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1888 678 3688(United States) 2 4
1855 755 2787(Canada) 1 0
8800 100 2787(Russia & CIS) 1 0
1800 209 0365(India) 2 1
1800 836 7847(Mexico) 1 0
+886 800 093 456(Taiwan) 1 0
+44 144 226 5548(United Kingdom & Ireland) 1 0
+61 130 027 8788(Australia) 1 0
+64 800 278 788(New Zealand) 1 0
+420 552 302 313(Czech Republic) 1 0
+45 38 322 943(Denmark) 1 0
+358 969 379 690(Finland) 1 0
+33 170 949 400(France) 1 0
+49 210 2578 9557(Germany) 1 0
+39 697 626 662(Italy) 1 0
+31 591 570 290(Netherlands) 1 0
+47 23 962 691(Norway) 1 0
+48 225 718 040(Poland) 1 0
+34 932 938 154(Spain) 1 0
+46 858 769 407(Sweden) 1 0
+41 848 111 010(Switzerland) 1 0
+90 850 522 2787(Turkey) 1 0
+852 35 824 770(Hong Kong) 1 0
+81 570 783 886(Japan) 1 0
+60 130 088-3495(Malaysia) 1 0
+966 800 820 0426(Saudi Arabia) 1 0
+65 66 369 163(Singapore) 2 0
+27 861 278 772(South Africa) 1 0
+82 15 666 868(South Korea) 1 0
+66 24 011 717(Thailand) 1 0
+971 800 0200 0428(UAE) 1 0
+84 18 006 588(Vietnam) 1 0
+54 800 122 0563(Argentina) 1 0
+55 30 030 398(Brazil) 1 0
+56 800 835 994(Chile) 1 0

ASUS Complaints & Reviews / xg438q

Oct 03, 2019

This product cannot do 98hz with 10bit despite using displayport 1.4. None of this is mentioned, comparing it to your other product using display port 1.4 that came first, it works. I was hoping this monitor can do that, and I am now in a situation of regret because of these areas not being...

Asus / laptop

Sep 09, 2019

I bought an ASU's vivobook from Amazon 16th Nov 2018, since then it has broken down twice and been sent to your repair centre under warranty. My laptop has now broken down for the third time, it starts off with fuzzy lines then goes to blank screen. I could get it repaired again under...

Asus / asus zenfone 2 ze551ml6j570ww/asus, asus_z00ad (silver 128gb)

Aug 06, 2019

Any brand erupts from its service when device breaks down…. if company is gonna get greedy and start fooling around then I guess it will be shown doors by consumer…. same is happening with asus. Before you invest in asus consider reading this!! For asus it's not always nice nice for everyone...

Asus / asus ux461ua

Jul 18, 2019

I bought the Asus Ux461Ua a year ago and three month ago. Supposed to be a high-end computer, it stopped working this week. It experienced problems this month with instant freeze and multiple bugs. The computer would just continuously restart for hours. Of course, I went to repair...

Asus / hidden warranty discrepancies, useless customer service, punitive policies.

Jul 08, 2019

From hidden warranty discrepancies, policies which hold my property, a warranty holding customer, at ransom, completely unsure on when I will be getting a piece of equipment that is essential to my life back with changing delivery dates for a simple part that shouldn't take more than two...

Asus / faulty laptop

Apr 04, 2019

To whom it may concern Re: Complaint concerning computer repair This email is with regard to my computer that I purchased at Hi Fi corporation. I purchased it last year, and about 6 months later it started giving problems. I returned it to customer care on the 16 February 2019 and it was logged...

Asus / asus x751l laptop

Mar 28, 2019

I have never hated a computer as much as this one. My radio was shutting off on its own so I'd lose internet connection all the time, then it was my mouse pad stopped working which my husband fixed but it still has issues where the mouse will go crazy and jitter around a page when I am...

Asus / zenfone 4 ze554kl - asus is denying warranty

Feb 21, 2019

I bought a phone from ASUS (Zenfone 4 ZE554KL) In April 2018, months later the handset started to reboot itself, and every time the battery ended I had to format it to get back to work. At the moment I am in Brazil and fail to get ASUS Brazil to solve the problem. I'll go back to Canada...

Asus India / Cheap Corning Gorilla Glass Issue

Feb 13, 2019

This email is regarding my distressful interaction/communication with ASUS India technical support team. CASE NO: A190238311 already registered on Feb 9th 2019 and still now there was no response made for my larger concern reg Corning Gorilla Glass and Price Differences of service cost in 2...

