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Unable to continue landline connection

Re: BSNL - Gurgaon

I am very sorry to inform you, your BSNL (Gurgaon) Mozabad exchange service is very bad. My land line telephone No. [protected] is almost out of order due to bad Service.

Would you please able to try give us continue terbule free service

If you are unable to provide continue terbule free service pls. discount my BSNL land line connection.

Thanking You
Mohan Yadav

  • As
    Ashok Jun 06, 2009

    I have a bad experience of BSNL . Here my experiecnce...
    My bsnl landline phone had been diconnected from arround 1 and half years due to non payment.One day i went to bsnl bill counter in post office gurgaon. i asked them to procedure of restoring my phone. they told me just pay your all outstanding bill and let them show the receipt on counter in bsnl exchange sec 12 gurgaon and your phone will be continued. just Than i paid all my outstanding bills, took receipt and went to sec 12 exchange. There they told me you have to deopsit restore form. I took restore form and filled it and went to counter but they told me it will be deposited in sohna exchage. so i went to sohna exchange but there i got that it is sifted in sec 12 gurgaon. Than i came to 12 sec exchange and they told me we dont know where it would have deposit, just ask to counter, our work has been done. Than i went to bill payment counter and they accepted it with very misbehave and gave me request no. After 15 days when my phone had not started than i tried to call many many times in bsnl call center but there no one pick the phone. but yesterday furtunatly anyone picked the phone and told me that we dont have any information of your phone just go to 12 a exchange where u had deposit your restore form and ask them .Now today i went to 12 a exchange bill counter and asked them they told me go to 15 no. room . In 15 no. room they told me we have ordered but You need have to meet JE to get restore your phone, who sit in 2nd floor ftek bulding Than i went there but there they told me he sit in badsahpur.
    Now What should i do ?
    Should i have to go ?
    How long time it will be take ?
    I think bsnl should take steps to make it simple procedure
    and good staff should be recuiret who have good communatiocation, and happy ot help customers like other private companies.

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  • As
    ashok mallick Jul 24, 2009

    I want new connection of bsnl land line
    kumar mallick
    U-2/42 DLF Phase-III

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  • Ba

    I have a landine phone from last 16 years. My phone no. 01242311422. From last one month I have lanched complain my phone is not working. Till date it is dead..How much time is required for it is in running process.This is telepone no of Bhim Nagar, Gurgaon in the name of Baldev Krishan Wadhwa.Matter most ugent.

    Baldev Krishan
    H.NO. 594, Bhim Nagar, Gurgaon-122001

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Shifting of telephone problem

I am having difficulty in shifting my telephone ([protected]) from Hanumanthnagar exchange to RajaRajeshwariNagar exchange. I initiated the process of shifting on 6th March 2017. Shifting process from BSNL end started on 8th March 2017.

My issue is that the shifting has not been undertaken by RR nagar exchange. I approached RR nagar exchange after a weeks time to find that nothing was done. The following information was provided to me:

1. There are no cable pairs to provide the connection.
2. Even after getting the connection, Broadband will not be provided as there are no free ports.
3. Cable pair laying will take 19 days.

Meanwhile i was told that i would be provided a WLL phone which would be a temporary and i have to surrender the same after the wired connection is provided. I followed up for a week for the WLL phone and till now they have not provided anything. I feel I am wasting my time and energy in following up with BSNL.

In this website i am finding that shifting has taken 6 months. Is this the service that we are paying for?

  • Ja
    Janak Porwal Sep 01, 2007

    I am a BSNL customer in Bangalore. My telephone has been out of order for more than 25 days. I have registered complaint with BSNL through telephone more than 5 times and we have personally visited the BSNL officers 4 times. The responses over telephone were very unhelpful and when we went to their office, twice they said it would get rectified in 2-3 days and twice they said it would get rectified the next day, but to no avail. Their technician did not even visit us or call us once!

    Awful service!

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  • Sm
    s.m .Byyanna Sep 18, 2007

    our phone connection has been disconnected even though we have payed the bill so please connect our
    phone as early as possible.
    our phone no:25500134

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  • Sm
    s.m .Byyanna Sep 18, 2007

    the bill has been payed on 17-9-07
    and the bill no is 1171040.

