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Sep 23, 2020

Asus.com — Extended warranty

I was doing some self diagnostics via an Asus application and discovered that the laptop (Serial number...

Aug 12, 2020

Asus — des from asus customer service [protected]@shopretaildirect.co.uk

I think ASUS management should know how this individual is dealing with a serious enquiry. Des (the sale...

Apr 25, 2020

Asus — Warranty service

My monitor (MG28UQ) recently went bad and I put a claim in on under my 3 year warranty. (Active Case#...

Jan 26, 2020

Asus — A brand that doesn't worth a single star

Don't even know how to start. It's the absolute worst brand I've ever come across. Within my 2 year...

Dec 06, 2019

Asus — Asus f540u laptop

I bought a Laptop for my daughter for school, an Asus F540U. I have been using Asus with no problems for...

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Nov 23, 2019

Asus Laptop — Laptop

I bought the ASUS UX430U laptop in May 2018. I bought this product on the advice of ASUS sales representative...

Nov 08, 2019

Asus — promo.in services

I bought a asus tuf gaming laptop worth 52000rs after that I was eligible to buy an 1tb HDD and a...

Nov 05, 2019

Asus — asus max pro m2

I am Rana Dey.My Email [protected]@gmail.com.My contact number is-[protected]. I bought a Max Pro...

Asus IndiaAsus max pro m2

I am Rana Dey.My Email [protected]@gmail.com.My contactnumberis-[protected].

I bought a Max Pro m2 on 17.03.2019.After buying the phone I have gone Burdwan service center for 6 times.
In this phone there have earpiece speake, loud speaker low sound, battery drain, notch issue, touch issue, front camera damage, charging issue, update issue, calling problem etc.
Some times after the warranty of the device will be going to end.My family's economic condition is very bad.My father is a hawker.After the ending of the warrenty, when any problems are occurred, then I shall not go to the service center because the service charge is very high.The warranty of this phone will end after 5 months.My house and Asus servicecenter distance minimum 65 km and the transport cost is so high.I call and chat with the Asus authority center minimum 40-50 times for the refund.But they repeatedly told me for go to service center.For this phone i have beaten many times by my father and mother, they rebuke me all times.All days i call them, chat with them but they can not return my money.All times i tolerate the rebuke and beat for them.I request you all the Asus management team kindly refund for this device.If you will not give me refund, at last i committed to suicide for you.I will no longer be able to tolerate speech and persecution for your envy.And All of you will be responsible for my death.
Remember this.Please give me my money, I will be grateful to you forever.

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    This product cannot do 98hz with 10bit despite using displayport 1.4. None of this is mentioned, comparing it to your other product using display port 1.4 that came first, it works.

    I was hoping this monitor can do that, and I am now in a situation of regret because of these areas not being disclosed. Even me returning and buying pg35vq is declined. I tried to resolve this after two days and return the product.

    I don't know if I'm gonna get a refund or for you to allow an exchange but will seek consumer protection by mediation or arbitration. Should I loose, I will accept the fate of my purchase. The purchase was done in lazada.

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      • Updated by Mike P. Sullivan · Oct 03, 2019

        I dont know why these are not disclosed so consumers can get what they want out of their purchase decision or just to blur areas and runaway after the sale.


      I bought an ASU's vivobook from Amazon 16th Nov 2018, since then it has broken down twice and been sent to your repair centre under warranty. My laptop has now broken down for the third time, it starts off with fuzzy lines then goes to blank screen. I could get it repaired again under warranty, but I have lost all faith in your product and believe it will just break down again in a couple of months. This is impacting my business as I use the laptop to edit photos whilst I am on the go. I would prefer a brand new replacement or a full refund. The serial number is HCNOCVO4S54049A

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        Aug 06, 2019

        Asus — asus zenfone 2 ze551ml6j570ww/asus, asus_z00ad (silver 128gb)

        Any brand erupts from its service when device breaks down…. if company is gonna get greedy and start fooling...

