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+1 800 288 2020 (Customer Service)
+1 888 333 6651 (Order New Wireless Service)
+1 877 782 8870 (Check Wireless Order Status)
+1 314 925 6925 (Support For Travel Abroad)
+1 800 901 9878 (AT&T PrepaidSM)
+1 844 827 7057 (Order New U-Verse TV Service)
+1 866 861 6075 (Order New Digital Phone Service)
+1 800 331 0500 (Wireless Customer Service)
+1 866 294 3464 (ConnecTech PaidTechnical Support)
+1 866 435 3264 (Dial-Up Billing & Payments)
+1 877 990 0041 (Order New Fixed Wireless Internet Service English)
+1 866 975 0050 (AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone)
+1 855 288 2727 (Digital Life)
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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

ATTATT Cell phone Plan Promotion

Today I called ATT to inquire about NEW ATT CELL PHONE PROMO . The ATT representative told me I could receive a new cell phone FREE. After ONE hour on the phone setting up my new cell phone I was told that there was no charge for the phone BUT I WOULD BE BILLED BY ATT FOR 30 MONTHS (2.5 YEARS)!!! The ATT representative did not explain ONCE that I would be signing a 30 month contract with ATT. This is unacceptable!!! I consider this method of sales to be "SLAMMING" THE CUSTOMER INTO A CONTRACT. UNACCEPTABLE. I WILL RESEARCH OTHER CELL PHONE CARRIERS AND CANCEL MY ATT SERVICE. What a way to treat their long time customers. I've had ATT phone for many years. SHAMEFUL. MAKE PROMO PLANS FOR CLEAR TO CONSUMERS. NO SMOKE AND MIRRORS. I AM A SENIOR CITIZEN AND I THINK THIS VERY STRESSFUL PROCESS TODAY WITH ATT HAS SHORTEN MY LIFE SPAN AT LEAST A YEAR.

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    AT&TPhone equipment returns

    On November 9, 2020, I signed on for cell service with AT&T wireless transferring from T-Mobile. I bought thru an authorized retailer, 4 iPhone 12 with a written understanding that I could cancel the agreement and return all phones within 15 days after activation. The phones had staggered delivery dates. As soon as I received the first three phones(in two packages, I called to cancel and returned the first three phones on November 20. The fourth phone was received and returned on December 19. All returns were addressed with the ATT return address forms included in each original package.

    To date, ATT has only acknowledged the receipt of only one (with 2 phones) of the two packaged sent on Nov. 20 and USPS delivery to the AT&T agent date of Nov. 24. And refund for the taxes paid on December 12. For the other two phones, including the one returned on November 20, nothing!

    I have been calling weekly over the past four weeks and no one seems to be able to locate these returns. Interestingly, one agent told me that they could not do anything until these phones until they physically recienve the phones in their warehouse(only God knows where) even though USPS indicate that the phones have been delivered to an ATT agent as indicated on the return label.

    I am deeply frustrated because I wish to move on!!! but can do so as long as ATT is holding up my account not to mention my refund.
    Please help !!!

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      AT&TWorst Customer Service

      Customer Service is the Worst!!
      We spent over 12 hours dealing with their customer service, as what I thought would be a nice change has ended up being the worst thing I could ever think of!!
      On December 18, 2020 we went into Sam's Club and decided to switch from Verizon to AT&T, thought we would save money, but instead we have spent $4117.10 now, with $1519.27 not being authorized and not even knowing what it is for. I spent over 5 hours on the phone on December 22, 2020, asking why that was taken out of my account with no response, no one knows or can see it. I was even transferred from your level 2 customer service agent, who transferred me to a Fraud agent to be ridiculed and sent back to customer service to start over!!
      It is now January 14, 2021 and phones have been returned, but it could be months before I see return. Really!!! This is my money and it should not be held, especially when I have returned their product unopened.

