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AT&T Customer Service

1260 Reviews

AT&T Inc.

575 Morosgo Dr NE Rm 14f67
United States - GA30324-3300

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Mobile)
9 21
+1 800 901 9878(Wireless GoPhone)
4 7
+1 800 288 2020(Digital TV/Internet)
38 50
Mon12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Customer Service

Wireless Mobile
Customer Service:
+1 800 331 0500
Order New Service:
+1 888 333 6651
Check Order Status:
+1 877 782 8870
Support for Travel Outside the U.S.:
+1 916 843 4685
Disability Resources:
+1 866 241 6567
+1 866 241 6568

Wireless GoPhone
Customer Service:
+1 800 901 9878

Digital TV
Order new U-verse® Service:
+1 866 861 6075
U-verse TV Customer Service:
+1 800 288 2020
U-verse TV Technical Support:
+1 800 288 2020
Disability Resources:
+1 800 651 5111
DIRECTV Customer Service, Billing & Technical Support:
+1 800 288 2020
AT&T | DISH® Customer Service, Billing & Technical Support:
+1 866 266 1292

U-verse Internet Customer Service:
+1 800 288 2020
U-verse Internet Technical Support:
+1 800 288 2020
ConnecTech Customer Service:
+1 877 303 2243
Disability Resources:
+1 800 651 5111

DSL Customer Service:
+1 800 288 2020
DSL Technical Support:
+1 800 288 2020
ConnecTech Customer Service:
+1 877 303 2243

Dial Up
Orders & Customer Service:
+1 800 524 8500
Billing & Payments:
+1 866 435 3264
Technical Support:
+1 866 722 3425
ConnecTech Customer Service:
+1 877 303 2243

Home Phone
Order new U-verse® Service:
+1 866 861 6075
U-verse Voice Customer Service:
+1 800 288 2020
U-verse Voice Technical Support:
+1 800 288 2020
Disability Resources:
+1 800 651 5111

Landline Customer Service:
+1 800 288 2747

Home Security
Digital Life Customer Service & Monitoring:
+1 855 288 2727
Digital Life Billing:
+1 855 288 2727
Digital Life Sales:
+1 866 464 8099

AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T / high speed internet/directv

barbara Geoffroy on Apr 24, 2018

I contacted A T & T on April 20, 2018 to discuss my plan with them. They told me that they would give me a deal on upgrading my DSL to high speed internet and DirecTV. I agreed and made an appointment with the customer service person to do the installation after 5 pm as I work for a...

AT&T / telecommunications product

dabywong on Apr 22, 2018

At&t is the most worst telecommunication public services I have ever ever has connect or used. Discrimination mexican against chinese, non approved charges cost in front of the customer that said no charge but they send you an invoice with huge amount of charges. (american chinese and...

AT&T in Ocala employee Dione allen / mobile phones


Dione allen set up me and my husband's phones thru her account because she said it'd be way cheaper since she was an employee which would have been nice except a year later she demanded them back which we returned sunday and we transferred our phone numbers to metro because they...

AT&T / "at&t vesta" bogus monthly charges

Terry Sterkel on Apr 4, 2018

BOGUS charges, 2x a month Reverse all these NOW! 1/21/2017 VESTA *AT&T 866-608-3007 OR $44.10 1/21/2017 VESTA *AT&T 866-608-3007 OR $44.10 2/9/2017 VESTA *AT&T 866-608-3007 OR $22.05 2/20/2017 VESTA *AT&T 866-608-3007 OR $44.10 2/20/2017 VESTA *AT&T 866-608-3007 OR $44.10...

AT&T / customer service representative

cRitterDW on Mar 29, 2018

Hello. I called AT&T Customer Service around 11:30 am on Thursday 3/29. The woman I spoke to was unbelievable rude. She would not let me explain my issue before trying to transfer me to someone else. I asked not to be transferred because I had already called the system she was trying to...

AT&T / sales

JJMMRP on Mar 28, 2018

Beware of signing on to services with sales people from AT&T! I ordered new service with them and was lied to about the whole deal. I went over this plan and pricing a million times with Ovier the horrid sales rep, to only get billed with a whole different pricing and lied about everything...

