Assurance Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Assurance Wireless USA / suspension of phone service

Jun 17, 2019

I have a government phone and Service provided by the Assurance Company. My service has been suspended since the begining of June 2019. my phone was replaced and I received the new phone I then informed the Company that I did not receive the returning envelop, I provided my po box for the...

Assurance Wireless / imx phones and customer service

Jun 10, 2019

I made the mistake of going back to assurance well I got the imx phone. Charger went out first week was told they don't replace chargers buy one. The battery would never hold more than a couple of hours charge, no need to carry it anywhere with you or use it due to this. It constantly...

Assurance Wireless / the cell phones and their customer service!

Jun 10, 2019

I received a replacement phone when I asked how much it would be to upgrade the phone I had for over 5 years! That's when all the problems started & I've never had a company be so rude and not even care about their products or services. I guess I'm lucky because I'm on welfare & don't do...

Assurance Wireless / assurance wireless cell phone

Jun 05, 2019

I received my cell phone today from Assurance of today June 5, 2019...Wednesday. I called the 1-888-321-5880 no less than FIVE TIMES!!! I cannot remove the back of this phone, which is a UMX, and nobody wanted to help me. I went through the same spiel/non instruction...

Assurance Wireless / re: a wireless phone

Jun 04, 2019

RE: Please provide customer service. Laurita Mechy 720-837-0973 My phone is charged, green light is on, and the phone seems to be dead! please refer this to someone who can help me. I do not have another phone to call you and email is a good vehicle to communicate. I was away for two...

Assurance Wireless / cell phone

May 31, 2019

I'm trying to get my phone to work and it's not and no I don't want you guys to send me a new one I don't know why but you guys have phones always do this whenever I have them and all that it always says that it's stopping everything else it's not loading nothing so I don't know what you...

Assurance Wireless / phone and customer service suck

May 29, 2019

I had an account with Assurance Wireless back in 2018 I switch to another company because the phone that they gave me was the biggest piece of crap I would ever used and when I called Assurance Wireless they kept resetting it and resetting it and refused to send me a replacement phone so I...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / unethical behaviour phone salesman

May 15, 2019

On are about March 15, 2019 Darlena A, Hill and I Floyd S, Hall went to the local Walmart located at 501 Sereno dr. Vallejo, ca. 94589 Where we approached the Assurance wireless phone salesman. The salesman told us, that we needed additional information for phone activation. We later came...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / phones

May 11, 2019

I received a phone from Assurance Wireless, the phone is extremely unreliable, this company should not be allowed to make fools out of their customers. A Barbie phone would be more reliable than thes phones. They do not make or receive calls, The first night I had the phone I was stranded...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / assurance wireless customer service

May 09, 2019

The most ignorant and rude people I have ever encountered in my 57 years! No matter how you talk to customer service they LIE to you! Only phone company wants you to send your phone in before they send you replacement so even though you are paying for service they make you do without a...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / assurance wireless androit l50 cell phone; ph.# 313-333-2742. complaint! my ph# 313-333-2742 @ 11695 griggs st. detroit, michigan 48204.

May 05, 2019

5/5/19 Cell phone new replacement 1week ago activated by Assurance Wireless. I have a senior Citizen Snap Program agreement and am up to date with account acitivity. Complaint: This replacment phone is serviced through Assurance wireless. And I cannot make calls or text messages suddenly;...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / cell phone

Apr 24, 2019

I am on my third phone in 3 weeks. These phones aren't very good. A neighbor received their phone the same day as I did and her phone has gone out once already. The customer service is horrible. Plan on being on hold in excess of 30 minutes. Assurance Wireless apparently has seen fit to...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / free cell phone

Apr 16, 2019

I have a government issued cell phone. I have been trying to contact Assurance Wireless's customer service but I'm unable to do so. Also I tried contacting Virgin Mobile with the same results. Fast busy signal and emails are undeliverable. I'm a senior citizen and really need to have a...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / ans phone

