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Reviews and Complaints

Burger King verified

the lack of customer service skills for your manager

On 07/12/19 at approximately 6pm CST, I encountered a very rude Manager at the Burger King on Eastchase Parkway in Fort Worth, Texas. I made an order and paid for it. When I got my order 2 order of onion rings were not in my bag (that I already paid for). When I asked about the onion rings, I was informed that they were "out of onion rings". This was the first level of bad customer service: 1) why are you "out of onion rings?" 2)you did you charge me for a product you did not have in stock? Next came a very obvious question, "Do you want a refund". Of course, I wanted a refund. So, the cashier called the manager. I don't know her name, but she was Hispanic, had multiple tattoos, short in stature, and a large body frame. She came up and asked the same question, "Would you like a refund", and seemed agitated when I said yes. She refunded me $1.00 and some change (for two orders of onion rings). Of course this did not add up. She became more agitated when I pointed out that I was due more money. A verbal exchange insued, and she told me that I needed to "tone it down" as if I were a toddler. She then told me that I needed to give back my tacos too (which was correctly made). I told her I wanted a full refund, which I finally received, while she continued to talk and agitate the situation. The end result was that I left the store with a full refund, but extremely bad taste in my mouth about Burger King. Someone need to follow-up on this complaint, because the manager that is described above that was working on the aforementioned date and time, needs immediate customer service training intervention. If your sales are going down at this location, it is likely due to this rude manager. This was an awful experience!