Asus / zenbook bsod

Feb 03, 2019

The UX410 goes to blue screen on cold start, restarts couple of times and then works ok. This behaviour is more often when laptop is left in a room slightly colder than 20 Celsius, and when after a couple of tries temps rise above 24-5 it works. Below link shows that. There are other...

Asus / ac3100 asus router

Oct 26, 2018

Be very wary of asus warranty fulfillment and asus service support. I currently have a AC3100 Asus Router that the 5GHZ Wifi band - No Hardware MAC address - failed within the purchase date 2 year warranty period. However, when I called in for service, I was told that the warranty wa...

Asus India / notebook x540y

Oct 17, 2018

Hi, I got this Notebook X540Y in the month of November 2017 and product is still under warranty. For the initial 6-7 months laptop was working fine but then this automatic restart continuosly issue has surfaced from last 1.5 months. Once you start working on the laptop after 10 mts it...

Asus India / mobile phone

Sep 11, 2018

Dear Team I am facing lots of problems with this device, i want my money back, otherwise replace this product, its speecker not working I repaired that from ur authorise service center, now its sim slot not working and its charger slot is too loose, i went to purchase new mobile to the...

Asus / unhelpful customer service

Aug 23, 2018

Date: June 15th 2018 I purchased my brand new Asus Republic of Gamers GL502VS-WS71 laptop through XOTIC PC on May 20th 2017. I had customised mine through XOTIC PC to have a better thermal paste and a 2TB FireCuda Hybrid drive. I used this laptop for a little over a year with no issue...

Asus / manipulating warranty

May 02, 2018

I am an expert and handling and installing motherboards, after a long day of work and a day at the beach I come back and home my motherboard would refuse to start up, the motherboard failed no Q-CODE LED start button would light up but no reponse NO physical damage take Pictures of the...

Asus / asus notebook g9n0wu071692379

Apr 13, 2018

AsusAn Open Letter to Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUSTeck Dear Jerry Shen, As the CEO of ASUSTeck, I think it is important that you are aware of how your customer service department is impacting on the reputation of your company. And it isn't pretty -- -- as this one example...

Asus / technical support

Feb 01, 2018

I purchased an [censor] router rt-ac 1200 thru newegg and attempted to connect it per asus included instructions. after completing the install setup, A login page pops up. unable to login, I was directed to their technical support. they said that my new asus router could not be connected to my...

Asus / asus mobile phone

Nov 24, 2017

Dear sir/madam I gave my phone in hyderabad service centre (regeneris india pvt ltd 1-2-64/1/2 2nd floor, nandavanam complez behind brand factory parklane, secunderabad -50003) contact no:+[protected]/040-[protected]/040-[protected]) regarding my screen display problem they are not even...

Asus / asus roc g20cb

Oct 20, 2017

I will never buy an asus product again! Not only are their products poor quality but their repair department is incompetent. the customer service department is outsourced to the caribbean which makes them ineffective. I purchased the asus roc g20cb gaming desktop in april of 2017 from best...

Asus India / nettop

Oct 16, 2017

It's better-than-average video performance for a Nettop, but that does little to spare this system from its weak overall performance and the variety of competitive, more well-rounded alternatives for low-cost video and gaming. I like it. It's certainly no computing powerhouse. But Asus'...

Asus / zenfone 2

Sep 18, 2017

Order number: w1709090945211673 I have used my phone today (sept 18th 2017) for the first time, having received 2 days ago. when I tried to start it for the first time, only the battery icon appeared on screen, so I assumed the battery was dead. twenty minutes later, the phone was at 100%...

Asus India / faulty laptop

Sep 02, 2017

I brought my laptop In October 2016. Since then it was repaired twice for the same issue i.e. abrupt shut down of laptop. Now, once again I am facing the same issue. It is very sad that I trusted Asus quality and I did not get the desired quality. My product is still under warranty right...

Asus / n551jw laptop

Aug 14, 2017

AsusI've bought an Asus laptop and it crashes as soon as it gets Windows updates. I Tried to recover, re-install, hide driver updates, etc.. didn't work and 3rd day of my purchase I returned the product and asked for my money back. I've sent laptop to Asus to confirm the issue. They returned...

Asus / customer service

Aug 14, 2017

Customer service is terrible and support that knows absolutely nothing about troubleshooting issues,. my original computer was sent to asus because it would not turn on, it could not be fixed so I was offered another computer, which had more issues than the original computer. I have been...

Asus India / asus zenfone 2

Jul 01, 2017

Asus IndiaDear Sir/Madam I Shobha Anchan, took this Cell Phone 6 months back. And very soon within a month started getting hot and then used to Shut Down. Then shown to the person from the place where I had taken. Thrice I had give stating that there is a issue with cell phone motherboard. And again...

