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Lifelink phones through the President of the United States. — They promises you the phone and service and never,ever deliver.

I have dealt with this company since at least Jan 1st, 2020, when their first letter came to me. I qualify all the way through National Verifier and they know this I got the letter Feb. 3rd, 2020. Still no phone or phone number. Assurance tells me it's on it's way and of course no phone. I have written down five times I have had live calls with them, each saying it's on it's way. I am a single person, living at the YWCA and I depend on a phone for emergencies and my aging mother, they don't care. My name is Tanya Evans, pin 042764, they will ask for that info. I live at 322 East Broadway, Unit B318, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Could you please help me with this company to honor their commitment. All I want is the phone and good phone service. Parent company is Virgin Mobile. Last correspondence was 3/19 and they said it's on it's way in 3 to 5 days. Help me get connected. My email is [protected] Thank you for your time.

Eligibility — Terrible/Lying Customer Service Reps

I have been tring to renew eligibility since Dec. 2019. I have sent in 2 apps to Assurance...the first they said they did not receive it, the second one they said they see but the way I sent it via the US postal service was wrong and I need to FEd X my app????Now Lifeline received and approved my app with them but Assurance is giving me HELL!!! Everytime I call I talk to a different representative and they each tell me a different lie. The last one I spoke to on 3/16/20 told me I don't see why there is a problem I am sending this to a supervisor right now to be immediately processed because it's been too long for processing (since Dec. 2019), just call back in the morning to get your results. I called back the next day went through the whole process of questions and answers again only to be told I need to FED X my application this time for the 3rd time and then I was hung up on!!! I don't understand what the problem is! I have been a valued customer of this program for over 5 years and never had a problem...Now I have been without service for 3 months after following all the procedures for eligibility..Please someone HELP ME I am a senior citizen that really need my phone!!!Why was I hung up on? Why am I not getting results after 3 months of this run around?

cell phone

Received an application to confirm eligibility 1/1/2020 must respond by 1/13/20 mailed app 1/3/20 called copany numerous times agent said did not receive my resonse. they mailed another app 1/18/20 to respond by 1/13/20..called them and asked what they needed to confirm application for eligibility and they said documents. called National credit and they advised to call Assurance and ask for supervisor. called Assurance never did talk to a supervisor agent put me on hold and never came back to the phone..Called again and asked for supervisor agent kept talking and I had to explain everything again as to what was going on with my cell phone. She never did get me a supervisor. of my many numerous calls to Assurance agent told me I still had 900 minutes left on my phone enough time to get my app straigtened out. Needed my phone in an emergency and they cut it off. AT&T got fined 50 million dollars for cutting customers usage made another call to National Credit who pays assurance for these government cell phone and was advised i NEEDED more documents, finally said I needed medicaid or snap which I am not on. Every agent I talked to said I was eligible for phone because if Soc Sec disability. Mailed Assurance copies of Soc Sec approval letter, drivers license and Medicare card. Assurance app says to qualify needed to have one of the programs or income. it took 2 months to get an answer only to find out did not qualify. I would never recommend Assurance to anybody after this two month ordeal

can not get a replacement of fee lifeline phone:

I'm requesting a new phone for my broken one. This is a free phone from Assurance Wireless threw Gov. subsidies. ALL of this started on January 27, 2020, not having a phone my communication with them is e-mail. I've fulfilled all the necessary questions, received my approved confirmation # [protected]. This shows everything is fine your phone is on its way. NO way, this is now Feb. 22, 2020 and I'm still getting the runaround from person to person with no real answer. Keep in mind Assurance Wireless is for people who can not afford using other phone carriers because of me being in poverty. I'm also very disabled in need of constant contact, EMS, ER, hospitals, Dr's and others. I feel like I'm being punished with my health on the line.
Please help me resolve this dilemma.

customer service I called at [protected]

