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O2 Germany Complaints & Reviews

O2 Germany / prepaid sim card

Mar 03, 2019

I used to use O2 sim card 2 yrs ago. The process was very easy. I ordered it online to my address before and then I went to the shop to activate it. The employee's name was Rovel Yemane and this is his email address too : rovel. [email protected] He was so helpful and supportive. He...

O2 Germany / sim card - terrible customer service

Sep 12, 2018

So I bought O2 sim on 03.09.2018 from Mall of Berlin Branch and the consultant named Florian Luczak gave me this package of 5 GB data with the promotion of 150 GB data with the Huawei Device. The total bill was 113, 98!Euro. From Saturday onwards my internet wasn't working so I logged in...

O2 / dsl

Mar 31, 2017

I lived and worked in Germany for two years in Hessen. When I moved back to the Netherlands I cancelled my Internet and returned the modem. Later I noticed they had been taking money from my German bank account. They claimed I didn't return the modem. I lost the receipt in the removal and...

O2 / mobile

Nov 11, 2016

I am at the end of my tether with O2, they are causing me so much stress and anxiety because of their appalling customer service and denial of the facts. I logged a complaint with O2 in March this year regarding the amount of data I received as part of my contract. This came about thanks to...

O2 Germany / internet services

Oct 07, 2016

Dear O2 team, let me start by saying that how you mislead and mistreat your customers. My flatmate and I booked Internet service from your company. When we wanted to terminate the contract within 15 days your customer care representative agreed but never told us that we have to switch off...

O2 / contract cancellation

Apr 11, 2015

I had an O2 contract for over 5 years and in April 2014 i cancelled the contract in writing. I relocated to the UK and took out a contract with Vodaphone. O2 continued to charge me. After 2 more letters, one email and one telephone conversation they are still taking money from me, it is now April 2015! O2 contrac? THINK TWICE!!! Brian Fereday

O2 Germany/Monthly Contract / terrible customer service/thieves

Nov 26, 2013

I was overcharged on my bills for a couple months and noticed so I tried to ask why. They told me I was supposed to request "detailed" bill listings, which was unbeknownst to me. I gritted my teeth, but went along with it anyway and started to close my contract (which took longer than it...

O2 / fraud


I have received an SMS saying: - Congrats your phone No. has won 550, 000 pounds in the on going int, I phone Number draw in UK.To claim E-mail at : [email protected] The number that the SMS was send from is +511997994402 I have sent an email that include my paypal account and bank detail...

O2 / money taken from credit


I received a message on my mobile phone on 13/04/09. This message thanked me gave me a pin number and took ten pounds off the credit on my phone. I phoned the customer service number that came with the message, but no one was there, so I left a message, and I sent an e mail to the O2...

O2 / false advertising


I have a Nokia handset which I recently upgraded to on the O2 network. Nokia recently had a deal with O2 where people upgrading to certain Nokia handsets on certain O2 tariffs would receive shopping vouchers in a Confessions of a Shopaholic promotion. I upgraded my phone on the 9th of...

O2 / refused to replace faulty phone


I bought the phone from my local 02 shop in Lancaster, the speaker became difficult to hear with distorted sound. I took the phone back after 6 months and they refused to replace it, they sent it away to their repair agent who said it was unrepairable as there was fluid ingress which I...