Apr 08, 2019

Phone lost service, it loses service every time I charge it. This time the service won't come back. Please send me a new phone this one is junk. Dan r damico 3993 iowa ave #116, riverside ca. 92507 n8914728 951 623 7539 this is for assurance wireless. I need a phone so please resolve quickly. —

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / lifeline

Mar 15, 2019

I was looking to replace my phone with a smartphone. I noticed on the Assurance Wireless website that the Samsung J3 Achieve was compatible with the service as they were selling the phone for $109.99. I happened to check the Virgin Mobile USA website and they had the same phone for $69.99...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / coolpad illumina 3310a

Mar 09, 2019

I had an Android ZTE that started to malfunction, so I requested a new phone and I received an ANS phone and I was unable to send or receive pictures. Assurance Wireless Customer service told me it was the phone and I should order a better on from the Assurance Wireless Website, which I...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / zte phone

Feb 05, 2019

I bought a phone from Assurance wireless ZTE it doesn't let me block unwanted callers the phone that I had as a replacement would let me block numbers . This phone I paid 83.00 i have tried to down load app to block callers and it has some kind of ZTE scam on it saying if I answer the...

[Resolved] Assurance Wireless / phone disconnected

Jan 15, 2019

My phone broke then I paid $25 for another one which broke within 2 weeks. I called them and apparently I was due for a replacement phone which they sent. Within a week the screen froze but I played with it n got it working. They called me n wanted the phone back that I paid for. I asked...

Assurance Wireless / customer service agent joan i1716750202 & customer service as a whole. no help just trying to get me to pay more!!

Jan 07, 2019

I called 611 on 12-14-18. I spoke to an agent i told them my phone recharge jack was not working. I was told I qualify for another phone. I was told I had to pay on $5. I gave them my debit card. I was told the phone would be there in 10 buisness days. I called 1-7-19 To find out where my...

Assurance Wireless / receiving defective phone

Dec 26, 2018

I purchased a phone on assurance wireless phone store, upon arrival the phone has been found to have a large "CRACK" vs a scratch on the face of the phone. 3 attempts to receive a replacement phone for ZTE we received a ANS phone. I called and asked for a supervisor and was informed that...

Assurance Wireless / actual phone and customer service

Dec 18, 2018

I made a call to assurance wireless on november 2018 to request a replacement phone and was issued a replacement phone 3 maybe 4 days later I got the replacement in the mail. I started to receive reminder text messages on my new phone to send back my broken phone. The first text message I...

Assurance Wireless / phone not working properly

Dec 17, 2018

Hello, my name is James S. Jacobs and I've been having a really hard time getting another phone because my phone dose not work properly... I have called customer service on many occasions but with no avail and I have even tried to reset the phone with #72786# many times and nothing help...

Assurance Wireless / cell phone

Dec 14, 2018

over a month ago i paid 25$ for a replacement phone when i called to activate it i was told it had a virus and they over nighted a new one it worked less than a day i callled and talked to tech support who said that phone to was defective and yet another phones suppose to be sent after a...

Assurance Wireless / replacement phone

Dec 14, 2018

After having my old phone replaced I called to have new one activated the next evening my phone froze up when I went to power it on.i called to get help with the problem got put on hold for 2 hrs and end up being hung up on the next mourning I tried to contact them again and the same thing...

Assurance Wireless / my lifeline phone, defective equipment

Dec 11, 2018

I applied for lifeline services back in Sept. 2017 and I faxed qualifying information. I never received phone even tho this company has all my private information. I applied again this Oct. 2018. After faxing a complaint letter and spending hours on phone with customer service, I finally...

Assurance Wireless / cell phone that I just got not to long ago

Dec 08, 2018

I just got this phone not to long ago and it won't even hold a charge and I had it on three different chargers and it still dont hold a charge and so I called the company and the dude was going to send me a phone but I told him not to send to my grandma house because I dont live with my...