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  • Sr
    Sridhara C.B. Nov 05, 2007

    Am a BSNL Customer since last 10 years with telephone no. 23392197. Recently we had shifted out house. I have submitted application for local shift on Oct 15th, 2017 at Chandra Layout exchange office and ob no was issued the same day. When I approached the local office at Chandra Layout I got answer the connection will be given in 3-4 days time as our new house area also comes under the same exchange. But till today it is not happened. The worst part the officers at Chandra Layout does not respond for telephone calls. If we go their the same ### and bull story they are equipped with. Please look in to it and advice for better service to maintain the tag on BSNL as the best in business. Please replay me the way to get rental waiver for the amount as my telephone was not working for a month.

    These days there is wast competitions on every field and even telephones services. I dont understand why the government companies not taking these seriously and provide better service than any other private companies. As people still Trust and Believe Government Services.

    Thank you,

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  • Dn
    D N Krishna Aug 07, 2008

    Telephone no. 25465582 not working. Several complaints lodged over telephone 198. Serviceman visited. Understand problem is with underground cabling.

    Result:- Telephone dead for a month

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  • Ah
    Ahmed Amin Jul 26, 2010

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using BSNL broadband internet service, the internet is not getting connected from past 3 weeks. I lodged numerous complaints and called diffrent locations and also have been to the nearby exchange. But the issue is not resolved. Please help me with this issue.

    My Phone number with internet connection is: 080-23333378
    email address is: [email protected]
    Cell Number: +91-9886804566

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  • Ks
    k suresh rao Aug 07, 2012

    unsub backup service

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No connection received!

I have booked 3 times for my broadband connection and still have not yet received the broadband connection at...

Long delay in shifting telephone!

I have a BSNL connection number [protected], and had submitted a form for shifting of the same from J P Nagar...

Installation date crossed customer agreed date

Hello Everyone,

I one of BSNL customer or sufferer I really don’t know the answer.

Issue: New Broadband connection promised to be installed in 1 week’s time on 24th March 2007 is not stall till date May 8, 2007, in heart of city Pune over BSNL line.

I am Brijesh Singh, working for Techmahindra, posted in London, United Kingdom. I had applied for a new broad band internet connection (Unlimited plan-900) on 24th March 2007 on telephone number +91-20-[protected] at Old Saghavi Pune 411027. It’s still pending, I personally went ahead to BSNL office to know who long it will take, they assured me 10-15 days time with all kind of delay included and I believed them and went ahead.

My old father every alternate goes to exchange to check out if they can do some thing, but always gets same reply we don’t have extra port. I setting in london have no option other then seeing my father suffering every day.

I went against all my friends who advice me to go for some private vendor, but I showed my confidence over BSNL.

Not only that BSNL guys advice my father to get modem as they don’t have it, he brought that and at the moment he don’t know what to do with that.

He visits cyber café to communicate with me. I am appealing to any one sensible person in BSNL to have a look into issue.

We have already paid all the money well in advance.

Other details are as follows:


Flat 6, Harnnaubandh Park, Near Gagangiri Apartment,
Behind Swimming Tank, Old Sanghavi, Pune 411027

BSNL Landline number: +91-20-[protected]
Exchange: Sanghavi
Subscriber No: [protected]
Demand Note No: 539821
Receipt no: 2645
Date of payment: 24th March 2007.

For you guys information, I am working with BT (British Telecom) as Business Analyst on behalf of TechMahindra and I have see our customer drags companies into court.

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Landline not transferred to new address not completed

This concerns the BSNL Kalyan Circle, Vasai Division. I have been running from pillar to post for the past more than 2 months trying to get my BSNL landline in the area of Barampur, Vasai West, Maharashtra transferred to a new address in Vasai West that is Chulne_Bhabola Road. I am surprised by the total lack of concern shown by the officers towards my application which was a (laughable) almost 3 months ago. They have made me look like a a stupid idiot who is worth nothing. I keep getting thrown around from one office building to the next (I went all the way to the Manickpur telephone exchange to which both my old and new addresses belong, but the concerned Divisional Engineer there, Mr Bagde, simply deflected me to to another office building (Renuks Niwas) in some other part of Vasai. The person is charge of handing out the form did that and I duly submitted all the dcumentary requirements along with the suitably completed application form. Many follow ups later at Renuka Niwas with some officer whose name I don't remember, on April 11 I was handed out two numbers 295 & 296 which I was told are numbers pertaining to the transfer order given to the Manickpur telephone exchange on 20th March 2007 (what it means is that now it's the turn of this exchange to sleep over it). They told me to, now if I have any more questions, to please direct those towards the Manickpur telephone exchange which was supposed to execute the order.

