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+65 6820 1633 (Customer Service)
+65 9850 0000 (Prepaid Mobile Enquiries)
+65 6820 1637 (Billing Enquiries)
+65 6820 1630 (Sales Hotline)
+65 6873 2828 (StarHub Public)
67 Ubi Avenue 1, #05-01 StarHub Green
Singapore - 408942

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StarHub Complaints & Reviews

StarHubComplaint about take back my deposit$200

Poor customer service sign up many years for starhub, but when i sign up for fist time my number is [protected] i put deposit $200 when my 2year contract finish i renew again then i change new number then staff asked me paid again deposit $200again, but staff asked if i want return the fist number deposit he asked ME call customer service TO SETTle when i call the staff WILL SAID CSLL BACK TO ME AFTER THAT I DIDNT RECEIVED ANY CALL FROM THE STAFF I THINK I WILL SHARE OUT THIS NEW TO FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM WECHAT TO LET EVERYBODY KNOW YOUR STARHUB CUSTOMER SERVICE IS VERY VERY POOR BECAUSE CANNOT SOFT THE PROBLEM FOR CUSTOMER

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    StarHubComplain About Starhub


    I reconstructed my Starhub Broadband last year after a Customer Service Agent called me to recontact due to my previous contract expiry. He ordered me a plan which consists of Free Netflix with 2 Movie Passes (English & Tamil).

    Last month, I received a Message stating that some of my tamil movie channels will be removed and I have to get another package of Tamil movies for $15 per month. My question to them was, why is Starhub breaching my contract. I accepted the contract based on what they offered me but now they are removing part of the subscribed channels! And worst still, yesterday I received another message stating that some more channels will be removed again and to get another package! Disappointed that no one from Starhub called to inform me of the change! How can Starhub breach Customer's contract???

    I called them and told them to disconnect my Starhub TV Services including my Broadband Service. But they are saying that a Termination Fee will apply if I break my contract! Isn't this atrocious!! They can break their contract terms but Customer's can't!!!

    Before I go further to the Press, I demand Starhub to leave my contract terms alone till expiry. Pls let me know how you can assist in this matter.

    Thanks & Regards

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      • Mi
        Miah Fok Feb 26, 2021
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Same here. They are now removing Fox Channels from my existing subscribed channels. To get these same Fox channels we need to pay and subscribe to their new launch Disney+ package?! This is truly atrocious!

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      StarHubNokia mesh still showing poor signal

      On the 22nd Jan 2021 cristopher politud cristomo adviced to upgrade setup box due to the fact that the indian channel will no longer be providing vijay and some other channels. This upgrade would mean no longer local channels.His advice..in order to get local channels, i need to replace by 3 perfectly working google wifi which inpurchased from starhub with 3 Nokia Mesh which would be additional cost 120 for 2 and a discount for the 1st.

      There were many interruption with the starhub hotstar channel and wifi issues...a datapoint was previously installed with the issue of poor wifi from starhub a previous issue that was raised due to the starhub outage...reason need stable wifi for online zoom training...
      1feb came to starhub plaza sing branch...waited for 2hr...dealt with Franchesca
      Unsatisfactory response on nokia mesh
      "Asking us you want indian channel or local channel" she mentioned will send technician to rectify...
      Wifi was down on the 7 feb...called tech support...3hr ...raised issue about poor wifi...resetted setup box.wifi couple of times..last tech mentioned...will escalate matter...poor wifi connection thru out 7 and 8 feb called starhub to find about tech support for poor wifi...mentioned they will get back to me by end of the day...promise not delivered.many emails were sent to starhub care

      Got an additional nokia mesh...Now I have 4 nokia mesh side by side an it still shows poor wifi signal

      Why is the product sale to switch from Google mesh to Nokia Mesh necessary, inferior quality...

      Pls look into this matter please

      Nokia mesh still showing poor signal
      Nokia mesh still showing poor signal
      Nokia mesh still showing poor signal
      Nokia mesh still showing poor signal
      Nokia mesh still showing poor signal
      Nokia mesh still showing poor signal
      Nokia mesh still showing poor signal

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        StarHubStarhub tv recontact

        I been waiting and waiting sale consultant from switch back to my old set top box. On 16th jan Technicians come install my router and TV set box after install router work fine but set box show no signal then he do some settings change cable and change new set box but still no signal so he advise me to switch back to old set box, I agree to that. On 23th jan the sale consultant call me and promised me to switch back to old set top box and ask for my confirmation and process, from that day start I wait until now he still no call me when to install back the old set top box. Is it so difficult to switch back? Pls advise.