To whom it may concern,

I called assurance wireless because I paid money to get 1 GB of Data added for a one time service fee. I paid it and it was taken from my bank account. But was not credited with the 1 GB of Data. So I called to say something is wrong and the employee of assurance wireless got the information and looked into it and said I was wrong and you did get it. I told him if I did why don't I have 5, 000 mb a lotment? He said cause it restarted. I told him all the previous months it doesn't start over it just gets added. He argued. Finally I asked for a manager 4-5 times and he wouldn't get one. Then when he said he would, he put me on hold, then finally came back and said I told my manager and he, "doesn't want to talk with you." Also said we can't do anything because you already got your data! That was the answer he gave!!! I knew I had not received the data. So I called back and talked with a nice person and told her the situation and she looked into it and said yeah you did not get it. So I will get what you paid for on your phone. And she ended up taking care of it and helping me!!! First off I should never have had to do all this and go to this trouble!!! Completely rediculious and unprofessional of the first person I talked too. I called on February 6, 2020 at 10:33am-10:58 am. So if you can find out who the employee was and take action!!! He said his name was Meeko but that is probably a lie!!! I am definitely considering dropping this service and telling everybody online how crappy Assurance Wireless customer service is!!! I suggest this company take action against this employee of yours. It reflects so poorly on you!! And if this guy was telling the truth about the manager not wanting to talk with a customer who requested to speak with one. If that is true then that manager needs to be demoted too because he or she can't do there job!!!


Jeffrey Rexroad
Assurance Wireless Phone # [protected] Account pin#102183

umx/customer service

My service began Aug. 31, 19, the phone I was sent, quit charging and constantly had problems apps not working right, when I wanted to use, lock screen on and the start page in chrome running. Customer service is terrible. 1st time they were great, but they didn't do what they said they would. I complained about phone, that I was using my 2gigs of data trying to get apps to work correctly. And I couldn't get my wifi to work at all. My phone wouldn't hook to open wifi, and I'd hit connect anyway, it would start, less than min. it would knock me back off. The Customer service is completely useless. My settings r set for auto punution, and auto comma's/periods/automatic everything and look at this spelling. If I leave and try to pull up something else, another app, or if someone calls it knocks me off internet and have to start over. I would like to to change companies, this is only phone I have. I wouldn't even bother with a phone, if I didn't have to have one, for Dr. appointment, or Social Security, and FS. And yes I'm disabled and not happy about it. But I'm having same issues with the new phone, which is the exact one I had before. But I have to cancel this service, in order to get another lifeline service with another company, I don't understand that logic. Also, I know the phone before wasn't play protected, as with this phone. Are any government phones play protected. Also, I've had security and privacy issues and seems like, nothing I can do about it. I know I was having problems with play services app missing location permission as well as play store missing a permission that claimed it needed, it looked like all are turned on, but you don't realize it is missing completely. And Sprint wonders why it's number 4, they keep on with crap like this, going to be lower than that. Is it Sprint or Virgin Mobile or both. Thank you and everyone have a great day.

umx phone; horrible customer service: tech support is a joke! cancelling service!!!

The UMX phone I received does not work where I live. I need a phone that is capable of Wifi calling, which most phones now do.

I spent over 10 minutes on the phone with customer service in Philippines asking to be transferred to tech support...they would not transfer me! She did not even understand what I was asking about!

FINALLY someone who said they were tech support answered, but did not have a clue what I was talking about. She kept wanting to send me the same replacement phone. There is no support at this company, all anyone knows is to read off scripted questions. THE WORST WASTE OF TIME!

After I educated her (I had to educate "tech support") what Wifi capable phones did, and she told me they don't have any.

The worst performing customer service, "tech support" I have ever encountered. For a junk phone that won't work where I live.

