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+1 800 331 0500 (Wireless Customer Service)
+1 866 294 3464 (ConnecTech PaidTechnical Support)
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AT&Tcancelling phone service

My poor 84-year old mother lost her AT&T phone, and reported it lost on 6/10/19. They continued to bill & harass my mother for several months after the phone was lost. Several visits to the store and phone calls to Customer Service (an ironic name for what they do), and yet we still can't resolve this issue. She has never paid a bill late in her life, and it's upsetting her so much. I can only imagine how many elderly folks AT&T has hoodwinked over the years..it's just criminal that a large company like this is allowed to operate this way.

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    AT&T Direct TVcustomer service/ I recorded being lied to, for proof.

    Re: I have recordings of broken promises
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    Oct 7, 2019 11:02 PM

    I have recordings of broken promises.
    I decided to start recording conversations I have had with your CSRs because they promise things, and don't follow through. We have been so disappointed with your service. We decided to start recording conversations with your employees so we can prove that they promise things (costs, service) and then deny said promises. I am VERY close to posting these recordings on Facebook, so everyone else can hear for themselves, your representatives promise things, and then a different representative say, " I don't know what you're talking about, whatever you were promised is not possible." Think about this... the customer service is SO bad, that we had to start recording our conversations to prove what we were promised. This is very sad. Your CSRs lie to customers, and then have the audacity to be rude when you ask them about it. How can you be okay with such horrible customer service? You will not be able to deny the recorded telephone conversations. Your employees promise things, and then retract those promises. They give their employee ID numbers in the recordings, and one CSR went as far as giving us a huge attitude for questioning her. What will you do about this?

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      AT&Tcharging for addition service that was supposed to be canceled over a year ago

      Upgraded my iPad mini to an iPad mini 4 last July and followed the directions of the agent to transfer the new iPad to the old number. He actually actives the SIM card as a new line instead of An upgrade on existing number so a new a third new line was added but was told it would be removed as I didn't need 3 lines for only 2 devices. Apparently he never removes the third line so I have been paying an extra 15 months of $13 extra for a line that has never been used nor was ever suppose to be added. The agent I first spoke with removed the line then told me I needed to go to a store for a new SIM card so my iPad mini 4 would work cause it was on the wrong line. Which was an error on AT&T fault in the first place. He told me couldn't help me and I needed to go to a store. After I told him I could not get to a store he finally agreed to send me a new SIM card, but he pretty much told me too bad on recovering any of the fees I was wrongfully charged for. I received the card today and end over an hr with another agent who was much more helpful and after an hr and a half she finally got it working and credited me a measly $40 when I was scammed out of $120. Then after an 1 hr it was saying no SIM card again and I have no cellular service once again. This is a work iPad and just totally unacceptable!!I have been a loyal customer for over 12 yrs and spend over $200 a month for wireless and another $183 for direct tv and I am appalled by the service I have received the past 3 days. The customer service was horrible and screwing your loyal customer out of money is just bad business. I will definitely be looking into other services for both direct tv and my cell service

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        Oct 07, 2019

        AT&T unethical behavior, misinformation and poor service. — misinformed about internet service and given the runaround

        Re: (Complaint) FYI, I hate making complaints but as 45-year long loyal customer who loved AT&T until...

        Oct 04, 2019

        ATT — I am complaining about my visa reward card.

        I am complaining about my Visa Reward Card. I was promised I would receive the card after 3-4 months of...

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        AT&Twireless phone and dsl

        Was sent a hotspot to help with the terrible service that I get with DSL. This resulted in a huge run around, and I'm probably on my tenth call totey and resolve the issue.

        I returned the hotspot within the time allowed, and was told by EVERY rep I've had to speak to, that my billing would be credited ($135.00) BEFORE the payment would hit my auto-pay. Well, it's been a month, and when I last called (a few days ago) I was AGAIN told by rep (Grace) in the Philippines, that my bill would show the credit of $135.00 within 24 hrs., and I wouldn't need to call back.

        Well... today I see that I wasn't credited the $135.00, and it has now been debuted from my account.

        What is going on at AT&T? Why does it take so many phone calls, so much time on hold, and so many phone calls to get things done? Why does a credit that's owed to you, need to sit in a twilight zone billing are, while you wait for the billing God's to credit your account? Ifcalls are recited for quality assurance, who's reviewing these recorded calls?

        I'm so angry with AT&T, that just as soon as my family has another provider option, I'll be switching our service, for our wireless phones, as well as our whimsy DSL.

        Every time I call, I also get a rep from the Philippines, and I DON'T WANT TO SPEAK YO AN OFF-SHORE REP, as they talk entirely too much, and NEVER DO what they say they're Going to do.

        In a letter written by an investment firm that holds over 1 billion dollars in AT&T stock, the investment firms CEO clearly states the issues with AT&T, which begins at the TOP.

