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Apr 13, 2020

Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — hopeless & pathetic service of bsnl staff

Dear Sir, Very upset, frustrated and disgusted with BSNL service. My name is G VIDYASAGAR. The Land line...

Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL]Getting message that number does not exist

My mobile no [protected]. I can't make a call . I am getting that number does exist for every call. Please check the issue. I am not able to call anyone. On each call getting the same error that number does not exits. Please resolve the matter asap. As I am getting this error today only. So please close the issue and I can use the service again . please do

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    Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL]jio cellular

    My number was inactive; but i has paid for months. i mailed jio; they told me my number was closed for good; and for no reason. it was a company number; i had put my fingerprint and adhar card on that number.
    my sim was de activated whilst i still received bills for it.
    i will be taking this matter up legally if not resolved; as it can result in huge damages due to identity theft.

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      • Updated by Jingyv · Aug 09, 2019

        This is JIO cellular ; not BSNL, that was a separate complaint

      Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL]activated vas services without my authorize

      On 24-jan-2019, bsnl charged rs.10 for automatic subcribing voice chat service for 5 days. So, I called to customer care and unable to speak. Customer care service like old damaged tap record. After 5 days, they renewed that service for additional rs.10 deductions. Again I called to customer care and unable to speak. After 5 days, they renewed again that service for additional rs.10 deductions. Again I called to customer care and no satisfactory reply from that side. Just they are unsubscribed that service. But they are refuse the refund. They are told that amount went to third party and bsnl not responsible for this.

      On 07-feb-2019, bsnl charged rs.15 for automatic subcribing confession service for 10 days. So, I called to customer care on same day and unable to speak. Again I called on 08-feb-2019 and unable to speak. Then again I called on 09-feb-2019 8 a.M. Customer care executive told me that call back after 2 hours. So, I tried to contact customer care executive after 2 hours. Till now unable to contact.

      On past, private networks are cheating people with these activities. But bsnl are genuine on those days.

      Nowadays private networks are genuine. But bsnl are cheating people with these activities.

      If you want money, directly contact with me. Otherwise u can beg from others openly. Don't cheat people with these activities.

      If u did not able to compete with your competitor in india, please you better close bsnl mobile services.


      Bharathi m

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        Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL]harrowing broadband service continues — ph#[protected]

        This complaint is post waiting for 17 days for the speed problem complaint lodged and 2 days post the internet being shut from BSNL side. Problem is signals that are higher than normal for the modem to work. The reason for this not getting corrected is BSNL staff and their tardy attitude towards work.
        This problem of speed if from last few months when I realized that we are not getting the required speed and started calling (my parents were unaware having limited exposure to computers) the call center and local technicians, however everything works on the whims and fancies of the ground staff and they would direct technicians to just do a temp solve and not look at a permanent solve. Tickets on tickets have been pending however no one has bothered to provide a solve. They have changed the directions, towers and location on device however there is no solve. The local tech guys come and share that solve is a bigger device as the signals are not being intercepted properly with the current one however three times they did not turn up as was directed by the team at Dun inspite of promise that the stuff is available and only has to be put up.

        I refuse to pay the monthly bill for this month and going forward till the problem is fixed permanently and would also look at legal ways to get my parents compensated by lodging a complaint with the consumer court for the harrowing service in the last 9 months. Hope someone will act and take these folks to task as that is required. Thanks

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          BSNLdefective not re-placed

          Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. New-Delhi INDIA

          The GM, BSNL Bhart Nagar, City BathindaI-151001 Punjab INDIA

          As per law and rules BSNL serves phone-set and accessories under different type and schemes, so served appliences only are the BSNL installed property, customer neither alter nor add anything and in case of defect cure their own engineers.

          My so installed phone-set with battery by BSNL # [protected] is stopped work and BSNL not cares since long time to change/replace the whole phone-set with rechargeable battery with new by recovering old.

          As attached written many times at higher level but done nothing yet.

