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+1 314 925 6925 (Support For Travel Abroad)
+1 800 901 9878 (AT&T PrepaidSM)
+1 844 827 7057 (Order New U-Verse TV Service)
+1 866 861 6075 (Order New Digital Phone Service)
+1 800 331 0500 (Wireless Customer Service)
+1 866 294 3464 (ConnecTech PaidTechnical Support)
+1 866 435 3264 (Dial-Up Billing & Payments)
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ATTunauthorized Fiber, no internet or Landline services from 11/14 thru 11/19/20

11/14/20 internet & landline not working? payment always on time, after numerous calls to [protected] a Michelle insisted that ATT could only do the repairs by sending a technician INSIDE my home for 3-4 hours. I am a senior who is disabled and I notified my son that he needed to be present on 11/16/20 between 1-3:00PM. ATT did not show up or called my cell. I called Att after 7-8 attempts and it was stated that a another tech would come back 11/17/20. Tech arrived ahead of time but he waited for my son who advised the tech that I did NOT authorize the fiber installation and demanded the original copper and internet to be restored. He could not do it. On 11/17/20 I filed a verbal complaint with FCC file #4379581.11/18/20 I called Belva Davis, not available so I called the office of the president and spoke with Donald. 11/19/20 ATT technician restored my internet & landline WITHOUT having to come inside. My son took 3 days OFF work because I am disabled and cannot go up and down the many stairs in my home. I asked for compensation, I asked why & who authorized this FIBER, and ROY from the office of the president said that the 6 days without my internet & landline was an ACCIDENT! Why was I told that the only way to get my services restored was to have a tech inside for 3-4 hours? 11/23/20 I received a letter full of lies from ATT. Att should not be allowed to mislead seniors with FIBER services that should be the customers option, have ATT representatives mislead and disconnect PAYING customers for 6 days and just frustrate & misrepresent what rights a customers has! I was NOT given an option when my services were disconnected without notice. I want compensation for my son's time and ATT must in writing apologize for their poor customer service that I had to endure by being told that a supervisor was not available by Maria MC976E and then Maria connected us not to a supervisor but to the Direct TV dept. to get rid of us after 40 minutes waiting .This is the way all of their representatives deal with good paying customers, frustrate them to the point where they will just leave!

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    AT&TOrdered watches we will never get

    Wife and I recently signed up for cell phone service. We ordered 5 lines with phones and 2 smart watches. We was told when we signed up, the watches would ship separate from the phones. We received the phones but, did not het the phones. When i called to activate our phones, I asked when the watches would come in. They did not show where we ordered them with the phones. So, we could not add them to our service until 60 days after we have service with AT&T. very unsat..

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      AT&TDirectv return policy

      Earlier this year, as the pandemic rose up, I cancelled directv due to losing my job. I have a pre- condition that, on the advice of my doctor, precludes me from going out in public. I phoned AT&T no less than 10 times explaining my situation asking for a return box for my equipment.each time I was assured that a box was on the way and it never arrived. Now I have been sent to collections over a 75 dollar bill over equipment I have tried to return and can't. In addition, I was charged for goods and services I never ordered and was never reimbursed for what I never used. I'm sure this is not the only complaint about AT&T and directv, but this is a good example of their standards and practices.

      Ian Early
      Ravenna Ohio
      [protected]@ Gmail.com

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        Nov 14, 2020

        AT&T — Issaquah store

        Rude and disrespectful, absolutely no customer service skills, untrained. 11/14/2020 6 pm, I called ahead of...

        Nov 12, 2020

        ATT — Relocate att lines from a stub pole

        Relocate att lines from a stub pole to the new poles. 2 stub poles, 1 across from the other on the street...

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        Nov 10, 2020

        ATT Wireless — Billing complaint

        I am so upset been with your company over 30 years because I trusted your company. Today I paid my bill and...


        June 2019 I transferred my service from 1217 E. Robert, Fort Worth 76104 to 6504 Gillis Johnson Street, because I built a new house. However, I found out they did not transfer my service. They started a new account and left the other one going. I did not know that. I have tried many times and been promise many times they would correct this. They didn't. They turned me over to IS collections and they put it on my credit. I don't feel that is right. I have been a loyal and faithful customer. You all have gotten many thousands of dollars out of me and you treated me like I stole something from you all. I need someone to check the recorded phone calls I've made and fixed this. I'm in business and work hard to manage my credit. This does not reflect my what I did.
        I also recorded our conversation when I called in.

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          Oct 04, 2020

          AT&T — Faulty refurbished iphone xr

          Multinational corporations without integrity and common sense do not deserve the american workers' hard...

          Sep 30, 2020

          ATT — target at&t rep. scam saying samsung s20 phones free

          9t39t2020 Next Steps - FTC Complaint Assistant On 08/13 I signed up for an AT&T wireless contract at my...