        Asusasus ux461ua

        I bought the Asus Ux461Ua a year ago and three month ago. Supposed to be a high-end computer, it stopped working this week. It experienced problems this month with instant freeze and multiple bugs. The computer would just continuously restart for hours. Of course, I went to repair services. But the Asus repair service staff was not only unable to help, they were unwilling to ! According to them, there was nothing they could do. The warranty expired after 1 year. the computer stopped 3m after. Not a coincidence ! Here is a good example of planned obsolescence from Asus...Dont buy their products.

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          Asushidden warranty discrepancies, useless customer service, punitive policies.

          From hidden warranty discrepancies, policies which hold my property, a warranty holding customer, at ransom, completely unsure on when I will be getting a piece of equipment that is essential to my life back with changing delivery dates for a simple part that shouldn't take more than two days to ship, a customer service system that essentially just barks policy at me in response to my concerns, and after paying the fee I wasn't happy to pay in the first place, just to get my essential piece of expensive equipment that I bought off this company I have to wait 3 weeks to have a battery changed. Every one of the forms of customer service that I've tried for ASUS have been long winded and un responsive in dealing with any of my problems. I recently sent my Asus product to the repair department of this company, under warranty, with a faulty battery. I was very disappointed to be told that my laptop, with 24 month warranty still very much active is not in fact in warranty, because of over charging the device.in reply to an email I sent directly to the customer service team, after being brushed off onto different numbers and emails by multiple members of the so called customer service team, I was told that the reason that my laptop won't be repaired free of charge, under the warranty agreement, a service ASUS wilfully offer, is because the battery has a separate warranty of 12 months. After just over 12 months of use, with careful consideration for the battery life, my product should still be in warranty and this issue points to an issue with either a faulty battery or a massive underestimation in the amount of times the battery can be charged and remain in warranty. If the latter is the case it makes me wonder whether this limit where put in place to insure less claims could be made from the standard warranty on a product worth over £900. My laptop was effectively being held at ransom as, having sent my laptop in good faith to this company as part of their warranty policy I was being asked to cover costs even to get my product back in poor condition or loose my £900+ piece of equipment bought from and sent to this company in good faith. "Alternatively you can instruct us to securely dispose of the device free of charge" seems to me to be a conveniently placed psuedo-threat at the end of an email I received which overall left me with a sense of distress and unease. I highly suggest to anyone considering to deal with this company or buy one of their products to re-consider, equipment can break and decay and if for any reason you have to deal with this company's customer service team and sneaky policies it will be an un-pleasant experience.

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            Asusfaulty laptop

            To whom it may concern

            Re: Complaint concerning computer repair

            This email is with regard to my computer that I purchased at Hi Fi corporation. I purchased it last year, and about 6 months later it started giving problems. I returned it to customer care on the 16 February 2019 and it was logged for repair. I was called a weeks later to collect it on the 09 March 2019. On collection the report was very vague, all it said was "screw" and no further information regarding what the fault was or what repair had been done on the PC was stated. I asked the customer care assistant to switch the PC on for me before I leave the store to make sure that it is working. On doing so, the computer would not go on and was then showing a different error which it never had before.

            Once again the PC was logged for a second time for repairs on 09 March 2019. I requested that they give me a full report of the previous repair that was done as well as a report the new fault and repair.

            I went in on the 27 March 2019 to inquire about the PC. They told me it was repaired and dispatched and on its way back to the store. I was told it would be in by Friday the 29 March 2019. They said they would call me when it was there. There was no communication up to the Sunday. I went in Sunday to check what was happening, I was once again told its on its way back, they will see the next day, which is Monday The 01 April 2019.

            My husband went in on the Monday 01 April to see if it was there. When he got there he was once again told that the PC was checked and still not repaired. It was already wrapped and logged for repairs for the third time.

            I am very unhappy with the service from this company. my PC has been there almost two months and it is still not repaired. I cannot understand how it had to go back 3 times for repairs. Also the error it showed when I fetched it was a different error to what the initial problem was.