          Therefore, with compensation 20, 000INR my whole defective system is to be recovered back to be replaced with new one same prepaid type and technique.
          Complainant, Gurvinder Singh, E-mail: [protected] Mobile 0091-[protected]

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            Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL]landline

            This is inform you that I have grievance for BSNL.
            My landline number [protected] issued in the name of Smt. Jyoti (Customer ID [protected], Account Number [protected]) has been discconected in november 2016 as per my choice, but I have yet not received my security amount till now which amounts to ₹3000. I have also submitted complaint letter and all necessary documents in original for the same issue in the BSNL office in meerut, UP. From last 1 year i am visiting their office for the help but they are not responding to it.
            I hope you will help me in getting my refund back as soon as possible my contact number is [protected].
            Thank you


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              Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [BSNL]bsnl flower bazaar office in chennai - not processing ecs / auto debit request for monthly bills even after a month

              BSNL flower bazaar office functions very pathetic. I'd posted a courier for establishing ECS (auto debit payment) for my monthly bills. It reached them 29-Aug-17 as confirmed by courier company. Today is Sep 20th and they still have not activated ECS for my connection!! More harrowing than this is the fact that I can't reach to any of their staff in that office.

              I've tried 044-[protected] (they said it is mobile section when I called first time. After that, I called thrice but they never picked call!!),
              044-[protected] (A lady attended my first call and said I’ve to come in person!! Then, what's the point in me sending a courier!! When asked for branch manager number, she didn’t give and just hung up the phone in the middle!!)

              I also called 2539 6767 and 2536 5656 - but nobody ever attends the calls!!

              I also called BSNL helpdesk centralized number [protected] - they at least listened to my issue but ultimately told action is pending with concerned branch and asked to check after a week. But even after 3 weeks, nothing changed. And these helpdesk guys have no way to reach the flower bazaar Branch guys!!

              Really pathetic customer service****** I don't get why they can't given an easy online facility to enroll for ECS - so many other phone companies do that so easily. No wonder people are running away from BSNL!!

              BSNL does have an online complaint site - I registered a complaint there - but they simply closed it the next day without resolving the issue and without even calling the customer -- again another pathetic example of customer service

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                Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [BSNL]complaint regarding our landline no.[protected]

                Please note that our Landline no. is not working and we are unable to use same for day to day work. For this we were constantly following up with your field staff and ultimately we also lodged our complaint and our complaint no. is [protected] dated 26-08-2017.

                In view of above your early action for resolving our complaint shall be highly appreciative.

                Thanking you

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                  BSNLAbout my bsnl no is going inactive

                  My bsnl no [protected] which I used since long time is deactivate from 15/12/2016 and I am not recived any kind of message or any call regarding the deactivation of my sim only one message I got that your sim is activate till 05/01/2017 then why it is deactivate on 15/12/2016 kindly activate my sim card I am already recharge for validity extension for rs 46 on 18/12/2916 kindly activate my no sim also because I lost my all contacts
                  Kindly help me
                  For any query kindly contact [protected].
                  Vibhuti ravi

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                    BSNLShifting of My telephone

                    I have the telephone connection bearing No.[protected].I have shifted my residence from Jayanagar 5Th block to Jayanagar 4Th T block at flat No.201, 982, Evanta Tulsi APts 23rd main, 36 th cross.I had given a request to shift the phone in August 2015.I made several trips to BSNL office at 5Th block and met the concerned Engineer who always said that it take time.Surprisingly I got a message in October 2015 that the shifting cannot be done.I was told that as the telephone line is on the other side of the road and road cutting is to be done.It is the duty of the BSNL to look to the infrastructure and provide the connection.
                    I have not heard from BSNL again and during my visits to BSNL office at 5 TH block office I am getting the same reason
                    Can this can be sorted out and my telephone connection be shifted?

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                      BSNLMobile prepaid services

                      BSNL India
                      BSNLContacts & Informations
                      Posted: 2016-03-21 by Ramesh Chandra Mundra
                      sending message unwanted and debiting amount from credit balance.
                      Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes
                      Contact information:
                      94-A, Mahadev Nagar, Indore.
                      INDORE, India
                      Dear sir

                      i have BSNL connection no [protected] and maintaining prepaid balance.

                      BSNL is sending unwanted messages viz.Bz-wzcvpm etc. It opens website indichoice and as soon i press button for back it sends message ''your request accepted /activated and the vedio will be delivered shortly''. My prepaid bal gets reduced by rs. 20/every time.
                      This has fourth time now .

                      Please advice how to get this controlled this unhealthy parctice/system of BSNLnot to go my money in such chiting work.