          I have been fighting my slow Internet speed for years with AT&T with no resolve. They tell me that I am on a long run and I get what I get. The issue is I pay as much as my daughter in Grand Rapids and she gets speeds 10 times mine. I was told once just be happy you have any internet. I pay full price and they seem to not care that my speed goes from 6MBITS to 8Mbits and I pay full price. I have complained to no avail. All I ask is that I get the 12Mbit speed I originally signed up for. then it went to 10 now its 6 - 8 Mbit. Today its under 2Mbits reset unit and back to 5.6.
          Why cant they fix my speed? because they don't want to. I have Fiber running through my yard going two ways and its not available to me
          Why cant I get some help from AT&T? They also don't like it that you complain it seems to get worse so I try not say anything but wow.

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            AT&Tvesta *at&t prepaid fraud

            I am receiving irregular debits billed by vesta *at&t prepaid [protected] orus. Each is $27.75.

            I don't have an account with at&t! This is outright fraud, many similar complaints online. The contact # doesn't work, non existent.

            Can't talk to any at&t representative. Can't file online because it requires account information... I have no account!

            This needs to be resolved. Vesta is a company hired by at&t for billing. They are defrauding customers, refusing to respond to complaints. At&t should be able to address the issue but they don't! Disgraceful!

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              Sep 05, 2020

              AT&T — Mislead over the access charges assessed monthly

              My name is Darrell Ledford [protected]. If you review the notes associated with my account you will see the...

              AT&TAuto pay

              MY auto pay is due 9/1/2020. At midnight. At&T decided they had the authority to take my money on 8/31/2020 at 10:30 pm. I have know problems paying for services on the due date not before the due date. I talked to rep who told me this happens. I have been on the phone for over 1 hr on hold. Time is money & as long as At&T can do these types of things the consumer loses. Tired of your company's excuses. AT&T had NO right to take money before the due date.

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                • Ol
                  Oleg18 Dec 23, 2020

                  ATT&T has the most atrocious service
                  internet not working since 16th December
                  have made over 12 call they say they cannot come out until 30th december they are a bunch of deplorables

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                Aug 25, 2020

                AT&T — Business account

                Regarding Account # [protected] I was on the phone for 3 hours today and transferred to several different...

                Aug 09, 2020

                ATT — iphone 11 upgrade

                I upgraded my phone with AT&T from iPhone 7 to IPhone 11 based on an internet deal offered where a credit of...

                AT&T Phone ServiceBusiness landline

                I have been under a 1 year contract. I'm so happy I didn't take a longer one. Out of that year my phone has been out of order more than it has worked. I've lost tons of business over this and many techs have tried to repair to no avail. They say the lines (landline service) are down for miles and the wires are bad!!! I ask if they couldn't repair by changing out the lines but their superiors say no!!! Ok... Now what? At&t make this good. Pay me the thousands of dollars I lost during all the outages which would sometimes last for weeks on end.

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                  Jul 29, 2020

                  AT&T — Mobile phone trade in credits

                  I had upgraded my phone with AT&T from iPhone 8 to Samsung Galaxy S10. This was done at Costco during...

                  AT&TFiber installation for high speed internet

                  I am a long time att customer, but apparently that carries no weight. I called and placed an order to have my uverse disconnected and have their 1g fiber installed for the internet. The tech refused to run the fiber through an existing hole in the brick (to get to the attic) where their cat 5 is currently routed, but instead wanted to run the fiber from the ground all the way up the side of the house (brick) and poke the fiber cable in through the eave of the house. He'd still have to get into the attic either way, he (apparently with the support of his manager) refused and said they would run the cable up the side of the house or they wouldn't install it. I told him he could leave, I did not want the cable running that far, exposed and unsightly. Once I get away from the clown show otherwise known as ATT I will never return. I have already moved to a new wireless carrier bc of poor service.

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                    We signed up Direct TV with a sales person from Clear Home that was working with AT&T and was told that the monthly fee would stay the same for 2 years. After the first year the price more than doubled, in the last 2 months I have talked to 7 or 8 AT&T customer service people and have been told that Clear Home is not part of AT&T so they are not responsible for Clear Homes sales peoples promises. I have also been told by an AT&T customer service person that Clear Home is a partner of AT&T. More than once I was transfered to another person that gave Me the same story over and over. Apparenly AT&T has no problem with their " Partners " giving promises that AT&T has no intention of honoring. There seems to be a long list of bad reviews of AT&Ts business practices, I think it's time someone looks into a lawsuit against the way AT&T operates.

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                      • Ha
                        Hasenheimer Aug 20, 2020
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I had a very similar experience until this week. Suddenly my bill was nearly double. I was not informed of the change until I now owe $250.00 x 2 plus another bill later, as they bill in arrears. Yesterday the Dish Network installer spent 2 hours installing their system. Good bye ATT and good bye Direct TV. I can only say that (still getting used to the new controller) that the Direct TV system is feature for feature so much more primitive than the Dish system. I am just amazed over the difference between the 2. Best part is that the total bill, including home phone and WIFI now is about $110.00 rather than 240.00 How sweet it is!
                        ATT is a low tech rip off, sorry to say.

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                      In the new commercial with lily talking about her favorite friends with the little gigglely eyes and tells her friend on the table that she didnt see her there is very mean. Just ask my 5yr old. She is the one that brought it to my attention. And yes it's mean to treat anyone or in this case anything that hate. You should love equally. We still like lily. The commercial is not good with the things going on in the world or for my children.

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