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terrible service all around

I think their website should be hell.ca. There are so many examples of poor technical service, poor customer...

long distance phone charges

Attention all long distance phone users:

Please check your phone bill to see if you are paying exorbitant long distance phone charges. I recently uncovered the fact that my elderly in-laws were paying approximately $100 per month in long distance charges for calls that were made in ontario only. They were on bell's old first rate plan whereby long distance savings only kicked in after 6:00 p. M. And on weekends. Unfortunately, due to several illnesses in the family, my in-laws had to make calls prior to 6:00 p. M., which is why their bill was so high every month. Bell now has a new plan, which costs $14.95 per month for unlimited 24/7 calling in ontario. They also have another plan, which covers canada and the u. S. For only $19.95 per month.in addition, there is a monthly activation fee (Under $5.00) per month for either plan. This savings alone is huge for my in-laws, especially since they are on a fixed income.

Please check with your elderly parents, aunts and uncles etc. To make sure they are not paying too much for their long distance phone charges. Bell won't call them to explain the new plans, they have to call bell and make the change. We need to protect and respect our elders, so please pass this message on.

  • Ve
    Very unhappy Bell customer Dec 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think Bell Canada deliberately structures their plans to maximize their profits. When they do their telephone soliciting to change plans, they fail to make actual costs to many locations transparent. Even their bills sometimes fail to reflect per minute rates, when at times the per minute rate exceeds $2.00 per minute for overseas calls. In the absense of easy to contact bell personal who have the authority to resolve these types of issues easily, I recommend a long distant company like Yak a Lot that charges no monthly fees (Bell charges a monthly rate that varies according to the chosen plan), and makes call rates completely transparent. http://www.yak.ca/product/yak-long-distance/great-rates I'd suggest you programme your parent's phone handsets with the access code so they can pay 24/7 rates to the US and Canada of .3.5 cents.

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harrasment not to cancel telephone service

September 22, 2008 I called Bell Canada to cancel my second telephone line. I was asked security questions such as account numbers, name, address, etc. which I answered all. While on the phone I was forwarded to another person where I was asked the same questions, and she kep asking more irrelevant questions which I could not answer precisely such as the exact date four years ago when I set-up the account. And then she kept asking why I was terminating the service, and that she could offer better packages. She then told me that she could not cancel the service because I could not answer security questions. I said I will hang up and find exact dates she needed, but she eventually gave up on me and agreed to cancel the service. I told her that she was trying her best tactics to discourage me from cancelling the service. Bell Canada hired people to harass subscribers not to cancel service. If you know where else can I complain, please let me know.

  • Jo
    Joeanne Maracle Sep 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a very upset customer at this point... I just hung up my phone from a Bell agent...
    My complaint is that Bell Canada has entered my bank account AGAIN illegally and withdrew
    my telephone bill. This is not the first time this has happened.
    My sympatico internet service is automatically withdrawn on a monthly basis BUT my phone
    bill, I pay through web banking... Yet there was no authorization on my part to withdraw this
    payment, it happened in the amount of $90.41. It was quite a shock this morning when I went into my
    bank account to find this withdrawal...
    We have been customers for the past 24 years and if this is the way that you do business, well maybe I should be shopping around for someone else.
    This man that I was talking to this morning said that myself or my husband had made the request...
    My husband DOES NOT USE the internet and he DOES NOT PAY THE BILLS... I do.
    He told me to contact my bank because this was their mistake BUT my bank is going to tell me that the authorization came from you people... I DID NOT GIVE AUTHORIZATION TO WITHDRAW THIS BILL!!!
    As you can tell, I am furious right now after spending 20 minutes on the phone about this matter and he would not give me a head office number but after telling him that I would go on the internet and retrieve it, he came back after leaving me on hold for 3 or 4 minutes and gave me an e-mail address... I will also be sending this letter to that one too.. Making sure that I get to the proper people... I am soooo upset right now...

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  • No
    Norry Kaler Oct 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello, I have had the same problems with Bell, they recenlty changed my plan (mobile) telling me that I had the exact same features as I did when I moved from Calgary to Halifax with Bell. I found out they cancelled everything, took all my features and have created so many problems for me, I've spent over 6 hours on the phone, and the worst thing is I'm not exaggerating. They said I can't talk to a supervisor, etc.etc..

    It is the worst service I have ever seen or heard of, problem is they are all the same, now I dont' know how to get out of my contract!
    Good luck to all o f you, I don't think Bell cares, this is why monopolies and big corporate giants should be open to competition.

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ridiculously bad customer service

I've just gotten off the phone with Bell and am shocked at how bad the customer service was...even in...

Resolved bad service

I was a customer of bell's sympatico internet service from december 2006 to april 2008. Had a one year contract originally and never renewed it, so my contract expired in december 2007, right?

In february 2008, I got my bill and it was DOUBLE the usual amount! (Well, got my bill is probably wrong seeing as bell canada refused to ever send me a bill, until march 2008 they said it was not possible to send me a bill since i only had the internet with them, insetead they took the money off my credit card)

When I called to find out why, I was made to wait for over half an hour, to find out that the plan I was on no longer existed, and that they had switched me automatically to a plan with 3gig of download for the price that I had been paying for unlimited, when I had gone over my new limit every month that I had the service!