Assurance Wireless / my phone

Dec 08, 2018

BEWARE OF ASSURANCE WIRELESS this comany is corrupt..I have been with them since 2013..when I moved in 0ct. 2018..Called them immediately gave them my new address, got text saying address was updated and confirmed ..3 weeks later my service was terminated saying I never applied with them...

Assurance Wireless / free phone program

Dec 07, 2018

I was in the free phone program.I moved but gut I guess I forgot to tell them so when it came time to recertify I didn't get whatever I needed to recertify. So 1 day I suddenly couldn't use my phone unless I paid money&when I bought minutes they were gone fast.I don't even use my phone...

Assurance Wireless / my phone

Nov 26, 2018

I called on 11/26/18 spoke with a guy I believe his name was Mike and he refused to let me talk to a supervisor after I have been trying to get my new phone for almost 2 month now since the old was broke and they have given me different answers each time I call this guy actually laughed at...

Assurance Wireless / 8032902289/phone/ customer service

Nov 20, 2018

I recently recieved a phone which is the ans phone. The phone is malfunctioning. I called customer service on 11/17/18 and asked for a replacement phone. They originally told me that they could overnight the phone to me at the address that I was at. Then told me that the phone would get to...

Assurance Wireless / customer service

Nov 19, 2018

I moved to Texas in June and have been having trouble getting my assurance wireless phone situated. I be sent in copy's of my socail services and socail security information because I'm disabled with a disabled child. Today I called spoke with a lady who said her name was angel wouldn't...

Assurance Wireless / cell phones they provide do not work

Nov 08, 2018

Assurance wireless for the ten or so years that I've been with them never has given me a functional phone. They did not give their customers the option of purchasing a phone up until a few months ago when they opened their online "store". The cheapest phone available in this online store...

Assurance Wireless / agents and providing poor customers service

Oct 18, 2018

I called in on 10/17/18 for $15 unlimited plan agents took credit card infomation put me on brief hold to process my order and when she return she told me everything was process to turn my phone off thn back on thn I can resume using services tonight I found out I tht agent and supervisor...

Assurance Wireless / ansul50

Oct 18, 2018

Going my third phone, cannot hear callers voices, only three have come through clear enough to hear at other end, assurance being one of them. Calls made to me and the ones I make are so low can't understand what is being said. Wanted to download a volume booster but assurance wants to...

Assurance Wireless / swapping phones

Sep 30, 2018

I received my phone yesterday and have tried to activate. I followed the instructions online and wrote down the MEID number and finished the process, but now when i try to use the phone it says the phone is not yet activated. I also cannot use my old phone because it says the account i...

Assurance Wireless / assurance wireless customer service

Sep 18, 2018

Assurance Wireless is now charging for shipping on replacement phones. They do not budge on $12 shipping fee. You can barely understand what they are saying. They are very difficult to work with. I never had this problem in the past. They used to make things really easy. The rep. told me I...

Assurance Wireless / wireless device on customer service

Sep 14, 2018

Please everybody tell everybody never step foot around this company these guys are a joke unprofessional to the max they will put you on hold and never come back they laugh in the background while they're watching TV or whatever they're doing I have no idea where they found these people...

Assurance Wireless / customer service as well as the company itself..

Aug 28, 2018

First off I want to start by saying that I have over 15 years in customer service as well as being a supervisor for cell phone call centers and the hospitality business so excuse me if I find it a bit sad when your talking with someone but can't understand because of the hard accent...

Assurance Wireless / assurance wireless lifeline program

Aug 10, 2018

I requested an application for a resident of our nursing home. The application & welcome letter, dated 05/08/18 were received, the application was completed and faxed back on 05/24/18 to (877)732-3018. I received a fax confirmation that the application was received. I made numerou...

Assurance Wireless / a lifeline assistance program

Jul 27, 2018

Sent all information they requested and never received my phone, I tried calling them to try to get information on what I needed to do next since I never got my device or heard anything and they keep giving me the run-around around!!! There's NO REASON WHY I SHOULDN'T HAVE MY PHONE!!! The...