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Complaints & Reviews

lied about billing

I was quoted by a Bell sales agent that I could receive the same service from Cogeco for a cheaper price with Bell Canada. I had paid $174 / mos for Internet / TV / phone with Cogeco and the sales agent quoted me $164 / mos with Bell. They also promised a $185 credit for switching services. My service was switched over December 23, 2009. I receive a bill for $205 on January 20, 2010 and in less than a month I receive another $205 bill on Feb 11, 2010 for Bell's phone / internet / TV service. I also receive a bill for my last month of service for Cogeco of $185 in January 2010. I paid a total of $595 for less than 2 months internet / TV / phone service. This is fraudulant advertising and a criminal activity. I am extremely disappointed with the Bells actual service charges and the fact that Bell is decieving potential customers of the actual charges for their services to lure them into a contract.


our small business was looking for a shared mobile plan for four of our emplyees. We approached Telus, Bell, and Rogers. Telus was the lowest, Bell mid range, and Rogers the highest.

two of the current users where already with Bell, one for 12 years and one for 9 years. We approached Bell and asked if they could do a little better than the current offer. Guess what the response was "NO".

I called them and asked if they would rather lose 2 loyal customers than work with us and gain 2 more. They still would not budge.

Abosutly no customer loyalty. Now i know why i am with Telus, but have no say in who the company sticks me with in the shared plan.

  • Ar
    Arabigo May 26, 2011

    Those dumb bell customers never make sense, they want everything for nothing. We suffer so much at Bell because of this stupidity ... sometimes we wish they stop calling all together and go away ... rather get no calls and possibility of business closure than to deal with ###s who know nothing about their plans, bills, or even the phone they're using ...such ###s.

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  • Cr
    CRAadmin Sep 24, 2011

    you can get any fee or charges waived by asking to speak to CRA, even if they are valid usage charges. You may not get CRA if you ask for a supervisor, that might only get you a more experienced representative...just keep asking to escalate until you get to CRA to get anything waived. they can even send you out a free demo phone sometimes.

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outrageous data charges

I reccieved a bill before xmas, 3400$ for one month.but 3100$ for 49minutes data roamiong in the USA, i have a international plan but was not informed that i could be charged 51$ amin for data use, i was horrified by this big surprise that i cant afford and seems criminal to me, WHO ELSE CAN CHARGE $51 DOLLARS a minite.So after many calls with customer service which is useless, , i have been cut off services and charged penalty for rest of my contract and its going to collections.because they want the payment in full.Im a working poor person and i needed a longer payment plan.I am totally digusted with BM as ive been a customer for 15 plus years and they are not warning the customer of this criminal billing scam thats going on.

  • He
    Hell mobility Feb 10, 2010

    They are criminals. I have bell and my bill is 5000.00

    I went into a bell store to see how i could lower my bill from 400 per month. The agent said I could add this and remove that, so I trusted the expert. Got my bill the next month and it was 4000.00 . Its been climbing ever since because of tax, then a late payment each month of about 60 bucks, now they have shut my phone off and still billing me monthly because I have 13 months left on my contract.

    This is extortion, they are financially raping me. I have spent 25 hrs on the phone with various customer service agents with no results. STAY AWAY FROM BELL, IF YOU SIGN A CONTRACT THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT TO YOU AND YOU ARE POWERLESS. I wouldnt give a BELL phone to my fuc**** dog. What a nightmare. I have perfect credit, always pay my bills. BELL will possibly ruin me and my future. Im still fighting each day. Phone bill is 4200, shut off and still being charged.


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  • Aa
    Aaron117 Feb 23, 2010

    Yeah Rogers is no different. All these phone/internet companies do is scam you. My wife and I got I phones. We worked out a deal where the first phone was 200 and the second was 250 with the plan. We get one phone at 250 and the other at 300. W/E I'm not that poor. I let the clowns get a way with that though I shouldn't have. Then we find out my wifes phone is getting charged up the ### for data roming. IN KITCHENER!!! WHERE I HAPPEN TO LIVE. After arguing with Rogers for countless hours. we had a $600.00 reduction on our bill.

    A friend of mine also got the I Phone and after a few months of use he sent it back on his warrinty plan. He waits for a new phone in the mail and sends his old one back to Rogers. The phone goes missing. So Rogers the loyal customer making company that they are decides to charge him for the new phone, 900 bucks, without even doing a PIN check to see where the package was. Of course he argued and argued. So they finaly decide to do a PIN check on the package. A month later they decide to call him back telling him they could not find it. During that month they trippled his bill for not paying. He then closed his account so they charged him another 600 bucks. Which hilariously he has not paid. 3 months later they find the package sitting in the back of some UPS store. He calls Rogers to tell them UPS found the package and that it was their fault. He then discovered from Rogers that the clowns knew where it was the entier time!!! They will not fix his bill or reduce charges at all. I think he owes a couple grand atleast! I HATE ROGERS. I HATE BELL. I HATE TELUS. They are all after making money which wouldn't be so bad if they were not a bunch of criminals.

    I got a home phone plan last year where it was 15 dollars a month indefinitly. A year later I'm paying 30 bucks a month. Not to mention I was suppose to get a free phone, gas card and gift certificate. That was part of the deal in the contract I signed. I got none of that. So I went to cancel my phone service and they could'nt understand why. It's not with in their brain power to comprehend why screwing someone over is not the best way to make good customer relations.


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contract dispute

Six months prior to the fulfillment date of my contract (family plan) with Bell Mobility, all three phones died (simultaneously). I had already contemplated buying out my contract when I informed them (Bell) of the condition of my phones. Bell informed me that they would replace the phones on condition that I renew my contract with them. As I was already considering terminating with Bell, I felt that their actions amounted to a type of extortion. I informed Bell that I was not prepared to renew my contract; instead, I instructed them that I wished to terminate my contract, that I was more than willing to pay the penalty, which I eventually did. After having paid the penalty for terminating the contract, I was informed that some bills would be sent out but I should disregard them as they were already "in the system". As it turns out, they have continued billing me, in spite of the fact that I no longer have a contract with Bell. This afternoon, I was informed that they sent all bills dated after Sept. ($118.36) to a collection agent, that even though my contract had been terminated, they argued that they still reserved the right to continue to bill me. I need this matter resolved, and I need people to understand that even though one may have fulfilled the terms of an agreement with Bell Mobility, Bell Mobility still feels they are entitled to further extract money for which they are not entitled.

  • La
    Labbate Oct 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Last Fall I purchased a new I-Phone at sa Bell Modility store. At the time of purchase the Bell Cellular sales person told me they no longer had the G3-16 Mb phones but they only had 32 MB phones so I was forced to buy the G3 32 MB phone for $ 399.00 which was $ 200.00 more than the 16 Mb I-phone.