Cancelling this company and finding another.

umx u683cl phone

This is the first email I sent to customer service on 12/15/2019

I've only had your service for 2 days and have already had to call to fix problems making phone calls, sending text messages and getting online. Was told the problems we're solved. Well that didn't happen. What good is having 3 gigs of data if you can't use it? Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google and Chrome? Forget about it. I was so excited to get assurance wireless and now I wish I would have stayed with my other carrier. Coverage map shows I should get excellent service. If an emergency arose I'd be out of luck. I dial a number and it doesn't connect, it just shuts down the dialing page. I try to send a text and it says waiting to connect to server. This is the worst phone I've ever had and I was around with the bag phone and the handheld phone with an antenna that was a foot long. I'm so disappointed in your service. I thought about skipping a bill and paying for an upgrade but if the service is this bad why would I pay for another phone just to feel like throwing it against a tree or running it over. God forbid if I need to call for help. It's shameful you advertise all this great stuff but then not actually uphold what you advertise. I'm grateful for the information you put in your letter to me on who to call with a complaint. (That is if I can get a phone call to actually comnect.) At least you did one thing right. This is just another example of taking advantage of someone already struggling to make ends meet. This service is just awful.

This is the second email I sent 12/16/2019

Account pin 113699

The email you responded to is obsolete. I have received the phone and the service is atrocious. I've sent another email yesterday about this. As of today I had to call customer service again to have my phone reset. I was told there is a black out for the next 72 hours. ( 12/26-12/19)I asked that my phone be reset anyway. When I let him know it was the second time I had to call he told me there was a black out starting on 12/13. I then asked him how long that black out lasted he told me 72 hours. When I talked to your representative yesterday, 12/15, nothing was said about a black out. When I mentioned that means there was 6 straight days of a blackout he wasn't sure what to say. I was advised to make a call, after reset, which went through, I told him if there was indeed a black out the call wouldn't have gone through. He asked that I make another call and that one also went through. He then called my phone and it also went through. Again I'm saying that if there was a black out I would not have received your email much less be able to reply to it. I hope that you will be able to resolve these issues, it could be I received a bad phone and it's not assurance Wireless's service. If you cannot make this right I guess the next step is calling the Georgia Public Service Commission's Public Affairs Unit.

This could be an issue of a bad phone. Trust me if I could afford a phone plane I wouldn't be in need of your service. I'm not gonna go into my tale of woes because there's no need in it and from what I can tell from your customer service I'm just another broke American and your customer service doesn't give a damn. It's a shame you can't get transferred to an American representative or get a United States phone number from your outsourced, overseas, rude, incompetent representatives.
Waiting on pins and needles for your reply

  • Ma
    Malave' Contreras Dec 26, 2019

    Oh wow, I've received my new U683CL and the issue I've experienced (so far and prayfully that's all) is battery life "drained" without me using it (meaning it's just on standby OR it's OFF completely) and it has to be recharged nearly after 1 day of non-usage. So I've had my phone about 2 weeks and the Assurance Wireless plan is 1000 minutes with unlimited text messaging but no data or roll-over being apart of the plan. So This is my response to your complaint about your experience with your U683CL. My name is Malave' Contreras, Cincinnati, Ohio. [email protected]

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    Malave' Contreras Dec 26, 2019

    @Malave' Contreras Well since my email was hidden it's just me FIRST (Malave') & LAST (Contreras) name

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    Malave' Contreras Dec 26, 2019

    Today is Wednesday December 25th 2019 UMX U683CL
    Oh wow, I've received my new U683CL and the issue I've experienced (so far and prayfully that's all) is battery life "drained" without me using it (meaning it's just on standby OR it's OFF completely) and it has to be recharged nearly after 1 day of non-usage. So I've had my phone about 2 weeks and the Assurance Wireless plan is 1000 minutes with unlimited text messaging but no data or roll-over being apart of the plan. So This is my response to your complaint about your experience with your U683CL. My name is Malave' Contreras, Cincinnati, Ohio. [protected]

    M Malave' Contreras 0 mins ago
    @Malave' Contreras Well since my email was hidden it's just me FIRST (Malave') & LAST (Contreras) name