The fee for the extra download was what changedmy bill. After calling several times, I was able to get one customer service agent to remove the extra fees, give me a comparable plan that I had before and some compensation money. At that point I decided to accept it, and that when I moved in april I would change providers.

When I contacted them on the internet in march 2008 to have my service cancelled, they wanted to charge me a 25$ DISACTIVATION fee! And, they said that it took 30 days to disactivate my service and that I would have to pay for the service during that time. I calmly told them that it wasnt happening, and that my service was to be cancelled the next day, and the reasons again why I was cancelling. I also told them that I was calling my bank and telling my bank to withhold all payments to them on my credit card pending my approuval. The charges were dropped and my account closed the very next day! :)

The following month, I got a bill for 100$, a cancellation fee. Even though I had no contract they tried that. In the end, I was able to get a check from them in the amount of 126.75$, how htey came to that I have no idea, but since it is money that they gave me, I call it a mental duress fee that I charged them!

Bell canada is one of the most fraudulent companies I have ever delt with. To get my check, I had to wait 6 weeks, or talk to the refunds dept. When I asked to be talk to a manager or a supervisor, I was told that they had none working that day, and when I asked to be tranfered to the refund dept, they told me that that dept had no phone extention! A phone company htat has no managers, no supervisors and a dept with no phone service... What kind of idiots do they think their customers are to believe that!??

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not honouring contract - to affliliate

In August of 07 our family was transferred from Saskatoon to Calgary. We had one cell phone 3-yr contract with Sask Tel Mobility at the time. It was no trouble to cancel the contract as long as we transferred to an affiliate - which in this case was Bell Mobility.
So we did, but not only did we transfer, we added 3 more phones for a total of 4 and signed-on for another 3 yr contract.
At the time, and apparently up until about July 08 - (not sure because to my knowledge I had received no notice of any change in that regard), Bell reciprocated the same affiliation with Sask Tel.
In late August of 08 our family was unexpectedly transferred back to Saskatoon from Calgary. When we enquired and attempted to change plans, after many confused conversations both on my part and that of Bell Client Service staff; we were finally told that Sask Tel was no longer an affiliate of Bell Mobility. And thus we would be required to pay a cancellation charge of $800 per phone. When I pursued the issue, after several explanations and attempts to understand- through various levels of staff, I was told that they would (so honourably) reduce that charge to half. And to add insult to injury, I was told that I could not cancel, as of that time, I had to give 30 days notice, essentially meaning I had to pay yet another month's fee. Is it just my naivety or does this translate into a serious lack of integrity on the part of a well known and established company?

  • Lk
    lkelly Sep 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My apology. . . The cancellation fee was $400 per phone. The (so honourably) reduced charge to me would be $800 (1/2 the original).

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  • Ew
    EW Sep 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I sympathize with you and how angry you must feel. I just absolutely hate dealing with this company and swear never to go back to them again regardless. Initially I didn't leave them because of any bad experience but after leaving they charged me a huge fee (although not as bad as yours) which they never told me about when I asked before leaving. They are totally unprofessional, unscrupulous, and very dishonest in the way they conduct business i.e. they'll tell you one thing, then another person would renege on it or give you a total new line of BS. I just hate those as*holes, every single one of those low lives. So, what are you going to do? Are you going to actually pay them to save your sanity or fight it? In the end, unfortunately, you are at their mercy otherwise they'll screw with your credit rating. Canadians would be better served if they just go bankrupt.

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  • Ch
    Charla Nov 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have never dealt with such rude people in all my life. My husband and I purchased the phones so that we could stay in contact while he was out West working. Well at first the bills were fine I received a bill for $900.00 dollars and couldn't make heads or tails out of it. I called about 6 times until someone called me back, it took them a week to figure out they over charged me by about 550.00. The best part was it took me to explain to two different people that there was something wrong and someone needed to look into it. We are looking to close out the accounts but it will cost 700.00 to close out both phones but the last bill I received was "oh yes 1200.00" Customer service my ###

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  • Wj
    wjkish May 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a very long time customer at Bell and a very strong proponent of their service(s). Today however, that has changed to the point where Bell is the last company in the world I would do business with. Liars and cheaters - that has been my experience with this company.
    Disclosure is a vulgar concept to Bell - just to get the terms of my contract has been a horrific experience, so much so, I have had to make a complaint to the Complaints commission to get someone to address my concerns.
    For the life of me, I cannot understand why it is so difficult to get a coherent, consistent, and reasonable response to my question(s) like among others - what are the terms of my contract!
    They tell you on the phone what they think you want to hear and then absolutely refuse to give you anything in writing (other than your bill) and hide behind what they call privacy. Well I am the CUSTOMER and do I not have a right to know what my contract is how they arrive at the charges, they do, and how they can change my contract terms – like its length without disclosing any of it to me!
    How they can get away with the things they do is beyond me but this much I can say. I take every opportunity to tell friends, relatives, coworkers, and customers to stay away from that company. Proudly I can say that I have personally influenced many people to switch from Bell to other companies for service. Maybe in their infinite wisdom Bell will eventually figure out that cheating people out of their money will only last so long. My guess though – considering their arrogance they will bleed a slow death to bankruptcy before that realization occurs to them.
    Never again will this shithole company get my confidence or my money.

