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Logitech Complaints & Reviews

Logitech — logitech keyboard bearing model no-y-sz49 and p/n no-[protected], purchase on dated 11/11/2016

Respected sir i am s.a.siddique being customer of logitech keyboard bought on dated 11/11/16, as keyboard carrying 3 years, it stop working completely and being in warranty period, i despatched product in physically good condition to bbsr ensure logitech service center for warranty claim with...

Computers & Accessories  · Nov 07, 2019

Logitech — mx master

I've bought a Logitech MX Master and recently I started having issues with the left button. I first contacted Logitech support on the 24th of September and explained the situation and asked for a repair center in Portugal. Today is the 16th of October and I still haven't got a solution or an...

Computers & Accessories  · Oct 16, 2019

Logitech — g pro gaming keyboard

Hello I talked with ashley from logitech (customer suppert) about a keyboard i've received from warranty after the original product broked and it remained to respond to me between 3-5 days if I get an replacement but 9 days passed and nobody replied. I've send all the things they requiered...

Computers & Accessories  · Oct 09, 2019

Logitech — logitech mk220 combo wireless keyboard & mouse 05.154.11-, s/n-1721sc10dta9

LogitechI am an all-round user of logitech starting from speakers and other computer accessories, and logitech provides 3 years of replacement warranty, products are very good quality, these are the reason to buy logitech, but the dealer named RYANS form Bangladesh, didnot replace my logitech...

Computers & Accessories  · Oct 08, 2019

Logitech G — logitech g903

So basically i ordered a G903. Arrived with no seal and damaged! Requested a new one. Was waiting for about a month. Then received my replacement and it was the older G903 model with the PWM sensor. Waited another 10 days and i had to email them again just for them to reply back that i have...

Computers & Accessories  · Oct 04, 2019

Logitech — customer service

One of the earpieces on my almost new g935 headset stopped working so I opened a support ticket and asked for help. After five days I still haven't heard a single word from them. I won't ever buy anything from Logitech again since their products stop working so often and so easily and...

Consumer Electronics  · Sep 11, 2019

Logitech — g933 artemis 7.1 wireless gaming headset

I'm mainly writing this as I'm pretty gutted that a company can get away with making such a rubbish product. Why you may ask... Well i brought one of these headsets 3 years ago when they first came out on the market possible closer to 4 years ago. I paid around $329.00 NZ dollars thinking i...

Computers & Accessories  · Sep 03, 2019

Logitech — customer service

Hi My name is Chris and i have been having issues lately and have become very unhappy with your customer service I have owned Logitech Z-5300e precision PC Gaming Headset MX REVOLUTION G5 G9 G500 G700S G402 G15 Gaming Keyboard G13 G19 KeyboardG910 Orion Spark G910 Orion Spectrum Gaming...

Computers & Accessories  · Aug 22, 2019

Logitech — slim combo for ipad

This has to be the worst customer service I have experienced - they simply won't respond! Many of the keys on my brand-new keyboard stopped working immediately after starting to use it. Looking at forum messages, it is clear that this is a common problem and not specific to me. After a...

Laptops / Notebooks  · Aug 17, 2019

Logitech — logitech steering wheel+pedals g29

This [censored] is crapp wich i payed 229 [censored]ing euro for To much space between strearing left and right and this is from the beginning and is getting whorse and whorse. The space started at 1, 5 centimeters and is now 3, 5 centimeters. Allthough this is the second one with thi...

Entertainment  · Aug 15, 2019

Logitech — m720 mouse & customer service

WAD, if any is appropriate, I purchased 1 mouse and received a replacement from you folks — neither of which worked correctly after your 2 tech people took me thru all the trouble-shootings that THEY believed were necessary. Both mice did NOT work in exactly the same way. Ironically my older...

Laptops / Notebooks  · Aug 07, 2019

Logitech — g933 artemis spectrum snow wireless 7.1 gaming headset

We purchased this headset online direct from Logitech on 5th September 2018. It was for my disabled son. When it arrived, it had a faulty connection cable. The product was advertised as working wirelessly with Xbox One which is why we bought it, as my son is in a wheelchair and cannot use...

Software & Games  · Sep 28, 2018

Logitech — wireless bluetooth mouse model logitech b170

Hello, I have purchased this mouse in month of April 2018, with 10 days it has stopped working. But as it was in warranty the service center replaced it. But again now, it has stopped working. So i request you to discontinue the model, and please give me the next model as i don't have to...

