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1800 345 1503 (Mobile)
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1800 345 1504 (Broadband)
1800 425 1957 (MPLS VPN)
Harish Chandra Mathur Lane, Janpath
New Delhi
India - 110001

Complaints & Reviews

Poor service!

I personally gave a request to shift phone from Shantinagar to Kasavanahalli, Bellandur on 21st July 2007. A work order 7304751 was issued on 27/7/07 in the BSNL office near my area. Unfortunately still nothing was done. I call then BSNL office nearly daily they keep the phone engaged without talking, so that they don't answer any calls. If by chance I get hold of anyone they give some excuse that it will be done today or tomorrow. The office is so out of my regular way, otherwise I would have gone and sat there in there office. It is very sad that a State which is thought to be best in IT, I think is loosing its charm!

  • Na
    Narayan Murthy Apr 02, 2008

    We have logged a compaint since a week, But no one has come and rectified the problem.. One line will come and tell that he is going to office to get the equipment and he will never turn up or call to rectify the problem... 3 - 4 times we have to book the complaint...The employees are not serious about the action

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Lousy and very poor service

Hi, I am a resident of Chinchwad Pune. I had requested for GPRS service by sending SMS to 3733 just as explained by a customer care person. I have sent the SMS on 25th July 07, however, even after a week it is not activated. (As per their system it will get activated within 24-48 Hrs).

I spent a full 3 Hrs talking to 6 different people from BSNL customer care on 2nd. Aug. Repeating the whole story to each of them .Surprisingly, Two of them just could not find my request, where as other four could trace it and accepted that it was received on 25th July ! Still no one could tell me why it was not activated yet. They kept asking me to send the SMS again or give an application to near by exchange where I purchased the SIM. None of their seniors came online when I requested.

It is very disgusting that customer care people them self does not know how to help the customer. It seems there is no discipline or system. It is pity that, the biggest service provider of the country offers such a lousy and very poor help to their customers.

  • Dr
    Dr Dileep AO Jun 21, 2008

    The Manager,

    I am Dr. Dileep AO, son of Mr Ayyappan Nair, who is having the

    telephone number of 0471-2275271. I am right now in Canada.

    Actually I have taken broadband internet connection to the above

    said number and paid one year payment (that time it was 2000 rupees

    for 12 months). I enquired the due date for the next payment. I got

    the information from your people that I need to renew the contract

    only on July 5th, 2008.
    Unfortunately we received a bill amounted to 1320, which includes

    debit 877.22 and service tax 141 (bill no: 25322558 to be paid on

    7th may, 2008). We are neither a frequent user of telephone nor

    internet, so it indirectly means that you have charged extra amount

    in the name of internet. Whatever it may be, after enquiry with

    your people, we have paid that bill.
    But now again the bill has come to an amount of 968, which

    includes debit 608, service charge 103.35 (bill no 29159635 to be


    is the rationale behind this bill. You need to explain me, Why I

    should not go for a legal action against this? I am sorry, that, I

    dont want your internet service anymore if you are doing this sort

    of things. You are serving people or serving yourself?
    Please explain your details regarding this billing. If you have no

    explanation regarding this, kindly make arrangements for

    disconnection of this internet connection. In this competitive

    world you should not expect that everybody will depend on you.

    Without customers, BSNL itself cannot exists.

    Kindly do the relevant action,
    Dileep AO

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  • Ko
    kokila jasrotia Dec 25, 2008

    Dear sir, its kokila jasrotia from Sujanpur (Arun nagar) Dist Gurdaspur.
    i had requested for GPRS service as per the instruction given by the customer care person on 19th dec however, even after 5 days it is not working .
    i got fed up by calling again and agian to care centre but of no use .
    it is very disgusting that u r providing such a poor service to ur customers...
    kindly take relevent action.