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          StarHubPoor Customer Service on Settlement of Final Payment after 3 years

          Dear Sir / Madam,

          I am extremely upset by the way or protocol that the billing customer care consultant is dealing on starHub reminder payment.

          I had made 3 attempt calls to reach out StarHub on 31/1/[protected]@3.15pm so to enquire why I received a letter of payment reminder after 3 years? As I told one of the care consultants that I had personally settled all payments at StarHub Plaza Singapura office in 2018. However, he said he was unable to handle it and need to transfer me to starhub cable section, also told me that his Customer care manager is not available when I requested to get any manager to look into this bill issue. After he transferred my call to Customer Service but the line kept playing music of starhub.

          Can some one assist me because I think this reminder payment is ridiculously annoying as I said I had settled in person at StarHub Plaza Singapura office in 2018? It has been causing me unnecessary time and effort to reach out to starhub!

          Please call me at +[protected]

          Best regards,

          Poor Customer Service on Settlement of Final Payment after 3 years

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            StarHubBad Customer Service by Service Manager, Thran

            Bad Customer Service

            I am utterly disappointed and appalled by the service of Starhub, especially by Thran who is your service manager from the mobile general enquiry department. I had signed up for a mobile line online, however I did not receive the phone or sim card, as per promised by Starhub. Also, no one informed me on the changes to my delivery date, which was agreed and also confirmed by Starhub. When I called in to check on the status, the customer service officer instead claimed she could not see any subscription on her end and it took her close to an hour to transfer the call to a manager by the name of Edison who said that there were some error by the online team. Despite my numerous attempts to request that an exception be made to send my mobile device, since I made prior arrangements to be available, nothing transpired and I was informed another manager will take over the matter on sat(23/01/2021). I was informed that the manager who goes by the name of Thran will give me a call by 10am. He then gave me a call at 12:33 pm (2 hours 33 mins delay).
            Thran did not at all sound sincere or genuine, but instead he chose to handle this with complete disregard and incompetence. He was rude and while we spoke, I was directed to another department, which he claimed was a glitch of the internal telecommunication system of Starhub. He sounded irritated and unhappy that he had to assist me on a genuine problem which was caused by the internal processes of Starhub. As I had to keep both my Friday and Saturday available, I requested that he bring this up to the relevant department for assessment and exceptional handling. However, he said he was the only person whom I could speak to within Starhub. Again, I requested for an alternative point of contact but he was adamant that only he had the complete authority to decision making and even went on to speak on behalf of Starhub at an organisational level, saying again that he was the only one who could speak to me. Since I was making a request which he felt was out of the ordinary, he got agitated and even argued with me, which to me, from a customer's perspective, sounded aggressive.
            I would like the management team of customers relations to look into the training provided for the personnel who are placed to attend to customers concerns as very clearly, Thran does not fulfil the most basic fundamentals of being a service staff. Also I would like to have someone else attend to my queries henceforth. In addition, I was treated as though I was not a customer (I have been for more than 10 years) and there was no attempt in displaying any understanding to my request. In fact when I displayed unhappiness, instead of mitigating the error he said I could do whatever I want and nothing can be done.
            It was a terrible experience and Thran did nothing but to completely disregard Starhub at an organizational level. Starhub was once known for their timely response and highly efficient customer service, but today, Thran has very adequately proven otherwise.

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              Jan 21, 2021

              StarHub — Problem still not yet resolve by starhub

              I am existing customer of starhub. I called up starhub to check my broad band contract and wanted to...

              Jan 20, 2021

              Starhub Ltd — Ridiculous service from starhub

              Re: Mobile Network Signal Issue Date: 18Jan2021 Dear CEO Mr Eapen, I am writing to you in this manner a...

              StarHubDisappointing starhub customer experience

              I would like to lodge a complaint against StarHub general customer service. I have recently logged in several posts on StarHub community site regarding my issue of no otp, 2FA smses from Singpass / Banks / Companies and no incoming landline phone calls for my phone line since I ported over to StarHub on 24 Dec.