Computers & Accessories  · Sep 16, 2018

Logitech — customer services

Amazing product but terrible customer service, when peripherals break they normally need to be replaces as soon as, so when you spend £500 on Logitech Keyboard, Mouse and Headset you expect prompt responses, But not with Logitech. 2 weeks later and im still waiting for my RMA for my keyboard...

Desktop Computers  · Aug 12, 2018

Logitech — universal folio keyboard

I am 10 years old and with my own money I brought the Logitech universal folio keyboard for my iPad however on the front photo of the box it shows the keyboard with a pen but when I opened the box there was no pen. In small letters at the bottom of the box at the back it read contents and...

Computers & Accessories  · Jul 21, 2018

Logitech — wireless laser mouse m505

I recently purchased a Logitech Wireless Laser Mouse M505 (Silver)...I have always used multiple Logitech mice, and wireless keyboards...This unit is defective ...the on/off switch worked hard/misaligned from Day 1, and now only a month or so into sparingly use, it quit working...replaced...

Logitech — customer service

Going on almost a year since I first contacted Logitech regarding a replacement mouse they sent me. It was great they sent me a new mouse when the old one stopped working, except the newer version, having the same model number (M510) uses different software. The older version used The...

Logitech — logitech m105 precision corded mouse

LogitechWhen cutting open the packaging I cut through the mouse cord! 1. The 'easy open' text is tiny and quite inconspicuous. I have not seen one on this type of packaging before so I was not looking for it. 2. The cord appears to be at the bottom (other end), but is also hidden behind the green...

Nowra Computers & Accessories  · May 03, 2018

Logitech — refund not received and poor customer service

Since the Mouse was not working properly and the product was still under warranty I've given the Combo pack for replacement on 3rd of January 2018. The have promised me that I will get a replaced combo pack by 5th of January 2018 or maximum by 8th of January 2018 (which did not happen). Since...

Computers & Accessories  · Jan 31, 2018

Logitech — slim folio case / keyboard for ipad 2017

LogitechThe case / keyboard purchased in mid September 2017 from Harvey Norman Salamander Bay Australia has cracked on one corner, this is nearly detached and will allow the iPad to fall out. The case has had minimal use Roger Moir Moir & Associates Pty Ltd 1/47 Wollomi Avenue Nelson Bay NSW 2315...

Nelson Bay Laptops / Notebooks  · Jan 27, 2018

Logitech — ipad keyboard

I purchased a Keyboard for my I-Pad, from Apple on Line Store US 12/7/15. The keypad holder has broken at the narrow point near the place where cord is plugged in to power. They will not warranty it, even though I started calling prior to 12/7/17 when I discovered it was causing the I-Pad...

Milwaukee Contractors  · Dec 23, 2017

Logitech — slim combo keyboard and case for ipad pro 12.9

Ordered item from Logitech directly on 8/25/2017 with online order confirmation number [protected] for $150. Item shipped on 9/23/2017 and was received about 2 weeks later. Item kept disconnecting and calls to help desk could not resolve the issue. They sent me a replacement in October...

Laptops / Notebooks  · Dec 14, 2017

Logitech — mega boom ur

LogitechThis is obviously a massive fault as this ue is not even that old I bought this for my son last Christmas had we not been home when he put it in charge god knows what would have happened!!! Not a happy customer can you please help I have photos attached it has melted the charger into the...

Brisbane Consumer Electronics  · Nov 12, 2017

Logitech — ipad 2 bluetooth keyboard

LogitechIPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case Has felt or a rubber substance on the four corners of the case that come into contact with the IPad. The rubber came off one corner, and it revealed a very sharp, metal edge. This sharp metal edge cracked the glass on my IPad 2. This is an obvious design...

Kapaa Computers & Accessories  · Oct 30, 2017

Logitech — z337 bold sound with bluetooth

I have made several emails regarding this, but no response. Dear Robert Thank you for contacting Logitech. The details of your case are shown below. You can update your case anytime on the web by logging into the Logitech Customer Support site at or by replying to thi...

Consumer Electronics  · Oct 13, 2017

Logitech — missing delivery item

i placed an order at Aug 24th(mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, headset, )now when i finally receive my package at Sep 5th. And they haven't sent me the mouse pad while the total balance was charged. The online system shows the mouse pad is still pending(FOR ALMOSE 2WEEKS???), i tried to call...

Online Shopping  · Sep 05, 2017

Logitech — logitech c920 replacement

I emailed you guys 3 times and not once did I hear back or anthing when I go to file a warranty claim it takes me to a community thread like oh yea sorry didn't realise you guys get your products from random people on the internet. and have the audacity to have a button i still need help...