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final bill

Some many, many, many months ago, I returned Bell Canada's Tv/Cable receiver thru Purolator. Employees at the cable/tv department confirmed that they have received the receiver but still was billed for the receiver for the amount of $ 191.something which represents the amount of the receiver. I called them many many times about it. They said that every thing's Okay and that they will send me thru mail the final bill which is $0.00 balance. I told them that I need it to clear my name in the credit bureau. They said yes. It will be ready in 4 weeks time. After 4 weeks had elapsed, I called Bell Canada again but this time, I called the customer service. Again, they assured me that they will mail the final bill. I told them to check the final bill and the guy at the customer service said " nothing to worry as everything is $ 0.00 balance ". I asked them " how long will it take them to mail it to me. They said 4 weeks. Again, I waited for another 4 weeks but nothing came up. I e-mailed them a couple of times and a guy named Roy Aditi answered me indirectly. I told this guy " Is it the policy of Bell to Delay sending final bill if you opted out of Bell? Just imagine a bill is all I need. Is it hard for an organization like Bell Canada to send out a final bill to one of it's former client? Or they want me back again. Are they so desperate enough to use this kind of strategy. Is Bell Canada using lazy, incompetent, indifferent and do nothing guys as employees? All I need is my FINAL BILL, that's all.

  • Ou
    outraged May 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you know what I am glad that it is not only me has a complain about bell canada.
    I really regret going back to them.It is easy for them to forward your name to collection agency and screw up your name.
    I just wished that there is someone that can bring this issue with bell to the politicians or someone who can help us as a customer so that they will start to change there system.

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home connection and plus

In May 2008, we talked to a bell representative. because were moving from Ottawa to frankford ontario. He gave us a packaged for the new home phone + the express vue + internet "wireless with the antivirus" 3 months or 12.00$ and 119.00$ for 1 year and 129.00 for the second year. We agree with the plan and made arrangement for the connection to new house on the 31 July 2008. A week prior of the moving date, I contacted bell canada to make a change for the connection on the 1 of August 08 with a confirmation#... that I guess so they told me is no good for a reference. Anyway on the 31 of July, the Internet rep. came to the house since we were not ready for him we turn him down because first we did not have a phone and we were getting our furniture. On the 1 st of August we spent about 2and half hour on the cell phone in regards of getting our home phone connection + transferring to about 7 agent when my cell phone connection hang-up . Anyway they told us: No... this will not be possible because they are too busy... they will be there on the 6th of august. We waited all day on the 6th... nobody came. We call again... there is a problem with your phone lines, we have to send engineer because there is not enough phone lines for your area... How long this will take? It will be done by the 20th of Aug 08. OK!!! not to impress but I will wait. 20 of August, nothing. Call Bell Canada again... 2 hour later of fighting with the rep. we ask to talk with a Technical Rep. Which she told us the work as been done and someone would be at my house tomorrow to connect my home phone ligne up. 21 of august, finally someone showed up and it took him about 30 minutes... not even... and he told us that the connection were there but they were so bad that they had to change them. OK... this is not what we were told at the beginning of this... We were told that there was not enough connection in our sub-division because someone had 8 lines in there house and someone else had 5 connections and thats why we did not have one but now the story change!!! UMM!!! Anyway I got the phone today but I got an other issue with Bell. They had promise me with a wireless router + antivirus in my package. Well... I did not get it and I guess I will not get it anyway... We spent an other 2 hour and half with them..up to some manager... and they were not willing to help us out.. I just which it will happen to them and make them realize how frustrating this is. My dad is far away from me and he is very sick and the only thing I need from him is a phone call so When you don't have phone and even your cell phone doesn't work well it is very painful. I would like to suggest a better way of providing service so no one will be stock like it happen to us. Before heyou agree or any company offer you something to ensure you have it on paper or by e-mail that you are able to go back of what was offer to you... Also this miss representation from bell and I'm very disappointed by the way I was threaten. I was told that I was lying about the package... I would not spent 2 hour and half on the phone arguing if I was!!! They are the one that lie to me and in about 2 year from now because I'm stock!!! They will not see me again in there customer list for sure... They are the worse company that ever dealt with in my life. HO!! I was forgetting they were going to bill me from the 21 of July 08. Which on that date, I did not own a house yet, so go figure how mix up they are!!! Anyway I which someone up there will understand why I'm writing this and understand. It has been hell and its not finished I still have an issue with my cell phone but this will not last long as I'm done in September and I'm not going with bell again. I have friends in the same boat then us but it is worse for them. They are still waiting for there phone line and I guess as they were told it just need from someone to push the button at the main office at 54 kings St. Isn't that terrible when you have been waiting for over 3 weeks that the only thing they need to do is this and they will not do it... It just piss me off. I'm done with Bell.