AT&T / not possible to send payment by due date

jimsonism on Mar 27, 2018

at&t mails me my internet bill on the 13th or 14th of each month.i receive it between the 20ith and this time the 25th it has to go across country. this month the 25th was a saturday. how can i mail a check on the 26th and get there by the 30th. the last 2 months i get charged $9.00 late...

AT&T Wireless / mobile phones

Megan hassey on Mar 21, 2018

I notified Att of charges on my bill that did not reflect the agreement AT&T promised .I found out I was a victim of identity theft when my new Apple x wouldn't accept my Apple ID and password .At&T made me wait 12 days for the recovery process of 12 days and then refused to return the...

AT&T / overcharged

Marisol DeLeon on Mar 13, 2018

Att has been charging me the same bill over and over they changed my daughters cell phone number every time they change her number some one is Harrasing her and calling her in the new number they give her.Att is a fraud and they need to be investigated by the FHS they just want to steal...

AT and T / extra landline installed without authorization

Jacqueline t on Mar 11, 2018

In mid August 2016, we moved. At that time ATT installed an extra land line of which we were not advised. When the billing came in, we paid the requested amount to be sure. I believe that it was in January of 2018 that the Billing format was changed, and we immediately saw that we were...

AT&T / directv/u-verse/at&t

Rachel Fields-Bishop on Mar 10, 2018

On January 13th, we had UVerse installed and called to cancel Direct TV and home phone service. On February 12th our bill still had Direct TV charges from 1/9-2/8. We called again. Customer Service agent said there was a record of a call on 1/13 but Direct TV was not cancelled. We were told...

AT&T / at&t u-verse

sheila e johnson on Mar 10, 2018

I hate this service which is strong wording. It started from day 1 on 2-9-2018. The remote on my tv would'nt work so now I have 2 remotes to work 1 tv. I switched from direct tv, cause I would loose signal when it would rained. This service is worse, I loose signals all day long no matter...

AT&T / internet installation

Pchance on Mar 7, 2018

I need assistance with filling a complaint. I had the absolute worst experience attempting to have internet installed. The technician arrived sooner than his schedule time frame. He did not call my number one hour prior to arriving at my residence as promised. Also, he called my husband...

Vesta AT&T / unauthorized credit card charges

Paula Fourcade on Mar 2, 2018

I have been debit $165, 20 from my UBS VISA debit card. This charge was not authorized by me. If being treated as an automatic charge on my account, I want it stopped now. I am from Argentina and I live in Argentina. I've been in USA last September 2017, for just 10 days. I am demanding a refund of the amount because I did not authorize this payment.

AT&T / att driver

kterrano on Feb 25, 2018

I was driving north on 585 on Saturday 2/24/18 at 12:17 when a male driver with dark car was driving in the far left lane driving under the speed limit and impeding the flow of traffic. I observed three drivers pass him on the right and pull in front of him, with my vehicle being the...

ATT / "plantation"

TySmith on Feb 24, 2018

Where do I start, let start with this, if you want a good paying job with decent benefits ONLY and nothing else matters then this job is for you. Now if your concerned with anything else then I am going to tell you what they don't tell you when you start working for AT&T. Let's get...

AT&T / unethical behaviour and misrepresentation of product.

doc5166 on Feb 13, 2018

I called into your customer service to check on my data plan. I spoke with the representative about what there was to possibly upgrade my plan. She told me about the Unlimited Data plan. I asked her how much it would be and she quoted me the price of $145.00. I currently pay 133.30 for the...

AT&T / at&t employees / are: getting bills for disconnected service

maidenme on Feb 12, 2018

Re: account # 773-774-8329-570-2 2/12/2018 Dear Service Manager - (Sheree at the "South Office" would not provide me with the name of anyone higher up to whom to send this letter. She told me to put my complaint "online". She also said that she could not locate "Miss Brown" in the Chicago...

AT&T / att u-verse

Att is a rip off on Feb 8, 2018

I had them for three weeks of service my bill was supposed to be Direct deposit they didn't take the money out and canceled my account so I pay it and they tell me they can't do nothing for me and it cost $152 for three weeks service then they say I have to set up another account and pay...

ATT / phone

Lotofwastedtime on Feb 5, 2018

You guys are mean non listeners iam behind in my direct tv att phone said I was suspended for not paying bill won't searpate that God's darn bill call many time hours of wasted time oh my not good comester service I would not use att phones if they were the last on earth luv direct tv the...