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Landline feasibility, broad band

I am a BSNL customer since long back, recently I shifted my residence from JP Nagar II Phase to Raghuvanahalli, Kanakapura road which comes under Talghattapura telephone exchange. My landline got shifted to new residence, but I was given a fixed WLL phone, the reason BSNL said is no feasibility for landlie, this is something strange reason as there is a feasibility around 500 too 600 ft to my house, more over am I living in some where remote are or in Bangalore so called hi tech city, silicon city, IT capital of India. This is something BSNL should regret to say the strange reasons as the other operators are already have the feasibility and they are operating in our area and they are ready provide the services to me. I spoke to Divisional engineer of JP Nagar Mr. Jaiswal & Talghattapura exchange and they are not able to tell me when they can provide me a landline, the problem is I am looking for a broadband and without landline I can't get the broandband service. I even sent a mail to area manager and but no response, I asked them if you are not provide the same let me know so that I can go to other providers but they are not able to.

  • Ba
    Balram Misra May 22, 2008

    For a decent survival in these competetive times BSNL will have to re- gearup and revamp its working . To start with, this public concern will have to change its existing ruling mentality to service mentality. Perhaps every individual of BSNL, who draws salary from Indian tax payers' exchequer, needs the indoctrination that he or she now no more serves the British Crown. Every public servant is supposed to sreve, not rule, the Indian public. Only LAW must be allowed to rule.
    I am an old user of BSNL phone (0120-2691873), and now a broad band user also. No fortnight has passed without causing heart burns due to problems connected with broad band seavices. Problems are removed only when I approach the CGM, Shri Chandrahas, seemingly a man of great capacity to hear complaints, without any air of superiority, arrogance or annoyance.
    On March 31, 2008 I had applied to change my broadband/telephone services to COMBO PLAN. My request was entertained, and my phone was admitted to the said hyped plan, the COMBO PLAN of BSNL. I expected to get my telephone bill for April according to that plan. I was shocked to note that the bill for April was not as per the said plan. The commercial officer politely told me that eventually my request had been cancelled due to certain administrative reasons, and hence I am not entitled to avail the facilities of the Combo Plan. My many days of several complaints with BSNL officers having gone in vain I had to tell the case to CGM shri Chandrahas.I am sure, he will look into the problem, and remove the anomaly. Am I entitled as a user to ask the top brass of BSNL why the Combo Plan has been denied to me? Why a consumer should be discouraged, and compelled to jettison the BSNL services and adopt some private source? Is it true that private service providers are playing the game of causing perpetual discouragement to BSNL users ? Has the complete BSNL become vulnerable to the game of the private service providers? Is it not the time when all public services related departments like BSNL should be disbanded and replaced with private parties? Public will get then more attention of government on subjects related with governance .
    With regards
    Balram Misra
    May 22, 2008

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No action for new connection from BSNL since 3 months!

I have booked for the new telephone connection with broad band in BSNL since 17/04/2007. While i booked i was told the connection will be provided you within a week. But after a week i have been regularly going with the consumer no. to the exchange near to my house(National game village, Kormagala, Bangalore) Every time i have in tuch with the Mr Suresh (A.E) Mr.Nagraj (JTO) over phone also. Every time i have been assured to get the connection within 2 days or very next days. but nobody asked so far for the telephone connection yet.

If i call after two days always Mr. Suresh talk to me very rudely. Also asked me to withdraw my booking, by saying there is problem in that area you withdraw your booking.

Really don't know to whom shall i ask to help me. I don’t believe, like this will be happening in Bangalore city ? as I am waiting for a new telephone connection since last 3 month. Even if i asked them, the employees are talking badly. Really i am frustrated in this kind of service of BSNL Bangalore, (Kormagla Branch).

I would like to question some thing.

1. If they are not able to do in this area then why did they receive for registration?
2. If there is a problem in that area (Ramamandir lane, EJI Pura, Kormangala, Bangalore) how may months they need to rectify it.
3. Why the BSNL employees are behaving bad to customers.