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        AT&TApple Watch 4

        Georgiana Robinson. [protected]@aol.com
        On October 2020 I saw a reward promotion for Apple Watch on my online bill. The promotion stated if you purchased an Apple Watch 6 and trade in an old Apple Watch you will receive $200 for the old watch and if the watch was in excellent condition you may receive more than $200
        This sound great to me so I purchased the apple watch 6 for $536.24. AT&T emailed me the shipping instructions on how to send the ole watch back to receive the $200 credit. I shipped the watch on 12/3/20 and att received the old watch 12/6/20. To date I haven't received my $200 trade in reward for my old watch . I called AT& T on numerous occasions including today but all I get is the run around. Every representative I spoke with had no idea of such a promotion or they said the only promotion they see in their system was one where you had to trade a phone and get a new phone. They would place me on very long holds (more than an hour at a time) or hang up on me or tell me they can't give me the credit because they can't find it in their system. I have been transferred to the trade in area, the rewards area and the customer care area and each time I have to tell my story all over again and answer a litany of questions which is frustrating.
        All I want is for AT&T to honor the promotion or send me my old watch back.
        Watch 4 shipped USPS 11/3/20 and received by AT&T 12/6/20 from carrier Pitney Bowes Re #[protected]. Usps tracking # 9202390100721415288592. Please help me get my watch back or the promotion credit of $200

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          Jan 05, 2021

          AT&T — Regional manager and store manager

          I shop at the AT&T store in Greencastle IN The store manager is Devon, I do not know his last name. The...


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          AT&TCellular Bill for Iphone: Cannot look at my own account

          Purchased Iphone in August 2020. I have NEVER been able to log in to my account. My phone number is [protected]. It is a PERSONAL number, NOT a business number! I have had this number since 1998, starting with Sprint.

          AT&T routinely takes money out of my Wells Fargo account, but WILL NOT LET ME LOOK AT MY OWN BILL OR CONTRACT. It is my ACCOUNT that is locked, NOT the device!!!


          After trying to create a login, my account was immediately locked.


          Janet Cameron
          414 10th Ave, Apt 6
          Seattle, WA 98122

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            Jan 04, 2021

            AT&T — Fees to restore directv

            I have been a Direct TV customer for approximately 25 years. AT&T took them over a few years ago. My husband...

            ATTPromotional deal on new Samsung phone

            I took advantage of a trade-in program where I sent my qualified phone, Samsung Note 8,  and purchased a new Samsung Note 20. I followed AT&T rules, made sure I qualified even though I really didn't need a new phone but the program was too good to pass up.  Several weeks later I received a letter from AT&T stating, in essence, "thanks but you are now screwed out of $999 AND your old phone". But wait, I did receive a $35 reward card. So that leaves me with a bill of $964 that I did not want nor can easily afford AND my working Samsung Note 8 gone for good.

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              Jan 03, 2021

              AT&T — directv

              21 months 93 nope 94 as off 1/3/2021 95 outages in florida. Useless channels pulled there suggestion that I...

              AT&TInternet bill for $99 technician fee

              I ordered new service back in October, I got the self installation kit. I plugged everything in correctly. I am a computer and low voltage technician for 15 years now running my own business. So I know how everything works and where everything should be connected. So when I could not get the modem to get a signal and phone support could not they scheduled a technician to come out. When he came out he tested the line and there was no signals coming into my apt. So he went down to the locked connection box for the building to connect my apt or fix the connection. When he came back he tested and was getting signals and got everything working he then told me he would add notes, so I would not be charged the $99 technician fee because I could not have gotten my internet working without a technician. 2 months now the fee is still there after 3 hrs of phone calls and last month the att person I spoke to told me to pay just my portion of the bill minus the 99 technician fee and it will be removed before my next bill. Still no resolution and I won't pay because I was told I wouldn't be charged on top of that if it could have been fix without getting into there locked box I would have done it myself. As a new customer I'm very fustrated and the fee needs to be removed otherwise I will contact the FTC and any other options I have until this is made right!

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                Dec 23, 2020

                AT&T — Internet

                No internet since 16th December Have made over 20 calls to resolve issue Workman came and said he could not...