    Problem 1) Several months later had trouble with my I-Phone and had to call I-Phone tech support to put it back on line and I was told that the serial no. of my phone revealed that it was only a 16 MB and not a 32 Mb. This was verified that it is 16 Mb phone under the SETTINGS menu in the I-phone. I got shafted on the price of the I-phone- he did lie to me so it was not my fault :)

    Problem2) I had planned a business trip to Mexico for a week and I called Bell Mobility and Purchased a long distance packge for $130.00 for 100 minutes long distance. When I came back I got a bill from Bell Cellular for $389.00 for Long distance. When I inquired about the long distance package I bought they told me that the LD package is only good until to the end of the month billing period it they would not roller the balce over in the next billing period even though I did not use my 100 minutes I purchased. I had to pay the addittional $389.00 I got shaftd again...But I think they are in the wrong on this one.

    Problem 3) When I purchased the long distance plan for Mexico I asked Bell cellular sales rep if I could send and receive my e-mails while I was away in Mexico since I thought that the emails where included with the long distance plan I bought. (Was I wrong) When I came back I $789.00 worth just for collecting Junk, SPAM e-mails. Every time I hit my e-mail Icon all the spam e-mail I was receiving I was paying for them. (Boy was I in the dark about e-mails when roaming) I had to pay paid the $ 789.00 for collecting Junk Emails. Is this my fault for not knowing the rules.. I wonder??

    Problem 4) I was having a problem sending out e-mails while I was in the US. When I crossed the boarder into the US Bell send out a text message to my I-phone "Welcome to USA" If you have problems and need assistance call our toll free help line 800 xxx xxxx. I called their help line on the 800 number to try and figure out why I could not send e-mail while roaming. I was on the phone with them for about 28 minutes and they could not solve my problem I still could not send E-mails. At billing time I received a bill for $ 89.00 for using the toll free number. Bell mobility explanation ...the 800 numbers are not valid on cell phones while roaming...Surprise... surprise again. Got shafted again by Bell mobility.
    Should I cancell my contract with Bell mobilty?? Surprise again ...there is a $ 200.00 cancellation charge.

    I argued with Bell mobilty reps that they never informed me that I had to buy addittional coverage for receiving e-mails. They said that it was up to me to know the rooming rules. (rooming rules !!! its my fist time with I-Phone how am I supposed to know rooming rules.. If only they would have pointed them out to me I would have bougth an Email roaming package). Bell Celluar refused to give me any kind of credit and I had to pay the full charges. (so be aware if you are roaming abroad with e-mail and web browsing make sure you have a web browsing prepaid package or you will end up mortgaging your house to pay your Cell phone bill)

    If you where in my shoes ...What would you do ???

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  • Ma
    Mariadag Jul 05, 2012

    I have had issues with Bell Mobility for the last two years. At one time I had a contract which I fulfilled with Bell, but apparently when my contract was up and I had written and spoken to an agent to cancel it they didn’t.
    A little background on this situation, I work with children some of which are troubled, my phone was stolen; I have the police report. I never did replace the phone I did mention that I had an old phone that I might like to use, agent told me to bring it into a kiosk centre to have it activated I never did. I continued to pay for my contract from December 2010 to October 2011 my contract was up in August, I had to wait until October because I had to give 30 days notice stating that I would not continue with Bell Mobility. At one point I had a lapse of better judgement and allowed a Bell agent to talk me into getting another phone and contract. So I went ahead with a Bell representative and chose a new phone at this point I was told I would have to wait approximately 7 to 10 days for the phone to come in. I called repeatedly for this phone that I now cannot even remember which it was. I kept being told by phone agents and the kiosk representatives that it was in but when I went down to pick it up I was told it wasn’t in. Finally 3 weeks later the phone is in to be picked up, I go to the kiosk at Niagara Square to finalize this transaction and I’m asked for $150.00 for the phone, when I chose the phone it was $0, it was not my fault that there was a delay in my receiving the phone. At the kiosk I was very upset so I was told to call the phone center I was told I was speaking to a supervisor and the end result was that we would not continue with this new phone and the old contract was ended.

    A few months later I begin to get phone calls from Global Collections Agency asking me for $150.00, I told them the situation explained my story and said that it was a mistake I did fulfill my contract and actually more. At one point we had a three way conference call between myself, Global and Bell at this point I became upset because I had repeated myself at least two dozen times and couldn’t seem to get anywhere. Global began to harass me calling at all time of the day and night speaking rudely to me, at this point I told them I would sue them with harassment the calls ended. Recently I began to receive calls by DNA Corporations another collections agency I have not spoken to them.

    My credit report is now affected because of this now $160.00 that I apparently owe to Bell Mobility, I am thoroughly disgusted in the service that I received, I definitely felt that I had to fulfill my contract with Bell it was not your fault my phone was stolen I did the right thing but why is it that its your word against mine.

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outbound campaign a lie!

I was with Rogers home phone paying $27+ tax and I received a phone call from Bell saying they will offer me $25 + tax to port over. I inquired about cancellation and the guy said no cancellation fees and did not advise me about anything else. I got the guy's name, ID# even confirmation # of the call. The Bell rep comes in and installs my home phone service and all is good. A month later Rogers offers me a better deal and I port back to Rogers. Meanwhile I get my first bill from Bell and the charge is $32.95 + tax for my home phone service! I call Bell to complain and advise of the deal I got to port over. The guy said he doesn't see anything in the system about the offer and I give him the conf# of the outbound call and everything. Still cannot find anything, after much arguing the rep says he will offer me a $10 discount on my next bill and I will pay this bill and then recieve a $20 something dollar credit on my next bill. My next bill comes in the mail and I see the credit but on top of that I see a home phone deactivation charge of $28.56! I call in to dispute and speak to a manager. He said that I was informed of this deactivation charge if I didn't give 30 days notice of cancelling. I tell him OBVIOUSLY the outbound rep who called me wasn't doing his job properly because he didn't tell me and on top of that I didn't get the plan I was offered as he can see from the first bill. The supervisor said it is a valid charge and nothing will be done! Now why the heck would I waste my time and money to port over to Bell who lies to me and tells me I will get a $25 + tax plan and on top of it pay a $28.56 deactivation charge!? I get scammed into going to Bell by their outbound liars and on top of it they steal more of my money and waste my time! NEVER going to do any business with BELL EVER. LIARS AND VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Ll
    L. Lee Jun 28, 2011

    My experience has been identical. It plays out like a game: every time I phone Bell it results in another error being introduced on my bill. After 6 months of playing this game with them - not to mention being overcharged by hundreds of dollars - I finally went to the BBB. I know the BBB doesn't have teeth and can't enforce any decision but I did manage to get a resolution. Unfortunately, Bell honour its own offer: after two months of correct billing, the cost went up for no reason. I re-opened my BBB case, but Bell chose not to respond. The BBB suggested I take the matter to the Ministry of Consumer Services and that's what I'm going to do. I think more people need to use the mechanisms that are in place to really make a difference. Venting anger on a blog feels good but it doesn't change anything. Too many people don't want to complain about $3 or $4 dollars added to their bills, but if you consider how many customers are paying it without complaint, you get an idea of how much money Bell is bringing in that they're not entitled too. And if we don't put pressure on them, they don't have any incentive to stop what they're doing. There really is strength in numbers. Get your complaints into to the proper authorities. We do have consumer protection and we do have rights. Let's exercise them!

