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O2 GermanyO2 numerous mistakes when I signed for a contract, and refuses to fix the issue while I am being charged for an extra line which I am not using

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to formally file a written complaint based on a simple error which has happened with my O2 account, and has yet to be resolved. In addition, I will provide other issues which should also be handled by O2. Below I will provide the facts as it happened:

26 September 2020: I went to the O2 store in Ollenhauerstr. 6/PEP, 81737 München. I signed a contract with a deal for two numbers (o2 Unlimited + o2 3GB), for approx. 45 Euro/month. I wanted to port my Kaufland phone number ([protected]) to the 3GB line. The unlimited number for this contract is [protected].

I left the store with two SIM cards:
1) [protected] - phone number [protected] - Unlimited plan
2) [protected] - phone number [protected] - I was given this SIM with a temporary O2 number, as I had placed the request to port phone number [protected] (from Kaufland)

1 October 2020 (invoice [protected]/06): I received the first invoice for this contract, and I was charged for two lines, which is correct; the credit for this invoice was moved towards the following month. However there was an error, because there was one phone number was showing as [protected] - which I did not want to keep; this number should have listed the Kaufland number ([protected]) which I had already requested to be ported on 26 Sept. Up to this point, the phone number had not been ported yet.
When checking the paperwork from that day, I noticed that there was an error - it showed an incorrect phone number in the Auftragsbestätigung zur Rufnummermitnahme. The papers show the number to port as [protected], where it should be [protected]. This is probably why my number did not get ported before the invoice came.

1 October 2020 (invoice [protected]/06):
I was charged 39, 89 Euro for phone number [protected] - this is not a number at all which I am using. This is clearly an error on O2 side - a refund should be given for this incorrect charge to my account.

6 October 2020: I called O2 Customer Service [protected]) to advise and correct the number on the Auftragsbestätigung zur Rufnummermitnahme so that the invoice can be shown properly with the right numbers.
One week later, the Kaufland number was finally ported to O2.

2 November 2020 (invoice [protected]/06): Again, I was billed for the same two lines: [protected] and [protected].

2 November 2020 (invoice [protected]/06): However, since my Kaufland number was ported in October, I was charged for that as a third line. What I should have been charged was for only two lines [protected] and [protected]; the number [protected] should have been removed (since this was a temporary number given as I was waiting for the porting to happen).

This additional contract was created in error. This number should have replaced [protected] in the previous month.

8 December 2020: I went to the O2 Store in München (Ollenhauerstr. 6/PEP) to explain and correct the issue. I spoke to Daniela Canu (Daniela.[protected]@o2-filiale.de) who assured me that she understood the problem and would forward my issue and I will have a proper resolution.

3 December 2020 (invoices [protected]/06, [protected]/06): I am still being invoiced for three numbers [protected], [protected] and [protected].

16 December 2020: I received a letter stating that I have signed three contracts, which is not the case. I have signed for two contracts; the third contract was an error on the O2 representative that I spoke to over the phone. The O2 representative misunderstood me, and he ported my Kaufland number to a new contract, instead of understanding that I was calling to correct the error (on the Auftragsbestätigung zur Rufnummermitnahme from 26 Sept) - to port my Kaufland number to the existing O2 contract.

1 January 2021: I went back to the O2 Store in München (Ollenhauerstr. 6/PEP) to explain again. I was told by the in-store representative that she would need to forward it to the central O2 office, and my bill would be corrected. Have yet to hear a response.

5 January 2021 (invoices [protected]/06, [protected]/06): I am still being invoiced for three numbers [protected], [protected] and [protected].

In summary:
On 26 Sept, I was clear with the O2 salesperson in Munich, that I only wanted one contract/deal with two lines: Unlimited + 3GB, with the knowledge that I wanted to port my existing Kaufland phone number to one of those lines. I was given only TWO SIM cards that day, in addition we completed the Auftragsbestätigung zur Rufnummermitnahme; so I was perfectly understood. Prior to me leaving the store, I was handed two sets of paperwork, with the two SIM cards attached to each. As the documents are all in German (and I do not speak German), I trusted that the O2 representative included the correct papers and executed the contract as we had agreed.

Each time I have dealt with O2 to resolve this issue (either on the phone or in person), it is verbally understood by the O2 representative of the issue, and they assured me they will correct it. However, the response I received on 16 Dec, as well as seeing the issue existing in the O2 online portal, shows that the issue is NOT understood by O2.

It does not make sense for me to call on 6 October to initiate a new contract to port a number which I had already requested to port that same number on 26 Sept, as shown in the paperwork. My phone call to O2 on 6 October was a follow-up to the service I received on 26 Sept, not to buy a new contract. Further, sending me a post on 16 Dec stating that I signed a contract for three lines is unacceptable, because I have proof that on 26 Sept I wanted to port the number - NOT create a new contract.

Nor is it acceptable to tell me that I cannot cancel the phone number [protected] because I signed a contract. It is very clear that I only wanted two phone numbers with O2, not three. O2 should be responsible for the misunderstandings, and resolve the situation for a paying customer.