  • Ra
    Radhika Aug 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    our landline no is 9044597059
    and our problem is dialtone is not activated from morning, i can only recieve calls but cannot make any calls
    will u please solve our problem

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  • Mi
    Michelle B Nov 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The exact same situation is currently happening to me. Except the home had a phoneline a week before we moved in. Now we are getting this story.

    I have had it with this company!

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no customer service

I purchased a HTC phone because of its features. My first phone had problems within the first week of purchase and was replaced. This was the same for the next 4 replacements I received within 3 months. I contacted cust serv inquiring about replacing the HTC with a diff phone; the rep told me that other customers had the same problems and i was able to get a new phone in the store. at the store, the rep told me that i was unable to receive a diff phone and that i would have to contact cust serv on my own time. The next day i contacted them and was told the rep i had spoken to had no knowledge of procedures and had given me the wrong information, and were unable to honor their word into giving me a new phone. I filed a formal complaint, as their policy would require for them to send me a HTC phone monthly during a 3-year period, because of the technical problems that the HTC had. I was contacted by a rep at the executive office named Noushin Tuncer, and was assured that she would solve my problem and send me a new diff phone within a week. A week later, I was contacted by another rep from BELL asking if i had received the phone, after I told him I had not, he realized that they had not in fact sent the phone to me. He assured me that it would be sent the same day. Next day i received a package with a phone and spent 10 hrs trying to activate the new phone; and realized that all the features i had paid for were not available to me. I called cust serv to contact with Ms. Tuncer and the rep was rude and offered to transfer me to Bell Canada. I asked to talk with her manager and she transferred me to a closed bell Canada office, after being on hold for 20 minutes. The next day I called Ms. Tuncer directly and left her a voicemail explaining that i had received the phone but that i was not content with it as it was not what i had paid for and signed up for with BELL, I also asked her to contact me ASAP. 2 weeks later, the voicemail now said that she would be away from her office, with the incorrect date and it was full. Its now a month since i have received the phone, the contact # only informs me that the voicemail is full, and then hangs up. The CSR directly emailed Ms. Tuncer requesting her to contact me. The problems with this new phone extend from not being able to receive calls to the lack of applications and features that i had purchased and signed a contract for. I have contacted the cancellations dept spoke to Abe empl #6021230 and explained me that the cancellation fee cannot be waved when i personally know of other customers who have in fact done it. As a 3-year old BELL customer, I am unsatisfied with the answers provided by bell Canada. Their lack of commitment to loyal customers who just want a decent service to be provided to them. I have spent most of my time trying to reach someone who can help me and restore the agreed contract as they refuse to take responsibility for the changes that the new phone makes to the agreement. Under their own terms and conditions i should have been notified if any changes would be made to my bell contract or the features of the device provided. This has not been the case; BELL has continuously avoided to follow through with their contract terms.

  • Va
    Valerie Schneider Oct 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the fact that there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. We have been "dealing" with Bell for 6 months with a phone that my daughter purchased for a large amount of money, but has not worked since day one. Because of school exams she did not go back with the first 15 hours and so we are stuck with this piece of junk that has had to go in for repair 3 times and be reset by calling into Bell who knows how many times. You are lucky that you were able to get a new phone. We keep getting told: "We don't give out new phones." "We don't sell phones - they belong to Motorola" . I have asked to speak to a supervisor and have yet to speak to one. We were told we could get a new phone if we sign another 36 month contact. I have, in the end and out of frustration, threatened them and yelled at what a crappy company they are, but these people are like zombies (probably having heard this so many times) and know that there is nothing that we can do if they don't want to provide customer service. Three other people came into the store with similar stories while I was standing there trying to get them to listen to what I have to say and not repeating gibberish to me.

    I hate this company - don't sign up with them - you will be sorry. Will someone let me know if they were successful at all with this company in either a) not paying your bill b)getting better customer service.

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  • Ki
    kimberly Doiron Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I understand your issue. I have been dealing with Bell for 3-4 months now regarding the HTC touch phone. There has been poor customer service throughout the entire issue. I have little to no reception with my phone. They have sent me a new phone with NO difference . I am paying for a phone that DOESN"T WORK. I have no home phone and feel unsafe without a working phone. I AM EXTREMELY DISPLEASED with this service/phone.

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  • Ro
    Robert Morvan Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I read all these stories, which are similar to mine. What is the outcome of thse stories? Surely someone can tell me what can be done. Why is the Consumer Protection Agency not going after Bell?

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  • Gr
    grantfromBC Jan 29, 2009

    Exact same problem with the HTC Touch, its so damn frustrating I can't even express it, I just wanna snap!! Been dealing with this non sense since august, on my 3rd phone, and its now been 4 months without another replacement, stuck with a cheap loner phone, I feel like a damn fool for believing them the 15 times they told me my new phone was on its way, I don't even know what the hell I can do, I feel so helpless its not even funny!! I had to move since I filed the warrenty claim, since I lost my job, theres a Bell where I live now too, but they told me I have to fly back to the Bell where I purchased the phone to deal with it in person, WTF, $800 flight return? Ya f*uckin right!!! What the hell planet am I on Seriously!! Arghhh!!!