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no dial tone

On October the 15 2009 I received notice that my order for home phone service had been received and my new number was attached with the confirmation. We had just purchased a home in the country outside of Ottawa. The Bell technician came within a week of the order and said there was a problem with the facilities, having worked for Bell for 23 years I understood what he meant.
Since that time I have been put off on a number of occasions saying the repair date has been extended again and agian, it is now Dec. 21 2009 and still no dial tone and no one has called to provide an update, some service, nice ads but where's the proof.

taking advantage of disabled people!!!

December 17, 2009

Let me tell you this story!
My wife is disabled yes disabled and she was out of town and her phone broke. She went to a Bell World store to get a new phone. They told her that her phone could not be fixed and that she would need to buy a new phone. She did the clerk told her she had a 100.00 credit on her account she said great! she padi cash for the new phone. Not knowing by accepting the 100.00 coupon she was agreeing to a new 3 year contract! Way to go Bell take advantage of disabled people! now i wanted to cancel her services and get her a pay as you go phone... they told me it would cost me $763.00 to break out of the contract! Again Bell Canada screwing disabled people should be proud of yoursel[censored]
Customer Service and sympathy NONE!!!
WIND will put you out of business i hope!

I was hoping that someone at Bell had the courage to call me back and explain to me how they think they have the right to screw disabled people out of little income they do make? She can't afford to pay that much now she will need to pay so much a month and they will charge her crazy interest...

Thank you
Joel [protected]

overbilling with customer serivce scam

So far I am convince that Bell Mobility Practices fraudulent customer service Techniques. The customer is inadvertenly mislead that they will be receiving the cheapest plan, which is not case, the bill always ends up skyrocketing and they get away with it because it is not regulated by the govt. If it was any other business, they would be forced to credit the customer for there mistake and have policies that correct the problem, not continuaoly guage the customer. I have been guaged more each time I dealt with customer service for a better deal, only to find new charges and that customer service did not listen to any of my needs, especually after telling them my phone habits with my history right infront of them, for not providing quality service of there product promised. Bell Price guages customers through customer service mistakes and get away with it. To me this is legalized fraud.

  • Sa
    Salsera-ONCDA May 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BIG MISTAKE RESIGNING WITH BELL MOBILITY: I've been with Bell Mobility for several years and recently, I resigned (BIG MISTAKE)for another 3 years. At first I decided to switch to another company but I gave them another to chance to provide me a better deal which they did OVER THE PHONE ONLY; but when I got my bill, it wasn't as they promised me --- 25% OVER THEY PROMISED. On top of that, they added $2.00 for paper charge invoice charge which they didn't tell that they will start charging. This is one thing that the Customer Care Representative can give heads up to their customers and explain the purpose of the charges but not just charge and make their customer upset, waste their customer time and their time which will ended up them explaining it anyways. WHAT THEY'RE SAYING? IT'S WHAT THEIR SYSTEM SAYS VERSUS WHAT YOUR NOTE SAYS. HUGE MISTAKE!!!

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  • Cr
    CRAadmin Sep 24, 2011

    you can get any fee or charges waived by asking to speak to CRA, even if they are valid usage charges. You may not get CRA if you ask for a supervisor, that might only get you a more experienced representative...just keep asking to escalate until you get to CRA to get anything waived. they can even send you out a free demo phone sometimes.

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  • Li
    lisapple Oct 04, 2011

    I was with Bell for 3 years and thank God I'm finally done with them!!! I have caught them overcharging me on numerous occasions and almost lost hundreds of dollars to them...actually, those are the times I actually caught them so who knows how many times I didn't!
    They started charging me for incoming calls and I got a bill for $300!! When I called them about it I got sent to 4 different agents when finally they agreed that it was a mistake and took off $200. They told me they would change it back so that I wouldn't get charged for incoming calls and what happened...the next month the same thing again! I also wanted to cancel my contract with them because I was moving out of the country but the agent I was talking to told me that I should just reduce my monthly charges to $30 a month. He said my contract was up in 2 months so if I just paid 30 a month that would be cheaper than paying 100 to cancel...so I would be saving $40. Well I left the country thinking everything was ok then returned in a month and found that they were still charging me $90 a month!! Of course, once again I called them and they dropped the charges. These are just a few things they did to me over the past 3 years. Think about all the people who don't catch them on their "mistakes" and get scamed out of their money. BELL IS A SCAM. DO NOT CHOOSE BELL!!

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One month ago (Nov. 09) I had Bell integrate a texting plan they told me about for $10. I just received the bill, the plan is now for$12, and no longer covers texting. Not only did they overcharge for that they charged me extra for texting, which was what I was looking for in the first place. They did not notify me that the plan changed. For 74 minutes of calls and 23 texts, my bill is $71! Luckily my contract is up and I'm cancelling it -- they didn't try to do anything to get me to stay. Incredible!

  • Da
    daniel down Jan 12, 2010

    I bought an I-phone for my 17 yr old daughter .the salesman told me he would put a cap on her $50.00 a month plan to insure she doesn`t go over.Guess what?my firrsy bill just came...a whopping $965.00!!!I have been back to complain and have called bell numerous times...so far...Bell says tough luck and pay up...something is very wrong here...

