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Hughes Network Systems / Internet service

Yarbee on May 24, 2017
I live in a small community outside of Sparks, Ga, 31647. Hughes Net is the only internet service that we can get here. The service is horrible. At times it is slower than old dial up. Even at the beginning of the month I can barely watch a small video without it constantly stopping and...

Cox Communications / Cable pulling equipment on my property and lawn

Jim Scarpelli on May 24, 2017
I came home today 5/24 to a large spool of cable on a trailer parked right in the middle of my two year old sod. When I called to find out why it was there (I am not even a Cox customer) The "customer service manager" told me they have a right to do that as they have to keep the utilitie...

Altech Netstar / Emergency call centre

Vinny Perumal on May 24, 2017
I was followed home from Morningside Rivonia. I pressed my panicked button and my husband and I called the emergency number several times with no response. I managed to lose the guys following me but I really was scared. Your useless call centre has not responded to the panic alert or...

Ooma / Bogus Tax

D3C3 on May 24, 2017
Ooma recently increased my taxes by 43%. They refuse to explain the tax and will only cut and paste a canned response that basically says they just pass through the taxes. However, when I ask them for the name, address, email, phone number etc for the taxing entity they list on the bill...

Brafd / star wars commander gems not paid and no response given!

Porchass on May 24, 2017
Hi, I was required to download a game called Battle Camp and complete level 11 in order to get almost 1000 gems in Star Wars Commander. I spent a good 4-5 hrs playing this game over a few days and achieved level 12. When I did not receive my gems I contacted Tapjoy through the game and...

Just Answer / this provider charges me monthly membersghip fee when I paid for a one of advice

Philip de J on May 22, 2017
I bought a one off piece of IT advice from a Company called JustAnswer. I paid what looked like a fixed fee for limited advice and paid upfront. Since then, Just Answer bills my credit card $65 per month! I just noticed this. To the best of my knowledge, I only contracted to get one bit...

Cox Communications / cable tv service

Doug Stark on May 22, 2017
My name is Doug Stark. We have a Cox Acct. under Letitia Stark my wife. Acct # 001-8610125353203 125 Rancho Mesa Ave Las Vegas Nevada. Contact # 973-992-7266. Acct. under contact # 973-420-1383. For months we have many service interruptions with our TV . Picture freezing, no sound, bad picture...

Samsung Electronics / samsung galaxy s7 edge

Saundra Gilbert on May 22, 2017
Our phone stopped working over a month ago after the battery started smoking when it was plugged into the charger. The phone is under warranty. The phone was mailed to repairs where they said it doesn't work because we dropped it. I asked for the technical report and it hasn't been...

Telkom SA SOC / services blocked but payment made

My outstanding invoice amount was R1436.90 on the 25 April 2017 on my mobile account 0799877671. I made an EFT of R1437.00 on the 25th April 2017. On the 03rd May 2017 Telkom closed my line completely. After calling them they said the didn't receive the payment. I forwarded them the proof...

Oman Telecommunications Company / Omantel / mobile phone

Nadege poinsard on May 22, 2017
My mobile phone was "no service" on Thursday, I went to Omantel, did the classical procedure by taking of the SIM card and on again but still not working! they changed my SIM card on that same day but on Sunday it happened again! I am actually in Europe so can't go to an Omantel office and...

Telkom SA SOC / f... irritated

Candy1985 on May 21, 2017
I am so f... gatvol of telkom amd pathetic in competent staff and service. On 9 May 2017 we had our uncapped adsl line installed apparently our order has not been closed by whichever back office person and to this dat we don't have a uncapped line. One of the agents that assisted me...

Maxis Communications / unethical behaviour of your staff natila syuhada md noor

julesink on May 21, 2017
date: 20th May 2017 location: klcc Time: afternoon sequence of events: 1. seated at counter 10 being assisted by staff nasir. (counter 12 was empty at the time my partner and i were seated and being attended to) 2. staff natilia came later and took up seat at counter 12. 3. she...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / dsl/phone connection/technician

ZelleV on May 20, 2017
Almost 4 days ng putol putol connection ng wifi, tiniis ko! This day pati phone at wifi di na rin mapakinabangan nawala na lahat!. 4 times akong tumawag Una, before lunch sabe maglalunch lang daw bago idispatch technician. Pangalawa, after lunch tumawag ako ulet mga 2pm sabe magbigay ako...

Telkom SA SOC / home landline and bad service from agents

zhussa on May 18, 2017
A higher level manager needs to call me now... Or I will be Taking you guys to court ref number 160670837A... Telkom account number 449901011599 for Mr. ZAIN HUSSAIN I've had it with telkom lies and deceit... I will not tolerate your agents and supervisors speaking to me as if I am...

Telkom SA SOC / adsl home service

VenessaLees on May 18, 2017
Telkom SA SOCMy ADSL has not worked for months. A Telkom representative has come twice and draped the line through the trees and made a hole in my wooden window to get the cable into the house. In both instances the service has been active for a few hours at most. It is a mess and completely...

Telus Communications / promotional offer

Sukhdeep Grewal on May 18, 2017
On a Telus booth a sales rep in Telus uniform offered me in written on Telus brochure about a package deal for my home phone, internet and optic tv for $137 + tax for two years with free 49" 4k tv and $100 bill credit. I agreed and disconnected my bell tv. Later Telus said we can't...

AT&T Direct TV / charges never the same

Vinnie Valentine on May 17, 2017
Every month -4/27/17, 3/29/17, 2/28/17 Client # - 111053556 Every month my Direct TV bill is different! I originally at Uverse and was talked into taking Direct. We live on a fixed income and we cannot afford $200.00 for TV and Internet. I have AT&T Mobile and the bill is always the same. Will have to disconnect if the bill is high again this month.

Telkom SA SOC / telkom services

FedupCapeTown on May 17, 2017
Cancelled my Softcap service from telkom in January 2017 to move to Afrihost but kept voice line with Telkom. I followed the procedure of mailing the service email and received the form which I then downloaded and completed ( as instructed by telkom consultant) and sent back to the email...

OneSuite.com / prepaid long distance call services

HelenWCC on May 13, 2017
On 4/18/2017 I made a short (less than 2 minutes) call to a hotel in Fiji for a simple question but was billed for 67 minutes! Even after repeated phone calls & emails to customer service to dispute with proof of call log from my home phone service provider, they still won't accept it...

Telkom SA SOC / business adsl installation

sipho mokoena on May 12, 2017
I have applied for the telkom business adsl and land line on the 10th april 2017 i was requested to pay R700 of which i did, later on april i received an sms stating that the installation will take place on 28 April 2017. indeed the technician called me that day to confirm the appointment and...
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