                      I never asked this company to send me such messages even.

                      With regards and thanks

                      ramesh mmundra


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                        BSNL — Hungama service

                        Recently I got call from member of BSNL Hungama. He ask details about me and tell me there is new launch of...


                        BSNLSms stv

                        Done SMS STV Recharge of [protected] on 18/01/2016 through selfcare service (*123# - option 5 for STV -> option 1 for STV Subscribe -> option 2 SMS -> option 4 for 385 SMS 30 days @Rs.29.6943).
                        But no subscription is made for that, though amount Rs.29.6943 deducted from prepaid balance.
                        However, an sms arrived later indicating it has been subscribed for 7 days, i.e. upto 25/01/2016 (which was under *123# - option 5 for STV -> option 1 for STV Subscribe -> option 2 SMS -> option 2) for the same amount Rs.29.6923 instead of Rs.10.4803.
                        The such activity of BSNL seems to be totally fraudulent as no rectification of such subscription has been made.

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                          BSNLvalidity not given post recharge. Ignorant officials and customer service

                          My BSNL no. for complaint is [protected] and my contact no. is [protected]. I had registered a complaint around more than a year back, and i even posted it on a consumer complaint site, but nobody from the customer care team, even took notice of that. The link of that complaint is as follows-: Its a new complaint this time, and it will need urgent resolution, so i have to conversate with the authority, who can take the responsibility, unlike the previous experience. The case is that I am using this bsnl no. for around 10 years, and it deducts 40 Rs./ 6 months to extend the validity of outgoing. I have to cope-up with this, because many of my contacts have this no. saved, as my contact. Today, i recharged the no. With Rs. 198 for netpack of around 1GB data for a validity of 1 month, but its showing validity for only 1 week. I later was able to notice it, and concluded that this might be done because the no. is showing outgoing validity till 14th Jan, although the sim validity is still to be 29th Jan. But 1stly any tarriff, and specially data tarriff should not be linked to outgoing validity. And suppose, even if it is linked, than why the recharge is allowed to happen at the 1st place, with amount being deducted.!! Rs. 68 and Rs. 198 recharge give the same amount of data, the difference is that the former is valid for one week and the latter for four weeks. If I wanted a tarriff for one week, then why would i have not used the Rs. 68 tarriff instead!!... The thing that needs focus here is that, had i made a recharge of even around 2000 Rs. for validity of about 90 days, then also the recharge would have been successful, showing that it would be valid for 90 days, but given a validity of 1 day instead, once the payment was made. I have not started using the netpack, because I want to consult with you, what needs to be done in this situation. Also I want to draw your attention that service is so bad that it is not even showing the data balance given to me!! The complaint which i made an year back was this, if it cant be read in the link above-: “on 19th july 2014, the validity of my no. [protected] expired...i went to the retailer for recharge...Rs. 37 recharge was done successfully, which gave 6 months extension of validity...but the company also did the same recharge itself, and deducted the amount from my main balance also, and it was just waste, bcz not even 6 more months validity for that was given, it just lapsed...i had taken no step for an automatic recharge from my mobile...and also how can two recharges, which are same, made possible by the company on the same day...”. No attention from any official was made to this complaint also,

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                            BSNLFraud and illegal deductions, ignorant officials

                            What is wrong with this telecom company.!!why does nobody even reply to the complain!! there are technical issues with other telecom companies also, but atleast they listen to the grievances, and try to resolve them. Here nobody has even read the mail or complain from bsnl, and the undue advantage being taken by company for deducting balance is just increasing. There is another complain to be added. On 9th Jan, there was a missed call with a no. +[protected]... it appears to be an indiain landline no. only. When i called it back for just 7 seconds, it deducted Rs.35. What is this? Why such kind of cheap mechanism to fool the customer is only in Bsnl, not in any other company. Doing promotion might be ok, but what is this way that you are calling from some no. which appears to be landline. And deducting 35 Rs. Even international calls, are 10 times cheaper. Enough of this. I have got 3 complains pending now, and there has not been any response. Heights of fraud, and zero sincerity towards customer is the law of bsnl.