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umx u683cl

Im on my 3rd phone and its garbage just like the 1st 2. Contantly freezing up, constantly apps not responding message pops up, no voicemail notification, doesnt have service more than it does every time i want to make a call or send a text i have to restart the phone, rarely do incoming call come thru. When call customer service about the issue get told have to call back from another phone well most people who needs a government free phone dont have another phone to call from hence why they need a free phone. Assurance wireless used to use acatel phones they werent the top best phones but they worked with less issues and are cheap. With so many negative feedback why not go back to acatel. Umx phones all suck n are p.o.s. phones

lifeline service problems

My free Lifeline Assurance Wireless service does not work.
What kind of "Lifeline" is it if I can't make a call when I need to, or can't send a text without restarting the UMX phone multiple times and hope for a connection.
I do not receive incoming calls (I might get 1 out of 15), nor do they show up in history, or missed calls. I might get a notification of a voice mail minutes/hours later (time stamped when call never came through). When I go to make a call, it does nothing...I have to restart multiple times trying to catch a signal?!
I do not receive incoming texts, sometimes never, sometimes hours or days later. If I go to send a text 95% of the time it says "no SMS connection " or "waiting on connection" which can take minutes or hours. I, once again, have to restart the phone to get it to send a text.
I have spoken to Assurance Wireless multiple multiple times and have been told:
They're working on your tower, give it 3 days. (Been told this a bunch)
I'm gonna switch you to another tower. (Which a tech told me was impossible)
I'll have a supervisor call you. (Never happened).
AND THE LATEST...tower can't support all the cell phones so the signal drops in and out. It will take many months to be upgraded because these things take time. Sorry but nothing we can do. We'll write up a report.

This government paid service is supposed to be a LIFELINE. What do I do in an emergency when I cannot call out nor send a text???????? Definitely not any kind of "lifeline".
And all they say is "Sorry"

Help me get this fixed please!

Jeanne Guy
[protected] cell (that barely works)
79th & Township Line roads (46268)

restrictions must have residence and documentation and cannot have p o box which is discriminatory

This company Assurance wireless parks itself in front of the Department of Social Services or the 99 cent...

assurance wireless cell phone lifeline service

Assurance wireless lifeline service - Problem is that phone often does not ring when people call in —...

withheld replacement for broken phone.

During the month of October my phone began deteriorating. It wont hold a charge and wont charge past a certain percentage as well as the metal inside the charger holder is slipping out when I remove the charger. I called assurance wireless at the end of October to let a representative know about this. I was told I qualified for a new phone. The representative said she put in the request all that was needed was 5 dollars for shipping. There was 5 dollars on my account so I told her to use it, she agreed. A few days later I went to check the status of my phone request. I called the representative who told me the request was still processing. I asked them to apply the money asap for the shipping despite the pending process. (I didn't want the money on my account because I was worried about cutting into the funds.) The representative let me know she couldn't take the money off until the phone was ready to ship. I asked why the new phone was still processing, the representative said she didn't know, but would take a look. After being on hold, the representative asked me to tell her why I needed the replacement. I told her my phone was broken, the charge wasn't working or lasting and the charge port was broken. She then said I qualified for a new phone (which i already knew because i was told this days before) She said she would put in the order to be expedited. About two days later I saw that the 5 dollars was still on my account. I decided to call and inquire about the status of my new phone. Next day I got a notification that my minutes were low. I checked my account and even though I still had a few existing minutes from the previous installment, 10 cents had been taken from the 5 dollars on my account. I called assurance wireless and asked why money had been taken from the 5 dollars even though I still had minutes left over from my plan. They apologized and refunded the money. I called again and asked about the status of my replacement phone. The representative said the order was pending because I "needed to recertify." I tried to recertify online but was told it wasnt time for me to recertify. The next day I saw that most of the 5 dollars on my account had been spent because I had gone over. I called assurance wireless and asked them about my replacement phone. They said I qualified for it but needed 5 dollars for the shipping. I told them they had been telling that story for almost two weeks. They wouldn't tell me why it was pending and when they did it was false. I asked the representative if they could credit the 5 dollars back to my account for all the trouble and misinformation. They said they couldn't. Now I'm no closer to getting a replacement. I'm concerned about putting money on my account as they continue to make excuses about the status of my replacement phone. Please help!

