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Resolved billing and call waiting disconnects other call holding

Over billed many times, offered same rate to be billed as Rogers is offering to go to Rogers services. Bell says will do the same but does not.
Every 2 months or so I have to book time off to call and be on the phone with Bell Headoffice to get these billing fixed repeatedly.
They now deny the offer, tell me Im billed at higher basic rate, when it should be lowest rate.
I have services of hearing other people on my line, I have recorded some conversations for proof I can hear deals about investments, credit cards, people talking of someones funneral, someone speaking of art work being bought, and another lady talking of investments and work being done at Rhona as in rebuilding the building there.
This is redic, lack of privacey and lack of faith in Bell more and more. I can not stress enough to complain and call the head office and demand compensation for bad lines, over billing - it would be fraud if they took more money from your bank account then you had agreed to with them monthly - but they try.

  • A.Guy.From.London Aug 20, 2010

    You should look into TekSavvy for your phone and internet, with long distance only being 3 cents a minute. I have them and can't be happier, aside from the fact that they're reliant on Bhell for dsl. But, I think they have cable internet available in the K/W region now. Might be worth checking out.

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Resolved constant billing errors

We have been customers of Bell Canada for approximately 32 years. In the past we just had phone, so life wa...

Resolved plan altered

We've been bell customers for 5 years. Originally we were on an AMA plan giving us everything we needed. When we foolishly upgraded our phone, the AMA plan was not available, but we were given one that was supposed to be the same.

However, items on the plan were marked as promotional for one year, instead of the entire length of the contract. Following one year, we are now paying more then we originally agreed to.

Customer service representatives do not listen, do not give you the benefit of the doubt, and are actually outright rude. One asked me to produce the contract, and even offered to cancel my account (for $300!!).

I highly recommend avoiding signing any contract with bell. Our next cell phone will be Pay As You Go.

  • St
    Steven Carr Mar 19, 2009

    I am the original poster, and just wanted to provide an update.

    After contacting the BBB, my problem was sorted out without any issue. My original plan was reinstated for the length of the contract. I am very pleased with the response, and only saddened that I had to take it up with the BBB to have bell correct the problem.

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Resolved awful billing system

I've been a B(H)ell customer for 4 years now (and I regret it). Last Jan 25 2009, I called Bell to cancel my satellite subscription. The guy I spoke about it told me that they are billing me in advance, and in this case Im paid till Feb 25 2009. So I agreed to the guy that I want my service till Feb 25 only, since im paid till that date. Now last Feb 23 2009 I received a new bill for the cable subsciption from Feb 25 to MArch 25 (advance payment). On exactly Feb 25 our cable is not working anymore, and I called the customer service that they're still billing me but yet no more service. Bell still insist that I still need to pay the charges...FOR ###ING WHAT!!!.I dont have the service anymore...Now every time I call bell they just pass me to 1 person to another without any solution to my problem...



Resolved one bill bundle

I have signed up a one bill bundle with two bell products of Bell phone and Internet with a Bell Sales rep. The sales rep stated that to sign up a year bundle agreement, both products will have a $5 discount that total of $10 discount. However, the proper billing amounts were offered only for two months. The January 2009 bill, the $5 phone product was not discounted. I called the Bell and spent more than almost two hours, they stated that the bundle discount for phone only offer to the home phone instead of the resiental phone. However, it was not the sales rep told me when I signed up the agreement. The sales rep from home phone tried to influenze me to change to home phone to get the $5 bundle discount. I was very disappointed to the Bell Canada and of course I haven't move to any other agreement.

I just found that Bell Canada doesn't take responsibility for the promiss that the sales rep offered to me in this case. The billing department reps. are all sticked with the policy and haven't provided help to solve the issue that their sales rep created.

I will keep my promiss to finish the one year agreement and Bell Canada will loss my business forever.