Asus / laptop vivobook 1 year old

Jun 11, 2017

AsusI've had my lap top not even one year. I use it every day for work. The hinges are all of a sudden breaking on me. not fully but they are loose and getting worse. I tried to get asus to help. the level of service I received had me in tears. I can not afford to send me lap top in for...

Asus / newly purchased phone having wifi problem / service center, returns saying that the unit is working fine

Apr 24, 2017

AsusHello, On 29 april I brought the asus zen selfie (qr-899) mobile phone from mall of qatar sharaf dg outlet. after a week I figure out with that the unit is having a poor wifi connection problem. means that the wifi connection is stable if it is near the router. but if if go to next room the...

Asus / return policy/ selling defects

Apr 19, 2017

Got an asus laptop a month ago. found out its defecitve. the more I look in asus I realise I should have looked into how many complaints there are. Anyways. asus is telling me I must send my laptop back to be repaired. I want my money back or a new laptop. I should not be returning...

Asus / asus rog g752vy-dh72

Mar 01, 2017

Buyers be aware, my negative experience is relating more with asus billing practices. I ordered the asus rog g752vy-dh72 2/24/2017. the following day, I received an email telling me that my order is pending and that I will need to call them (asus) and then call my bank through a 3 way...

Asus / service

Jan 07, 2017

I bought a brand new asus laptop and my sound drivers don't work. i've spent hours trying to get them going and can't. I just spent another half hour on the websites trying to get a legitimate phone number and not a scam site only to find that there is no support on the weekends. the only...

Asus India / Laptop warranty not being honored

Jan 05, 2017

Asus IndiaThey are not honouring the warranty and want money for screen change. They says its expensive and can not be replaced. Service engineer says its internal damage but in his report, he submits physical damage, its pure cheating and not fair to treat like this Customer Name : Ajit...

Asus / customer managers

Aug 22, 2016

I had a "level 3" customer support manager from asus who had no interest in learning about my disappointing customer service experience. he did a half-hearted attempt to resolve my situation... when he got to the point many of the earlier representatives found themselves in (does the...

Asus International / router rt-ac68p

Apr 28, 2016

Buyers beware of asus warranty fulfillment and asus support. I bought that router in the us and brought it with me to israel. It failed following a firmware upgrade and would not operate. The entire support I received from both the us support and the israeli support dept. amounted to the...

Asus / zenfone 2 warranty support

Apr 15, 2016

Concerning a ZenFone 2 purchased from Amazon: I purchased from Amazon on 5 July, 2015. Roughly 9 months later, the lower 2/3 of the screen started flickering and eventually was either blacked out or streaked with rendering "noise". I spent an hour in a chat session 3/11/2016 where I...

Asus / rebate on electronic products

Mar 22, 2016

AsusWhen I turned in my small form for a rebate on an asus dvd player via us postal mail, it took more two months to get a rebate back. instead of issuing a check, like most companies do, it appears they issue a amex reward card. on the website at a latter date, I found out that anything over...

Asus India / Cheating with customer sold old used warranty expired product Asus X553MA - BING-SX526B NOTEBOOK as a new laptop by Asus dealer

Jan 02, 2016

Asus IndiaDear Sir, I have purchased new Asus X553MA - BING-SX526B NOTEBOOK on dated 29th December 2015 from Asus Dealer Lapcom Peripherals Pvt Ltd, 105 Pragati House, 47-48 Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019, India, i just started using this notebook day before and found wifi is not working. Contacted...

Asus / broken laptop

Dec 07, 2015

My friends called me and asked me to come over and take a look at his new laptops. he told that it was his second laptop, because first wasn't working. the first one was not working so he brought it back to the store and was given a new one in replacement. we plugged it in and pushed the...

Asus / worst response at partner service regenersis (india) pvt. ltd.

Dec 01, 2015

Worst service at regenersis (india) private limited asus service center at begumpet... the lady who is sitting on chair at reception behaves like she was the owner of the company... and not responding customers properly and when we call to the given numbers they are not lifting the...

Asus / x552l laptop

Nov 18, 2015

I bought a x552l laptop on 12/29/14 at best buy. I started having issues soon after. the mouse touchpad works inconsistently. it stopped scrolling and then stopped working altogether unless I restart the computer. the keyboard doesn't register all of my keystrokes. my screen randomly...

Asus / n71jq

Oct 17, 2015

I purchased a few years ago an expensive laptop n71jq. I have had to have in in for repair 4 times for the same reason as the motherboard needed to be replaced. each time the mother board cost 140.00 plus tax, labor, and shipping costs. on february 4, 2015 I had this repaired on rma#...