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unauthorized billing

Last year, Bell Canada put my phone bill and satelite on ONE bill. Many many times I asked to have separate bills, as our home business pays for phone, but the tv satelite was a personal expense, and I wanted them separately billed. I could not get them to separate the bills, so last November (2008) I cancelled the satelite completely. I still had three months to pay for rental on the receivers, and I agreed to pay that, but that I didn't want the satelite hooked up. No problem they shut it off, and I paid for the next three months for the receivers (and the phone).
Then in March (2009) unknown to me, they started supplying satelite to me again (even though the receivers were no longer hooked up to the tvs), and we were using free antenna. After calling in April, and May to tell them they were billing me for services not authorized, they told me to be Patient, and it would resovle in the next month or two on the billing.
In September they shut my phone off for non payment...I was still being billed over $90 per month for satelite...they refused to put my phone back on until I paid in full (including the satelite), also a $250 security deposit...ARGGGHHHHH!!! Well we paid up using my husbands Visa. Got the phone back on, FINALLY got the satelite straightened out, they agreed to credit my account two months satelite immediately $201. and change, and the remainder of $645.57 would be credited within 3 to six weeks, I was told to be patient. Again.
Last week my phone was shut off again for non payment...still no credit!!! ARRRGGHHHHH!!!
After talking to several people (even a couple who spoke English) I was told that the phone would be put back on, and the credit would be put through that day...well the phone was turned on anyway. Monday (Nov 16th 09) I got a call from billing telling me to pay up or else...I told her not to put it through the visa as a credit was coming soon...she said she didn't care about a credit I had to pay now!!! I told her to not use the visa, that she could take the phone and shove it up her ### before I would pay anymore money.
Well today they put through a payment on my Visa, and now refuse to give it back. This is over 9 or ten phone calls all over the original problem from over a year now. When they told me to be patient today, I told them I wasn't going to be patient anymore. Then Iana employee number EX23448 got in touch with her manager Shane Munroe, and it will all be fixed today, and that to call Visa to have the bill reversed. Well Visa can't reverse without talking to Bell. When my husband and Visa did a three way call (10 minutes after my call to bell) Malissa ID 4EX68595 was very rude, said there was no payment on my account and she didn't care about a credit owed to us either. she put my husband and Visa on hold for over an hour while she "investigated". It was left that a manager will call us within 12 - 48 hours to discuss it...REALLY ??? I won't hold my breath waiting for a call.
What does a person have to do to get SOMEONE at Bell Canada to follow up on their promises? If ANYONE at Bell Canada reads this, you should all be ashamed of yourselves

  • Ri
    Rick In Ottawa Dec 01, 2010

    Finally, someone on here with a reasonable complaint.

    I can understand your frustration. I had a major disaster with my home fibre internet service. It was out for over four months, due to a major technical fault over at the Sympatico server farm. I paid my bill nonetheless, and had to pay nearly $700 in fees from my wireless internet provider for excess usage (since I didn't have my home office service).

    If it helps you, or anyone else who has a REASONABLE complaint... I don't mean someone who's complaining that Bell billed them for sending a bunch of text messages, (such as all providers do), and they thought they were told it was free and they never bothered to check their contract or anything else, and now they want their money back (for a service they willfully used). Anyway, I'm rambling... What I was going to say is, if it helps you or anyone with a reasonable complaint, send a registered letter to their head office... you can get their head office address from the BBB.

    I know in today's tech times everyone's used to email, but a good old fashioned formal letter, on letterhead, sent via registered mail, is the only way to get any attention to a legitimate problem. Shortly after I sent my letter, I received a phone call from the general manager of Bell Canada, and they immediately dispatched network engineers to take their systems apart and fix my problem. Also, the nice thing about a letter, versus a phone call, is that there's a paper trail (make sure to keep records on when the letter was signed for, who signed for it, etc... oh, and a copy of the actual letter might be useful!). That can be handy in case you need to bring it to a judge at the Ontario Small Claims Court (if it really gets out of hand, which I don't think they would let it get that far).

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bell.ca sealing money from customers

Since many years, we are getting ripped off by Bell, and I am now very upset. First off They first sold me a combine service saying (promesing)) that we would get a monthly $5 rebate on each service as long as we keep the services, Well since tow years they stopped giving the rebate on each service and got down to one rebate for all the services.
Second, I recently cancel my internet services because they added over 50% increase in one year on their internet dial up service (Outrageous) I was paying $15.95 per months and getting a 5.00 rebate as per their promises, I never had a contract one that services, last year they stopped giving that rebate and they increased their fee to 29.00 per year if we did not signed for a one year contract. I did not want to sign a contract because their dial up service was not working properly I can never have easy aces to the internet the server is always busy most of the time we have to dial five or six time to get a connection. After getting connected it take about ten to fifteen minutes to get any web page and sometime it never come The service is not reliable. But I need it to get my emails, I have bean asking for Hi Speed internet since ten years and they do not care to bring it a couple of miles from there they have it since ten years, They have the monopole and no competition seem to be able to use the phone line, I only wish I could change from bell to a different provider. Impossible. Everyone I talk to is fed up with Bell service.

In all I was promessed discout that just desapered along the way, I waite so many day's trying to report this. I think that the discount offered it is a gamique to eventualy get it lost in the system, otherwise why dont they just give you a god rate to start with, why all these discount.
We should all get together and file a clas action lawsuit agains Bell.ca. These is a blog where you can post your complain for that purpuse. http://bellmembers.blog.ca/

Lately in three occurrences they try to steal money from me by over charging my account, (one time was 150.00 addition charge in one month) I had to spend countless hours reporting this to them, it toke me several day's and many many hours of complaining before they credited back my account, I had an automatic back payment set up with them.

See they are billing one month in advance and last months I canceled two of my services(Internet and Two Movie premium channel) because I was going to my US residence for the wither. Well they are ripping me off again, I spent again countless hours on the phone trying to reach them, finely their excuse was that they don't prorate the charge we have to wait a full month before the cancel the service. I was not using that service for the full month but they still billed me. I had called them on the 23 Oct 2009 and spoke to Patricia badge # 6044690 she assured me that I would not be charge for the next month which is fair because I was not using the service. Well on the 28 a bank redraw still for the full service was taken, when I called in and asked why they toke the money from my account they offered me 25.00 credit for my trouble. well it did not ad up to what I was supposed to get at least 31 + tax for the 2 TV movie premium channel and an other 16.99 for the internet. I kind of got fed up and did not have any more time to argue with this so I let it go.

This month again I checked my bill and they did credit my account the $25.00 that they said they would but in return they charge me again for the services I do not use and canceled for their following month, they again over charged me for a service I do not use.

I have to take time away from work again on Monday and call them trying to resolve this again and again. I am sooo fed up with them, I have to use them as there is no one else providing telephone, internet and TV services in my area.
It seem that I am not they only one they are doing this to, it was on the News the other day, Everyone I know is complaining about bell and I wish some government agency would investigate them and give them fines to pay and oblige them to give back all the money they are stealing form us small consumers.

Is there anything you can do?
It is a shame that such a big company making sooo much money, take in their hand to steel from us just because they have the monopole.