  • Ge
    Gerv Mar 05, 2010

    I can sympatise with you.I've been a bell customer for quite some time.I can can tell that they are more crooked than a used car saleman.They had my complete business ;home phone, internet, sympatico hd tv and cell phone.Recently I had to cancel my home phone and my Internet in order to teach them a lesson.They were ripping me off on the price of home phone at 58.00 dollar s a month.On my internet service I was quoted a price of 23.90 a month after threatening to go with Cogeco.So I staid with Bell.Well every month I had to call them to have my bill corrected as the bill was always more.On top of that they told me they would increase my download speed and instead it got worse.When I did a speed test I was getting a speed of .24 mbps.On top of everything I was suppose to get a monthly bundle discount of $5.00 dollars per service and nearly every month they omited one or two of the discounts.Now I don't have to tell you how time consuming it is to rectify these ommissions by bell.A word of advise to anyone dealing with Bell; watch your bill every month.

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  • Ta
    Tammyshular Oct 24, 2010

    I have been with bell for years, and I have the one bill with my internet/home phone and television on it-I was told i would save $5.00 off each service, I get my first Bill it is only discounted on my express vu, I assumed I misunderstood them so i never called, I just kept paying the bill. (I paid for well over 5 years with this one billing) I called last week because I felt i was over paying, the rep informed me if I changed to a home phone I could save the $5.00 off this service too??? I live in my own home, what the heck phone service did I have, needless to say I was MAD that for years I hadn't been receiving a discount I should have been??? I never did get an explaination why I wasn't receiving the $5.00 off my internet????? So they techanically owe me $10 for the internet and home phone X 12 months/year X 5 years=$600.00 for the savings I should have been getting all along???? I am not impressed!

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Resolved poor service; lying

This is unbelievable. I have spoken to several people at Bell who support me, and I have spoken to a couple...

Resolved complain on billing department rep.

I subscribed Bell Express VU 2 years ago and I'm glad I cancelled it last Sep. However, they still owe me $10.07 and I haven't received the cheque yet. Everytime they promise to send me within one billing cycle. So, I called yesterday and below is the complaint that i want to send to Bell Canada (I don't know how to complain to them directly):

I'm writing this e-mail to complain your billing inquiry department, specifically a guy working there, whose name is Matthew. I called [protected] at 2:16PM eastern time on 2/17/09, so if the call was recorded, you can track who I talked very easily.

I was an Express VU subscriber, but I cancelled the account in Sep. 2008. There is a credit of $10.07 in my account and I was kept being told by your representative that I would receive the cheque within one billing cycle, but as of today 2/17/2009, I have NOT received it yet.

So I called AGAIN, and below is the main points that your representative (Matthew) indicated:

1. It's already in process to issue the cheque, but nobody knows why it has NOT been sent out yet. Probably because $10.07 is not a lot of money, if the money is $300 or $400, Bell would issue the cheque more quickly. (By Matthew)
Me: I was told the same thing every time. But when can I get my money back?
Matthew:I checked your account, the money is in process to issue. But nobody knows why it has not been out yet.
Me: Why does it take that long? Every time you said it's only a couple of billing cycles,
Matthew: Probably because $10.07 is not a lot of money, if the money is $300 or $400, Bell would issue the cheque more quickly.
Me(angry): Even 1 cent, it's my money. I need it back.
Matthew: ...

2. Probably you (the caller) need to talk a lawyer to get the money back. (By Matthew)
Me: I need to talk to somebody who can resolve this issue, if you are not, transfer to your boss
Matthew: There is no body here can press.
Me: If you were me, what should you do?
Matthew: Probably you need to talk to a lawyer.
Me: ...

3. You (it means the caller: me) are not the customer any more. (By Matthew)
Me: Is this the manner to a customer?
Matthew: Your account was cancelled, you are not the customer any more.
Me: ..., that's why I cancelled my account.

I asked to talk to his boss, and he transfered my phone call to a French speaking guy, how SMART he is!

Basically, since the time that I used your service, I have not satisfied with your customer service. However, I never imagine Bell Express VU's customer service representative would be that BAD.

He does NOT benefit your company at all.

  • Wa
    wayne Mar 19, 2009

    bell is terrible, they owe me 75.00 and i was told the same thing, if your thinking about sat tv dont call bell!