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wrongfully billed

I moved in Feb. 2007 and moved my Bell services with me, up to that time I had no complaint. The first bill in my new house was wrong! Each subsequent bill has also been wrong, numerous phone calls later we have had some credits issued but still haven't received all credits due nor have we been billed correctly. We finally decided to cancel all services with Bell, to our dismay we discovered a 2 year contract for Express View of which we were unaware. Since there is a $300.00 cancelation fee, we decided to stick it out, actually spoke to someone who gave us a credit long overdue and we cleared our account to $0, this was in June of 2008. Yesterday (1 month later) we discovered our channels were disconnected and we called Bell only to be told we owe $456.00, how this is possible I have no idea! I am also fresh out of ideas on how to fix this issue. I will never have any doings with Bell after my contract runs out.

  • Ch
    Chris Smith Sep 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had exactly the same experiences with Bell in all services... I hear the same stories from everybody I know...
    Their customer service sucks... I had the problem of phone numbers of people I don't even know showing up on my cell phone bill. When I called these numbers, the people had no idea who I was or anybody I know. I called Bell about this problem and told them that I don't think I should be paying for calls that I know there is no possible way I made those calls, I got the run around and was kept on the phone for over an hour while they tried to convince me that I or some one I know must have called those numbers... I got absolutely no where and this continued to happen, with more and more unrecognisable numbers showing up on bill, until my bill was up to over $800. When I called them and told them that I refuse to pay the bill they sent me another bill of $1200 to close the contract. I cancelled my contract and got rid of all my Bell services and I will never deal with Bell again.

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calling cards

My parents have recently returned to Bell after a short association with another company. Bell was very happy to have them and their $100+ per month back. Everything was just as it was, with one big exception. When I call them using a prepaid long distance calling card (purchased from a reputable company) my call goes directly to a voice mail box that DOES quote their area code and number but ISN'T their v-mail box. My sister tried for days to get through to them from overseas and got the same phantom voice mail. Needless to say, if I dial directly the call goes through no problem. If I use the same LD calling card to call someone else, the calls go through fine, so it's not the card.

And we aren't the only ones that this is happening to. Friends and relatives have called and left messages, in some cases important messages, on the phantom v-mail. There's no indication from Bell that calls have been diverted and
Mum & Dad don't have access to that v-mail box so the calls are missed.

Bell keeps insisting that there is something wrong with my parents' lines or phones and have sent 3 separate repair people out to have a look. They didn't find any problem and reported such to their masters. Bell then informs my parents that their problem is fixed. It's still happening of course. When my parents called again today, Bell offered to send yet another repair person out, refusing to accept their that the problem is not in the house or admit they are blocking or diverting calls from pre-paid calling cards.

Has anybody else experenced anything like this? Can anybody suggest a solution?

  • Jg
    jgill Oct 26, 2009

    I have a somewhat similar problem. My son, who is Canadian, was arrested on a misdemeanour charge in the U.S. He regularly calls collect - up until last Sat. Oct. 24, I was able to accept his calls. But lo and behold as of Sunday when he tried to call, he got a voice recording "collect calls are restricted on this phone". I placed a repair call to Bell last evening and this a.m. was advised by Bell in India, that the problem had been fixed - it hasn't been. I spent all day today on the phone with Bell customer service reps and all were either in India or Manilla (Phillipines) and hard to understand. Another repair was requested as the first one had been closed, since the problem had apparently been fixed. I even called the Executive Offices of Bell and left 3 messages at different times throughout the day - no response. As a last resort, I dialed O for the operator and got to speak to someone in Montreal (at least I could understand him), all he could tell me was that there was no block evident on my home phone line and he could see the repair request on his computer and all I could do was wait until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow to see if the problem had been fixed.
    My brother had the same problem last week and after 18 phone calls to Bell, they finally were able to fix it. Apparently, when he signed up for the Bell bundle service, he was issued an identical phone line with a different phone # which could be used as an office phone to fax, etc. My son is able to call him on that phone line. When my brother complained last week that I was able to accept collect calls on my home phone line and he wasn't, Bell asked for my phone #, which my brother gave. Makes you wonder if they removed the service off my phone and transferred the service to him??? Who knows. I totally share your frustration.

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scam and cheating

My Phone blew to pieces in an accident. I was already finished my contract and on a month to month basis. I...

cannot get service to my land line

I have phoned Bell Canada Repair, and was told that someone
would come to my home and check for the problem, nobody came. (1st request)

Phoned a second time and was told repair would be dropping in.
Nobody came(2nd request)

Went to Bell store and Eastgate Mall in Hamilton On Canada and was treated by a very rude young man who said he could not help me. He dismissed me as if I was a bother,

I am a Senior Citizen and I thought your service was considered essential. I guess I was wrong.

For years I have been a Bell customer, I have your Inter Net & Dish, and land line.

I am now going to have to cancel my service because I am without my land line, and I am in poor health and need to be able to contact my Doctor.