  • Su
    Subash Mar 24, 2009

    I am subash from Ganesapuram.S.S. Kulam
    [Exchange], Saravanampatty [Control] .Coimbatore. Tamil Nadu.. .I had applied for BSNL LAN
    line connection on and paid Rs 100 on 29/10/08 [in an two days offer]
    and its graned on 19/11/2008..[ D/N No N955673 D/N Dt 29/10/08 RCT NO
    i had approached SS kulam BSNL office in December...Until that there
    is no intimation from that office regarding my connection though the
    grant order contains my address and mobile number cleraly..On the
    same day i met Mr.Jayaprakash in s.s kulam exchange, and enquired
    about the status of my connection...He dosent behaved well..He asked me to get back my money from the office which i have paid...i refused to do that since i was in urgent
    dosent know what i want to do...After 4 times of approachal to
    jayaprakash i moved to saravanampatty on january.There i met
    he promised me that he will take the necessary actions and he will
    grant the connection with in ten days.. As if now there is no response
    from his side..
    when i call him he is intimating that he will do my favour in another ten days.
    when i approach jayaprakash he is not even speaking with dosent matters.. but i want to get the connection .. where i want to approach ...? any one help me please...

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Non accessing of caller tune!

Being a customer of excel prepaid bearing the no.:-[protected], I have requested for a caller tune...

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Poor customer service!

I am BSNL broad connection holder. On June 20,2007 I had faced problem for connectivity... I had a discussion on my problem with call center 1500. He has taken my complaint details w.r.t docate no [protected] dated 20.06.07. He told me some one from Commercial office will contact with me for troubleshooting job. But no body turned up for this trouble-shorting. Again I called same call center 1500 on 26.06.07 w.r.t. docate no. [protected]. Now this guy given me a number for commercial Officer (for the exchange [protected]) [protected]. But rang it several times till now no one kindly picked up the phone for only single time. Today is 27.0607. I am totally frustrated for this services.

Billing issue (address problem)

I am a subscriber of BSNL phone from NOIDA - Phone number - 2583954. I am facing a strange problem, the bill...

Very poor telephone & broadband service

I’m Rabin Biswas from Durgapur West Bengal. I've broadband connection from the beginning. It i...

7 month without connection!

I have applied for BSNL broadband connection in Dec 2006, its been 7 months now and still there is no sign of broadband connection.

I have tried almost everything , called 1500, they ask us to come to office to gather more details if we go to office, the response is on expected lines please call some phone number once you call the given phone number you will be given some other number and so on... Finally some one will tell that next month i will get the connection. Again next month the same story continues.

I have even tried calling the manager numbers provided in BSNL site:

( and as expected, no one picks the call or phone will be disconnected

Not sure what needs to be done now, specially when i don't have any other broadband providers in my area.

Telephone is out of order

I am a regular customer of BSNL (Hajipur, Bihar) landline. My telephone number is 235468. Since 15 days, the telephone connection is out of order.There is no inquiry abut it. It not the only problem with my my telephone, the whole village (Murawotput, Mahanar) is suffered by this problem. The department do not take any action.


  • Su
    susan hackwood Jul 09, 2007

    I brought a mobile phone from the hanley store in stoke-on-trent-staffordshire i brought the lg chocolate phone on February the 1st and it stopped saving the phone numbers to the sim card the phone was sent off four weeks ago and they say that no fault was found one of the staff in store witnessed the problem and asked the to recheck the phone they still stay that there is no fault and if i want my phone back i've got to pay £17.63 i don't see why i should off had to pay for this has the problem is still going to be there when i get it back. This is not the first phone i've brought from phones4u and had problems with put it will defiantly be the last i think that i should off been able to get my money back has it is still under guarantee i was told that if when i get the phone back and the problem is still there then i can send it off myself to find out what the problem is then they'll give me the £17.63 back i've lost three jobs through not having my phone so who's going to reinbersing me for the inconvenienced i want to know where i stand with getting my money back when the phone comes back with this problem not being fixed.