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  • Om
    OmnimodisZ Jun 27, 2009

    Hong! Contact the Better Business Bureau right away and initiate an official complaint. Nobody has the right to treat you like this, especially a company that willingly took your money and who would send the credit colletion after you for even $1.00! I remember that once I overpaid my MasterCard balance and then I closed the account - and they sent me the "credit" they owed me, automatically, which was not even $8. That was great service! The point is, it's your money, not theirs, and it's not the amount, it's the principle! CALL BBB! To anyone thinking of going with Bell, just know that they really mess you up and they will not treat you right. Go with Cogeco (amazing, world-class service - both technical and customer service!) BTW i don't work for them.

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  • Ka
    Kavi2010 Jan 17, 2010

    I am an ex-Employee for Bell Canada Billing and I know what can trigger Sarcasm and Complaints but on the 90% calls that are heard its found that Customers Piss off the representatives to the extent that even human behaviour blushes . Sometimes they say " I understand why this charge is for, and the next thng that they say is but i still cannot understand the logic for this charge ", Now either english language needs to be redefined or people need to think before they say . There is hardly any person who has ever attended Mathematics Classes even in Kindergarten but they would still call up Bell Canada billing . People would never give the correct PIN Number ( If u r/were a Bell ExpressVu Customer u know what i Mean ) in One single go and expect that there is memory intelect to be atleast 1.5 times greater than Sir Albert Einsteins' then I guess words is not the appropriate medium to express ur feelings . People call up saying " I should be getting blah blah blah promotion ", but they would not check the Eligibility of that Promotion and would still expect to get that promotional credit, which is really sad as Reps have to explain to such intellectual section of users why they are not eligible and then deal with the verbatim following the explaination . Sometimes people would simply say " I want to Cancel " and then when offered discounts suddenly decide to stay back which is a sheer contradiction, In other words when people say " I want to cancel " what they actually wanna say is " I wanna some sort of unjustified credits to be applied my billing for the next 1 Or 2 Years " . People call up Billing because they consider that they should get service " for FREE !!! " . The Common First Liner that can frustrate any rep " I can't understand ", Now the obvious tiggering point would be if u can't understand u need Counselling, and not calling up service provider's and becoming a pain for them . I Know that People would talk about Principles and Policies and still want an exception or they will revert back to natural trait of simply " CRIBBING " . YOU CAN DISCUSS AS MUCH AS YOU WANT ON DIGITAL FORUMS AND ON COMPLAINT BOARDS BUT UNLESS CALLERS( CUSTOMERS ) CHANGE THEIR MINDSET AND HAVE A NEUTRAL FRAME OF MIND AND UNBIASED NATURE OF SEEKING HELP BEFORE CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE ALL EFFORTS WOULD BE FUTILE .

    " If u chase excellence, u often get Success "

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  • Pi
    PIPAWARD May 22, 2010

    Most interesting reading. I just answered my telephone and spoke to someone promoting Bell Express Vu with a sweet package to bundle all my services together and only for today. I must say, the line we were speaking on was so bad that I had to ask her to pull on the tin can harder on her side to tighten the string. Sooo, once again. Rogers Star Choice. you prevail...Until a better service with a proper billing dept arrives in Canada. Then I will tell you both to freely copulate and go. Cheers

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Resolved faulty phone- poor customer service

