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Microsoft reviews & complaints

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Microsoft - Office 365

I had received messages that my Office 365 subscription renewal date was approaching. So on July 27, 2021 I paid for a one year renewal in the amount of $108.24.

On October 8, 2021 I saw that Microsoft had deducted $108.24 from my account for Office 365. I contacted them and they refunded $108.24 but at the same time cancelled my subscription. So the $108.24 that I had paid no longer allowed me access. The amount I paid in July was in advance of the due date so essentially, I never got the subscription service for that payment.

When I address this issue with Microsoft online help - it repeatedly indicates it doesn't have information for my issue.

Desired outcome: I want my subscription fee of the $108.24 refunded, and then I will purchase a new subscription. Hopefully, that will clear things up and I will once again have access.

Microsoft - Windows 11 download did not work

My computer started windows 11 without my consent and duing this time I could not work n my computer for 72 hrs. The download did not work and I fianlly was able to pause it and reset to Windows 10. Very unhappy as cannot get my printer to work or my scanner and the computer now runs very slow.
I have managed to get my files back but it has taken hours and hours of work to get the computer to even open up I will not be using Windows 11 if this is the outcome...Not user at all.!
Christine Schutz [protected]

Microsoft - Microsoft account access

Two times today I contact Microsoft Text Customer Service, since MS has no real customer service. The first hussy told me to turn off Windows Defender 4 times. Then she told me to NEVER turn off...

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Microsoft - microsoft update

Hello, This is complain about Microsoft update destroyed my surface5- Suddenly I found my Surface is very slow after the computer updated to window 11 and the battery don't get charge anymore - I Contacted microsoft support to help me reverse windows back to 10 that when the surface was stable- Mario from Microsoft try several time to install window 10 and he couldn't he suggest to do reset the computer with options I choose keep all the files - It take all night to do reset back to window 10. Guess what it reset to window 11 and we find out the computer have only window 11 Beta This is ridiculous now my battery wont charge any more and the computer is setting on window 11 Beta and he suggest to buy new computer if the problem stayMicrosoft windows update is causing this problem and I can't afford to buy new one and Microsoft could not solve the problem I need the Ceo of this company get involved and solve it please
ThanksMagdi Gendi [protected]

Microsoft - License Transfer

Have had a license for 2 weeks and need to transfer it to a new computer. Microsoft says I can, but need to do it through tech support as I'm working n a Mac.

Was on hold for over 3.5 hours today. Hung up on three times. Each time I was disconnected I had to start over with the call back process until I was told online that I'd reached my call back limit. How many days do they think I have to do this?

Desired outcome: Transfer my license

Dec 18, 2021

Microsoft - Mouse not working

Hello good evening, day, or morning. I would like to write a complaint about Microsoft's mouse not working (meaning my mouse wasn't there it didn't show up). So last night which was Friday December 18, I was getting on my computer for an important zoom meeting for my job a the zoo. And I noticed my mouse wasn't there so I had trouble getting on and I was late. I tried uninstalling the mouse driver but it still didn't work. please fix this I really dont want to be late to another meeting again because this was quite serious. I hope this complaint get fixed soon please and thank you.

Desired outcome: FIX THIS PROBLEM

Microsoft - Microsoft 365

My account is [protected]
Phone: +[protected]

I created my business email with Microsoft in the UAE.
I am currently in Algeria and recently I changed my password and it was accepted.
When I wanted to login again, I got a message that the password is wrong.
I called Microsoft Algeria and tried many times to recover the account and every time I was informed that the verification information that I provided is wrong.
I depend a lot on the email for my business and I have to say that I am extremely disappointed with the response I get from Microsoft.

Microsoft - Xbox/Xbox live

Twice now I've been banned messaging someone that had a negative impact on my life. Microsoft at times seems to encourage toxic behavior and punishes those who speak up about it. The perpetrator finds how you may have violated terms of service and reports you, doesn't even matter that they were the person who was toxic and creating negative waves. I am unable to communicate with friends and there is little explanation as to what I did to get banned. Pretty messed up I pay them money to have this happen.

