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AT&T Customer Service

AT&T Inc.

575 Morosgo Dr., NE Rm 14f67
United States - 30324-3300

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 288 2020(Customer Service)
46 69
+1 888 333 6651(Order New Wireless Service)
1 1
+1 877 782 8870(Check Wireless Order Status)
3 1
+1 314 925 6925(Support For Travel Abroad)
1 1
+1 800 901 9878(AT&T PrepaidSM)
7 9
+1 844 827 7057(Order New U-Verse TV Service)
1 1
+1 866 861 6075(Order New Internet Service)
1 2
+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Customer Service)
15 34
+1 866 294 3464(ConnecTech PaidTechnical Support)
3 1
+1 866 435 3264(Dial-Up Billing & Payments)
1 1
+1 877 990 0041(Order New Fixed Wireless Internet Service English)
1 1
+1 866 861 6075(Order New Digital Phone Service)
1 2
+1 866 975 0050(AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone)
1 1
+1 855 288 2727(Digital Life)
2 1

AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T / internet services turned off

Jane Kotarski on Oct 3, 2018

I have reiterated my story to so many associates over the past year that it is challenging to have hope that any one at att would take it seriously. First, I have literally been on hold for hours and listen to what a valued customer I am. I initially had hope that I would have guidance and...

AT&T / worst company ever I hope your headquearters burns with everyone in it

Alejandro12 on Oct 3, 2018

worst costumer service ever, ive never exerience such such bad service in my intire life is a shame, ive wasted 9 hrs of my life to solve a problem that is not even my fault and no one in any department knows how to fix it. im sure that to work for you guys your requierment is to be a...

AT&T / wireless service

Patrick R Caffrey on Oct 2, 2018

Wireless service-I had an issue with my phone and service. I called last week to resolve it. I was given a solution that I could trade in my current 6S Apple iPhone and get the seven iPhone for a cost of $140. I am formed the customer service agent-retention agent-that I wanted to do some...

AT&T / unauthorised credit card charges by vesta at&t

Katy993 on Oct 2, 2018

Recently I was charged 32 USD on my multi-currency credit card which I had got from my country. I bought the sim around two months back and am a student here. I making separate payments for at&t phone charges and yet some company called Vesta At&T has deducted 32 dollars from my card...

ATT / prepaid

MarinaTaran on Sep 27, 2018

I bought prepaid to use while I was in the usa. Before leaving the country I turned it off. Being back in ukraine I saw the bill of 45$. Tried to contact att, no reply whatsoever. The only way to get in contact now is through the phone (landline). I'm now in ukraine. Can not do thi...

AT&T / direct tv/directv now

ATT Is The Worst on Sep 27, 2018

I received a letter from Credence Collection regarding my AT&T Direct TV account last week after receiving two emails in the past month from AT&T to confirm my account is not in arrears. Please note: my account has never been in arrears. I am beyond irate this account has been turned over for...

ATT Uverse / merge account with ex-husband/smart limits access

CandiceKS on Sep 27, 2018

For approximately 1 year I have been trying to get at&t to remove my ex-husbands acct info from my sign on. I transferred my and my son's numbers to my own account when we divorced. At first, only my own account info appeared when I logged into my at&t online. Then approximately 3 year...

AT&T / customer service complaint

Erykka Raquel on Sep 26, 2018

I visited the AT& T store at 13089 Peyton Drive Suite a, in Chino, Hills, California. I spoke with a customer service representative in person and the representative stated that she would need my driver's license to run a credit report. After running my report, the representative stated...

AT&T / international charges

ABhate on Sep 25, 2018

Hello, I have been complaining about International long distance charges on my wireless phone from last 4 months April - thru September to ATT. I have requested block for all international call as well as asked to set up a plan for long distance calling. Still, there is no change in the...

ATT / all services

Sunbug62 on Sep 24, 2018

5/18/18 Called ATT to discuss my bill because the amount from April to May went from $238.87 in April to $ 329.29 in May. I asked why and they said my promotions fell off. I spoke with Laylani employee ID LF7918 an Leslie and aa confirmation number of 4039911609A was given and I was told I...

AT&T / customer service in fairfield ca, solano mall

Alroan on Sep 23, 2018

Yesterday (9/22/18) I went to the agent in Solano Mall, I asked about my wife's phone why iy was freezing and i fact She is on Unlimited plan with her Iphone X, she bought from them not too long ago. I approached this lady name Arianne ( i believe they guy told me her name). My wife wnet to...

AT&T / customer service

Harvey Schmidt on Sep 22, 2018

I took delivery on an ATT trimline land line phone a week or two ago and upon receiving it immediately realized it wasn't what I needed because it does not have caller ID--my mistake. I then called a phone number for (what I thought was) the local ATT office in Leominster, MA, and was told...

AT&T / phones not paid off as part of an agreement for a special ran last april, I believe it was.

Dale Needham on Sep 21, 2018

AT&T ran a special on the 8+ S phones (buy one get one free, plus reward cards back). My wife and I decided to switch carriers and go with att to possibly save some money by combining our three phones with Direct TV and internet. the third phone of ours is held by my mother in law in...

ATT Uverse / uverse

Trish Labbe on Sep 19, 2018

On August 18, 2018 I received a call from ATT about my Internet. They persuaded me into switching from Dish TV to Direct and bundle Internet. I was told it would only cost me approximately $80 per mo. After the installation the Direct TV/Uverse is not working properly and they will be out...

AT&T / telephone wire hanging down from the pole into the weeds.

Fred Sayre on Sep 19, 2018

I was mowing on Sept 19, 2019 on a riding lawn mower when I ran over some telephone wire in the weeds. One end of the telephone wire was in the weeds(I could not see it, the weeds were about 12 inches tall) and the other end of the wire was still attached to the telephone pole. When I ran...

ATT Uverse / uverse

Donna Kay Smith on Sep 17, 2018

This account, while in my name, was an account for phone, fax, and internet service for my husband's business. He is the owner of a small business of which he is the only employee and for which I handle the books and company service records. In August, prior to his closing one office and moving...

AT&T / inadequate wireless billing resolution (ticket# cm 20180720-134616365)

Lee Sias on Sep 16, 2018

I noticed in late June my July 2018 wireless billing statement an unusual increase in charges (doubled amount) and made an inquiry to AT&T customer support. I was informed by the AT&T representative that it appears the charges were from an overseas call through a third party application on...

AT&T / cell phone roaming

John P. Wells on Sep 15, 2018

Prior to travelling to Europe last month I called customer service and agreed to a plan called "Passport" for a charge of $60 to minimize my roaming cost. I received a bill for $300 for roaming charges and the Passport was never applied. I called for help. First time the customer service...

AT&T / direct tv

Kathy Major on Sep 14, 2018

I tried to handle this on a chat line with Steve three days ago and thought it was resolved. DirectTV had installed my neighbors dish on my property a couple of years ago without my permission. I was home at the time. My area has a lot of trees and is hard to get a signal. My neighbor then...

ATT / wireless

Vkot on Sep 12, 2018

I planned to leave the country in a day, so I contacted an AT&T support service to cancel all my plans at the end of the current billing period, which would be in 5 days. I was assured everything is settled. However, I haven't got any post call mail notifications or any emails proving the...