we have a small business and relied on Bell's expertise to recommend various plans to suit our needs. The land lines have been ok however the cellular phones and plans have been a nightmare. We have been with them for 4 years our average phone bills are over $1000 per month. The cell plan has been changed many, time as every60-90days we get a call about a new plan that will save us money however it never does and just jabs us for a new connection fee. The new guy can never explain why the last guy offered this plan but always has good reasons why it should be changed. We have 4 cell phones on the plan, 2 of which are blackberries and that costs us around $300 per month. We just got the blackberries less than a year ago and had received a $400 credit for each phone ( as we kept our old ones for 3yrs) and I sure they wanted to get us to commit to a new plan. They also recommend extended warranty... Both phones have been acting up, One more than the other. The screen has numbers pop up and the roller does not work properly or at all and when this happens the only thing you can do is take the battery out to shut off the phone. I brought them to a Bell Store at Mapleview Mall in Burlington and was advised that they had several problems with these phones and hence changed the design but they could not do anything as we had purchased in ancaster which is a PRIVATELY owned store. The guy told us to bring to Ancaster store and get them to return phones, I did this and they said we would nto get replacements as when they took back off phone there is a tiny piece of paper that was showing red... or signs of water damage???? We could not use warranty and extended warranty was no good either. They said that they have had other customers with same problem but and that swear no exposure to water but that BELL CANADA will not reimburse.
How am I sure that this is not something that is a manufacturers problem and just caused by humidity or condensation or maybe taking back off phone and touching paper caused this problem. Bottom line is that we have spent thousands and even purchased $300 for warranty that is of no use..And Bell in it's infinite wisdom is treating us like we did something wrong, when I have been told by 2 Bell people now that this last phone model is not a good one and they have had issues...

Has anyone esle has this issue???

  • An
    AngryAsian Apr 07, 2010

    i purchased a phone last weekend while finding out there was a defect on the batter cover (nothing big) so i go back to the bell store i got it from asked if they could fix it or not and i got a. "This little bump?? dont worry about it its fine theres nothing wrong with the phone right? SEE its ok. Even if we wanted to help we cant, please call up to bell to see if they can help you with this." so i waited till monday because bell doesnt open on sundays and was told by the operator. "WHAT? they refused to do a buyers remorse with you? Bring that phone back to that bell store and tell them to call up here" so i did and i was told the battery cover smelled like smoke and they werent able to to swap it with me, WITH OUT CALLING THE OPERATOR... Then after i was told i could go to any bell store and request a fix or swap all told me the same thing we cant do this or "this is a corporate company we dont deal with anything from private dealers" or " this is a private dealer we dont deal with corporate company deals" so in other words i was screwed over...

    And i have to say this or i wont feel better... ### BELL AND THEIR RUBBISH SERVICE...

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  • An
    AngryAsian Apr 07, 2010

    Vancouver, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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Resolved poorest of poor service

Bell has the poorest of poor customers service and billing. Can anyone name a class action lawyer who will stand up to this farce of a company. We have been with them for almost one year a collectively every bill of ours is over 200 per month. We run business from this phone as they are aware this is a business line. They have a new policy (they say that they cut off a phone bill at 150.00 and for 10 months now we have been on time everytime they send a bill, but they will issue a bill date of the 25th of every month. On this day electronically they shut our phone of because of billing maximum. But they shut this off on the 25th (before we get the bill delivered) they shut the phone off like we are neglegent customers. They have been given the heads up theat our bill is consistantly over 200 every month, but still say they have this system that they cannot control. Sufficed to say, on January 25th, one of our potential clients (a Realtor) tried to call us tonight and because it said our phone was temporarily out of service, he had decided not to use our service. This is a 3000.00 dollar hit to us and we have just had a baby not only three months ago. What does the mighty screw up of a cell service company do about it. Nothing.

I wonder how Bell, the Giant screw ups will straighten this out. Probably treat us like any other customer and tell us to try to keep more current to which we do. Without having a credit to the (overpaying) they are defaulting on their contract.

Any help you can email us at [protected]@vipnetdirect.ca for help or advise.

  • Cr
    CRAadmin Sep 24, 2011

    you can get any fee or charges waived by asking to speak to CRA, even if they are valid usage charges. You may not get CRA if you ask for a supervisor, that might only get you a more experienced representative...just keep asking to escalate until you get to CRA to get anything waived. they can even send you out a free demo phone sometimes.

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Resolved corporate plan changed to share plan, with mis-representation

Bell Canada Complaint: I want to share my disappointment and dissatisfaction with service provided by Bell...

Resolved worst company ever

Over and over people are abused by Bell Canada. Why is it allowed? I'll describe my latest and...