Desired outcome: A more thorough investigation into why the person is reacting the the person making the report.

Dec 09, 2021

what was it that made the chat negative on your life?

I'm tired of corporate, emotion-less systems directing our lives.

Microsoft - Windos 365

I purchased windows 365 to replace Office 2010 which is no longer supported.
The download appears to have been successful but cannot find information on the new apps.

Have tried to resolve issues using MS online info. without success. calls to support just keeps sending me back to website.

Does the Office 10 information in Outlook, Word, Excel transfer to Windows 365? Does transfer have to be done manually? Can Office 2010 be deleted without loosing all the existing information?

How can we talk to a human after all web tools have not helped?

Desired outcome: Talk to someone who can help answer questions.

Microsoft - Total lack of service

over a month ago i purchased 2 months game pass ultimate for xbox 1 using my reward points, i got the codes, but after following the instructions they would not work.
Contacted rewards, reply was after 3 days, go to this web site and try again, i did and still no good.
Email rewards, same replay before, long story short, 1 week later i got 1 code to work yay me.
After loads of emails asking for my points to be refunded, why won't this code work, same answers as before.
Eventually i rang xbox support 15 days after getting codes, explained the problem and got it sorted.
NO help from rewards at all.
I theh asked for a manager to lodge a official complaint, ha ha after 1 month from the start still waiting for a manager, emailed 6 days ago, and still no reply, 24hrs for reply says the website.
Sent over 20 emails, can they read, understand english, i know they can't, i need a manager, that's very clear, you would think that, but this is rewards and its not.
Total disgrace, asking for help, 1 answer and if that does not work, TUF, asking for points refund,, asking for a manager lol no chance, asking for anything... NO.
Question, do Microsoft rewards employ people who can't read, understand a basic question, read english, know when people need help?
Answer to all is...yes they do.
Billion pound industry and they hire idiots.
After 1 month of banging my head up a brick wall that term is well and truly justified and proven.
Thank god xbox support has a person who understood my situation, but could not believe how i was treated, got this problem sorted in 5 MINUTES, left to rewards i would still be waiting.

Desired outcome: Official complaint lodged, official apologies, compensation for my time and my distresses

Dec 02, 2021

OP from what i understand every company has reduced staff due to recent events. on every website i been to they mention "due to the pandemic 'services' [depends on the company] there maybe slow due to short staff."

if i recall Microsoft has reduced staff and working hours to prevent spread of the pandemic. the rewards program i forget if it is a in house team or not but they may not have the staff to take care of it.

I just checked Microsoft support page and they have this under the Microsoft rewards points help section. "Microsoft account Refunds of points may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Once you order a Reward, you cannot cancel it or return it for a refund of points. If you have questions about an order, contact Microsoft Rewards Support." So it maybe that you are not eligible for refund or your case was considered not refundable since you were able to use 1 code.

Dec 03, 2021

True your words, but its known by some companies (even sadly Microsoft) that some employees think they dont have to respond. Just give them time (i know its asking alot).

For work since you said "seem to know" i have to pick and choose the order i respond to help requests even pre pandemic. So it takes time.

Package i call not so much help.

GL on the points.


Ok, that i understand but, your email/ request has being forwarded to the manage.

Now that took seconds to type, so do you agree that if you received that message you now know that its in the managers hands?

Just like your parcel,, you can call for an update?

Its better to let people know what is going on and what you have done to help, than to say nothing at all, because as far as i am a were they have done nothing, which in turn complain.

Being a week now no reply?

As above few seconds to say what is happening.

On a personal note hope you get you parcel soon.

Clicked helpful simply because,

1. Same person from start

2. Can see advice in your comments

3. You seem to know how it works.

Dec 02, 2021

i was waiting on the phone with a differnt company for something and hit send before i mentioned your manager part.

as for manager request those are just supervisors. with the low staff they have to Also field the calls personally and recive calls from personel who get requests for their oversight. in THIS case its via email, which you must understand supervisors have internal AND external emails to review and answer.

for example there could be say 10 user requests for them. what we dont know might be that they have 500 internal emails to respond to or add to notes for their subordinates. and this is just one day. compound how many days between now and your request and the fact of low staff and it makes sense to wait this long.

im still waiting on a package from a company that was meant to be sent last month on the 7th or 14th...still havent gotten it because of the supply bottleneck and the amount of people waiting for the same package #.