As such, in order to rectify the situation, all I am requesting is the following to be done:
1. Going forward, have ONE invoice for two phone number: [protected] and
[protected]. All other lines/invoices to be removed from my account.
2. Refund of 39, 89 Euro as per invoice [protected]/06. The phone number on this
invoice is [protected], and is not a number which I have ever seen or used.
3. Refund of 32, 63 Euro for the additional line that was created in error (invoices
[protected]/06, [protected]/06, [protected]/06).

Thank you for your time and consideration for this issue.
Vijhay Krisshna Mahenthren

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    O2 GermanyBilled twice for same month


    I have this SIM since 2018 and everything was fine so far.I was charged twice with same amount of 10 Euros for the same month. I'm currently running a prepay SIM card (Loop) which requires a data package of 10 euros monthly, but on May 5th this was charge firstly then on May 7th they took 10 euros more.
    Would be good whether O2 can reimburse my credit and add the 10 euros missing.

    My mobile number: [protected].

    Many thanks for looking into this.
    Best regards,

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      Nov 18, 2019

      Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG — dsl & mobile contracts

      Dear Customer Services, My Customer Number / [protected] Since July 2019 I am writing with regards to all...

      O2 Germanybill too high than expected

      I have received a bill of 35.19€ instead of 19.99€ for this month. My mobile number is +49-[protected].

      On careful examining on the website, I could see some mobile ringtones thrid party services has been automatically subscribed to my account. I am not getting the reason why it got subscribed automatically. 3 services is automatically activated on my account amount to 4.99€ each. i.e a total of 15€ extra Which I was not being informed neither have used it.

      I would like O2 Germany Team to refund my money as soon as possible otherwise I have to take certain necessary action against the company.

      Thanks in advance.

      bill too high than expected

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        Mar 03, 2019

        O2 Germany — Prepaid sim card

        I used to use O2 sim card 2 yrs ago. The process was very easy. I ordered it online to my address before and...

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        O2 mobile

        I am at the end of my tether with O2, they are causing me so much stress and anxiety because of their appalling customer service and denial of the facts.

        I logged a complaint with O2 in March this year regarding the amount of data I received as part of my contract. This came about thanks to gross miss-communication from O2 themselves. Basically, O2 were unable to confirm how much data I received as part of my Unlimited Data contract which I took out in 2008. This was investigated for may weeks, which resulted in me being told that there was a cap of 3.5GB on my unlimited data contract.

        Whilst they investigated, I also did some investigation of my own. Whist doing so I found that my O2 portal (on the O2 website) stated that my data limit was 10GB. Not only is this not unlimited, but it is also not the 3.5GB O2 were telling me it was supposed to be. I sent this information to the Complaints Specialist and advised them to continue to investigate. I never had a response to my evidence, so I had to go to the Ombudsman for assistance (which O2 tell you to do on their letters).

        I provided the Ombudsman with a pack of evidence, screen shots, chat transcripts, emails, and they investigated. When the ombudsman sent me their initial report I found that there were pieces of "miss-communication" from O2. I asked the Ombudsman to investigate further, which they did, and some of the errors were eliminated from the report.

        However, when I received the final report from the Ombudsman I found that there were further errors. In particular, there were two pieces of information that painted me out to be a liar:

        I had sent screen shots to both the Ombudsman and O2 demonstrating that I could see on O2's website that I had 10GB data on my unlimited contract. O2 had now changed their response and were suggesting that I only had 4GB data on my contract. When the Ombudsman approached O2 about what I could see on my portal, O2 stated that they could see no mention of a 10GB limit on my account after allegedly checking all of their systems. This is either "miss-communication" or they simply didn't check.

        I sent information to the Ombudsman regarding a phone call I had with O2 (including time and dates). This conversation was regarding the 10GB limit, which somebody within O2 confirmed existed. They also stated that I would have had unlimited data, but it would have been capped without me knowing sometime since 2008. I asked the lady to send me an email containing that information, and she agreed to do so. The email never arrived. When the Ombudsman asked O2 about this conversation they said they could find no evidence if it, even though all of their calls are recorded.

        Basically, O2 were making me out to be a liar. When I saw the report I immediately logged a complaint with O2 regarding them miss-communicating to the ombudsman. I had two weeks to get a response and have them change the information they were providing the ombudsman otherwise I had to accept the ombudsman report. All they did was wait for two weeks for that time to expire, telling me that they wouldn't speak to me whilst the ombudsman was investigating.

        Basically, O2 were forcing me to accept the ombudsman report which contained the false information. How can that be right???

        Reluctantly, I had to accept the ombudsman report as it was the only way I could get to speak to O2. Just after accepting I got back in touch with O2 to discuss the miss-communication they had provided the ombudsman, only to be told that because I had accepted that ombudsman report there was nothing more they were going to do. This is despite them telling me that I had to accept the report in order for me to be able to speak to them about it.

        I was told by O2 that the only way I could progress this complaint was to get a lawyer and take them to court!!!

        My two main concerns were now 1)how O2 had miss-communicated to the Ombudsman in the report and 2) how they are still denying that the data I can see when I log onto their website exists.