Resolved over charging

Well I have read alot of the complaints but here is one for the books. My daughter and her boyfriend are currently separated due to military training. Boyfriend buys a new lap top so they can keep in touch. With the laptop he buys, from Bell, the internet service at 50 dollars a month. He had to pay 500 deposit 299.00 for the service and then got a 250 dollar credit. Go figure. He signed up for a 50dollar a month service fee and a 59.00 set up fee to be paid on his first invoice. The service was purchased in Quebec on 7 November 2008 and when he was sent to New Brusnwick ion 15 November 2008, Bell cut him off. No notice nothing. The kids figured because Bell is not in the maritimes they could not connect. SO for 2 weeks his service worked. Today the 14 January my daughter gets a on-line invoice from the Bell company/Credit collection agency for get this $8, 500.81. Thats right eight thousand five hundred dollars and eighty one cents. She is floored. She tried to call the company but after being passed from one operator to another they finally told her that since it was not her service they could not give her the information. So lets see how do you get in touch with a boyfriend who is in training in another province. Finally after making the necessary phone calls the boyfriend gets ahold of Bell and they tell him "Oh it must be a mistake as they bill is for a company and since he is not a company he can forget it." They (Bell) are told to put the girlfriend on the access to information on his account and they agree. Daughter calls Bell back to get information and they blow her off telling her she is a liar and that no one called for on this account and that the boyfriend will need to get a lawyer to straighten out Bells mistakes. So if this does not beat any complaint I do know know what will.
Bell can take the service and ...stick it where the sun don't shine.

  • Pi
    pissed off mom Jan 14, 2009

    I just hope the companies who collect for the service they provide or do not provide realise that WORD of MOUTH is the best advertisement they can get. Bad public perception can really hurt or hinder a companies reputations. They should all start to sit up and take notice that they could be on the next chopping block for business that go under due to public pressure.

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  • Me
    Meisso Dec 18, 2009

    I am writing to express my disapproval with the service that Bell Canada recently provided me. When I accept to get Bell TV Satellite service, beside the current, home phone, high-seeped Internet, I expected it would be done completely and professionally. However, Bell service was as neither had I expected, nor as Bell Canada’s representative described it would be, alongside with overcharging and doubling my bill.

    Bell Canada is over charging me for the satellite services in 2 years period of amount of $184.39,
    Bell Canada sent me a letter back in July 2009, to invite me to use their satellite TV of (211 channels, for $13/Month with a contract of 24 months, on a bundle deal, as I am a customer with Bell Canada for home phone and high-speed internet.
    When, I called to sign for the TV satellite service on the phone; also, they told me “over the phone” and it is showing at bell web site, that by buying the HD receiver at $199, I will get a credit of $100 on my very first bill, which it did not happened.
    When I received my first bell, it was overcharged ($25/Month, after the bundle credit) which is not accepted

    I called bell Canada, “Multi products department” they told me that letter is only advertising to get new customer, and it can be done, he even admit that is a fraud, when I argue about the deal showing in the letter, Bell Canada persons that, this deal will met if the HD receiver was rented for $10/ Month.

    After I have spend 3 hours on the phone, they can not owner that deal, ($13/Month, for 24 months), the best they can do, is $14.5 for only 12 month out of 24 month and the other 12 month I would have to accept to pay $ 25/ month.
    Bell Canada is overcharging me over 24 month’s period of $184.39

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  • Ro
    Rodney Marois Aug 18, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bell Canada has over charged my home line for a long while my bill was suppose to be under 100 a month with call answer call block and call waiting. seams to be for months it was over 150.00$ I got sick of it and my Trustee got sick of it. We went with another provider for a reasonable $ but 911 would not work if lines are down and modem was down as well. so I am now with Nexicom I love it.

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collection agency

Bell Canada is not responding and makes me a target of collection agency from a victim of Identity Theft.