Trust me this is calm, after sending the first 10 emails saying the 1st code i got it to work. The 2nd code does not, they told me and sent a link to get it to work but it didn't. I told then over 5 times, same answer, read previous emails you have been explained how to use it.

And i have told you it don't work. Next 10 code still not working, there answer check previous emails.

Is it me?

I am sure i have told them enough it does not work, its broken, error code.

If xbox support did not fix it, then i would still be waiting, multi billions of company ahd by your account trouble finding english people, or people who miss read emails, but since all requests are by email NOT phone is that not there job to read properly?

If they are just scanning them quickly, they are not doing there job properly?

Last i notice you did not mention when i asked for a manager, over 10 emails sent to request a manager and no reply?

Dec 02, 2021

ok lets calmly look at what i said.

1. we are currently in pandemic so staff is limited.

2. due to the pandemic those that are answering support requests are over worked due to the pandemic and requests coming in due to more people being home. this may cause them to miss read/hear and respond in a way that appears to be non English speaking/reading.

3. the policy on refunding points is case by case and at the digression of the specialist assigned to it. they review their notes and compare it to the request to determine if you are eligible for a refund. they have to follow specific guidelines and cant bend them unless it is a unusual situation.

even i follow a similar path when i have requests to fix things. i examine the case and determine if i can fix it or not.the reading/speaking hardly has anything to do with the support majority of the time. its more the rules that we [the support teams of any company] have to follow.

i get that your angry and feel slighted by Microsoft on this. i once had a unfavorable support with them in the past but i looked at it logically. my request came in passed the extended support window for my issue, so my case was deemed unfix-able and i had to just accept that.


1st what has being short staffed / pandemic got to do with reading and understanding English if you cant read it don't reply to it.

Second i asked for 12000 points refund because it said code error, and just because 1 code worked should not mean good luck with the second, if you brought 2 games using your points and 1 did not work would you complain? 1 worked so does it matter the other game don't work, in other words tuf you got 1 to work be grateful. How thoughtful. Last, still waiting for my 24hrs reply, few hrs and its a week. Oh where is the manager ?

Nov 19, 2021

Microsoft - Microsoft 365

My name is Frances Ige, I purchased Microsoft 365 family on the 5th October 2020 from the online Microsoft Store in Nigeria for #33, 999.00. Somehow I was charged twice under 2 order numbers - order...

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Microsoft - WINDOWS 10/11

I have uninstalled windows 365 and installed Office 2000, MY COPY! Microsoft uninstalled my copy of office 2000 and reinstalled Office 365, then while I am working Microsoft destroys my work.

Microsoft is actively blocking my use of Office 2000. Microsoft is taking away my right to choose by taking away all options and giving an unviable option.



Desired outcome: MICROSOFT STO

Nov 18, 2021

it sounds like you may not have completely uninstalled office 365. i have not seen this happen before on any computer i work with that has older office versions

Microsoft - Xbox

I have been charged for many many months for a service that I do not need and do not want to but cannot cancel online on my own. My phone number is associated with an account that has no subscriptions attached to it. I need to reach someone in customer service to troubleshoot this issue but there is no way to reach customer service live to my knowledge. I continue to see the charge on my account every month and continue to spend many many minutes an hour is trying to reach someone live to speak to me about how to get this recurring charge to stop.

Desired outcome: I want a credit back to the point in time when I no longer needed the service or used the service and I want the billing to stop.

