TiVo Solutions Complaints & Reviews

TiVo Solutions / tivo renew bolt

Feb 28, 2018

Hello I ordered Tivo on 11/27/17 it was a refurbed machine and I purchased the extended warranty…I was able to activated on 12/4/17 Get email from TIVO on 12/4/17 Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your recent Extend Service Plan purchase. Your decision to protect your investment is a wise...

TiVo / I cant get hold of someone in a uk call centre who would be able to understand exactly whatvinam so frustrated about!

Jan 19, 2016

I have complained previously about the TiVo box I have taping programmes not asked for or taping programmes you have asked to be taped for half the time instead of the whole programme. Previous calls have been with a call centre outside the UK and I have done exactly as they've asked...

[Resolved] TiVo / Failure to Honor Quoted Prices

Oct 09, 2014

The following information represents my opinion of TiVo and its Sales Support personnel based on a situation in which TiVo, in my opinion, wronged me. This posting not intended to be malicious, demeaning, slanderous, or misrepresenting in any way. It is intended to communicate what I...

TiVo DVR Service / Fraudulent billing practice

Aug 07, 2014

I was just made aware that I have been being billed by TiVo, Inc. based in San Jose, CA for THREE TiVo boxes two of which were deactivated years ago. When I called TiVo customer service the very pleasant CSR confirmed that I was indeed being charged monthly for THREE TiVo boxes: 1. The...

TiVo / Double billing

Jul 01, 2014

I bought a new TIVO box and activated it through the website. What I didn't realize at the time was that I needed to call and cancel the service on my first box. I thought my account covered whichever version of TIVO I happened to own. Well I learned the hard way (and the $$$ way...

TiVo / LifeTime Service Ripoff

Dec 10, 2011

Tivo "LIFETIME" SERVICE IS A RIPOFF!!! It sounds good at first, but the lifetime is only for the lifetime of the box. If it dies prematurely, tough luck, apparently. TIVO will charge a LOT of money to transfer the subscription to a replacement box, even if they're the ones doing the...

TiVo / Misleading Service

Nov 13, 2011

I bought a TIVO set ($300) and signed up for the service only to find out that my phone company who provides my cable service does not use cards. After spending several months trying to find a workaround (this was not a high priority in my life), I finally realized that the TIVO would not...

TiVo / canceled service still billed

Aug 05, 2011

I canceled my Tivo service. At the time they offered me the right to call back within 30 days to start service again with a better program. I declined. I disconnected my tivo. I had automatic billing and Tivo did not bill my credit card for two months. Then, after I stopped watching for...

TiVo / Unauthorized billing

May 28, 2011

After subscribing to TIVO service for 6 1/2 years, my TIVO box crashed. No repair service was available, as the box was no longer in production. No concession was offered; I would have to buy a new box for around $400. I cancelled the service and switched to Comcast on 2/20/2011. The TIVO...

TiVo / Tivo Refund Policy

Mar 16, 2011

There is a web site for customers to contact the CEO of TiVo Inc. who are not satisfied with the assistance provided by the customer service department. I wrote the attached letter to the CEO this past Sunday and have not received an answer. I am currently looking for other disgruntled...

TiVo / Depeptive billing practices


Purchased an upgrade to the HD Series 3 unit. Actually was defective and failed within a couple weeks. Was told had to pay for shipping of replacement unit and had to pay in advance for the replacement (which really is NOT supportive on how the warranty is covered). When I got the new...

TiVo / Impossible to terminate TIVO


I signed up for TIVO and then found it impossible to install on my system. Took hours on the phone trying to reach them withoout success. I have been charged fdor several months without receiving any service. Then my credit card went stale dated and I thought that woluld be an end to it -...

TiVo / privacy policy & service


When I purchased my Tivo boxes I was assured that my privacy settings would be respected. I told them how I wanted them set and was assured again that they would be. To my surprise about 6 months later I learned that when you initially set up your Tivo box it automaticly sets you up for a...

TiVo Inc. / Incompetent customer service


TIVO and its incompetent Customer Service Representatives. I am writing this to detail how incompetent its Customer Service Representatives can get and have gotten. On February 27 2010 I ordered a HD 20hr (R6521B) refurb or a HD TIVO (that was supposed to have been) refurbished HD DVR. On...

TiVo / Billed for TIVO for a service that is not connected


I called TIVO to cancel there service coonectiong to FIOS, but that I would be moving to a new location which did not have FIOS. At that time I might use TIVO. The lady said I would recieve three months free service if I reconnected at new location, but after three months they started...

TiVo / Rip off


My Tivo unit refused to update its software. When I called in about this, I was told they would exchange the unit for $50 and my lifetime subscription would transfer. Forward 2 years because there were many family problems and a move to another state. I call back in and now all of a sudden...

TiVo DVR / Ripoff


My Tivo unit refused to update its software. When I called in about this, I was told they would exchange the unit for $50 and my lifetime subscription would transfer. Forward 2 years because there were many family problems and a move to another state. I call back in and now all of a sudden the...

TiVo / Worst customer service I have ever seen


They were not capable of making a simple credit card information update wich resulted in me having to call over six times and loosing many of my recordings. Not only were they not able to fix a simple problem but the make you wait over an hour just to get to the right person. And after you...

TiVo / Product Does not work yet still paying


I was given a Tivo for Christmas, I have had the service for 6 months. When first trying to connect to the service to download the guide, I could not get it to connect for the life of me. I called their tech support and they told me a code to use as my dialing prefix. Perfect the service...

TiVo / no refund!


After paying for a 1-year subscription to service, the TIVO stopped working. Seems like a normal enough thing to me, so I cancelled my cable (because I don't watch a lot of TV), and went on my merry way. Didn't think that I would continue to be charged $12.95 a month for service...

TiVo / Won't Make TV Guide Accurate


I just tried to cancel my TiVO. For a long time now, I've noticed that the TV Guide info that opens when I press the Guide button, is wrong. And TiVO and Tribune Media Services do not feel like fixing it. When I spoke to Justin at 877 367 8486, in their cancellation/stop the bleeding...

TiVo / refund for double billing


I ordered a new TIVO (my 3rd) and had many issues hooking it up. When I received my AmEx bil I noticed that I was being billed for two TIVO svcs. When I called the cust. svc # I was told that unless I can illustrate that I called to cancel the other svc, I would have been billed until I...