If you read this, Thank you for your time.

bell canada – unfair business practice

I have been a BELL Canada customer for about 7 years and have always paid on time – never defaulter! But now I am writing with deep sorrow and concern due to the breach of fair practices and non-fulfillment of promise made by BELL Canada representative
One Mr. Ravi Raj (employee # 6026481) had contacted me on Dec 27, 2008 and offered a so called “good deal” for switching my internet services from Rogers to Bell. He had promised me a credit of $ 100.00 on switching from Rogers to Bell, to be applied towards my next second or third bill. He further offered another $ 150.00 credit if I considered for cable TV also in future. During our conversation, I had very clearly mentioned that I was living in a condominium apartment and we had bulk contract with Rogers for cable TV and therefore, we could not consider for dish antenna and / or cable TV. Mr. Ravi Raj further stated that the price for the bundle of home phone with call display feature and high speed internet would be $ 62.03 (inclusive of all taxes) per month besides the first 3 months free and some other credits / discounts.
But to my surprise, I had received and paid $ 67.61 per month instead. After waiting for a couple of weeks and months, I had contacted BELL customer support representative and inquired about my $ 100.00 credit to be applied to my bill. It was promised to me but never happened. All my efforts to resolve the concern have been wasted by careless BELL representative. This problem has been pending for long and needs to be resolved ASAP.
I had followed up with BELL customer service representatives several times but all in vain!
I had reported to BELL customer care on September 02, 2009 via E-mail also but nobody cares at BELL!
Therefore, during my conversation with one Mr. Abid of BELL on September 15, 2009, I had decided to cancel my internet and further mentioned about the possibility of canceling home phone service also with a cause, if my $ 100 was not given to me, as promised and I would not be responsible for any cancellation and/or de-activation charges. Mr. Abid told me that an inquiry would be conducted soon and someone from BELL would contact me within 5 days. But nobody contacted me so far. BELL lost my confidence by not caring for me at all. Then I decided to cancel my home phone also on October 05, 2009. I could have continued with BELL, if they had fulfilled their promise of paying $ 100 to me.
Now to add to my agony, BELL has sent me an invoice for cancellation charges and de-activation charges amounting to over $ 180, for no fault of mine
It is evident that BELL should be responsible for all damages caused to me due to BELL’s non-fulfillment of promise and not responding to my concern. I should not be responsible for such payments; therefore, it would be unfair to expect such payments from me.
Conclusively, I request the kind attention of some responsible person towards my long pending issue to be resolved favorably

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    P Goel Oct 21, 2009

    No body cares at BELL

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    Allstreamsucks Feb 16, 2010

    Bell crooks sent me bill of 63$ for which i have no services with them. They stole toll free service on my line with Allstream an started sending bills.
    They are scammers. YOu keep calling them, these high school drop out jokers will not do anything, except making you hold for hours. Total incompetent, inefficient jerks, It happens only in this country. Even third world countries have better services, customer service. But here due to limited competition these devils are exploiting customers. They target new immigrants to have their ripoff practices and scams intact to make extra bucks for their weekend beer parties.


    These crooks do not mind sending bills to even who don;t use their services.

    keep them out, always go for better service, if it exists in this country.

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    crocrinstin39 May 10, 2010

    I hate Bell, especially their Uber Incoming plans which were extremely deceptive. The worst part about Bell is that they are always more expensive than other carriers, and their justification for it is that their customer service, reception, and everything else under the sun is better quality. What a load of BS, they're customer service is non-existent and their lines are no better than Telus, which is a much better company IMO.

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terrible customer service

I've had to call Bell customer service on numerous occasions, and in every instance I end up frustrated, angry, and having wasted too much time. Today I had to call customer service EIGHT times until I found someone who was actually helpful. They made a billing mistake and they kept transferring me between the store and their service agents. I even had one very rude agent who sassed me and told me it was my fault. How is it my fault that this company's customer service is an epic fail? How is it my fault that Bell's agents are incompetent idiots?

I regret signing a contract with them and once that expires, I am never, ever going to sign up with anything Bell has to offer again.

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    doesnt matter Aug 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you are thinking of going with bell DON'T. I bought my cell phone so that i wouldn't have to be on contract. So they ask for a security deposit of 200$. I don't even have the phone a month and i am having problems with bell. I was not receiving my monthly statements so that i can pay my bill and get my SD in six months, but they don't have my right address it takes them 2 months to fix this. Now by this time i have returned the cell phone i bought 3 times. Each time the phone is worst than the last!!! So i cancel my service. Now i am trying to get my deposit back. I am lied to every time i call to find out about it!!! Oh it will be sent in 4 to 6 weeks (it did not) call back; oh you gotta wait 74 days (i did and still no check) i call back they say oh it has been mailed you should receive it the following week (still nothing) and now i was just told that i got to wait 14 more days.

    Bell has the worst customer service ever! Apparently they get paid to lie to you!!! All their LG products sux (that might be everywhere though). This is when bell wants there money they charge you more and send it to the credit bureau. Yet when i want my money they keep it for almost a year and pretend to send it to you. If you want good service, good products and customer service BELL HAS NONE OF THESE!~! So save your time and money ppl.

    I assure you BELL will ### you over in so many ways.

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    no coment Nov 19, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ppl that work for bell are not liars they are simply told how certin procdures go..if s systems dosn't send your check on time it's not bell reps whos fault that is how would u like it if someone called ur house and just sattred draging u threw the mud...

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    GrantE Jan 22, 2009

    All Bell Mobility customers signed contracts and without permission, the company decided to charge for incoming text messages- we had signed contracts! They did this without permission and the decision went unchallenged. When I called the company to ask if I could have the option of removing text messages from my phone altogether they were VERY rude to me and didn't even allow me to speak. Customer service representative LIZ # 37296 was HORRIBLE!!!

    This company who already has had a monopoly for years (and who now is hardly challenged by Rogers- also idiots)- has the NERVE to steal from us in this regard, especially in this economy, when they are already so rich.

    I am disgusted- and when my contract is up- I am FINISHED with BELL!

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    ML Frangione Sep 14, 2009

    I am very disgusted with the lack of service from Bell Canada.

    On Tuesday September 8th, the phone line should have been installed to our new home at 1966 Rosebella Ave Ottawa. The technician needed access to the inside of our house and the line wasn't installed. We were not told to prior that access to the house was needed, for the phone line hook up. I rebooked the appointment for Friday Sept 11th from 8am - 11. No one showed up, I called back at noon and was told the technician would be there in the afternoon on Sept 11th, and again no one showed up. I took the day off work to have our phone line and internet hooked up, and lost $500 in pay and still had no service.
    The phone line was connected on Sept 12th, but no internet. I called Sympatico, on Saturday the 12th to complain and they said the phone line needed to be changed.
    I spoke with someone from the test center and she said we would have internet service no later than Sunday at 6pm. This was another broken promise.

    The phone line was changed on Sunday Sept 13th and the internet should have been functioning by 6pm.
    It is now Monday September 14th at 8:30am and I still have no internet. I want to be compensated for my lost pay and inconvenience. If I don't receive proper conpensation from Bell, I will be taking my home phone, internet and television Express view to Rogers, when I move again in January.

    When I call for service, I speak with incompetent people who can't book appointments. Your techinians don't show up at their scheduled time. Service that was promised to be installed and operational is not. I will also be putting a complaint to the better business bureau, if I don't receive proper compensation.