Nov 11, 2021

Microsoft - Why when I have purchased a lifetime

No you offered windows 11 and I was a money grab as the windows 11 soft ware did not give the seamless way to incorprorate the windows 10 stuff
And I give you the experience I have had and that was before you did a update which no longer required that I create an id to windows 11 different from my widows 10 id but your file explorer does not record that I have a tablet connected and I have 2 connected and so many stuff with the file explorer that does not record anything that windows 10 did and the microsoft payements do not smoothly connect to windows 11 from 10 and the sign in I was required to create before your update was so I could get the proper screeen resolution as what you required was so far out of there I had to use 1200x600 to get anything on screen so I could communicate with you and if over ran the width and under ran the height but I was able to at sometime to get a graphics driver to correct this item but not in [protected] until I used my [protected] and required that I give administer option on a famaily sign in which I did and the resolution was fine then but only after I changed the adapter to graphics and it should show as a click on the desktop and give the option of display

Microsoft - Uk 49 afternoon draw of 06 number 2021 time 144h49

I'm a South African check for me this, how can you say winning and after that, i can not get nothing about those bets, they pay that one for R5, 00, that was good, what about that one because those ticket says wining but at the end no respond. i was loosing or winning .please help me i want to know, my email is [protected] . my Id number [protected], i did not understand that is why I'm writing this letter to you to explain about that result, check everything is there, the result draw Saturday draw UK 49 AFTERNON DRAW TIME 15H49 DATE 06 NOVEMBER 2021. please help me because how can you wrote the words winning after that, no one have to responded on that account. please check those prove if is you what would you do, about this or its was no winning mybe

Microsoft - Unethical behaviour

I ordered 3 Pandora braclets thru an on-line ad Pandora Jewellery, paid for it on my Visa. The braclets were to small so I requested the return of all three for the exchange to a larger size. I was told I would have to send them back to China...address was Zhangjun 101 wen chuang garden fuzhou fujan 350000 china phone number [protected] Yet the return address for the bracelets was 70 Gibson Drive, Unit 7 Markham, Ontario L3R 4C2. The person I was dealing with in Canada was a Terry Sellers, e-mail [protected], phone number [protected]
The business I ordered from have refused every request, now shutting me down . During my first correspondence with them something didn't seem right but I persued my request in hopes of at least having them exchanged. I am a senior with a terminal cancer and only wanted to give my three daughters aPanora Braclet with a charm from me as a keepsake after my passing. Now I think they are scammers selling fake jewellry using Pandoras name. I really don't want anybody to be taken by this outfit and hope you can do something to stop this. I thank ou for reading my concern and hope it wcan be resolved. Thanking you Chris Zwicker, [protected]

Desired outcome: Is this a real Pandora Jewellry site, remove it if not

Microsoft - Xbox one

Hi so I purchased call of duty black ops on the Xbox from the Microsoft store and saved it on my hard drive I then wanted to move the game onto the Xbox itself then moved it back onto my hard drive then when I wanted to play the game again the Xbox told me that I should purchase the game again I have purchased call of duty modern warfare a few days after I purchased call of duty black ops and the above has never happened to modern warfare I am highly disappointed at the fact that I bought a game and can no longer it because every time I install that game it asks me to purchase the game when I already bought it I unfortunately no longer have the call of duty black ops installed on my Xbox because of the above issue

Desired outcome: i would like this matter fixed


Microsoft - An update

You put an update on my computer October 28 It change things on my desk top without my permission How dare you
I want it removed ASAP I liked my computer just the way it was
My computer is [protected]

Thank you and don't do that ever again
So I need more words
well I went in to my control panel to see if I could uninstall it myself and I had no success

Desired outcome: To remove your update from October 28 it want let me uninstall it

Microsoft - Customer service

I work for instacart. I shop and delivery. I delivered on October 7th to the Reston office in Reston, Virginia. I was 10 minutes early and delivered to a lady. Last name Puryak or something like...

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Microsoft - Decades old hotmail account locked after complaining about getting a lot of microsoft ip spam

Accounts locked for no reason. Either by mistake or spite as I have been complaining about lots of spam, including malicious ones, coming from a Microsoft IP. This is an account I have had for decades with no issues. Only now, after I complain to [protected]@microsoft and the Cert online form, my account was locked as if I'm violating Microsoft rules. I'm not and never violated anything. This is absurd.

Desired outcome: Unlock my account now as there have never been any reason to lock it.

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