        All we want, is for AT&T to wake up, and take care of its customers!! I'm sick of spending so much of MY time trying to fix what AT&T should have fixed, over a month ago!!!

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          • Updated by Frustrated and fed-up · Oct 03, 2019

            I've been waiting for over a month fir a $135.00 credit to hit my account! I've spent hours on the phone with billing to try and resolve the issue, but so far NO-ONE has taken the initiative to correct the wrong, and today AT&T took the money out of my checking account.

            Why is it so difficult to get the credit on your account, that you are owed?

            I along with thousands of other consumers will be dropping AT&T just as soon as we have another viable option.

            Heck, the CEO of the investment firm that holds over a billion dollars worth of AT&T stock, has even issued AT&T CEO and exes. a letter detailing where AT&T has screwed up, and where they need to improve. Proving to me, and many, many other AT&T customers, that AT&T has become incompetent, and I'm assuming they'll most likely sell their stock in AT&T if things don't change rapidly.

            Correct this situation now, and stop routing the calls to the Philippines, where the reps don't do anything they say they'll do!

            This is frustrating and shouldn't be happening!

          American Telephone & Telegraphincreased contract charges I did not agree to

          AT&T's charges for landline phone+internet+basicTV have gone up and up and up. I am locked into a contract. I was told the price would go down but instead it has gone up. This month it is $146. I am 83 and a widow. When the contract is up next year I will try to find someone cheaper. Can you help?
          Sonia Bennett Murray
          (Mrs.) Gilbert L. Murray Jr.
          407 Oaklawn Place
          Biloxi, MS 39530

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            AT&Tcancellation of service

            I was told by a sales rep I have a month try out period if I add a new service and want to cancel it, i should not be charged for anything. then I added Internet 25 & Uverse TV bundle package. after installation, I found out the room I really need TV service cannot be accessed by cable. so I need cancel the TV service, but if I cancel the TV service, the internet charge will be jumped up to $60/month instead of $40/month, which is not attractive at all based on the internet speed, So I am thinking to cancel everything, since i cannot get any promotional price at all for the internet service. then the agent told me I will be charged for a early termination fee. what? why the sales rep said I should not be charged for anything during the adding service? Now I will be charged for the early termination? it is ridiculous! Sales rep is cheating the customer to attract them to get the new service! During the phone, i tried to find some help from inside of ATT, but the agent kept saying I am sorry and once i cancel the service, the system will automatically generate the early termination fee, bla bla bla, keep repeating and do nothing!!!

            So, as customer, we can just take whatever we are given, take whatever we have been cheated for, and do nothing at all????????????????????????????? what type of company AT&T right now is!!!

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              Sep 27, 2019

              AT&T — billing department

              I have had AT&T for years in Florida and Michigan. I recently purchased a home in Senoia, Georgia. I now...

              Sep 26, 2019

              AT&T — sporadic, unreliable phone & texting services

              Cell phone service getting worse. Texting and phone calls do not go through. Text & phone messages sometime...

              ATTmobile device activation fee

              Several weeks ago my wife passed away and I called AT&T to discontinue her cell phone service. I told the person on the phone that I wanted to discontinue the phone and at the same time purchase an apple watch. He said that I could go into the AT&T store in Heath, Ohio and take care of there would be no activation fees. We were eligible for an upgrade.
              At the store the sales person stated that there would be an activation fee because it was the store and company policy.
              I was an AT&T customer for many years and updated many phones without fees.
              Beware because they will tell you one thing to get you in the store and do something completely different.

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                AT&Tatt mobile

                I called att mobile on July 18, 2019 to upgrade my phone. I was told that I qualified for a buy one get one free promotion. I was told that my husbands number could be transferred to the free phone. Before the conversation was over, the lady told me the free phone would have a new number so my husband said he would change his number. I was told that my average bill would be $165 per month.
                I called today to see why my bills are so high; Last month $250, this month $313. The representative Julie told me that I'm paying for two $800 phones, that I did not qualify for the buy one get one free promotion. I asked to speak to someone in management. Someone named Kenzie came onto the phone, she used the word unfortunately a lot and talked in circles. She told me that this could not be fixed. I requested to speak to someone in upper management, she said I would be called back in 72 hours, but unfortunately they would tell me the same thing.

