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AT&T Customer Service

AT&T Inc.

575 Morosgo Dr., NE Rm 14f67
United States - 30324-3300

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 288 2020(Customer Service)
46 69
+1 888 333 6651(Order New Wireless Service)
1 1
+1 877 782 8870(Check Wireless Order Status)
3 1
+1 314 925 6925(Support For Travel Abroad)
1 1
+1 800 901 9878(AT&T PrepaidSM)
7 9
+1 844 827 7057(Order New U-Verse TV Service)
1 1
+1 866 861 6075(Order New Internet Service)
1 2
+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Customer Service)
15 34
+1 866 294 3464(ConnecTech PaidTechnical Support)
3 1
+1 866 435 3264(Dial-Up Billing & Payments)
1 1
+1 877 990 0041(Order New Fixed Wireless Internet Service English)
1 1
+1 866 861 6075(Order New Digital Phone Service)
1 2
+1 866 975 0050(AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone)
1 1
+1 855 288 2727(Digital Life)
2 1

AT&T Complaints & Reviews

ATT Uverse / at&t u-verse

Steve E. Ownby on Jun 29, 2018

On the early morning of 24 June 2018 Memphis Tennessee was hit with tremendous thunder storms. These storms knocked out power and services for days before being restored. On the same morning my U-verse router was knocked out. My electrical circuits in the home were not affected and my home...

AT&T / direct tv and internet

F S on Jun 27, 2018

Previous account number 157855891 i am reaching out to your department regarding the customer service I've received over the past 18 months. When I first signed up for these services in December of 2016 i was told my bill would maintain the same amount throughout the life of my contract...

AT & T / online cell phone purchase

Trish Kootstra on Jun 26, 2018

On 5/11/2018 I purchased a Iphone X from the online site. They shipped the phone and shipped a label to return my Iphone 6s. I followed the instructions on what to do to the phone to clear it and put it in the box that my new phone came in as instructed, put the label on the box and put it...

AT&T / at&t wireless (cellular)

D M Albertson on Jun 23, 2018

I switched from Sprint to ATT Wireless last year. In Nov 2017 I added a line (unlimited everything) and was to get BOGO iphoneX and iphone8 while getting $25 off DirectTV and free HBO for life. I was told we could use one of our current numbers on the new line. My bills were to be around...

AT&T Cellular / phone

Sherriem on Jun 20, 2018

I am having a huge issue. They sent me a phone I could not activate. So new phone sent out. I returned the phone, received April 19 yet still charged me for not returning. All we have gotten is out sourced call centers and run around. They lie I mean bold face lie. Told me would be fixed...

AT&T / uverse installation

elissa irons on Jun 18, 2018

I was scheduled to have an upgrade for my uverse from 30 to 100 mbps. I was scheduled on may 24, june 5, and june 14 and june 18. I waited each time from 12-4 that is 16 hours of my time tethered to the office in case they would come. They never came each time. They did not call to cancel...

AT&T / at&t sold me 50 mb fiber, but my address only has 25 mb and no fiber

Shamibo25 on Jun 15, 2018

Called at&t regarding 50 mb fiber, was told this was available at my address. Installer came, was at my house for 8 hours and and when he left I was only getting 19mb on a hardwired connection. That night my wireless was not working so I called tech support and was told that my addre...

AT&T / bad modem

Bob Nowicki on Jun 15, 2018

call AT&t every day for a week every day they say they are sending a new modem the next day for a business account. No modem cam in a week went into store, we cannot trade it or buy a new one Manager Mark says for me saying [censored] he will throw me out of store security ran up on...

AT&T / phone line

kellett on Jun 15, 2018

For the last 18yrs I have been running a business on this phone line and every time it rains we get a loud hum well it is getting worse you came out on June the 8th 2018 and said it was fixed its not then we were told it would have to be dug that would happen on June 15 2018 that did not...

ATT Uverse / uverse internet

Lisa Brunsmann White on Jun 13, 2018

Service does not work as promised. This will be the 3rd service call for this issue just this month alone. Now I have to wait three and a half days to have it fixed. Funny that you do not get any compensation when they screw up your service. No one seems to know what to do except wait or...

AT&T / direct tv

susan chase on Jun 11, 2018

I moved my service to North Carolina. When the installer came I told him the receiver was buzzing. He said he could give me a new box. I asked if their was a fee and did it extend my contract. He told me no. If I did it at a later time it would be a fee. I found out that AT&T extended the...

AT&T / landline repair

Squirrellie on Jun 10, 2018

I am a senior and my land line has been out for four days now. Called and was given the date of June 10th for service call between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Whatever happened to the four hour window. Did not question that it was Sunday since it was an outside line problem, which seem...

AT&T / customer service

Ventana on Jun 5, 2018

I just moved to a community that uses AT&T cable service for internet and phone. The local sale manager ( I won't name him) was very helpful in getting the service connected. However, after it was connected and I had a multitude of problems he would not answer either e-mails or voice mail...

AT&T / s8 galaxy curve cell phone

Dclassy on Jun 4, 2018

I call on May 30, since I received a call back from asrurion insurance stating in Nevada there is no service provider to repair my screen. Instead I was told to pay $225 deductible for replacement new phone. I said why sell insurance to customer who lives in certain cities that is not...

AT&T / at&t store,2427 rowlett,2202 lakeview pkwy suite 104

Bluffpoint on Jun 4, 2018

I have been a loyal customer with AT&T for last 4 years.Last week I had a very bad experience with sales person at the AT&T store at 2427 Rowlett, 2202 Lake view Pkwy, suite 104.The sales person who cheated me is Ryan Green. I went to the store to buy two pre paid connections. When we went...

AT&T / internet billing

Jerry Garcee on Jun 1, 2018

In December 2017 I was given an order reducing my internet to $20.00 per month for 12 months. Order #122864731. I've made several calls to AT&T asking why my internet bill is $36.00, each time I'm told it takes a few months before it will show on my bill. As of today it still show...

ATT Uverse / customer service

natthaniel1928 on May 25, 2018

On May 18, 2018 I called to cancel my U-verse Cable Tv because of rising costs. One day later I ordered Att Direct TV. I made it clear that I wanted to cancel U-verse on May 27 and have Direct Tv installed as soon as possible after that so we would not be without tv service for an extended...

AT&T / commercial complaint for dsl from a busy pharmacy!!!

Regina Rushing Waldrip on May 25, 2018

Our internet services has currently been down for a day and a 1/2 and counting We dispense life saving medications and cannot get in touch with anyone at ATT who seems to care . We have lost several customers due to not being able to feel emergency meds . It has cost us customers and extra...

AT&T / internet service, customer service

leedunk on May 24, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a complaint about your internet and most of your support people, especially the ones associated with the internet. In the middle of February, 2018, I contacted one of your representatives about a TV and Internet connection. I spoke to Josh. He gave me a quote of $96.11...

AT&T / customer service

Francis Schneider on May 24, 2018

I called toll free number to complain about billing and and easy pay services — was talking to angry customer agent — about adjusting bill and getting a paper bill — it has happened before and almost feels like a scam to me — when this happens once it could be a mistake but 3-4 times it...