              It has been 2 weeks. After several escalation call-ins to StarHub helpline 1633 and messages with StarHub customer service on facebook, this issue is still unresolved. I have been getting many broken promises from StarHub customer service agents on their 24-48 hours call back. Often there are no call back and I will need to call in after the agreed timeline just to find out nothing is resolved. This is not acceptable from an established Singapore telco for such basic service that we are talking about. Kindly assist to escalate my case please!

              Account holder 1.13911325N

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                StarHubOverseas call charges

                For my bill cycle 1 Nov 20 - 30 Nov 20, Bill Number 1.13348708U, I was billed $28.3546 for an overseas call made to Australia on 19/11/20 with a duration of 38 mins 49 secs. As my call was only for about 8 minutes, I am disputing the remaining 30 mins which was because the line was engaged and did not get through. Please do investigate and refund the 30 mins which was made up of unsuccessful connection and as such should not be charged.

                My contact details: [protected]@gmail.com

                Thank you.


                Jenny Liow

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                  Nov 24, 2020

                  StarHub — Customer service

                  Sunanda Devi, StarHub A/C no.1.13489155A Due to your Customer Service support I have terminated Starhub...

                  Nov 09, 2020

                  StarHub — Irresponsible starhub employee

                  Dear Sir/Madam, We gladly appreciate the business relationships we had with Starhub for up to 10 years. It...

                  Sep 28, 2020

                  StarHub — Unprofessional and unethical behaviour

                  My StarHub A/C 1.13854759A I joined the StarHub mobile service in 2012. That was my first mobile contract...

                  StarHubRelocating service

                  On 28-sep-20, I called to change date of relocation.
                  Person responding, ms negz (?) was
                  1. Impolite, cutting me off as I explained the issue
                  2. Inefficient, unlike the previous person who arranged the original relocation date - it was a breeze and took less than 20 mins. I have to wait for ms negz to call me, I couldnt wait on the line for her to check.
                  3. Displayed lack of procedural knowledge and difference between services of netlink and starhub! Obviously she needs more training. I have moved before and know how each do their part to make for a seamless transition.

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                    Sep 24, 2020

                    StarHub — Disruption of broadband services

                    Had a terrible experience when I got transfer and played around to help with troubleshooting the modem and...

                    StarHubVery unhelpful customer service & unlimited social pass problem

                    I already signed up with additional unlimited social pass for couple of months. It was great and there was no problem at all, but this month I figure out that they still reduced my data from my Instagram usage.

                    This month it already felt suspicious to me because I really felt like my data was decreasing very quickly. Of course then I want to figure out what app contributes to that so I check on the settings on my phone. What I figure out next is the screenshot I attached, I believe that it already describe the situation a lot.

                    As you can see from the screenshot, the overall data was reduced by 2.8 GB, the same amount as my overall usage. Which is very wrong because instagram shouldnt be counted. Please take note that I already matched the date.

                    I already reached out to the customer service and the answer that they gave to me made me very disappointed. I am really okay if they admit their mistake and fix this, but they didnt even admit that they're wrong. They just explain the description of this unlimited social pass over and over again, it really takes up a lot of patience to reply their email. They just didnt seem to even read or understand what I'm saying.

                    It truly feels like I am scammed. If not, I am very open to their explanation.

                    Thank you.

                    Very unhelpful customer service & unlimited social pass problem

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                      Jun 15, 2020

                      StarHub — Streaming box

                      I have issue loading the tv shows as it shows error 11058. When I called Starhub, they advised me to call...

                      Jun 13, 2020

                      StarHub — Being cheated

                      Being cheated signing up mobile line at roadshow and got it in to an ridiculous outstanding amount Never...

                      Nov 15, 2019

                      StarHub — Billing matter

                      StarHub — attn : CEO/MD/board of directors Dear sir/madam, The purpose of this email is to address of total...

                      StarHubMisuse of my number

                      someone use my number to apply for the star hub tv. i had make a complaint calls few months ago and stated will remove my number. till now i still received sms from starhub!

                      during the first date of installation on 27 april 2019, i already informed the installer wrong number, they say ok will check, but till now how come i still received text?

                      please get someone to call me, this is very annoying

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