Burger Kingemployee and district manager

R Jul 12, 2019

A new location. The 1 and only young girl taking orders-there was a line- no manager no one interested in how long customers were waiting at this New FAST food "restaurant ". I watched as the girl struggled to take an order had to redo several times.either not bright or not paying attention. I slowly clearly said baby whopper with cheese and everything, large frie, to go that's all. Wha? Baby? Ask another girl we don't serve no baby...the other girl smiled and said jr. The cashier again asked for my order. I gave. Asked more questions ckealy not listening. Asked for my name????? At a FAST food place??? No. Your DISTRICT MANAGER showed up with an attitude. No appology. Only- she's new. This DM has no sense? Never put a brand new person alone on a register. Never a new person alone when she is the Only cashier and there is a growing line. Your Dm Clearly was angery at me the customer. excuse me? The girl asked Again for my order. The amount was too low. I aske for the ticket. The Twit had only charged for the burger! No! No. Refund! I want my $ back! The DM had to waste MORE of my time and get Another person to give refund. This? This is what you consider customer service? A brand new location. would think they would want to do a great job.the line gew behind me as this mess went on and your people continued to be INCOMPETENT. No concern for wasting many customers time. How many do you think will come back? Asking for the name"we want to give it the personal touch". Stupid. Customers at a FAST food want to walk in, order, get their food and leave. No on cares about "personal touch". Your marketing team is stupid and out of touch. Your DM doesn't understand customer service or how to run a food store. Disgusting. I had been looking forward to having a burger place near by. I Still dont have a burger place near by.

  • Updated by Risa Sams · Jul 12, 2019

    The cashier wasted more customers time by slowly one letter at a time hunt and pecked out the Full name of the customer! Yes, yes, the " personal touch" is so much more appreciated than time. It will sure make me want to come back. A person on lunch break 15-30 minutes does not have time to waste for " the personal touch".The place was Hot inside on a Hot dry Atlanta day. Another reason to stay away. Futher proof of incompetency and lack of concern for customer. A new store open less than a week and there is no manager? The DM not watching? Can you say Mickey Mouse?

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