I got a letter from Bell Collections on 22/10/2008 saying that I owed $400+ for a phone number at an address not belonged to me. I had not been Bell Customer since March/2007. I called Bell and was told I had to report the incident to police. It took me 2 days for police to come to my home taking the statement. I called Bell back on evening of 23/12/2008 and was told by staff that that I would not need to pay the money.

However, I started getting call from a collection agency since early Dec/2008. It said that I owed Bell money. I told the agency that I was vicitim of Identity Theft and Bell already told me that I was not responsible for the payment. I called back Bell Collections but got different answers from different staff. One said that my case was closed and she had no idea why I was after by collection agency. The other one stated that my file had been transferred to collection agency. I tried to get something in writing to clarify whether I needed to pay and what was the situation of my case but nobody was willing to do that. I then asked to speak to a supervisor but was told that I had to wait for 48 hours. Yet, still no supervisor got back to me after few weeks. So far, I had sent 2 letters to Bell Collections stating the problem and asking why my name was still referred to collection agency while I was first told that everything was OK and I was not liable to the payment since it was related to Fraud. Nobody ever attempted to reply so far, i.e. after almost a month. In result, I am still bothered by calls from collection agency daily.

I am really angry with Bell's inconsistent and irresponsible attitude in handling this case. Actually, I believed it was because of Bell that my information was used by someone for setting up a phone line in early Feb/2008 since the company lost personal data of 3.4 millions customers in Jan/2008. I checked with Equilfax and found out that the latest contact was from Bell in Feb/2008.

I am not sure what to do now. Only Bell can stop this by withdrawing my file from collection agency but nobody is doing such nor contacting me for a solution.

Resolved ripped off by bell canada

I recently joined Bell (Canada) and signed up for their unlimited Asia-Pacific phone plan (which allows me to dial China and many other countries for a low fixed cost). Unfortunately when I set up my account over the phone, the Bell representative did not input my request for the Asia-Pacific plan. When I received my last bill, I was very surprised to see an amount owing of nearly $400 (about $300 more than I expected).

Immediately after seeing the bill I contacted a Bell representative, and everything was cool. She told me that she had information that I had requested Asia-Pacific unlimited plan from before, and basically apologized for Bell not installing it when they should have, and said everything would be fixed up - i.e. I'd get credited back for the expenses and put on the plan. Well, more than two weeks later, my amount owing still read approx $400, and I received no credits back.

I called back and unlike my pleasant converstation from before things turned 'uncool'. They basically treated me like a liar that I had requested this plan, and they told me that they had no information about me being credited back for the expenses. I asked them several times about why I was told that Bell had information that I requested the Asia-Pacific phone plan (from phone call before) and why they said I would be refunded, but they still insisted that they had no information about this, and directly told me that they could not do anything to credit me back. I kept on persisting, but still no luck. I even requested to speak with a Bell manager, but the supervisor refused to pass me on.

Something seems really strange. I believe someone at Bell made a poor decision to reverse their first decision, and they most likely deleted any information that would favour my case. I wish I had proof of my conversation with the nice Bell representative from before - but who records telephone conversations. Anyways, now I don't know what to do. It seems like Bell will not reverse their decision, and no one at Bell is being helpful to me now. Does anyone have a suggestion? What normal person would pay around $3 a minute to call China. Can't Bell see the logic, and treat me like I am honest person, or are they so cheap as try to burn me for a mistake they made? Any suggestions are appreciated rossabrooks at yahoo dot com.

  • Mi
    Mira Jan 22, 2009

    My advice is to complain to http://www.ccts-cprst.ca/en/page/AboutUs or CRTC. At least you will get get prompt attention. They will still blame you for everything and probably ask for some money but at least you will have some proper channels for dispute.

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  • Le
    Leobmw7s Jul 17, 2010

    I hate Bell with a passion. They are so expensive and when u ask them to match a deal from another provider they tell you some crap like "But we're Bell, and our service stands for quality." Quality my [censor]! THey are the worst ever! I used to have their incoming Uber plan, and it turned out to be the worst incoming plan on earth! It's not even true incoming. If someone calls you from long d (even close long d) they charge you 30 cents per minute. And about their lines and quality, it's no better than any other provider. Telus kicks Bell's [censor] any day of th eweek!