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  • Ha
    hayleigh bloor. Mar 16, 2010

    i want to make a complanit on about 3/4 membaers off staff in phones4u in hanley store s-o-t john, racheal, and the manager and assisant manager, ive never been treated so unfaily in my life, as i have been today 16/03/10, as i work as a sales assisant i no the way how to treat my customers and respect them, and my customers are always right to me, even when realy they arnt but aleast that customers has walked away happy and will return to my store, i do not no how that shop is open with staff like that ther attuide were discusting, disrespecable, and all because they have set up a pay monthly sim up in my name and used my bank details, without me knowin, when it not mine and i havent even asked for it and now they say i have to pay for it aswel as my other contract, which i can not afford and iam not paying for something i havent got, well i would like to tell phones4u TRAIDING STANDARDS r coming right your way, and you will also will be looking at been done for fraud, and i will get my money back no matter what, very, very bad customer service i would advise no one to use that would be very nice for one of them to owen up for there doing as its not a mistake please contact on 07775595459

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No help in times of emergency

My mobile which had a bsnl connection was stolen and when i called back my number it was busy, so i called bsnl to barr outgoing calls immediately else i will have to pay for the misuse, they bluntly refused saying that i have to lodge an FIR and then come personally to submit it and then the barring would be done, and since at that time i was in bombay and not in bangalore. (From where my num is) i could not do so, the misuse continued and thanks to the "don't care attitude" of bsnl, i had to pay up for the mis use and do a lot of running around just to bar one number. Very pathetic.

All other services block connection immediately in times of emergency and then reactivation is done when the FIR is given. Why cannot bsnl do the same. They will remain a downtrodden network, if they continue this way.

  • Dh
    Dhanaraj.K May 27, 2014

    Dear sir, The following problems are facing our line 01) land lane are very noise in the phone 02) Brad band is very slow in the connection we are complaint last two month many time anybody in not take nessessery action kindly, consider and solve the our problems
    Thanking you

    Best Regards

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Non- receipt of Tarang instrument!

I had applied for Tarang Instrument and submitted the form at Govindpura BSNL office on dated 15/05/2007. Tarang Instrument is a gift given by BSNL to land line customers under Double Dhamaka Programme and lot of publicity is given on phones and in news papers.

45 days have been passed after submission of application form neither i have received the instrument nor any information.

  • Ri
    Rinki Chakraborty Oct 04, 2007

    I have a BSNL connection number 080-25222925, and had submitted a form for shifting of the same from Murugeshpalya to JayNagar in September 17 and till date whenever I inquire when the phone will be shifted they give some lame excuses and tell this week it will happen. I am sick of this. The service is terribly poor.

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  • Dr
    DR JITENDRA MISHRA Nov 12, 2007

    working at sssihms puttaparthi,a doctor ,paid due amt as mentioned ,promissed for connection in 1 i yr over

    0 Votes
  • Ki
    Kishore Rao Nov 19, 2008

    BSNL website for checking current usage has not been working for quite sometime. Can they pls fix this asap ? Or is it intended not to be used ?

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  • Bc
    B Chandrasekhar Nov 19, 2008

    Have been promising BROADBAND connection for the past 2 years. Have no provision for broadband in Vaishali. Phone not working and no action inspite of innumerable complaints. Claiming high things in advertisements. Please don't be fooled by them.

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  • An
    Anil kumar jangir Dec 30, 2014

    My bsnl sim is not working cornet time please sir help me

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Poor internet connection quality!

I have taken BSNL BroadBand Connection in the month of march from that time onwards i getting this internet like damage tube which keep on blink never stable. i did complaint many time but as usual government Employee no Use No will never response. Once i reached one of their employee from customer care he instead solving he started scolding using all bad words(excellent Call center). Only think which regular is my Bill. This month that is also superb do you want to know how much it is 42oo Rs. Bill description Phone Rental 180 rs + internet charges 900 + again internet charges 900(strange same charges twice for same month) + modem sales 1900 + taxes (i never asked them for that modem). Gone BSNL office to check on this again as government go this office that office...