                AT&TLandline to Wireless

                at&t offered to change my landine to a wireless phone. after I received the cell phone, I called at&t to port the home number to the cell phone. It has been 2 weeks and I have called at&t several times. i get transferred from one rep. to another, sometimes for as m long as 2 hours. i called today and ask for a supervisor, i was transferred from one rep. to another. after 1 hour and 23 minutes I hung as usual. at&t offered to port my landline to a samsung a11, which I have received. at&t also offered to credit the current bill of $60.79, lower the wireless monthly charge to $40 each month, keep the same features as my landline. honor the offer or cancel all services will at&t!
                ronnie rose [protected]

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                  AT&T CorporationCustomer service

                  I went to a Premium Wireless kiosk in a Walmart Store at 5501 Hwy 6 Missouri city, TX 77459. The idiot at Premium open 2 accounts for 1 phone (work phone), returned the phone 1 week later saying I had got laid off and did not need phone. Since I returned it well within the 14 day limit, Sid at Premium said ok you don't owe any money. Sid got fired for doing a terrible job and then Anglia who started to listen to me got fired for doing a bad job. After I started receiving 2 bills from ATAT I called and asked what is going on, one bill was for the phone that I did get but had no idea what the other bill was for. AT&T was no help after 8 calls to customer service and talking to 10 different people AT&T would not help me, I talked to people in The US, India and the Philippines and I finally gave up and paid for the charges on 2 phones that I don't even have. Terrible customer service, I will never use AT&T or Premium Wireless again and I'm going to use social media to further voice my displeasure over this incident. AT&T should be ashamed!!!

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                    Dec 12, 2020

                    AT&T Corporation — Unacceptable late fees

                    Billing Date: 25 Nov 2020 Account Number: [protected] I am a client of AT&T for many years with both...

                    Dec 08, 2020

                    AT&T — Cell phone billing

                    Hugh unexpected monthly billing since switching to AT&T from Verizon. We were happy with Verizon, but...

                    Nov 28, 2020

                    AT&T — Contract

                    Been with at&t many many years (bundled package) called to get a cheaper price for tv contract/service...

                    AT&TMost recent order of ipad pro 12.9

                    I am not going to write all this out, some one needs to call me or I will not make another payment and I will switch to one of your competitors as well as post what has happened to me along with emails chat phone calls as proof.
                    I am so disgusted with att right now and this is just the latest incident in a long line of faulty equiptment, installers/techs that are poorly trained and not knowledgeable at all as well as terrible service and customer service.
                    My name is Robert Leeds and my number is [protected]

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                      Nov 27, 2020

                      AT&T — Both

                      Thank you, On Sept 16th I spoke to the Loyalty Dept. of att/directv/internet. The complaint was about my...

                      ATTunauthorized Fiber, no internet or Landline services from 11/14 thru 11/19/20

                      11/14/20 internet & landline not working? payment always on time, after numerous calls to [protected] a Michelle insisted that ATT could only do the repairs by sending a technician INSIDE my home for 3-4 hours. I am a senior who is disabled and I notified my son that he needed to be present on 11/16/20 between 1-3:00PM. ATT did not show up or called my cell. I called Att after 7-8 attempts and it was stated that a another tech would come back 11/17/20. Tech arrived ahead of time but he waited for my son who advised the tech that I did NOT authorize the fiber installation and demanded the original copper and internet to be restored. He could not do it. On 11/17/20 I filed a verbal complaint with FCC file #4379581.11/18/20 I called Belva Davis, not available so I called the office of the president and spoke with Donald. 11/19/20 ATT technician restored my internet & landline WITHOUT having to come inside. My son took 3 days OFF work because I am disabled and cannot go up and down the many stairs in my home. I asked for compensation, I asked why & who authorized this FIBER, and ROY from the office of the president said that the 6 days without my internet & landline was an ACCIDENT! Why was I told that the only way to get my services restored was to have a tech inside for 3-4 hours? 11/23/20 I received a letter full of lies from ATT. Att should not be allowed to mislead seniors with FIBER services that should be the customers option, have ATT representatives mislead and disconnect PAYING customers for 6 days and just frustrate & misrepresent what rights a customers has! I was NOT given an option when my services were disconnected without notice. I want compensation for my son's time and ATT must in writing apologize for their poor customer service that I had to endure by being told that a supervisor was not available by Maria MC976E and then Maria connected us not to a supervisor but to the Direct TV dept. to get rid of us after 40 minutes waiting .This is the way all of their representatives deal with good paying customers, frustrate them to the point where they will just leave!

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                        AT&TOrdered watches we will never get

                        Wife and I recently signed up for cell phone service. We ordered 5 lines with phones and 2 smart watches. We was told when we signed up, the watches would ship separate from the phones. We received the phones but, did not het the phones. When i called to activate our phones, I asked when the watches would come in. They did not show where we ordered them with the phones. So, we could not add them to our service until 60 days after we have service with AT&T. very unsat..

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