So I was sent packing again to a different building, different office again, back to the same building that houses the Divisional Engineer of Manickpur telephone, the same Mr. Bagde. He sees the numbers but doesn't jot those down even after me telling him to do so, and tells me I have to call him up after a few days to check out if he has traced the status (he couldn't do the tracing immediately because that is not the process). So, okay, I call up after a few days, but Mr. Bagde is not on the phone. I never ever find him on the phone, and evevn don't find him in the office as he is on leave (it seems almost every junior and senior officer in the Manickpur telephone exchange was on leave when I last visited them three days ago). So I still have no phone, but is just left clutching that horrible copy of the application.

I thought it was like telling me, you are a customer so you are worthless, your time is worthless, you are despicable. So, yes, I the customer was abused, humiliated, robbed of my personal value as an individual and and robbed of all my time and money, because I have a BSNL landline.

So what? So, I am asking for justice, first of all, immediate end to this agony by way of immediate transfer of landline. Second how are they going to pay up for all the losses accruing out of this painful approach of theirs.

But the all important thing right now is what do I do to get this justice. Where to go and Who to take this up with? Any advice?

  • Vi
    Vibhute Rajendra Gopalrao May 05, 2008

    my consumer no. is 2100231607, i have booked landline telephone on 20.09.2007, the demand 381330 was already paid on 20.09.2007 However, the telephone connection has not been allotted so for.
    It is therefore requested to kindly look into matter and allot me a landline connection.
    early action in this matter will be appreciable.

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  • Am
    Amol G. Desai May 06, 2008

    This is with reference to shifting of our telephone line (Tel No. 0251 - 2311977 ) (Consumer No. 2109300149). I have shifted our residence to 14/604 Vidhi Complex, Near Yogi Dham, Kalyan (W). I had intimated BSNL office, Kala Talao Branch about the same on 29 MAY 2007 & put forward request for shifting of my telephone line. I was directed to contact BSNL Khadak Pada office for further enquiries. I was told that I need to give willingness for WLL connection due to non availability of DP at sight. Accordingly, I have tendered my willingness for WLL connection on 04 JAN 2008 but I have not received neither the WLL phone nor any feedback. Everytime I visit this office, I get same reply that is Instruments nahin hain...

    It is really surprising to know the fact that it's taking almost 5 month for making availability of telephone instruments. I hereby request you to kindly look into the matter & do the needful at the earliest.


    0 Votes
  • Di
    DINESH TRIPATHI Aug 25, 2008

    Dear Sir
    Sub: Not Transfered the My Tel. No. 2210137

    I am apply the the transfered the my Tel No. 2210137 from Old Address 601, Amrut Park, Bldg. No. 02 Khadak Pada, Kalyan to New Adress B/1001 Amrut Park, Bldg. No.07 Khadak pada kalyan,

    But I am surprises Your Pepole not done my work till date .

    Please look in to matter and reply as soon .


    Dinesh R Tripathi

    0 Votes
  • As
    ashok naidu Oct 13, 2008

    Commercial office Shifting fm Kashimira, Thane.Hve MTNL Landlines.We require BSNL connection for landline, net facilities .Can we transfer fm MTNL to BSL.Is it possible.
    Or what is the procedure for new connection in Vasai east.
    Pl. send us the details.

    0 Votes
  • Is
    ismail shaikh Jul 07, 2011

    Dear Sir
    Sub: Not Transfered my Tel. No. 2435343

    I have applied to transfered my Tel No. 2435343 from Old Address Pritisugandh apartment, flat no.02, Dasak, Behind Rajrajeshwari Mangal Karalaya, Jailroad, Nashikroad to New Adress Misbah residency, flat no.-4, plot no.-12, Wadala pathardi road, Sainath nagar, Indiranagar, Nashik
    But I am surprises Your Pepole not done my work till date .

    Please look in to matter and reply as soon .


    ismail Shaikh

    0 Votes
  • Is
    ismail shaikh Jul 07, 2011

    Pl.note that my mobile no. is only 9850985919

    0 Votes

Not able to get the Broadband connection!