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                              BSNLInternet Broadband plan BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295

                              Customer ID - [protected] Telephone No. – [protected] The connection was requested on 22nd of August 2015 by paying a one month rental of Rs. 2295 and Rs.500 for installation. On 24th we received the connection after 3pm. No phone connection was given. Line was directly connected to ADSL Modem . The plan we took was “ BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295” assuming that we will get at least 5-6MBPS speed of the 8MBPS speed. However till this day never reached a speed more than 4MBPS and rarely we have seen 5MBPS. But we decided to adjust with this as we heard BSNL services are so pathetic. I require the internet connection for my son who needs it so that he can work some IT related business at our home for some time. He usually has client conference and other client update meeting after 8pm with his US clients. Till this day our internet connection has never been working after 6:15PM. He usually works till 3AM according to US Business hours. Upload is not more than 515KBPS. In a day our internet works only for 4 hrs. Technicians has visited many times to resolve but it has not been resolved. They said they would update to their JE Mr. Das. However he hasn’t responded. BSNL generated a bill of Rs. 2132. for the days from 24/08/2015 – 30/08/2015. For just 6 days they billed almost a month. When inquired through their toll free no. [protected] I was told, they billed for land telephone instrument, Caller ID for Rs. 600, etc etc.. The modem is a NETGEAR Modem and is owned by my son. No telephones and caller Ids are installed or given to us. However we paid that bill. The whole purpose of taking the internet connection was to do his business from home for a while. Since he works in US timings he usually be online between 6-7pm, However till this day internet connection never worked after 6:15. He lost a lot of money and clients in his business and therefore he is returning back to Chennai. There are no other internet service providers available except BSNL in our area. The next bill has come and we don’t want to pay this bill unless a fair connection is given to the hard earned money we paid so far.

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                                BSNLBroadband service failure

                                Dear sir

                                Account Number: [protected]
                                Customer Id : [protected]
                                Phone Number : [protected]
                                Service ID : sb2429682_scdrid

                                I am writing to you to complain that I am experiencing a lack of connection with my broadband service. This has been occurring since [protected]) approximately 2 month.

                                I have checked my equipment and I am satisfied that this is not the cause of the problem. Many times I complaint to bsnl office but no satisfied service from there side.

                                I hope this issue can be resolved shortly but, if you are unable to do so, please tell me the next steps in your complaints procedure or issue a deadlock letter outlining your final position.

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                                  BSNLNot changing broadband plan for months

                                  Hi I had given a request to change my broadband plan last month from 845 ULD combo to 1091 ULD CS70.I saw in my self care account that even after two weeks there is no change.So I called the [protected] number and they are as useless as they can be.They don't even give contact numbers of who to talk to about this.I registered with complaint redress system and no answer at all.Folks, I am so unfortunate in the sense I cant choose another ISP because BSNL has total monopoly in my town.If you can I suggest you to opt for different ISP .BSNL staff and customer care are just unbelievably hopeless .

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                                    • On
                                      Onsmart Sep 19, 2015
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      Your bill reflects your service a month in arrears. Not all telecommunications companies provide real-time service information in the customer self-help portal. You can confirm your speed at Keep in mind that you want to patch your Ethernet cable directly to the modem for a higher degree of test accuracy. WIFI comes up much slower depending on the type of 802.11 that your gateway provides.

                                      0 Votes

                                    BSNLComplain about Billing against my Broadband Connection .

                                    I take BSNL land line and broadband (Koraput, Odisha circle, Phone [protected]) on June 2015. But, I am getting problem with broadband and land line from that time. I am now very much annoyed by this BSNL broadband service. Finally, planned to lodge some complains here.
                                    1. BSNL employees does not cooperative towards customers.
                                    2. They do not have much idea about Broadband plans. (At the time of plan purchase he told me that “you can make calls all over India for free between 9:00PM to 7:00AM”, but after I saw the bill over net and asked to the customer care, they told me that the free call is not available on your number due to Govt service holder.)
                                    3. They have not (hard copies) listed properly, broadband plans on their notice board.
                                    4. Phone bills increases day-to-day without any reason.
                                    5. There are always disturbances in the BSNL phone.
                                    6. The broadband works for one hour and then again goes off, then works for 1-2 hour and again goes off. Daily I call the exchange many times to ask about my problem. But there is no satisfactory reply.
                                    7. Whenever I tried to contact with the JTO, he frequently not present in the office.

                                    Complain about Billing against my Broadband Connection .

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