    MaryLou Frangione
    1966 Rosebella Ave. Ottawa K1T1G4

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    Brian a. Nov 03, 2009

    Bell has moved their customer service to India. Not only are they rude they also speak very poor English. Their accents make them hard to understand & there is background noise on the line from other call takers.

    Smarten up Bell. We hate getting repeated sales call from Bell..India.

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    StephanieH Nov 04, 2011

    Bell is an ongoing nightmare with me, even though I have cancelled them since July. Here's the entire story. I cancelled them on June the 30th for my home phone and internet. They told me that after a month, all the services would be cut off.

    Simple, then that means that by July 30th, all the payments would stop, right? Wrong.

    They decided to cut only my internet off, and had the audacity to bill me for the phone line. Fuming, I called them and demanded to speak to the supervisor. She looked over our account and confirmed with us that we had indeed asked Bell to cut off our services and apologized for the mistake. She asked us to pay whatever was the amount due, and it would be credited back to us. Her reason was that we would be charged for the late fee if we didn't. That was fine, it was in the ballpark of around $40.

    Since we had cancelled our internet, they sent us a stamp to send our modem back. We went to Canada post somewhere in August to send back the modem. After the modem was sent back, they sent us another 3 stamps. Thinking that the modem was lost, I called Bell. The confirmed with me that they HAD received a modem and assured me that the stamps would stop coming. Fine, I thought that was done with.

    So for the August bill, I had a accumulated credit of about $50. I asked them when I would get it in the mail, and they assured me that they must revise over all closed accounts, before sending off the credit cheque for us. She told me that the cheque would take about 6 weeks to process. I was also find with that. She also assured me that the revision for our account would be done in September.

    September's bill comes, and they still owe us a credit of $50. I still see a F beside our account number, that tells us that the revision has not completed. I call them up AGAIN, and tell them the ENTIRE story. They tell me to wait until October's bill, and the cheque will be received by us.

    October's bill came today. And they charged us for the modem that they reported that they received back in August. Honestly, really? I call them up, and ask them what the hell is going on. Until now, all of the representatives have been polite to me, even though they couldn't resolve my problem. Not this guy, he was RUDE. He's trying to tell me that I DON'T owe any money to Bell, when it clearly states that Amount Due: 33.85. He asks me, quote on quote, "What part of 50.95 CREDIT do you not understand?" I reply back, "What part of I apparently owe you 75.00 do YOU not understand? Obviously my 75 cancels out the 50.95 that you owe me for about 3 months, and on top of that, I have to PAY YOU." He tells me to wait on hold while he phones up head office in order to try to get them to speed up my cheque. He tells me that I might be able to see my money by Christmas, or the end of January. Really? I would have been waiting about half a year for my money if I actually do receive it by then. Before I called in and met this rude person, my aunt and cousin called in the morning, because they were so frustrated. They do have a strong accent, which is why I usually handle all of the talking on the phone. The representative that was talking to them, plain out asked them, "Do you know how to speak English?" Really. How rude. Urg.

    This whole issue aside, I would have to call Bell around once a month after bills, because they like to charge us for random things that we don't use. Even if we don't use long distance, every couple of months, we get charged an extra 10 - 20 dollars for long distance calls to NB, or Calgary. We have no relatives there, so I don't know how this happens.

    Bell has horrible customer service, and are nice and happy to you ONLY when they are receiving your money. They will try to hold onto whatever they owe you for as long as possible.

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impatient, an`t wait 2 weeks for their money

I hate bell canada so much. They call me at least 3 times a month before I get paid at the end of each month for their money. I am on disability and get paid the last weekday of each month. I told them I will be paying them in 2 weeks. But they said they might cut off my services before then if they don`t get something before then. I told them all they are is money hungry & they don`t care about their customers health.

lack of service

Last Tuesday (October 6) I get home late from work check my answering machine, delete my messages and grab supper. At about 8:00 pm I realize that I have no dial tone for my phone line, since I had messages I know I had service for at least part of Tuesday. Since I am one of the few individuals without a cell phone I wait until Wednesday morning to contact Bell to let them know that I have no dial tone. I figure this will be a quick fix. I know they had been in my building hooking up a new tenants phone that day and I figured they inadvertently crossed some wires. However, upon talking to the repair rep Wednesday morning I am informed that the first day they can come fix the line is Saturday. Obviously I was not impressed and asked to be transferred to costumer service to discuss the delay in fixing my line, I was put down for a Saturday service call though. The repair technician screwed up in the transfer and put me through to "hooking up a new service" and that individual informed me that he was unable to help me and asked why I was transferred to him. After hanging up with the Bell rep I tried my number to see what happened when someone dialed in. Imagine my surprise when my apartment neighbour answered the phone. Somehow my line had been crossed with theirs. Bell was able to fix this quickly, but I still did not have a dial tone. Thursday morning I phoned to check the status of my repair. I was now informed that they were not coming Saturday to repair my line but rather Sunday. I informed them that I would not be home because of Thanksgiving and asked how this could be fixed. I was informed that Sunday was the only time and that they would arrive between 8 am and 6 pm and to try to be there. Again I asked to speak to customer service and again the repair tech managed to transfer me to the wrong department. This time they put me through to the business customer service and once again the gentleman asked why I had been transferred to him. Thursday afternoon I had to make a quick run home from work and was at my apartment at 1:00 pm, and there was no notice on my door. Why is this important? Mainly because when I arrived home late Thursday night after a working supper there was a note from Bell on my door informing me that they had been to my apartment and tried to fix my line but that they could not gain access to my apartment because I was not home. That note was not there at 1:00 pm and as far as I knew they were not coming to my house until Sunday sometime. When I phoned Bell Friday morning to ask what was going on, I was informed that because I was not there to let the repair technician into my apartment on Friday they would still try to fix it on Sunday. I told them I could have been there on Thursday had I known they were coming and the phone rep inferred that I should have known all along that they were coming Thursday and that it was my fault I had missed them. However, she would inform them that I would try to be there Sunday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm since I had a Thanksgiving dinner out of town and that was the earliest I could be back Sunday. So Sunday, October 11'th comes. I leave my family function, held two hours away from my apartment, early so that I could be at home when the repair technician came between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm. There I wait all day waiting for a knock on the door or window. Why would I need a knock on the door or window? That would be because I was waiting for Bell to repair my phone line, so of course the apartment buzzer hooked to my phone would not be working. Seems like a logical fact, provided we are dealing with the phone company. I will also state that I am in an apartment that faces the parking lot and was watching to see what vehicles pulled in because I did not want to miss getting my phone fixed. At 6:30 pm I give up and come into work to phone Bell and find out what went wrong. Needless to say I am a little upset. I was informed that the repairman came at 5:15 pm but could not gain access to the building. At no point did anyone knock at my door or on my windows. At no point did I see a Bell vehicle in the parking lot. The lady I am talking to on the phone informs me that it will be Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest that they can come fix my phone line...that they screwed up in the first place. Along this whole process I have explained that I currently have NO phone service as I have no cell number and I have no access to emergency services should I require them. I can not explain how frustrated I am right now. At no point has there been an apology or an explanation from Bell. I have always given my business to Bell and I know that they are currently in a marketing war with Rogers fighting over who has the most reliable service. I can not understand how Bell can provide such shoddy service and not care when asked about how they think this type of behaviour compares to Rogers and why should I remain a customer with them.

