrong email address, you can be corrected. I'm getting many emails from you, leaking information about a customer of your Victoria's secrets credit cards. I'm in the UK...

Telkom SA SOC / still be charged after cancellation of account

davidct on Jul 11, 2018

RE: Telkom Mobile cancellation - 333957835 - 081 764 7044 Good day I cancelled my contract under reference with Telkom effective 28th February 2018 because I changed from using a dongle to ADSL (also with Telkom). This cancellation was submitted timeously bearing in mind the required 20...

Telkom SA SOC / my cell phone number has been offline for 8 days! no calls no sms

Evelyneing on Jul 10, 2018

My number has been offline for 8 days! Someone please help! I went to Telkom Northgate to get a new contract on 19 June 2018. I have a telkom prepaid number and i wanted to use it for my contract number. they assured me that it will require me to be off the network for 12hrs, which i accepted. By...

Telkom SA SOC / billing issues

Mathye Neo on Jul 10, 2018

The issue that I have experienced was: I have been trying to get hold of Telkom regarding my account. The agreed amount for the contract was R1.171. Then on the 20th I received a debit order of R2700.17. I called the customer care, and I was advised that there were unable to assist, so I...

Cogeco / internet

Therealrealsuperman on Jul 10, 2018

Cogeco regularly overestimates internet data usage so it can charge overage at the end. My account showed 8GB of usage for one day whick I didn't absolutely use and knew was false. My router shows total usage. When I called to address the issue, I was told by two very rude and belligerent...

Frontier Communications Corporation / drivers

Matt Hawks on Jul 10, 2018

There drivers sit at the gas station, at the diesel only pumps every morning with trucks running not pumping gas for 45 minutes while there's a line of trucks waiting to get filled up and they're inside having coffee watching everyone wait behind them. Scumbags . Truck number 22-106372 wa...

SingTel / Singapore Telecommunications / my bill

Yong Mee Ying on Jul 10, 2018

SingTel / Singapore TelecommunicationsHi, I would like to bring to your attention that the phone numbers 93832391 have been nominated under Yong Mee Ying (S2595175A ) since Apr 18 . I am aware that we should have received discount on my phone bills. But the bill received didn't show the discounted amounts. This can be seen in...

Telkom / bad service and assistance

Debbie03 on Jul 10, 2018

After 3 months I dont get any further. They seem to pass the bucket every time I call in at my costs. This is a line on a house that has been sold in feb/march 2018, and when I follow up on emails... I just dont get any replay. I just want to find out when will telkom refund the deposit...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / no service being rendered.

Samuel James on Jul 9, 2018

You guys are gonna lose a lot of customers with your system. It's so frustrating! I applied for a fibr plan and they said you'd install it within 7 days! My job requires high speed internet, and it's been put on hold because of your useless service!! 3 weeks already of waiting and not...

iTalk / debit of account for service they refuse to provide

del922 on Jul 9, 2018

Beware! Beware! Beware! Account it235744 After three late payments of no more than 1-2 weeks due to my account being stung by another company so moving monies to another account for security and paying by card and bringing account up to date they we were told they wouldn't be reconnecting and...

Telkom SA SOC / cancellation of contract

taz99999 on Jul 9, 2018

i emailed through a cancelation request on the 4 April 2018. Every month i phone and they say its escalated. Every time you phone you get a new ref have to give your story again re email the cancellation. The last two recent ref are 23856901, 23922623. Telephonic reference numbers are...