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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T / internet/tv

Raygun on Oct 26, 2017
I was hooked up with Hugheset and Directv through a bundle package with AT&T. Huge mistake on my part. I was supposed to be signed up for a $99.00 package deal but I was immediately hit with separate bills from Directv and Hughesnet that totaled $145.70. I've spent the past four month...

AT&T / internet/cable

Jessica Farrelly on Oct 26, 2017
I have been attempting to get service from you since August 2017. I have moved into a new home and AT&T is the only service provider in our neighborhood. Below is documentation of the nearly 20 service conversations, 6 service appointments and lack of respect, deception and all over inept...

AT&T / cell phone prepaid and customer service

gngrtonton74@yahoo.com on Oct 23, 2017
I am sharing my personal experience with this company. I have fallen on extremely difficult financial circumstances. My mother (who lives in Indiana) is trying to provide me with a cell phone here in Virginia so that my friends and loved ones have a means to reach me. When visiting...

AT&T / billing error

Anna on Oct 23, 2017
If you read the visitor posts on AT&T Facebook page, there is a recurring theme. AT&T does not care about customer loyalty and does not care about providing good customer service. I have been with AT&T for many years with my mobile service. During hurricane Irma I was out of the country I...

AT&T / activating internet, and customer service

Hawk17cass on Oct 19, 2017
On October 18 2017. I can called to get my daughters AT&T go phone internet activated. Spent almost an hour on the phone. Prior to this call I had called and made a payment for $10.00 for " an upgrade". To be able to access the Internet. It was not working which is why I called on the...

AT&T / resolve an issue with my phone

Louie I on Oct 19, 2017
I have been a customer for 5 years with AT&T. I recently decided to change my number when I bought a new phone from AT&T go phone site. I am not happy with the phone and would like to give it to my son. It is locked and I have called AT&T go phone customer service many times to try to...

AT&T / deceptive advertisement for data free directv streaming

atomism on Oct 18, 2017
AT&T advertised data free streaming on the Directv app if you have Directv bundled with your AT&T service (which I do). No fine print about limitations other that "Restrictions Apply". I watched a few movies with the Directv app and it used all of my data. I called and asked why this wa...

AT&T / service

BadInfo on Oct 11, 2017
My problem started when my phone was disconnected and I was put of the country at the the time. We have had this phone number for 60 years (254-883-6229). I called to get it reinstated. I spoke with someone by the name of Tonia D on either (Sept 25 or Sept 26). She assured me I would have...

AT&T / email service has been down for 3 weeks

Garyhatfiieldgd on Oct 9, 2017
My e mail stopped working and I have lost valuable mail that can’t be brought back up. I’ve called multiple and end up stay on the phone for hours talking to several people about my e mail. Transferred to multiple people with no help. I m on the premium phone device for my wireless service...

AT&T / assurian warranty

Marsha Lommel on Oct 8, 2017
The ATT store in OKEMOS, MICHIGAN sells Assurian insurance for mobile phones. The saleman was quite insistent that Assurian was better than Apple's iCare insurance. I purchased it only to find in the small print that it does not apply to service in this area. Assurian has only 1 approved...

AT&T / horrid internet speed, rescheduled 3 times for new install

MBaz on Oct 7, 2017
I was an ATT business customer for countless years. Their rep K. Vinje came to me stating that ATT would no longer be supporting the Centrix system that I had used for 20 plus years. She was given the needs of my business and proceeded to sell me a plan that she said would fit those...

AT&T / service

Shahid#123 on Oct 6, 2017
Ref: Account # 20888139, Tel # 925-935-2152 I called your customer service on 10/6/2017 at 7:28 pm, and got Loui. When I called I had to enter my phone number and account number. When I got connected with this guy he asked my name, phone number and street address. I gave him all the information. But...

AT&T / service cut off

David Laux on Oct 5, 2017
acct. # 146+133549 I had my service cut off for a bill you keep saying that is not paid. I return one of your U-Verse boxes through USPS and have already been on the phone with you 2 times and given the tracking number and verify that the box has been return and still my service got cut off. I...

AT&T / mobley unlimited plans

Chris M9999 on Oct 3, 2017
Your website shows this as a data plan. I purchased the Mobley today and went on chat during the purchase to, ask how to add this plan. The person Sarah K told me to buy the Mobley with the $60 phone plan and then she would, have the billing dept, change me to this plan. The billing person...

AT&T / direct tv (bundled through at&t)

Jackie Lopez on Oct 3, 2017
Good afternoon, I am hoping to have my experience serve as an indication that the customer service needs significant improvement. I have a bundle that includes my internet with AT & T and my satellite cable through Direct TV. The bill summary includes both, and so I referred to the number...

AT&T / time, money, and inconvenience lost over installation

Dallas Jones on Sep 30, 2017
To whom it may concern, I originally called to switch from Charter (Spectrum) to DirectTV (AT&T) on Sept. 7th with a representative of DirectTV (AT&T) to schedule a time to install Internet and TV with DirectTV. The call with the Representative was very pleasant and everything went well...

AT&T / go phone number 541 539 7674

Marie Van Der Wiel on Sep 30, 2017
I live in the netherlands and we came to america for a vacation from june 9th. untill july 13th. Im purchases a sim card in klamath falls. they told me when i go home i could go to an AT&T store. so we did this in sacramento . In did not get any paper. so i asume that it was okay. but when...

AT&T / cell phone unlock

Kim Tesori on Sep 30, 2017
I have an old galaxy 3 cell phone that I asked to get unlocked and I got 3 different answers of why they would not unlock it #1. Your request to unlock an AT&T device was not approved Inbox AT&T Order Status May 5, 2017 Reply to me Images are not displayed. Display images below - Alway...

AT&T / wireless services

spaniard29 on Sep 28, 2017
I have been with att for 9 years and directv for 17. I called today to add a line to an existing acct with 3 lines. I was told they needed to run a credit check. this is ridiculous. I understand if you're a new customer, but not for someone who's been with them for so long. I have auto pay...

AT&T / property damage to the electric pole and lines.

Steve_glads on Sep 26, 2017
This morning At&T crew came to our property located ON: 3560 Hollyberry Dr. Vista CA 92084. and they worked on one of the pole in the middle of this property. They removed an old pole from the property, and while doing so pulled SDGE lines and damaged the Roof top pipes and the ripped off the...

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