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  • Ja
    jamielc Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same thing for me but with our internet service with them... actually anytime we try to change something on our bill... sometimes we can get it reversed sometimes not my hubby actually got through to the vp and they were very helpful you just have to DEMAND endlessly to speak to someone else and that you will NOT talk to the person who is on the phoe with you at the moment... what we recently found out when you change something to get a confirmation number so when you call back when something is wrong give them that number as proof of the change.

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  • Sa
    Salvy Jan 05, 2012

    Hi forum.
    After reviewing all commentaries about every aspect of the service Bell is doing with everyone of the participants I have to tell that there are more reliable options in the market.
    I won't fall in criticism with any communication service provider but the reality is that the market is moving where the market is comfortable the most and this is service. I have a solution for all of the frustrated people dealing with Bell and it is allowing me to help you guys out. I am a former employee of a communication company and I have the opportunity to make the best my company can do to fulfill with clients needs, we provides today the most reliable technological platform of products to serve our clients as market demands.
    We have the most reliable TV service fully streamed under a fiber optic signal guaranteeing to you service 24/7 365 and not weather permit as our main competitor.
    We also guarantee full high speed Internet service at least at 12 Mbps guarantee in packages Express and up, also offer professional dedicated service consultant to serve you directly which means you always will have the same person dedicated for
    your needs, it is like having a family Dr. In communications, isn't that awesome.
    I will live my telephone number if you feel my note makes sense for you and your would like to speak with me directly, I can look after the most aspect related to the communications business directly, feel free to call me at any time. 1-800-700-6294

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Resolved bell canada - no way to get refund on unauthorized charges

Bell Canada is the worst service provider in my books for two solid reasons, and I now refer to them as Bell Can'tada:
1) Bell Can'tada wasted 5 hours of my time over a four week period just to have a new line installed in a basement apartment aftet I moved (over which time I did not have access to the phone service.
2) Bell Can'tada would not credit my account for any of the time wasted, AND Bell Can'tada charged me $99 for the install, even though I only agreed to a $50 charge, which is what they told me over the phone.

(By the way, this isn't the first time I was burned by this horrible company. They increased my home phone line by $2.50 a month for long distance, even though I never ordered this service. They also started charging me for incoming text messages on my cell phone.)

To help other people, and stop them from making the mistake of going back to Bell Canada, here is a bit more detail:

I called Bell Can'tada in the middle of November 2008 and told them that I need to have the phone line moved to a new location (a basement apartment just down the street). I also told them that a new line needs to be brought into the house, not just a "jack install". The representative told me there is a $50.00 fee, and I said fine. I originally thought it might be a good idea to just go with another provider and avoid the activation/install fee, but I decided $50 is the limit. If it was more, forget it.

They did not schedule a time with me to have a technician come over, so when I came home from work nearly a week later and found a note from a technician I realized that I could not rely on Bell to figure out such a simple task, and I had to call them to schedule a time that works (well not really, I had to come home from work an hour and a half early).
So another week goes by and the technician that shows up at about 7pm (I got home at 4:50pm, and waited because the representative on the phone could not guarantee he would not come exactly at 5pm). He tells me "Oh, I was only told this is a 'Jack install', I cannot bring in a line from outside, it is too dark out." He also told me that he would fix this situation and make sure the next guy would be prepared. He asked what time would be good, I said Saturday.. then he asked me around what time. Why can he arrange any time, but the rep on the phone who took my order can't?

So about 5 more days go by until the Saturday that another technician shows up.
He said "You need a jack install". Then right away he saw my face and said "someone came here before didn't they?". Louie, the Bell technician that came seemed to make everything better. He was able to do the install anyway. I asked about putting the line behind the drywall, and de said "we don't fish lines, that is not included", BUT he said if I was able to fish the line while he did work outside, then that is fine (which worked out). So Louie, thanks, you did a great job. Unfortunately your employer is dishonest and makes you life very difficult.