Computers & Accessories  · Sep 01, 2017

Logitech — customer service

I've been trying to get in contact with UE Boom/Logitech for four weeks. This has involved two emails, tweets and a series of direct messages on Twitter, always being told "we will get back to you". I've never experienced such shoddy customer service. No one has made any effort to reply to...

Entertainment  · Sep 01, 2017

Logitech — mouse model 510

First of all, i am satisfied with your products. All our work stations are your products. My only complaint is one of our m510 mouse just stopped working. We tried everything but to no avail. The only thing is that it must be defective, since the rest are working fine. Went to two place...

TAYLOR Business & Finances  · Aug 08, 2017

Logitech — wireless mouse m185 | case number:[protected] [] [ ref:_00di0j2ck._5005apongv:ref ] wahba x

LogitechMy mouse was still in warranty, I tried to contact the support and I got the case number mentioned above. I even called the support number +[protected] and got Angel to talk to me. I mentioned my case and complaint that no one is responding to me. She promised to take care of the...

Goshen Computers & Accessories  · Jul 31, 2017

Logitech — online order and available support

I have recently purchased two items from the logitech gaming website. Have waited almost three weeks for the items and am yet to recieve them. Attempted to contact support by phone in order to check the status and was told if it was related to an order I would need to go online as they...

Computers & Accessories  · Jul 27, 2017

Logitech — warranty claim

I submitted a warranty claim on a rather expensive mouse that stopped working after less than 6 months. It took Logitech close to two weeks to respond initially, then I didn't hear back for another week and a half. I used this mouse every day for work and I explained that to Logitech. I...

Consumer Electronics  · Jul 20, 2017

Logitech — m557 mouse

LogitechI bought an M557 mouse about a year and a half ago. In the last two months of use, I'm having a serious problem with mouse in losing the Bluetooth connection with the PC. I tested on 6 different computers with different versions and operating systems, and in all, the mouse presented the...

Products & Services  · Jul 06, 2017

Logitech — logitech m187 mouse

I wish to say how difficult it was to get my faulty mouse replaced. My letter to Mr Damien Lepore, Managing Director, Sydney, Australia did not reach him. I had the most frustrating and lengthy experience which started before Christmas 2016 to replace this mouse. There were more than 13...

Computers & Accessories  · Jul 06, 2017

Logitech — mx master mouse

I bought this product a few months ago and it has been intermittent since I bought it. I have a late 2017 Mac Book Pro with Touchbar and wanted the best mouse on the market, and looking at it, the only one really designed for a power user. When I connect to the Macs normal bluetooth, the cursor...

Internet Services  · May 26, 2017

Logitech — Keyboard. Service.

Product broke 3 times and worst customer service I have ever received. Customer service Kimi was horrible. I will never support or buy another Logitech product again. I purchased this keyboard from apple. It cracked and they replaced it. The replacement cracked again and it was replaced...

Consumer Electronics  · May 19, 2017

Logitech — Trying to return a product

I purchased a Logitech Keys-To-Go Keyboard April 19, 2017 through Apple. I do not need the item and would like to return it unused in the box. I have all the appropriate paper work. Apple tells me to contact Logitech. Logitech tells me to contact Microsoft. I purchased this through account...

Computers & Accessories  · May 04, 2017

Logitech — Unethical behaviour

Hello Long story short ( I'm not sure who's the general service for Logitech here in Bulgaria) but as far as I know they have returned a product under warranty (a keyboard, with the excuse that it was spilled with "white and sticky material" (sperm as later on on the phone they told me...

Desktop Computers  · Apr 09, 2017

Logitech — Dishonoured purchase deal

LogitechMy UE BOOM2 speaker, purchased 24-12-2016, offered 2 pizzas and 2 album downloads with the purchase in a '2 Day Pledge', ie, the vouchers would be emailed within 2 days of online registration. My claim for these vouchers was registered online on or near 5-1-2017, then re-registered after I...

Consumer Electronics  · Mar 22, 2017

Logitech — Logitech logi focus protective case with integrated keyboard for ipad mini 4

Logitech Logi Focus Protective Case with Integrated Keyboard for iPad Mini 4 by Logitech shipped from US (bought thru Qoo10) is defective. Contacted Logitech customer support who are NOT supporting due to their terms & conditions. Supplier cannot be contacted directly, Qoo10 do NOT...

Consumer Electronics  · Feb 28, 2017