unknown numbers

I have been a Bell home phone user for at least 26 years. I have a Rogers cell phone. I personally have never had any trouble with them. However, when walking in the mall with my son around Christmas time a year ago he talked me into getting a cell phone that was advertised as a Christmas bonus price. I thought to myself why not it’s Bell. My son was asked to make up his own cell phone number. Well...that same night my son was getting hockey scores of the Toronto Maple Leaf games. I called Bell to express my concern. I was told they had fixed the problem. Well...They did not! Each time the Toronto Maple Leaf played win or loose, my son will receive the score. When I received my bill I realized that I was being charge for each game played. Throughout the year I have had to call Bell and ask them to delete the charges which they did. The last time I called I was told that my son probably has an msn or hotmail account and signed up to a company and requested to receive the scores. First, they fail to realize that we began receiving the scores right when we got home. And secondly, (nothing against the Maple Leaf’s) but if my son was to sign up for such a service it would have been for basket ball.
Now to think that was enough...Just two months ago my cell phone bill was at 389.oo. I almost freaked! Our bill has never been over 50 dollars. I took a closer look at the bill and it looks as though some of the numbers are repeated. Some of the numbers my son and I didn't even recognize. There were also cities on there that we would never call. Of course when I called Bell the reply was if it is on the bill I am responsible for it. I requested that they investigate this further and the reply was NO can’t do. I spoke to the so called supervisor and was given pretty much the same response. Anyway, I kept my son's cell phone and did not give it to him till after 6:00 when the calls are free. Now isn't it funny that my next bill stated we went over our 200 day time minutes by 60 minutes. This month I increased my son's text messaging to a very large amount. He is not to make any calls till 6:15. And, I am going to have his number changed. Now I will sit and wait. I guess I am hoping to gather some kind of evidence. By the way we called back some of the numbers and got a message that the numbers cannot be redialled or that the number was out of service or it just continues to ring. Having this problem is an inconvenient but what else can I do. I am so-so! upset with Bell that I am strongly thinking of going to Rogers or elsewhere for home phone service.

I just had to share my experience.

I cannot remember the name of the cell phone, will post later.

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    Armstrongs Oct 18, 2009

    We were mislead by bell when we signed up for two phones with Bell. By the time we realized that our plans for Bell were not going to work for us, our time limit to return the phones had run out (14 days). Our bill came to us after that time and left us with phones and plans that were impossible. We have spent hours on the phone and emailing this company for the last 10 months and have had zero resolution. Our bills were so high that we decided to pay out the contract ($800.00) for two simple phones. The customer service is the worst we have ever encountered. This whole experience has cost us thousands of dollars and we hardly ever used our phones. I would never recommend this company to my worst enemy. It has been nothing but stress. An hard and expensive lesson.

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unproffesional and rude service

First of all I can most definitely say " Bell canada has the worst customer conduct ever. . Pretty sure They are losing a lot of customers ...just because either under trained or just plain rude customer service ppl ..Man .

After checking out bell. ca I decided to order bell tv online ( which you can save $25 by doing so ) .

I had placed the order, before I click the send button I received an e-mail telling me ny order has been accepted and will be installed for thr sep 17 8am -9pm ????. However I noticed a $10 fee receiver rental ? .

I went back to my order on line . A lady appeared again to help me complete the order . She could 'nt explain to me why the $10 ? . She was so arrogant, rude, completely the opposite of customer service .when I told her the bell. ca website offers a 24mnt contract you get no charge for the receiver for a year . Her answer was " I advise you to go back and take the offer from whoever told you ???" . I asked repeatedly for a # to reach bell, her answer was here is bell. ca .

Anyhow, another lady sent me an e-mail assuring me she will help . I said pls cancelled my order for sep 17 . She did, send me a confirmation, and e-mail as well . Well done .

I contact bell for the third time on the website again on sep 14, this time I ignored the online assistance phoned instead .a floor mgr assure me they will look after me very well .

While the lady was helping me to complete my order, before I click the send button to complete, an e-mail arrived from bel.ca/order confirming my request . The lady also explain re $10 . It was suppose to be a fee for extra HD pkg order . Not for the receiver as how the firs customer service lady describe it .

All was set for Fri the 18 got a order confirmation e-mail . Took a day off rearrange the place . Get the kids out .

No show !!!, waited from 8am to 12:30pm ...yes I did . Phoned bell . The lady who answer the phone tells me the order has been cancelled ? . I said no the one on thr is and I have a confirmation e-mail for that. But not the one for today ( fri ) got the e-mail to confirm it is happening today ( fri ), here is the order # . The time and date ...but she keep on saying it's been cancelled . Well imagine how that felt !, to top it up she made and show absolutely no effort to correct the mess they created !

The way she handle the whole situation was nerve racking . Either she felt guilty for [censored]ing up ..she also became defensive . Start ### stories by repeating the same thing . Order is Cancelled, It's like the customer service has been programmed to stay cold and try to win " an argument " .the least she could say is, sorry for what had happened, let me take a look and get back to you shortly ...No, not even attempted to understand the whole effort made from the customer side to prepare for the actual installation day .

I asked her to pass me to the mgr ( she actually asked me who I should speak to? )Like I know somebody around her . She came back again asking me if it's ok that bell can check my credit ??? . I said WHAT... Just get me the mgr pls.

The manager finally ...I explain to her the whole situation . She said : oh I know why it's cancelled bluh bluh bluh . I am like you wasted my time money etc ...by making me wait all day, took a day off from work, kept the kids out, clear out the way so the Tec person can have the space needed .She is like we will try to send a tech person today ( not sure ) its already 1:00pm with no charge ...no charge wow ? .

Finally she the so called mgr said we had to place another order and send a tec guy maybe today or tomorrow ? . I said you have my order in front of you just go ahead and complete the order . She said it has been deleted, I have no way of re tracking it . ???? If a customer service mgr do not have an access to this files, it's a big problem ., # 2 when I provide the 2 confirmation # I provided was how they open my order request ...so you telling me it's deleted ???.

She then asked for my DL / credit card . Non of the 5 ppl I dealt w bell to place my order in the last week and half asked me for my DLor what so ever ( as a matter of fact I can recall a floor call ? ...the so called mgr telling me welcome to bell when I mentioned I have a corporate blackberry with Bell .