So my Bell bill just came in, and they credited the $55.00 back, only to charge me $99.00 instead!! (plus tax). If I knew it would cost that much, I for sure would not have paid for this install, and changed providers instead. I would have never agreed to $99.00 just to install a dumb line. I have so many other options (I wish I looked into them earlier).

The worst part is I cannot get the money back, and if I do not pay my bill, I will get bad credit and probably have annoying collectors calling me.

Bell Can'tada, you have been dishonest, frustrating, and unreasonable. I would never recommend your services, and I would only recommend that anyone who has an account with you to do a bit of research online to save money and get better service.

Bell Can'tada does not have competitive prices, they are ripping you off. I was so impressed by a VOiP provider that charges only 60% as much and has service representatives that are much more helpful, that actually listen.

Please look up other home phone service providers. You can save over $50 per month (Treat yourself to a really nice steak dinner and glass of wine once a month instead of being a customer of Bell Can'tada!)

Resolved switch from rogers

Did the switch from rogers to bell. Right after I did my phone service switched from bell to rogers, bell sales rep called me and offered a better and cheaper service. So I did switch back to bell, and the sales rep told me not to contact rogers since bell will take care of all the switching process. Bell technician came to my house did the wiring, satellite tv, and installed modem/router. When I got home that day my phone didn't work, and my wireless internet didn't work. Later found out the technician put the phone filter backwards, and also found out he played with my laptop computer trying to make the wireless network to work!! Who goes through other people's computer?? My wife isn't very good with computers and gave him my laptop when asked!! I got very angry and he still could not fix my wireless problem. Later found out I that i'm using manual ip and the modem gate way changed since two different manufacturer... Anyways, my frustration didn't end there. After about a week I get a recorded message saying I have to return the rogers hardware or i'll get charged. The whole switching was to save $$ in this hard time, I went to rogers store next day just to find out my services were not canceled as the bell rep said, and I couldn't return the hardware because there was no ticket number to do so!! Then I call the rogers customer service from rogers store and canceled my service and found out i'll get billed for another 30 days since it's their policy. Upon hearing that I called bell and told them i'll get double billed for that month and why didn't the sales rep didn't mention anything about it. Well, the bell customer service apologized and kindly calculated how much i'll be billed for that month, but I will not get any credit or delay my service start date.
So, if you're considering switch, cancel rogers first then start with another provider.

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    Flipped Jan 29, 2010

    No other company has the right to cancel your services. You should have contacted rogers. If something seems too good to be true it proably is.

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Resolved charging for service not existing

I disconnected my Bell Expressvu DSL service on October 30 and returned the expressvu box to Bell. Bell is still charging me for this service and say they did not receive a disconnect. I am having no luck with phone service and cannot find an address to write - nor will their phone staff give me one. The DSL service is not even available in the building where I now live and as I don't have a satellite dish, it isn't even possible that I have this service. I have a postal receipt that they received the expressvu box back. I have contacted them by phone 7 times, by e-mail 3 times, and still no luck. They just say there is no disconnect!!! I have since cancelled my internet service and will also cancel my phone service due to this. Their customer service is the worst I have ever seen and it seems that the phone is set up to stop clients from getting further. I can't even find addresses of management or executive for BCE so I'm going to start walking around to find them as I work in downtown Toronto.

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    Jim Wilkins Dec 31, 2008

    I've had the same ongoing problem. I purchased a dish for use on my boat but sold the boat over a year ago. I have tried to cancel multiple times through various lines of communication, continued to pay the bill for non existing service under the threat of collection and credit reports. Each time they say they will process the cancellation I get a call a couple of months later demanding payment for continued service. This is a never ending loop.
    Interestingly, I was tuned into a national investment broadcast a couple of weeks ago and the issue of Bell's terrible customer service was mentioned. Seems they are aware of it and have not done much about it.
    Bell's behavior is fraudulent...in my opinion!!

    I am now filing a claim at small claims court and suggest the rest of you out there do so. Once filed, they have 14 days to respond.

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