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Telecommunications Complaints

Telkom SA SOC / Telephone Account

Molti on May 19, 2018

On 2 Jan 2018 I visited Telkom Direct Store in Kenilworth Centre Cape Town and requested that my service be downgraded from R599 package to 10Gb + 10Gb service. I was given reference number 186064070A. After receiving monthly accounts with no change I contacted Telkom call centre on 19 Mar...

Vodacom / disastrous upgrade to lg phone: please do not upgrade with vodacom unless you want to pay to have endless problems!!!

Eben van Rensburg on May 18, 2018

Was using a Samsung A3 phone and the Vodashop client rep at Tyger Valley persuaded me to upgrade to a LG Q6 - I only wanted a bigger screen, but this person told me that it was the Golf of phones and so reliable...They swapped my sim card into the new phone, but as I arrived home Vodafone...

Celcom / easyphone

ayolasna on May 18, 2018

Dear Celcom, saya adalah seorang yang sangat "LOYAL" / SETIA kepada celcom.. dah guna celcom banyak tahun.. baru-baru ini, handphone saya rosak.. saya ada nampak iklan celcom buat easyphone.. saya fikir, dah guna line lama, so harap ada benefits sikit la dari celcom kepada pelanggan setia...

Telkom SA SOC / cancellation of data contract upon expiry

Hannelore Olivier on May 17, 2018

I've been trying to confirm with Telkom for 3 weeks now, to guarantee that my 24-month contract deal that will expire in June, will not continue, as I do not want any further services from this company. It seems impossible for any agent there to check my cancellation status and guarantee...

Telkom SA SOC / wifi router / charges

Chantel Fredericks on May 17, 2018

I've been trying for almost 2 months to have my query resolved and not getting any satifaction. How is it possible to call and there's no record of previous calls On 23/03/2018 I applied online for Unlimited Wifi package of R599.00 p/m. 29/03/2018 I received a sms advising me of my...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / dsl unlimited plan 1299 for account number: 0250790996

Viraldesai82 on May 17, 2018

Hi, I am Viral Desai using DSL service from PLDT for more than 18 months now. I have requested for disconnection since we are moving out of the country they are now asking for the Termination fee of php3897. This is unacceptable since when I joined the service they did not informed me...

Telkom SA SOC / fraudulent account in my name

Mams on May 17, 2018

I have been having a problem with Telkom since 2017, I reported that the is a fraudulent account reported in my name and that have been standing on my way of getting my home loan approved. I have exhausted a lot of ways of getting TelkomZa to pay attention, everytime they tell me that they...

Hughes Network Systems / internet service

Esoy on May 17, 2018

Re: Complaint Against HughesNet Violation of Promo Agreement On August 24, 2017, I responded to the HughesNet advertisement promo bundle (internet, TV and telephone) for $29.99 each. See attachments 1. The services that I only subscribed to are the Internet and telephone for $69.99 plu...

Digi Telecommunications / problem about requesting for changing network

siti farah on May 16, 2018

Im request for change other network to digi network. Im doing this at alor star digi center (alor star mall) on 9/5/2018. I'm done reply yes for this requesting on the next day. My problem is until now 17/5/2018 i'm still can't use my number. I had call your customer service and they can't...

Frontier Communications / tv on demand free/premium movies

Pipper777 on May 16, 2018

Up until three days ago I was able to watch, because I pay for on-demand movies, any movies under free in premium which included HBO Showtime AT up until three days ago I was able to watch, because I pay for on demand movies, any movies under free and premium which included HBO Showtime...

Telkom SA SOC / internet off

Estrelita on May 16, 2018

On Monday 8 May my lines were suspended due to telkom.. I upgraded my service and the blocked my old account opened an new one without telling me . I paid my account in the blocked account and sent them the proof of payment.. Mr S Zuma then told me all lines are open . I was out to...

Vodacom / unauthorised contract renewal and incorrect billing

TinaPhaku on May 16, 2018

On the 1st of November 2017 i received an sms from Vodacom stating that there's an amount of R598.00 outstanding on my account. at that point my account had been closed already as the contract had ended and the number was deleted. I phoned Vodacom numerous times but the complaints/legal...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom account

J Taljaard on May 16, 2018

I have been receiving a telkom account from December 2017. Needless to say I have tried contacting them, talking with an online representative, sending emails, logging a fault ... noboby seems to be able to help me. Account number : 336715502 Amount : R1, 010.46 I do have a account which I...

Telkom SA SOC / payment for the product not received

ZandiK on May 16, 2018

On the 28 February 2018 I placed an order online for Macbook Air 11.6 Laptop which comes with a wifi router the reference number ORP20180302001 they delivered the wifi router only. I called several times I've been sent from pillar to post some of the consultants that I spoke to they said...

Telkom SA SOC / apn settings on wifi routers and vpn connections

Nella911 on May 16, 2018

Good morning, I don't know anymore who to talk to because the telkom support line is clueless and has no idea... I have a huawei router - I work remotely from home in cape town and log onto our server in gauteng via a vpn connection - suddenly since last monday nothing was working and...

Telkom SA SOC / mobile contract

Gidion Jacobs on May 15, 2018

On 27 December 2016 I signed a mobile contract with Telkom. This account had been fully paid every month for the full contract duration although I was retrenched on 30 November 2017. After I lost my job, I could no longer afford to pay the contract and was still of the notion that the...

Telkom SA SOC / contract phone

mtoratiloe on May 15, 2018

I took a phone on contract a Sony in 2015 and the agreement was two years of being debited, its 2018 now and they are still debiting. Telkom gets so greedy they debit close to a R1000 into my account and what I'm aware of is that their contract is long over due but I'm still being debited...

Globe Telecom / globe broadband

Arden Arquelada on May 15, 2018

So I need to write a formal complain for this issue I encountered yesterday regarding your globe broadband service. My internet got disconnected yesterday may 14 2018 even the bill was settled. What I did was called your customer service and check what happened. It was disconnected due to...

SingTel / Singapore Telecommunications / prestige card & postpaid line.

Lim Alvin on May 14, 2018

I'm Alvin Lim and my number is 90239049 email: Incident 1). On 7th May 2018, I went to re-contract my combo 12, home broadband & mio TV at Causeway point. As my card expired in end March 2018 & before that I did called Singtel to check on my Prestige Card, the reply wa...

ADT Security Services / increase in service fee & 30 day advance notice for termination

SaJa911 on May 14, 2018

My service contract was @ $50 per month in the beginning, and now I'm paying $64.58 per month. (it increased gradually...little by little). I called in and asked for reason, and the customer rep told me that they added new features over the 3 years of my contract term. I never consent to...