Agnes Niziol


On April 8, 2008 a Bell telemarketer called me at home to offer me 3 months of free phone service and 5 cents long distant any time minute to North America and Hong Kong. After 3 months my phone bill would be $17.95 per month, after one year my phone bill would be $22.95 per month if I agreed to return to Bell. I accepted his offer and agreed to have the Bell technician to come in on April 17, 2008 to reconnect to the Bell line in my home. He assigned a confirmation #[protected] to this conversation.
My first phone bill received on May 12 was $126.21, with $ 65.51 for 302 long distant minutes. After numerous phone calls to Bell and talked to five different staff in two occasions, finally on June 5 someone by the name of Marg agreed to assign an investigation into this issue and provided me with an investigation #5493893 and promised a report in five days. On June16, a message left on my home phone to inform me that I was not qualify for the three months free service because I only have one feature on my phone, I need to have at least three features to qualify for the three months free service. I am really disappointed to hear this message and admired Bell's inovative way to trick customers into their trap. At this moment I feel helplless in terms of getting Bell to honour their offer and committment. Any suggestions is appreciated.

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    Shiyam Oct 18, 2008
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    Bell is horrible in this area. I am not a Rogers fan. But they offer exactly what they promise. In Bell, the person who talk to you will have no idea what was promised to you. In rogers, if you call them any time, they will know what promotion you are under, so it is easy to solve an issue if there is one. Also, if you dont like rogers you can break the deal as there is no contract.

    I made a hugs mistake by signing a contract with Bell. Every week I fight with them to get some thing solved and it never happens.

    I am sorry, there is no solution to it. I am thinking of taking mine to my local MP, if nothing is solved in teh end of the month.

    That's all I can think of.


    Shiyam Sundarananda

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charging for services not rendered

Since Bell Canada Sympatico could not provide me in my rural area with high speed internet service as the CRTC mandated them to do I jumped at the first chance to sign up with a new company that could. using radio tower technology. I got it up and running and phoned Sympatico to cancel my ancient slow dial up service. They informed me that it would take a month... A MONTH to meet my request and that I would be charged for that month.

I now must pay for a month of service that I cannot physically access and dont want to use. Talking to the supervisor was to no avail. They justssay
"it is their policy". I call it theft and fraud. Perhaps a class action suit would change their policy.

It has inspired me to investigate Vonage, now that I have the high speed that Bell could not provide and I will be free of bell once and for all.

mystery charges

My own Bell tale (apparently everyone in Canada has at least one.) I had a $95 (approx.) long distance call one month, back when I had Bell because there was no other choice! to a place I'd never heard of. So I called, and immediately get some comment like "oh ya, that's a big problem right now. You dialed something through your internet and got charged through a 3rd party billing." Then I was informed that regardless of the nature, nor the fact that they were obviously aware of this 'scam' or problem, that I was responsible for all charges on my bill. I'm fairly computer savvy, and take reasonable security precautions. After many back and forth arguments, I was offered a $20 credit, not as an admission of guilt on Bell's behalf, but (I quote the rep verbatim) because "I'm being nice to you, and you obviously can't afford the charges, but you are responsible for your bill." I said I wanted full credit; smart guy then says "Well, we won't do it, and if you don't want at least the $20 credit, then that's your loss." Probably not even a month after that, another local provider went active in my area, and I switched phone service right away. I never did pay the disputed amount, and it has been dragging through collections limbo for years. It hopefully has cost them far more than it' worth, and I'll maybe settle it with a 3rd party, as long as I know Bell won't get squat. They still continually call and write me with promos they are offering though!

bell canada's automated messaging

On May 28, 2008 I received a call from the automated service from Bell, asking me to hold the line and that a french message would follow, after listening to their message for ten minutes I tried to hang up the phone to call them back to find out what seemed to be the problem. No luck. When I tried to dial out I still was listening to Bell Canada is trying to reach you... a french message will follow. How long does it take Bell Canada reps to contact me? I have been on hold with their techs for less time. I am finishing this to call an emergency outgoing number, from my pharmacy five minutes away. Thanks to Bell Canada. My money working hard for them. Hello Bell? What if it were your children who needed the emergency help? And please, no apology will EVER make up for this one.

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    charity Feb 06, 2009
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    Bell Canada sucks!

    They are rude, unhelpful, I am appaulled with them.
    Quick true story! My phone wasn't working at all I call bell they tell me they will send someone out to fix it. They never did.Next!

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Resolved promotional offer from bell canada

On October 27, 2007, I received a call from a representative from Bell Canada. A bell representative asked me...

Resolved bell. ca withdrew pre-authorized payment, when never authorized

In Early March, 2008, I had made a complete payment for my current balance and notified Bell of the transaction. On April 2nd, Bell withdrew the exact funds from my account through a preauthorized payment setup.

At no point have I signed up for preauthorized payments. I never consented to funds being withdrawn automatically from my account under any circumstances.

The withdrawal took place minutes before my rent payment (which IS preauthorized) was to come out; putting my account into overdraft.

If my account balance was zero, why did they withdraw the same amount as my last payment which had already been received? How were they able to access my account to withdraw the funds without my permission? If a signature was used, what signature was it (as it was certainly not mine; and preauthorize actions on this account require my signature)?