            I need my PC urgently for work and this is really causing me a big inconvenience. I am requesting that my PC be replaced with one that has the same specifications or my money refunded so that I can purchase another PC.

            Awaiting a response urgently.

            Repair Request 1 ref no: [protected]
            Repair Request 2 ref no: [protected]
            Repair Request ref number was not given for third repair.

            Kind Regards
            Z Ismail

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              Asusasus x751l laptop

              I have never hated a computer as much as this one. My radio was shutting off on its own so I'd lose internet connection all the time, then it was my mouse pad stopped working which my husband fixed but it still has issues where the mouse will go crazy and jitter around a page when I am trying to click on a hyperlink, now it's my keyboard keys working and then not working as it pleases. My husband took it apart to check connections and dust issues. It worked for about a week and now it's back to crap. The keys that don't work are d " ', backspace enter end. I can't stand it. Just to type this, I had to plug in an external keyboard. I uninstalled the keyboard driver and reinstalled it and that did nothing. And insult to injury, half of the keys letters have worn off. I would never ever buy another ASUS again. How do they stay in business?

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                • Updated by rascallyrabbitme · Mar 28, 2019

                  I forgot to mention that half the time the DVD player/burner does not recognize the DVD or reads it as already burned when it is a brand new blank DVD.

                Asuszenfone 4 ze554kl - asus is denying warranty

                I bought a phone from ASUS (Zenfone 4 ZE554KL) In April 2018, months later the handset started to reboot itself, and every time the battery ended I had to format it to get back to work.
                At the moment I am in Brazil and fail to get ASUS Brazil to solve the problem. I'll go back to Canada after the warranty closes, and I can't get a resolution.

                Am I going to have to buy a new phone before I finish my warranty? Thanks for nothing, Asus.

                Product S/N: HAAZCY008406GZW

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                  Feb 13, 2019

                  Asus India — Cheap Corning Gorilla Glass Issue

                  This email is regarding my distressful interaction/communication with ASUS India technical support team. ...

                  Asuszenbook bsod

                  The UX410 goes to blue screen on cold start, restarts couple of times and then works ok. This behaviour is more often when laptop is left in a room slightly colder than 20 Celsius, and when after a couple of tries temps rise above 24-5 it works. Below link shows that.

                  There are other videos, and I explained the issue to the salesman but couldn't get a refund or another working laptop. I bought it two months ago and now I am without a main tool for my programming job.

                  First time the store sent it to repair shop so they could identify the malfunction and  store could replace it for a new one. But laptop comes from the repair with a note that bios is now updated, laptop is tested and fully functional.

                  I went to the store to get it, the sales person turns it on and there was the BSOD again. The problem persisted even after the 'intervention'.
                  I requested a new laptop but store sent it again to the repair shop for diagnostics because these are the rules, they said.

                  Again I got a response that everything is tested and laptop is working.

                  I spent around 1200 euros for this model, expecting that I would have no problems. This is causing a great stress because I can't work and the laptop I bought is not reliable.

                  Why can't I get a working device that I paid for? Am I only at the mercy of the shop XLS.doo Belgrade (ComTrade shop) and service System One?


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                    Asusac3100 asus router

                    Be very wary of asus warranty fulfillment and asus service support. I currently have a AC3100 Asus Router that the 5GHZ Wifi band - No Hardware MAC address - failed within the purchase date 2 year warranty period. However, when I called in for service, I was told that the warranty was based on the serial number and the device was in fact not within the warranty period. Not a huge issue, but annoying. I was then told, after being bounced around about 5 absolutely dumb service techs, that the router have to be sent in on a RMA at a cost of $60 (non returnable) plus shipping costs to have the ASUS techs look at the router with a possibility that the router would be returned unrepaired - depending on what they found or possibly charging up to $280 (US) to repair the device. I didn't pay that much for the device, Canadian, when it was new. After some research, I discovered that this issue was pretty well documented all over the internet and apparently a "known" hardware issue that had possibly been introduced in a earlier firmware.

                    I still needed a replacement router, so I bought a NetGear Nighthawk instead.

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