activate phone and contact company

Just ordered a new phone I am trying to activate it can't get ahold of customer service every time I call they're stating that I need to recertify but when I try to recertify it's switching mean to tell me to go to the website I go to the website they locked me out of my account so now I'm unable to reactivate my phone and I'm unable to recertify my phone please contact me at [protected]

ca lifeline service and umx phones

Problem - assurance wireless phone not ringing when someone calls: Assurance wireless phones often (50% of...

phone and customer service

Contact a customer service via email did the verification 5 times just to get an answer. Half the time the phone doesn't even work I dropped it on carpet in the screen not cracked but internally is messed up I can only see half the screen. it's still under warranty but they won't send me a replacement unless I pay $5 for shipping. Finally after 3 weeks of trying to get the replacement told them I would be looking for a new provider and the email response I got was please confirm cancellation. they should be taken off the list of providers they are the worst phones that they provide are horrible half the time it doesn't work unless I have Wi-Fi on I get notifications assurance wireless unavailable.

phone and customer service

not able to receive and make phone calls from my device

I am a lifeline beneficiary, I am disabled and I applied for lifeline service with ASSurance wireless about two weeks ago and I received my phone about one week ago, and on the onset I have had nothing but problems. THe first problem was I didn't have data service (internet), didn't work, so after three days, they got that working after calling and speaking with representatives for three days, spoke with about 5 different people. Now for the past 5 days, I haven't been able to make and receive phone calls, when I dial a number I get a window that pops up that says, "Cellular network unavailable". When I call the number from another rphone it goes to my voice mail after three rings. I have called 6 times to get the problem resolved to no avail, I still cannot make phone calls, but I do have data. The dates are as follows, from 10/15/2019-present. the phone number on the account is; [protected]. The phone has been set and reset many, many times but still cannot make any phone calls what soever.

not able to receive and make phone calls from my device

  • Updated by Ray W Smith · Oct 20, 2019

    Cannot upload attachments to this website, so why ask to add photos/videos when the site won't allow them to be uploaded, so ridiculous if you can't upload evidence to prove your case.

garbage android phones and service

I will state that as of today I am never going back to assurance wireless. This has been the nail on the coffin for me. I received a replacement for their god awful umx devices which would not allow me to make phone calls, something a phone would be able to do. After all the hell I went through and even contacting the better business bureau about it to direct my case, they finally agreed on sending a replacement to my home.

After yet another moment of hell to activate that thing (I had to go online to their website to do such instead of just marking a phone number) I find out the same issue plagued it despite of the device being new! What is this nonsense?! How can a phone carrier that prides itself to help those with low resources offer such horrible devices on which you cannot even be able to make phone calls with? Like I said above I am not bothering with this company after this.

Shame on you assurance wireless.

no incoming calls

Received the phone on 9/09/19 and today is 10/16/19, have not been able to receive and make calls since having it. Was told by the customer service that it's the tower, which is a a lie cause everyone else phones has not problems. I was also told it would work if the phone number was changed, which is also a lie. I explained that yesterday i was home alone and had an medical emergency and could not call anyone for help. I asked for tech support and was told that they would bot transfer me to that dept because everyone in the assurance company all know the same information. This has been a on going problem since the phone service spoke with Lloyd, Mika and Jamhem.


I received their smartphone less than a month ago which they provide for free and it has given me constant problems such as not dialing any phone numbers unless I turn off the thing and back on just to do that alone. I contacted Assurance Wireless and they have neglected to repair the phone much less replace it all because I don't have ANOTHER phone on to which call them about tech support. I had already talked to one of their employees and they did anything they could do about it such as resetting it and it still does not function properly. Assurance Wireless will not try and fix my device unless I call them from another phone which is utterly ridiculous. They already tried to find the problem and had failed. They simply refuse to help me any further, especially when I am living in disability and do not have the luxury to pay for phone services. I feel like this company simply takes advantage of the less fortunate.