You see, I doubt she is a Manager ( No manager will act on a matter like she did ) this is just how these Bell employees play games just to avoid and get away with their dirty jobs . When asked why and what .

it sure was a laughing matter for the customer service women at the time . Did not care a bit at all that we waited all day, made the took time off from work, lost money, also did 'nt care at all when they play with customers time and money disappointment .

After realizing she the. So called mgr is not helpful at all, I told her : Bell canada is not gonna rune my day, I will go out and shop for cable tv around ( which their are good offers with excellent customer service than Bell ) .I concluded by saying to her to enjoy her weekend, and I will make sure to deal with this matter first thing monday morning .what a surprise it was just what she wanted to here ...sadly no effort from bell at all. Thank you for wasting my time and money . Some how you are responsible for the way you put me through .

I was shocked to discover the # of complaint about bell. ca in this site .

I am the lucky on who did not sign anything with these low life scums .

I Regret telling a lot of ppl regarding bell's offer . I will make sure each one of my friends and colleagues know about bell.ca's bad deals and their mis informed and lazy staff. Who just sit their cold and count the min and day, and lie to customers . Had no skill at all .

Pls be careful every one . DO NOT take any offer from bell. ca . Once you do, kiss your freedom good bye .

Their are a lot of choices out their . Dump this mother [censored]rs .

I will make Sure Consumer affairs and Bell head office informed about this .I will also publish my experience with bell.ca on all the social network I am in and the newspapers, So that decent citizens would not have to put up with unbelievable customer service ppl who runes a companies reputation by mistreating customers .

-Remember People opinion Matters.

-My part as a consumer is to recognize that I have a choice, and know how to be a customer .

Bell Canada : is this how you conduct Business ? .

Is this how you solve problems ??, is this how you train your employees ????

Do you care at all that your employees ( most of your Customer services ppl ) are destroying your reputation ???

How can 5 of your customer service ppll ( in person, on the phone, on the internet ) offer and say different things on the same deal ?

I tell you a lot of ppl are losing their jobs . The ones who have a job do try extra to keep their customers .I guess Bell.ca can afford to mess with its customers at all times .

I Guess you do not give a S##t at all .

Eventually you Bell.ca will cost you big ...for sure .

I can imagin how you wolud had treat me and all who wanted to join Bell canada if we all had signed up ???

excessive data and roaming charges

I visited the States in the summer over a 3 day period. I have an HTC Touch phone that does not require me to have a data plan in Canada in order to use this feature. I was shocked to see my bill the next month with over $450 of data charges, and $100 in roaming charges. This is for a trip that lasted 3 days

I phoned customer service a number of times over the next month, hoping to get a reasonable customer service representative on the phone

Essentially I was told that I needed to have a data plan, and because I didn't have one, I was charged an outrageous rate per data. They said I should have called them in advance to inquire about the cost of data in the US before I left the country. Well, I didn't think of this, because I don't pay for data with my phone in Canada.

I asked what customer service could do to help me out, such as give me a rate based on an existing data plan. They all but laughed in my face. I asked what it would cost to cancel my contract and they said $360

I find this situation completely outrageous. The customer service agents were arrogant, rude, blamed me the customer for my ignorance and were happy to just have me cancel my plan over this. Nice customer service

Never again

  • Tr
    Trixie hates Bell Jan 31, 2010

    The data charges are $51.20 per mb in Canada. My daughter has a phone without a data plan. Now mind you it costs $10 a month for unlimted data usage in a plan. Even 3 cents per MB for data above the 500 MB on my own plan.

    The excessive charges are so unethical I consider it theft.

    The point of them is to scare u into a data plan contract.

    51.20 per mb is unreal.

    Bell should be fined by the government for this abuse.

    And yes I am bound to them in a contract worse than marriage.
    3 more years. Ha ha.

    For what? A discount on a phone.

    Bell is doomed. Their bullying tactics are going to be their demise.

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  • At
    AtoDagan May 25, 2010

    Totally agree. How Canadian companies can surivive while labouring under this sort of 'competitive disadvantage' is beyond me. As someone who recently arrived from the UK I can hardly believe the reactionary companies the Canadian government still allows to operate as virtual monopolies in this country - makes you wonder whose pockets their corporate earning might be lining?


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poor corporate judgement

After my home phone went dead, I tried using an on-line chat with a representative to report the problem. The representative requested that I divulge my account number and password. I did not trust the on-line chat to be a secure form of communication so I refused to provide this information. As a result the representative refused to file a report concerning the fact that my home phone was not working. I tried calling 1 800 310-Bell but that just got me AT&T in the US.

What really annoys me is that Bell would demand that their customers divuge their account numbers and passwords to strangers on the other end of an on-line chat connection. Identity theft is a serious matter and companies like Bell should be setting a better example by encourageing their customers to be very careful. This suggests to me that Bell's management - at least parts of it - are made up of people who show very poor judgement.

  • Bl
    bloodymary_cr26 Sep 21, 2009

    I completely agree with you! The fact that a chat representative requests this type of information is so risky! There are a lot of hackers and identity thieves so...better careful with that! The 310-bell should work correctly instead of sending you to another company's phone number. So, that is Bell's problem, they have to change their phone system!!! Good luck next time...

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terrible billing

Unfortunately, I was trapped in hands of one of the bell representatives who offered me an attractive deal of 59$ including taxes for my home phone, long distance and internet.When I received the bill of $117, I called bell customer services .They told me to pay just $90.I asked them why should I pay 90 bucks when I got deal of $59 including taxes.Then they transferred me to customer loyality department.I asked them to hear the recorded phone conversation when i was told 59.oo including taxes for the bundle package.Then they said ok your case is under investigation.Hopefully it will be solved soon.Now I received the bill of $253.00.Its terrible ...These people are awfull.Is there any one who can take these lairs to court.Is there any one who can check them what is going on in this"canada's largest network company".I really need help to fight against this company.

  • Si
    SIBr Jan 08, 2010

    I have been having a very similar problem with Bell since THEY CALLED ME in April and immediately (as I can now know by hindsight) began lying about their packages and rates if I would come over. Not once has my bill resembled anything like what I was quoted. I've asked them so far three times to cancel my account, I've asked them to review the recording of my contract, and I too have been told that it'll be investigated, only to be charged through the nose again on the next bill. I agree completely. There has to be a way to sue these blatantly lying rip-off artists. Actually, I think civil court is too good for them. This is criminal. How can there be no laws against this in a country like Canada? They should be put in prison.

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  • He
    Headrush69 Mar 22, 2010

    Same issue here. All I ordered was basic phone package for $29.95+ taxes a month. My first bill was for $177 an that included NO long distance charges!!

    When i phoned and asked they said it was phone rental deposit which I would be credited $100 next bill for. WTF, that means I'm paying $14 taxes either way and I do not have a single phone from them, and even then the bill is $77 which is way more than $30.

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