Do any one knows any person or any system through i which complain about my problems.!

Ragesh K,

  • Sa
    Sanika Sen Jul 12, 2007


    It is really sad that what BSNL pose as customer service is really poor. They don't talk politely and not at all user friendly. I wanted to know about internet connection with a new connection but she asked me to call later. Is this what we mean by helping customers?

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  • An
    Antony Michael Sep 10, 2007

    BSNL service related to internet also, in my opinion, needs a lot lot more of improvement. No more defense on teething problems after so many years of functioning with many experts available within the country. Keep up promises because we are paying for it. Customer satisfaction/ delight/ loyalty according to the ISO 9001:2000 certification must not become a joke. Are we being forced to private players in this area? Sad that a national organization fails in this area while other prosper.

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  • Sr
    srirangarajans Jan 10, 2008

    I am using BSNL broadband for past one year , the conectivity is very poor the data cuts every second minit. i have requested the concerned authorities to rectify the problem. the relief is yet to come, pl> look in to this problem & help me out.

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  • Ra

    Since two days no proper website open.Please immidiatly repair. Net-on is working

    0 Votes
  • Ra

    please attend immidiatly,website is not opening
    Net on is working

    0 Votes
  • Mu
    musaiyab udyawar Oct 13, 2008

    I got my phone shifted but the address is still the same in their register and have since stopped getting phone bills. everytime i have to go to bsnl office, get a duplicate bill and ask for an address change. I started using data one connection since shifting to new house 3 months ago but i could hardly use the net, most of the time its not working, i called on their customer care no and as per the choice, selected for an english speaking operator but to my shock i get to hear a middle aged person conversing in hindi, he refuses to speak in english and absolutely had no colloquial manners. hats off to govt and bsnl. they will never improve.

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  • Te
    tejas Nov 20, 2008

    is it a good idea to go for BSNL?they have night free download plan...
    i stay in rr nagar..outskirts of bangalore.
    pls mail me.

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  • Ch
    Chandrashekar.N May 13, 2009

    Respected sir/madam

    I am using new BSNL broadband connection. Broadband is not working well in our home from the installation day. My plan is 750 plus. In this I am receiving my download speed is 20 to 30KB. I am not getting more then this speed. so we are unable to use broadband regularly. I am a computer hardware Eng. I done everything what all has to be done. I am suspecting it a problem with B.S.N.L Server.
    I already give complaints to the local exchanges, but there is no response from your local exchanges. Please give attention to this complaint as soon as possible.

    My Telephone No: 25401499

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  • Ch
    Chandrahas hj Jun 22, 2011

    Respected sir/madam,

    I am using BSNL broad band connection since Nov 2010, initial speed was good at present speed is very bad. I had given the complaint regarding this, In fact I wanted to cancel the connection but the divisional engineer Mr. Shastri asked me to wait for 3 days...! his 3 days time is over but speed is not at all improved, even I am not able to connect to my office server from home. I raised this issue to my office team they said its an ISP issue as below. "The problem is that a port used by the VPN to connect is closed on your router or ISP network and the VPN cannot establish a successful connection with the HP servers
    The following ports must be open on your ISP, router and firewall to create a successful VPN connection.
    Work with your ISP (Internet service provider) to verify and ensure the ports below are open:

    L2TP: TPC port 1701
    IPSEC: UDP port 4500 (NAT -T)
    UDP port 500 (isakmp) ~
    IP Protocol 50 (Encap Security Payload)
    IP protocol 51 (Authentication Header)
    IP protocol 47 GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation)

    Note: The help desk cannot help open these ports. Please work directly with your Internet Service Provider or Router providers to verify and resolve networking issues".

    I hope I will get a proper support from your end at the earliest.

    My residence address is.
    # 12, 1st cross, 5th block BSK 3rd stage.
    Kamakya main road.
    Bangalore 560085.
    Contact no 8105424333.

