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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingunethical behavior

July 08, 2019 I went to burger king in ansonia as im a frequent customer there and upon ordering my food the cashier seemed to be locating what I was ordering which on the menu displayed a 4$ king meal deal. I ordered that and a onion ring a order of mozz sticks and asked to make the order a large. The young girl working the register seemed to be unfamiliar with the king meal deal or something as she tried to find it on her screen. She gave me the total and I immediatly asked her for my reciept as I wanted to make sure it was correct. So while asking for a reciept the reciept machine began to spit out reciept after reciept after reciept after reciept. None which were mine as she did not hand me anything, at the time there was me and one other man at the counter to order nobody else. I looked back at the customer behind me and we both laughed at what was happening. I again asked for my reciept and she ignored me, the manager was 5 ft away from this employee at this point, I said to manager what is going on, she cant seem to produce my reciept. She rolled her eyes at me and dismissed it, again I said im asking for my reciept tbecause I have a right to one and I want to make sure the order is correct thats all. The employee then said I said I did not want the reciept. This upset me as im standing here in front of the register with no reciept yet, she states I did not want the reciept yet I asked for help from the manager who was right there and next thing I know a second male employee steps up to the counter in my face and said he, s talking to me. I said still calmly stated are you a manager, he stated he was not but he is talking to me now, I said get out of my face now. As the manager never intervened or told employee that she was handling it, she allowed him to stay in my face, I stepped back and now there are about 3 to 4 customers waiting to order and there beginning to get busy. All I want is my food, my reciept and I would have sat down and ate like I have done 100, s of times here. I then exchanged a few choose words with the employee who stepped up into my personal space. After asking for my recipt the girl said I have your reciept do you want it? Thats a question, I have been asking for like 7minutes, the manager is ignoring what ive asked of her and ive got a employee up in my face talking stupid to me. He is not the manager and there was only conversation going on no yelling, screeming, nothing none of that until I stepped back from the situation with this male employee and I dialed 911 period. I absolutely told the male employee to mget out my personal space and let me speak with the manager as this all happened within 2 to 3 minutes after she could not produce a reciept to me. When she finally found the reciept after looking through the 27 reciepts the machine spit out, again I said please put the reciept there on the counter so I can see it as she still is holding the pile of reciepts and im still unsure if there is even a reciept for my food. I take a step back proceed to leave the areawhere im being confronted by this employee still and I call 911 to report whats happening. The police come and arrest me for breach of peace even though im the complaintant I have disability I just been verbally assalted by this male employee and still have no food, I take the reciept off the counter before I step away to call the police. I believe this burger king is a disgrace to this corporation as I have personally witness the other manager berate a african american gentleman and cuss him out like a sailor all for asking to correct a problem he had while in the drive thru. I believe this deserves immediate attention and I can be reached at [protected] my name is george tarby lll please give this your attention as this burger king in ansonia is lacking to say the least. I have ptsd and again I feel I did nothing wrong that day except pointed out the problems with my reciept, a employee unfamiliar with the screen, reciept machine and it was a direct result of the employees and the manager not taking the reciept out of the machine even if the customer does not want or need it so that the next customer never goes through this again and then is blamed and falsely arrested for doing nothing wrong. I am being told by the police that there are no cameras in burger king in ansonia and I find that very hard to believe. Please help me with this incident and make sure it never ever happens again. Each reciept should be taken out of the printer each time regardless and this incident would never have happened this way and I would still eating at the ansonia burger king period. I will never return there I love your burgers and this is not how you manage a business. Again im asking for immediate resolution b4 I consult an attorney as im disabled and this should never happen. Im aware that franchises are all owned seperately but they represent you and customer service is everything. I spent $9.44 on my meal I have the reciept and the cup for my drink and I deserved to get my refund not taking out in handcuffs for there mistakes and actions.