It is a shame that I have not received the broadband connection @ my house even after 6 months of our...

New connection problems!

Yes, I booked for new landline and broadband connection on 12.3.07; till now no action from BSNL (Bangalore...

Terrible customer service!

I am a resident of Flat No 26, HCL towers , Plot No B-9/16 Sector 62 Noida. I had placed a request for...

Waiting for 7 month to change plan!

I am user of BSNL prepaid mobile more than 3 years... 8 months before I took life time plan for my connection...

Telephone Out-of-Order for more than a month!

I am one of the BSNL Bangalore customers for the past 6+ years. I have applied for shifting during May 2006. ...

BSNL landline is dead for last 5 months!

Our BSNL landline [protected] is dead for the last 5 months. But, the telephone is comes for more than...

Browsing speed problem

I am student of Indian Institute Of Information Technology & Management Gwalior. We are using the broadband...

Plan change problem

I have the internet connection of data one "plan home-500". I Apply to change my plane to home 900+ and activate my 2 email address, I am also deposit the required deposit. Rcpt no is 2 month go. My plan not change yet. I contact every person by phone, there is no result!

  • Ra
    rajeev kumar Oct 10, 2006

    I am not receiving sms coz of network problem.i can send sms but my incoming sms are barred. i don't know why more than 20 times i phoned in bsnl customers care cell but doesn't get any appropriate answer.

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    Saravanan Dec 11, 2006

    This is the mail for complaint about the issue of connection delay.

    I have a BSNL Telephone connection since last five years. Just few months back i was applied for Stand-by mode, b'coz we were shift our house one place to other. So, now i need my old connection.From the date of Stand-bye to till date i had paid my monthly telephone bill payment.

    But,the thing is last few week's back i spoke with BSNL Branch officer and he said me with in a week i would get my connection but have not.I don't know what's going on there?.And why they gave me a false promise?

    I need my connection within three day's and i don't want to wait once again.
    Any how till i believe that BSNL are the best telecom service provider?

    0 Votes
  • Th
    Thippeswamy Apr 23, 2007

    Sub: Disappointed with the BSNL for not shifting my Land Line even after 6 months

    I had BSNL Land Line connection at Basaveshwarnagar with the following number: 080-23587036,
    under my name Thippeswamy U.G at the following address #20/1, 3rd Main, Meenakshinagar, Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore - 560079

    I've been using BSNL Land Line since 2003. I shifted my house from Basaveshwarnagar to Kodigehalli (Near Sahakarnagar), I requested to also shift my BSNL Land Line some time in the month of October 2006 & submitted shifting application in the Magdi Road telephone exchange.

    I started running around Sahakarnagar Customer Service to inquire about my connection,
    after several weeks they found out that by mistake OB was issued to Sahakarnagar which comes under
    Vidhyaranyapura telephone exchange.

    Then I started running around Vidhyaranyapura Telephone Exchange O/BNo. : 71006984 - 6/12/2006
    They said that they don't have port to give the connection yet near (#143, 11th 'B' Cross, Virupakshapura, Near Kodigehalli Railway Gate, Bangalore - 560097), when my neighbour has BSNL Land Line connection. They insisted me to go for WLL for time being, inspite of not interested I opted for the same, but even after 4 month I have not yet received any intimation nor any update on the same.

    Its really been unfortunate that BSNL is not able to provide connection even after 7 months.
    I have requested for disconnection that also they are not able to do.

    Very poor service!

    With utmost disappointment I'm sending this mail, not sure whether the complaint will be addressed or not.

    0 Votes
  • Go
    Gopal M May 11, 2007

    I have registered for a DataOne Connection on Jan 23rd 2007 and was told that my connection will be available in two months. Now it is more than three months I have not yet received any connection. None is even answering the queries. I contacted the BSNL office many times in my area and the response is unsatisfactory.

    0 Votes
  • Su
    Sunil Kumar sharma May 24, 2007

    I have taken land line connection from Kasia exchange (Distt-Kushinagar-U.P). It has been dead since 4-5 months. I have complaint several times in exchange office as well SDO Kushinagar. But he did not show interest regarding this problem. What should i do regarding this problem. I am paying every month bill. My land line number is 05564-72663.

    Very very poor service!

