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ANTOnline / Atlanta Network Technologies Complaints & Reviews

ANTOnline / Atlanta Network Technologies / is a gypsy company

Dec 13, 2017

The worse experience ever, I ordered 2 monitors through Walmart mark place, 10 minutes later decided to cancel the order, I call Walmart they said I have to contact the Seller (, I called but they were closed, I sent 4 emails 2 through Walmart portal and 2 dricerly to the...

AntOnline / avoid like a plague!

Mar 01, 2017

Don't buy anything from AntOnline, their products are of a very poor quality! I have purchased a battery from this site 3 months ago and recently it broke. It was not my fault, it just simply burned and there was nothing I could do to fix it. The worst part was that AntOnline gave me a 1...

AntOnline / faulty products

Jul 26, 2016

I have purchased a monitor from AntOnline website and when I received the package it was opened already and the monitor inside had a damaged screen! I contacted AntOnline customer care service asking for a refund and ended up paying for the return shipping. Later I receive my refund but I... / review - will not honor return policy set forth by amazon

Feb 10, 2014

Same as complaint as user below! - please everyone file a formal complaint with amazon to have them removed as a seller. I purchased a video capture card through and Was the seller for the item in their marketplace. Item was ordered on The 17th of january but...

AntOnline / shipped wrong order/and fraud


I ordered computer memory from didn"t know it was third party order shipped by antonline they shipped only half of the order.then accused me of switching the content with used parts.the sad part sears re-ordered and charged me twice on my credit card for 187.00 so i can't...

AntOnline / failure to deliver item


I placed an order for a Lexmark ink cartridge. After 5 business day I recieved an email stating that the item was damaged in shipping and was being returned to Antonline and the order was being cancelled. They made no offer of reshipping the item, it was cancelled. They claimed that they...

AntOnline / do not buy


This company displayed a product with a matching picture and model number. They then shipped an entirely different product and after I complained changed the display image in the product description. Luckily I have a screen capture of the before and after. This seller on ebay sold me a... Video Cable / refused to refund defective merchandise


I ordered an Ipod video cable from to hook my Ipod up to the RCA connections on my TV. The website did not specify that there was any specific Ipod this cable was made for, so I figured that Ipod is Ipod--it should work for all. I got the thing, opened it, hooked everything...

ANT online / defective Mustek scanner


I ordered a Mustek scanner. The scanner is defective, after spending 4 hours with a Mustek tech it still didn't work. I called ANT online to return it, my request was denied and I was told to contact the manufacturer. I contacted Mustek after numerous calls I now have to send the...

Atlanta Network Technologies / Refused to acknowledge receipt of RMA merchandise so won't refund money


I purchased a BFG 260 GTX Maxcore OCX (the one with 216 processors) video card on ebay from Atlanta Network Technologies Inc. (henceforth to be appropriately called "ANTI") on 11/29/08 to make a pair with the card I already had in my case. The new card arrived 12/02/08 and everything...

AntOnline / bad service


Company sent a defective product that you could not determine if it worked without installing the software. Now they refuse to take it back because the software was opened. To me, this borders on fraud. A customer has the right to expect the product they buy to work, and if it dosn't they should be able to get a replacement or refund.

AntOnline / fraud/refund


--> Get your interstate fraud HERE! Get your interstate fraud HERE! <-- If you make the mistake (as I did) of ordering from ANTonline (Atlanta Network Technologies) you will be rewarded with a box-load of defective, expired, and/or unusable 'merchandise'. Any attempt to rectify...

AntOnline / poor service / no service


I ordered a GPS for $520.00 and found out it did not have bluetooth. I called to cancel the order and place an order for a new unit that had Bluetooth, for an additional cost of $80. I returned the original and they charged a 15% restocking charge enen though they advertise a full refund... / terrible experience!


Purchased the Genius Digital Notepad for my brother this past Christmas and he said "it's too complicated, return it, I'll never use it." I tried to contact many times to submit a request to return the item. They didn't get back to me until after the return...