Bell claims that it is impossible that I did not agree to a preauthorize payment. They refuse to take responsibility for this action. They would not even admit fault at withdrawing an amount which has already been paid in full 3 weeks earlier.

Bell should additionally cover my overdraft fees, or provide some sort of apology for obviously violating my rights.

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    D.H. Smith May 16, 2008
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    For preauthorized debit problems, see the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada information at: http://www.acfc.gc.ca/eng/consumers/FAQs/QAView.asp?id=249

    It may be helpful...


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    nathalie Sep 18, 2008
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    Hi, I just myself was looking at my husband's bank account and realized that there was a charge, an authorized payment that had gone through from bell canada as opposed to bell sympatico which is the only service we have ever authorized them for. So I proceeded to call them and all they could tell me is that someone (my husband) would have had to authorize this with his signature. I know he never did this because I was always the one to pay the home phone bill manually through my account not his. And that suited him fine. He only had to worry about the internet. Could this be a ploy for bell to make sure all the bills are paid? Totally illegal... without autorization. Now that they have done this are they also going to automatically withdraw for the cell phone too. I am still dealing with this, have to go see the bank. They seem to think they can do whatever they want once they have your bank account number. There has to be a lot of other people dealing with this???/

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terrible customer service and language barrier!

I understand that Bell Canada now has call centers in central Asia. If they are going to send jobs overseas, perhaps they could ensure that there employees speak English. After nearly 90 minutes on the phone last Friday, trying to sort out my Internet account... (I had Wimax installed that morning, however when I called Bell that afternoon to find out why it wasn't working, they advised my account had been terminated... that's another story...)... I was eventually transferred to a gentleman who obviously didn't finish in the top half of his "English as a second language class".

As the Bell customer service rep read me my new account number, the exchange went something like this:

Bell: “B” as in bob
Me: Yes
Bell: “one”
Me: Yes
Bell: “Y” as in unicorn
Me: Sorry….”Y” or “U”
Bell: Yes…..”Y” as in “you”
Me: Sorry, I just want to make sure I’ve got it right…are you saying “Y” or “U”
Bell: (now becoming impatient)…..”Y”…”Y”……as in unicorn
Me: Do you mean “Y” as in yellow….or “U” as in unicorn
Bell: Oh…sorry…yes…….”Y” as in yellow….
Me: Ok….got it thanks
Bell: Next letter…..”J” as in George
Me: Sorry….”J” or “G”…..
Bell: (even more impatient)……”J”….”J” as in George….
Me: Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but would it be possible to speak with someone who speaks better English
Bell: I’ll put you though to customer service

After nearly 25 minutes on hold, the line finally went dead...

After calling back, and spending another 45 minutes on the phone, the problem was eventually worked out….(I hope)……My total “Bell experience” this time…..2 hours, 45 minutes….

I truly believe that hell is not actually fire and brimstone, but a Bell Canada call-loop…..and that the devil is not named Lucifer, but “Emily, the automated attendant…”

Thanks for letting me vent,

A. Taylor
Ontario, Canada

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    valari fanson Jul 23, 2008
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    i hear you. just got off the phone after calling twice and being put on hold 4 x's, each call took 20 and 27 minutes out of my life.
    i have never complained on anything like this but damn. i have two bell vu receivers and therefore two remotes for these receivers. one remote was replaced (free of charge 6 months ago - i have satellite care) and i needed the other remote replaced. i knew it would take some time to get this info to the gentleman on the other end of the phone, so after 20 minutes of explaining what was wrong he told me that i needed to get a new one and it would cost me. i told him i already had satellite care and he proceeded to tell me that i did not have satellite care. i then called the billing department and told another east indian fellow what had happened and he put me on hold twice to check it out (like i was lying) Do these two departments not have access to the same computer info on customers?? it turned out that i do have satellite care DUH!!! it just makes me mad that i have to ask them to repeat, repeat, repeat what they are saying in order to understand them. its a crime to be able to speak proper english in canada, apparently.
    thanks for listening, like this complaint will do any good anyway...makes me feel better

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    Donna Aug 17, 2008

    Everyone should think twice before using bell, they too cancelle my account saying that I didn't pay my bill the bill was dated Aug 6 and they cancelled my service Aug 12 the payment wasn't even due until Aug 26. Here's the thing when I when to log into my e-mail a message came up saying that my account was closed because of "concerns over a violation of use" they made me out to be a criminal. So to make a long story short I had unlimted internet access but Bell is trying to change that so what they do is close you account for no reason and when you try and sort it out and they re-open it they say OH by the way you don't that have unlimted internet access anymore because you service was closed and re-opened. Very sneaky. Anyway I'm cancelling my payment and looking somewhere else.

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  • Ih
    ihateautomation Feb 23, 2009

    Just a quick suggestion if you are having problems with customer service agents that do not speak clear English... when first entering automation hell... select French rather than English... that will direct you to Customer Service Reps in Quebec. I do believe that all French speaking CSRs have to be bilingual, so once you get them on the phone you are at least speaking with someone in Canada, and they will more than likely have a better than fair grasp of the English language. (I have not tried this myself as of yet, but a friend suggested this to me, and she is a smart lady and I trust her.)