    0 Votes
  • De
    Devendra Borkar May 28, 2007

    BSNL Consumer No : 47489570
    Telephone No : 080-25633226

    Balanced deposit amount is not yet received after transfered phone.

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    JOYDIP CHOUDHURY Jul 16, 2007

    We are using BSNL Landline Connection since 1996-97, all the time we received the original bill via Post Office. But last 1 year we can not get any original bill from the BSNL. Our address is same as the connection was established.

    Best regards,
    Nilima Chowdhury.
    Phone No.:-033-2542-8846
    Exchange : Barasat

    0 Votes
  • Gs
    G shashidar Jul 23, 2007

    (Mob No.9417280701)

    I am a BSNL consumer for 4 years, I was using Pre-paid facility till 03rd July 07 and given an application to BSNL (Pathankot) with all documents required on the same date for converting my facility to Post-paid. Till now, my number is not got activated and am facing lot of problem. I had given complaint on 16th July 07 regarding my problem (To G.M.T(D), Pathankot, Compl no.593 dtd 16th July 07) but there is no improvement. From 15th July 07 am daily visiting BSNL office, Pathankot to find out the progress for my application but on the First day they replied that, the JTO who is dealing is not available. He can only do that job, and he is only know about the file whereabouts. Second day, the JTO dealing with that file has came and replied that your mail has sent to Chandigarh (BSNL), they are not doing the things in which they have to do.Third day, he has told that ‘Aaj thera kaam hojayega’ but till now that is 19th July 07 my job has not done. Where should I go to report this matter. Getting activated my no. has become my primary job since 15th July 07, am simply wasting my time and exhausting my bike fuel but the service which has to be provided by the BSNL (Pathankot) is not yet. It is already 14 days from the date of submitting my application. Other Cellular Services provider like Airtel, Hutch etc. Doing the same job with in 04 days from the date of submitting an application. As a biggest cellular services provider in India BSNL is not able to attend the problems of customers in time, it makes them irritating and leave the option to choose other services. It not only with me, so many customers coming with same problem time and again like their outgoing is barred. Customers are coming to office and confirming why it is happened, employee replays that they have not submitted their proof but practically customer is submitted his proof 4times,whenever he is coming employees replaying that it will not happen next time. This is the condition of BSNL, Pathankot. There is a lag in management activities because of that reason complaints of customers are not attended in time. If this is the condition of BSNL, Pathankot customers will definitely choose the other option as if the BSNL network is weak in this area.

    I hope higher authorities will do interfere and make the BSNL, Pathankot to attend complaints of customers timely.

    Yours Sincerely
    G Shashidar

    0 Votes
  • Gs
    G. SUDHAKAR RAO Nov 12, 2007

    I applied for broadband Internet Connection in Feb'2007, I was informed by BSNL officials on phone that work order for providing me the facility was issued on 10.08.2007. After wards again I got calls that the same will be provided soon, but till today I am still waiting. I require the facility at the earliest as I am dealing with very important public service duties like Cyclones, floods and other weather events. Kindly do the needful to provide me the facility immediately. An intimation about exact date of providing the facility may given to me.

    G. SUDHAKAR RAO (Phone: 040-2766 2773)
    India Meteorological Department, Hyderabad

    0 Votes
  • Ga
    Gajendra chaudhary May 18, 2010

    Respected sir I am not getting proper network on District-kushinagar on padrauna so sir do something and my home is near 5 km away from padrauna I am not getting network there. i am aspect you will do something as soon as.

    0 Votes

Delay in BSNL new connection

I had applied for new connection in Marathalli was discarded first saying reference BSNL phone number not present in the application form... later reference phone number of my neighbor was provided and then application for new connection was accepted. and we were told in 20 days we will get the new connection. Now 1 month got over we have not got new connection yet. The person who is responsible for inquiries related to the connection never picks up the calls. Very bad service!

  • Ka
    Karthick Nov 14, 2007

    Yes. I agree with your complaint. After all, the BSNL staff are government servants. Hope you know the attitude of government staff and their behavior. We need to spend our whole life if we talk about them.

    You can register your complaint in TRAI website. Just check the website. And also you can file a case against them in consumer court and claim.

    All the best.

    0 Votes

Most dissatisfied customer!

Re: BSNL My name is Chaitanya Vinod Siddeshwar. I had applied for a transfer of BSNL landline from Mysore to...

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