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SIM card failed to register

I have received a CellOne CUG SIM Card through our company SEC Railway on 01/06/2007, but unfortunately It...

New broadband connection problems!

I booked for new landline and broadband connection on 13.4.07; They told, new connection will take 7 days and...

Barring of outgoing calls service without a proper cause!

I have purchased a a Excel prepaid connection no. +[protected] before few years after depositing necessary from and money with all formalities from BSNL (Bhara Sanchar Nigam Limied) Sitapur Uttar Pradesh India. Before few days my outgoing calls was barred by bsnl sitapur without any notice with this cause that they have loose my connection form and papers. Then I have deposited a new form and photo with all formalities before 7 days, still they have not open my outgoing facility.

Sharad Srivastava,
ITI Sitapur.

  • Sa
    satyapal jain Sep 19, 2008

    i loss my mobile with sim card prepaid excel card on 19-09-08
    other person making a call from my cell
    so can you please give me a detail of out going call my cell#9413093474

    0 Votes
  • Aj
    ajitmore Nov 05, 2008

    i have samsung sgh x620 mobile.10 days before my all call barred with out any information on my samsung handset but my bsnl sim card is properly working in other handset .my samsung handset can not accept only bsnl sim card

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    sham Nov 06, 2008

    I lost my mobile along with sim card prepaid excel card on 06/11/2008. Other people making a call from my cell. So can you please give me detail of out going call my cell 9423761616.

    0 Votes
  • Mi
    mithlesh Dec 01, 2008

    mobile phone detail for this no. 9417008891

    0 Votes
  • Na
    Narendra singh jakhar May 09, 2010

    Sir i want a call detail of my no.9413251785

    0 Votes
  • An
    Aniket Nagawade Dec 12, 2011

    How to activate call barring service on Bsnl postpaid Sim card?

    0 Votes

Telephone is dead since a month

I am a BSNL telephone subscriber since 13 years. My telephone was shifted to my new place some 10 months ago...

Slow speed of Broadband connection

I am a user of bsnl broadband service known as Dataone. I am having Home 500 Plan in which the company...

Telephone is not working!

I am one of user of BSNL Landline telephone past 5 years as subscribe no. is 236138 is allocate in banswara...

Wakeup or give up bsnl

I have a bsnl landline connection with a broadband bearing #080-[protected] which however doesn't work from past 9 days, i have made many efforts to clear my line, in fact i had trice been to brinavan telephone exchange, all got is waiting there for about 5 to 15 minutes till the bsnl employees complete their chitchat, personal talk and then somebody takes my telephone number and informs me that line man will be there or will call back...! Its been 9 days waiting still no response, is this the service what we deserve??? What r the superiors doing? Sleeping too?? I lost hope on them. Can anybody help me in this problem...

  • Ja
    Jagadeesh Srinvas Jun 06, 2007

    I am a broadband connection holder residing in Vidyaranyapura, and my telephone number is 23646871, always the server goes down, and the promised speed is 1 mbps, but it is not worth even 128 kpps, always the server goes down by 1055 p.m. , and inspite of complaining several times, there is no care taken, and no response to any of my complaints. I am fed up of the services, i am planning to switch to Airtel broadband.

    0 Votes
  • Bi
    Biju Pappachan Jun 27, 2007

    Applied for Telephone connection on 22.01.07 , when ever asking for the same, always answer is next week .

    I think some of the offices supporting other net work people , i mean if BSNL delays connection obviously customers will go for other alternatives.

    Since i have asked for a connection just half a km distance from NH7 - near Insosys, Electronic City.

    0 Votes
  • Pr
    prem Jul 25, 2008

    I want received calls of today on this number 08022902438 pleas

    0 Votes
  • Su
    suryanaryana Mar 29, 2009


    0 Votes
  • Du
    durgesh nagar Apr 24, 2013

    dear sir
    i have complain this month 4 time that my broadband is speed is slow and it disconnect many time but no any person is resolve my problem my no. is 07366-2410240

    0 Votes

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