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  • Zx
    zxfdsf May 18, 2009

    just call during the day to all these companies, that's what i do :-)

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    E. Hansen Jun 30, 2009

    Last September I had problems with Bell satellite...there suddenly was NOTHING...not even one single channel that I had prescribed and paid for! I did get a lot of advertising on the TV, with Bell wanting me to sign up for movie channels, sports channels etc. to add on to my suddenly non-existing satellite service.
    In total, over 12 days, I spoke to 8 technicians, and a manager in a Bell store spoke to 4 technicians. After the 4th time of going to the Bell store for help, and slamming their phone down when a technician refused, again, to cancel my non-existing service that nobody seemed to know how to fix, but instead kept doing exactly the same thing the other 11 so-called technicians had done to "fix" it, I walked out of the store in tears! After I had left, the manager got on the phone and this time insisted there had to be something else they could do to fix it...voila, after 12 technicians, they tried something different and I had my channels back!
    28 days later, the same thing happened again. Unknown to me, after refusing my request to cancel the service when none of them could fix it, then finally got it fixed...they cancelled it! I waited 3 months where I deducted the cost for satellite when paying my phone bill, and not one person called or wrote to ask why I was not paying the full bill. I finally called StarChoice and signed up with them. It was another 2 months later before I found out Bell had cancelled it. To top it off, Bell satellite had asked me, through the store manager, to let them send out a repairman, and if the problem was not at my end, they would give me a credit on the "repair" bill...which they did not do, even though the repair man called (from my house) and told them there's nothing wrong with my receiver, the smart-card, or my TV...he told them the problem is at THEIR end.

    The Bell satellite supervisor then had the audacity to say to the repairman, "Well tell her to buy a new receiver anyway"!
    Talk about disgusting service people working at Bell!
    The repairman relayed the message but told me NOT to buy another receiver because I did not need to!

    Looking at this month bill...and then at last month's..., I realized that they have added a cost of $9.95 to my phone bill. I used to have 1000 minutes per month of long distance service to anywhere in Canada and the U.S., for something like $5.95, then in May I got a call telling me they no longer offered that service, but can offer a similar service for $9.95.
    I declined, telling the Lady I do not make enough calls to want that service, so NO I did not want it.

    This year alone, my phone/Internet bill have gone up by something like a couple of dolars at least 3 times, so I didn't really think much of it when last month's bill was considerably higher...now I know! They added $9.95 plus tax...for the long distance service I had specifically declined! I unknowingly paid for it last month, but there's no way in h..l I am paying again.
    I'm now going to search for another phone service. I've already signed up with a new internet service. Unfortunately, where I live I may not be able to receive phone service from anyone but Bell, so may have to buy a cell phone!
    But I can live with that until I can move to the city!
    Anything to be free of Bell, for good!

    A soon-to-be former Bell customer!

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    Ang13 Jun 03, 2010

    90% of my calls are dropped, 1/10 text messages I send are returned to me. I tried to activate a new phone that 2 employees of Bell CONFIRMED would work with their service, I spent an hour in the Bell store in the Eaton center only to be told it would not work. The employee there tried to tell me its because the phone was an 8 gig and not 16 - completely made up. I called bell and explained my situation, to wait on hold for 30 minute, and be told to go back to the store and try again. I for some reason agreed, and then realized that it wasnt going to be any different then the first visit i made. I requested a call back as not to wait for 30 minutes again, didnt recieve one for 4 hours, so attempted to call again. Every agent I dealt with other then the very first one was VERY rude and treated me like I was an idiot.
    At which point i requested to CANCEL my service. One agent said i could buy out of my plan for 100$... but the next one i talked to tried to offer me a BUNCH of stuff that I didnt want, and tried to offer me a phone that is worse then mine at FULL price. They said i could buy out of my contract for 250$ ... which is obsurd. They said I shoulodnt have signed a contract, and I said that they didnt hold up their part of the contract by providing Horrible service. How can someone expect to be compensated fully when they do not hold up their end of the deal? It's completely one sided. We were talking in circles and it was making me very upset so i handed the phone to my Fiance. He requested to speak to supervisor. The agent refused. My Fiance insisted, and finally we were put through to a supervisor. She proceeded to tell him that he doesnt know anything about how technology works, that not all of my calls are dropped, she specifically spoke of 1-47 minute call that I had on my record, out of HUNDREDS of calls that are dropped, and told him we are lying. He is a computer programmer, and know an ample amount about technology. She made him very upset.. Nothing was resolved. He hung up in a rage.
    I am going to try to call back once again today and speak to the highest person on staff, but I think it is going to cost me more valuable hours of my day with no results.

    Ideally I would like to take this phone I was given as a gift and get it active with a company that values their customers instead of treating them as [censor]s who give them money.
    Most other providers are offering free calling for 6 months to new customers- contract free. With BETTER AND CHEAPER service plans, and MUCH BETTER customer service.

    Horrible customer.
    HORRIBLE technical service.

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