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                  AT&T Mobilescam

                  We switched back to at&t mobile on 3/31/19 at Costco when they had a promotion to buy 1 phone get 1 free. We created 4 new lines. On 4/ 3at&t sent me a bill for 1882.79.
                  I called and spoke to a rep who could't locate the account # from the bill said don't worry about it she had another acct for me which was fine. Next thing I know I'm in collections, On May 9th after getting collections letter I called at&t couldn't locate #.Sent me to loyalty dept. Deborah said we received other phones like a total of 6. I said NO. It seems that costco created 2 different accounts, She checked somethng and said that one of the phones she could locate and gave me credit for it. Said if I could find other phone send it in she would give me credit to fix this. Grandson had phone never opened since he had phone I am paying for on my bill. I sent phone back on May 6th in packaing from at&t. you received 5/10. After many hours of phone calls finally found out on Sept 9th that had to due with the 2nd acct opened with costco which had been closed. Was told by supervisor that they would have this fixed in 24-48 hours. I called back 9/25 to find out that because phone was late going back my claim was denied. So they have phone and still want me to pay for it. None of this was my faault it was between costco and at&t, I told them if I;m paying for phone then I want the phone. After another 2 hours today another ticket was opened. Imtold everyone I spoke to the date it was sent back no one said anything about late date. So at& t has a good scam I pay for the phone never used and they can sell again to get double amount. To spend hours over days explaining situation over and over nothing was fixed, charging me 982.00

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                    I returned the equipment per their instructions after cancelling my service. They sent me my Final Bill, which I assumed (apparently in error) that my AT&T account was taken care of and no longer an issue. They are now attempting to charge me for the equipment. I contacted them, tried to rectify the situation, and am left without options. To read the entire issue as well as a solution, please sign my change.org petition.


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                      Sep 22, 2019

                      ATT — installation of the internet and phone service.

                      Hello my name is MIchael living in south Florida. On 9.2.19 I called in to place an order for service for...

                      AT&Tservice suck

                      I ordered a phone on September 4. O ordered the iPhone XR in yellow. About a week and a half after I had been without a phone I called to check the status on my phone and was then told it would be here in a day. When it did not show up we called again and then they said it was on back order and would TAKE MONTHS!!! No one told me the phone I ordered could take months to get to me while I was ordering and then they lied about when it would get to me. We were then told an iPhone XR in white would be expedited to me because of the inconvenience and would arrive the next day. 4 days later the phone is still not here and each time we call we are told we will get it "tomorrow". While the representatives are nice, they just keep [censored]ing lying to me. I've had to start a new job and not know how to get there, not be able to view my schedule for either of my jobs, been driving around without a phone, and being without the general functions of a phone for 2 weeks. I just want to not be lied to and be able to feel safe knowing I have the ability to call people when I need to. Dont order a phone from AT&T they will [censored] you over.

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                        AT and Taccount number [protected]

                        This account was supposed to be closed in June. It apparrently wasn't even though I moved and had a different provider. I will not pay for a mistake by someone there. I also went to the hospital in June for an extended stay due to a pulmonary embolism that almost killed me. Because I could not follow up, you kept the account active in an attempt to extort more money from me. I am permanently disabled and I cannot afford extra money going out. This account should be closed with a zero balance. Again, this should have happened months ago. It has taken me more than three times as long to type this than it should because of my health. Make this go away.

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                          Sep 16, 2019

                          AT&T — internet

                          Due to a move, I called AT&T to cancel my internet service for the business at the first of July. I spent 1...


                          On 9/10 my internet stopped working which also means my cable stopped working since it runs off my internet. ATT was notified via phone on 9/10 and scheduled a technician to come out on 9/11. On 9/11 a tech came out and was at my house for less than 10 minutes. He said it was the main line and he had to send out another department. He told us the issue would be fixed the same day which was 9/11. As of 9/12 the issue was not fixed so I call ATT. They told me the tech put the ticket in the system wrong and they would have to enter a new ticket and the issue should be fixed within 24 hours. On 9/13 (24 hours later) the issue was not fixed and so I called ATT once again. They could not find any ticket in my account and said they would have to create a new ticket. I spoke with a supervisor and he gave me ticket number A925R and said it would be fixed once again within 24 hours. Now it is 9/15 (48 hours later) the issue is still not fixed. Once again I have to call ATT and they said the ticket number I was given is not a valid ticket number and there is no ticket fir my account. I have now been without service for almost a week. I have 2 adults and 6 children in my house. One adult who works from home and has had to use her phone hotspot which is very slow. I have 3 teenagers who need to do school work from home and have also had to use their hotspots. I have spent at 5-10 hours on the phone with ATT to try and resolve this issue. This is the worst customer service I have experienced ever! I have ATT cable, internet, alarm and 7 cellphones. I will be looking for new services for all. ATT has no regard for their customer and clearly the employees have no idea what they are doing.

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                            AT&Tnew prepaid service.

                            Ordered AT&T $25 / 8gb per month pre-paid online promotion September 10, 2019.
                            Received and installed sim September 13, 2019.
                            First, instructions included with sim had no relevance to the promotion. Dialed 611 and was told via automated service I had no balance paid and needed to pay. $300 plus tax already on Master Card! Managed to get a live person who said he found the problem. They were correcting the billing issue, shutdown phone now, restart in 15 minutes and you will have your service. Didn't happen. Left it off, tried again. Nothing. Called again and it was inferred I needed to contact my credit card company. I did. To my surprise their support was working late and said there are no pending charges. So who's not doing their job?
                            I'm thinking I should have gone with a MVNO that wants my business.

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