        I did manage to speak to one customer advisor who seemed to want to help but guess what, he was taken off my case and I was passed to somebody who also seems to not want to assist. Basically, I keep asking about the lies on the report but O2 state that they only passed on what they can see.

        More worryingly, O2 are still stating the they cannot see on their system the 10GB allowance details that I can see on the O2 website (logged onto my portal). O2 seem to have now stopped looking into the issue.

        The only conclusion I can come to is the there has potentially been a data breach and that I am pointing to an external server when I log into the O2 website.

        With this in mind, and as O2 don't seem to care (I have told them that I think my account may have been breached, they responded that they don't think so, but they cant see what I can see) I am having to speak to the Information Commissioners Office, who seem very interested in the discrepancy in what I can see and what O2 say they can see.

        All this, and my original complaint seemed to be a simple one for O2 to deal with.

        With O2 making me out to be a liar to the Ombudsman (which I can prove to not be the case) and also potentially having security issues, I am continuing with the complaint until I have a satisfactory conclusion.

        Be warned, if you ever have to complain about O2 they will do EVERYTHING to make your life difficult and to put the blame on you.

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          O2 Germany — internet services

          Dear O2 team, let me start by saying that how you mislead and mistreat your customers. My flatmate and I...

          O2 — contract cancellation

          I had an O2 contract for over 5 years and in April 2014 i cancelled the contract in writing. I relocated to...


          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          O2 Germany/Monthly Contract — terrible customer service/thieves

          I was overcharged on my bills for a couple months and noticed so I tried to ask why. They told me I wa...

          O2 — fraud

          I have received an SMS saying: - Congrats your phone No. has won 550, 000 pounds in the on going int, I phone...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          O2 money taken from credit

          I received a message on my mobile phone on 13/04/09. This message thanked me gave me a pin number and took ten pounds off the credit on my phone. I phoned the customer service number that came with the message, but no one was there, so I left a message, and I sent an e mail to the O2 website. I received a phone call this morning, firstly from the customer service number and they said they had received a message from my number and this is why I received there text. I then got a phone call from O2 in answer to my e mail and the lady said that the money had NOT been taken off by O2. She also told me that looking back through my account there was a text made before this message and two made after this message was received. I told her that I had made the two after it was received as I didn't know why I had received it and I was complaining about the money being taken from my credit.
          I can state catagorically that my phone was not ued or touched before this message was received. When my phone made a noise I came from the bedroom into the kitchen, where my phone was lying on the table, and picked it up and read message.
          There is absolutely no proof on my phone that I called 79988 to request a pin number or anything else, but I have had ten pounds taken from my credit by someone I can't even identify
          I want to know how and why something like this can happen. I only use my phone for emergencies and so people can keep in touch, I don't use it for anything else. What would have happened if I had been on a contract our had a load of credit on the phone, would whoever this was have taken all my money out?
          Please can you find me an answer to this.
          Many Thanks
          Shirley Mackay

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            O2 false advertising

            I have a Nokia handset which I recently upgraded to on the O2 network. Nokia recently had a deal with O2 where people upgrading to certain Nokia handsets on certain O2 tariffs would receive shopping vouchers in a Confessions of a Shopaholic promotion. I upgraded my phone on the 9th of March online which is where I saw this offer and decided to take advantage of it. I picked my handset, tariff and offer online and received my phone from O2 two days later. I noted that no vouchers had been received and emailed O2 to query. I was advised the vouchers were out of stock and would now be sent. A week later I still had received none so I queried again and was advised that they were posted to my address. Still they did not arrive so I queried yet again - this time being told I was never sent any due to the offer having ended on the 3rd of March.
            Until this point I was absolutely blaming Nokia, having been given the impression that it was your fault, rather than O2 but it transpires I am being given the runaround by O2 with their inability to keep their website up to date apparently! I have called O2 to try and get some resolution but have been told they cannot help as I placed the order after the offer ended. I would quite happily cancel my contract and send the phone back at this point because I am so annoyed with them but they have managed to keep me on the runaround so that my 14 days cooling off period has expired.

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              O2 refused to replace faulty phone

              I bought the phone from my local 02 shop in Lancaster, the speaker became difficult to hear with distorted sound. I took the phone back after 6 months and they refused to replace it, they sent it away to their repair agent who said it was unrepairable as there was fluid ingress which I dispute. I have contacted O2 by email and they refuse to replace or refund my money.

              I thought O2 were a better company than this.

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                • Na
                  Naga Reddy Majji Oct 23, 2019

                  DSL signal is not receiving to out router. Internet is not functioning.
                  Our landline instrument is not compatible so u can't reach us in O2 handy.

                  Please reach us on our handy: +[protected]

                  Kundennummer: DE04082734
                  Telephone no: [protected]


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                • Ha
                  Hamdi ciğerim Aug 20, 2018
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  O2 customer service is the worst. First they made our problem much bigger and now they say that their language is German and I need to find a translator to contact them. You call them for a problem of your dsl contract and they create one extra contract just because they are so dumb. O2 is the worst.

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