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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T / at&t / directv

Shauna M Holmes on Dec 14, 2016
I became a new customer, subscribing to internet and DirectTV service mid October. I have had a horrible experience from day 1! The tech sent out was only trained to install AT&T internet/Uverse services, didn't know anything about DirectTV, stated my tree branches were in the way...

AT&T / neither warranty nor insurance honored for a samsung note 5 under warranty and max insurance allowed

Shire Dixon on Dec 13, 2016
Within the last 20 months I have had 5 cellular phones due to malfunctions. I recently reached out for at&t assistance and called only to find that my insurance I have been paying for would not service my cellular. I was told that the cellular a samsung note 5 was still under warranty. I...

AT&T / false eligibility

LoShan on Dec 12, 2016
AT&T saleman promised me my address was eligible for service and if there was any issue AT&T would make it work. Took off a day of work, wasted my day because address is not eligible. Jamal, our local salesman, will not return my call or my text. AT&T will not return my upfront...

AT&T / my at&t landline phone service

jp suther on Dec 10, 2016
2 weeks ago I requested a replacement unlisted landline phone number replacing my old number 972 206 0762.. i requested a certain number..your agent said that number was avilably 972 639 2133.sayin to activate it in 1 week... you attached a prompt to my old number telling the world, my...

AT&T / cell service

Marvin Brunson on Dec 10, 2016
My wife and I work very hard to keep this bill paid in the past month and a half we have paid $ 900.00 in phone bills and are phones are still off because AT&T says we still owe fees we have been a customer for years I know that they could turn our phones on and I have been trying to keep...

Direct TV and AT"T / bundled services not available after advertised

Penny2016 on Dec 6, 2016
I was advised by your representative Bryan on 11/28 that I was to bundle home phone, Internet and Direct TV all at 109 monthly charge. In addition, these perks will apply; free activation/installation, unlimited free cellular data, Direct TV app. 200 giftcard and unlimited wireless data...

AT & T / annoying

Tim on Dec 6, 2016
I used AT&T in the past and left them because I was extremely disappointed with low quality of service. Recently they contacted me and said they wanted me back. I refused and told them that I'm already using another provider but they actually did not care. They offered me all kinds of...

AT&T / service upgrade/bundle

Lixxle on Nov 30, 2016
I need a supervisor to contact me because I received some of the worst customer service that I have ever experienced through AT&T. It is too much to type out, but I will at least give a synopsis: *11/16/16 => Spoke with Raquel in Customer Care about concerns with Family Data...She asked...

AT&T / billing method

Sum Ting Wong on Nov 25, 2016
The at&t billing system: round up for debits... Round down for credits... Has anyone ever looked into this? The billing program bills a customer a month in advance for normal monthly service charges (A. K. A. Your rate plan). If you change your plan, add a new line of service or even...

AT&T / u verse

Jennifer Grade on Nov 17, 2016
At the end of August I got a bundle deal with AT&T and Direct TV and 2 weeks later I decided to cancel it. When I called they said I would have to pay x amount of money to have it cancelled and I asked why it should not be a contract and they said it is a contract. I later went down to...

AT&T / u-verse community construction

Dwain Benton on Nov 15, 2016
On November 15, 2016 a group Hispanic workers arrived in my sub division and proceeded to dig up everyone's yard. I requested authorization and no one spoke English. Finally there supervisors comes over to explained they are installing new U-verse lines for our community. He explained...

AT&T / wireless

betty dupree on Nov 15, 2016
To whom this may concern my tn is 318-230-3712 and I have places 2 calls to at & t go phone to request outage credit I am a Louisiana flood disaster victim and after speaking with a rose who said she was a supervisor denied me a 3 days outage credit I called today and spoke with a...

ATT / business phone line down

maria1126 on Nov 4, 2016
I volunteer at a local non-profit in stockton, ca. Within a 2 week period, (Beginning october 18th) our phone line has twice been inoperable (Can't receive or make calls). This effected our credit machine use also as it is on that same phone line. We lost sales due to the problem, and both...

AT&T / unethical behavior

Timothy Murphy on Nov 1, 2016
On 31 October 2016 at about 2pm an at&t installer utility vehicle entered my front driveway in order to turn around, no permission asked. In the process of doing this, he left deep wheel ruts in my front lawn. I traced his vehicle to my next door neighbor. The registration on the truck...

AT&T / direct tv

Lubna333 on Oct 14, 2016
When I took service I was on call for 1hour and they said we don't have cell phone unlimited plan. Without direct tv if u take our direct tv we give u unlimited plan and also they committed with me Indian channels and I was shocked when installation person told me there is no Indian...

Charysse Gilliam / at&t u verse service

neveruseatt on Oct 10, 2016
I have extremely serious complaints about the service. I was out of work since April of 2016. I went for a temporary position in August and then I started a permanent position in September. I called constantly to alert AT&T about the situation with my bill pay. I am on the phone right...

AT&T / directv bundle

Bonilee Keys Maclay on Oct 7, 2016
I set up for Directv but could not bundle with my wireless until it was installed. They did not come to install when they scheduled. I received a telephone call from a man who left a message. His accent (Indie or Paki) was so thick I could not understand what he was saying. Then before I...

AT&T Wireless / purchase of new iphone 7 plus

Kevin from Portsmouth on Sep 28, 2016
I was misled by AT&T local store in Portsmouth, Ohio. They said that a program existed, and it did, where I can trade my old phone back for $650 when I buy a new iPhone. They said the deadline was Sept. 30 and they told me this on Thursday Sept. 22. I went back yesterday, 27th and they...

AT&T and Direct TV / bundled satellite and internet

Eric Schulz on Sep 14, 2016
I am moving and have been a DirectTV customer since 2013, and prior to that I was a customer from 2008 to 2011. First and foremost do not believe this is one company yet, AT&T may have bought DirectTV but you need to deal with two companies with horrible customer server to get anything...

AT&T / at&t u verse tv and internet

Hack Angel on Sep 8, 2016
AT &T Loyalty dept promised me a $100 gift card AT &T Loyalty dept promised me a $100 gift card when I switched from Uverse TV to Direct TV That was over 3 mos. ago in Mat of 2016 and I still have not received it. When I call the Loyalty dept to inquire as to when it will be sent, they...

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