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Logitech Complaints & Reviews

Logitech / UE Megaboom

Huw Parker on Jan 25, 2017
Case reference 04612094 it does not work - does not charge from purchase - you wont honour the warranty as i live in nz and purchased at an international airport (australia)- despite your policy only being for americas and asia regions - note nz and aus do not fall into either of these...

Logitech International S.A. / Tv cam hd logitech

JemaR on Sep 5, 2016
Bought the Skype TV camera for $200 and after a while it didn't work, we were informed later that this camera not compatible with TV Skype anymore!!! but it was the ONLY reason we've purchased it!!! so Logitech promised us to replace the product with another with the same price range and...

Logitech / M570 wireless mouse

Wayne Crider on Jun 16, 2016
I have purchased two of the products in less than two years. The warranty is 3 years on each. This one lasted less time than the first one. Same exact problem. Left clicks double clicks when you touch the left click for single click. I will never ever buy another Logitech product. Numerous complaints about poor or non existent service.

Logitech / Louzy product and lousy customer service

Idian Mansjur on Apr 28, 2016
I bought an M570 about one year ago and now the left click is having problem. It will double click by itself where I only click once. So I went into the Logitech Support Website and fill in all the data for a warranty claim. However when I click submit the site give me VisualForce...

Logitech / Logitech security cameras and getting a refund

Reviewer65319 on Dec 14, 2015
I ordered software for their security cameras. The software didn't work and their support people were very hard to understand. I called 4 times and was unable to get them to cancel my order and refund my money. They don't have a phone number to call for billing and or e mail to contact them. I wouldn't ever do business with them again.

Logitech / no customer service

Marie Lovell on May 27, 2015
I ordered wireless keyboard K350 and wireless trackball. The package arrived but had been damaged and the tape that ran the length of the box had split open and 3 pieces of tape had been put across the top. The keyboard was there but the trackball wasn't. Logitech won't do...

Logitech / NO support

Ganeshku on Feb 1, 2014
I bought Logitech Revue years back. I had a problem and did try reaching for support. . the agent i reached said that they discontinued the product and dont help via phone, but will entertain questions/problems via email. he also said that someone will respond to the question. their...

Logitech / unprocessed submission of rebate

I submitted forms and UPC code to claim a rebate on this item which was purchased from newegg.com I mailed it with delivery notification. Logitech never sent me an email confirmation of receipt. I phoned logitech's service rep. She said, mail my xeroxes and original of UPC code. Of...

Logitech / Poor Customer Service/No Response

I have a Logitech V450 Nano Mouse. This is a wireless laser mouse with a nano receiver. The mouse has worked great until I wanted to remove the receiver from my laptop to use on another laptop. When I removed the receiver it fell apart. Now it is in three pieces.(Which is all there is) I...

Logitech / No support for newly buy trackman mouse problem

I requested for a support at Logitech technical support website for my recently bought Trackman Marble mouse from Logitech. I just get back the auto response as shown below and no further feedback from Logitech until today. Logitech Resellers in Thailand also are hopeless and refused to...

Logitech / Logitech 350 Headphones with Mic POORLY DESIGNED!

Headphones poorly built. Several internet postings from owners complain of fragile wires breaking from normal use. Here's the problem: Usual, large guage USB wire, on one side of a volume control dangle from a much-thinner wire on other side of volume control, which lead to one of the...

Logitech / Rebate

Purchased a Logitech WebCam Pro 9000 on NewEgg in Dec-2009. Once the item arrived submitted a rebate (details below). The rebate form, NewEgg receipt, and UPC code was sent in one USPS envelope. The website shows missing receipt. My inquiries were ingored. I resubmitted the receipt again...

Logitech / Ridiculous No Customer Service

Customer (Eng Lim) 01/26/2010 10:58 AM Shame on Logitech again!!! I called today at 10:30AM West Coast US Time and talked to Rae from your Philippines office about my refund cheque again, which I have not received. She said she's going to escalate this matter to her boss. I told her...

Logitech / No Support Windows 7

I bought a Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 less than 2 years ago. The product is still being sold. I upgraded my computer operating system to Windows 7. The QuickCam drivers and software would not install as it was blocked due to a compatiability issue. I contacted Logitech and they will not...

Logitech / Poor product support

For the upteenth time I have struggled to get my Logitech Harmony 890 to communicate with the wireless extender. At least this time it suddenly decided to work. The last time I had to call tech support, which costs $30. The website gives you inaccurate information and out-of-date picture...

Logitech / Defective product

Recently I have purchased Wilife outdoor camera (command center 2.5) about 2 months back and it stopped working as of September 24 2009. I finally called Logitech support on November 2nd to resolve the issue after 3 hour call with Customer services person (Adam Irvin) it come to conclusion...

Logitech / Mail in Rebate not processed

To: Logitech Rebates, Dept # 114427, P.O. Box 540004, El Paso, TX 88554 RE: Enquiring about my mail in rebate for my rebate tracking number: 316056883 On 11/28/2008 I had mailed my mail in Rebate form to Logitech Rebate Center with purchase receipt of Optical Mouse V320 and bar code...

Logitech / unprocessed rebate

i wrote a letter to dispute logitech decision to make my rebate invalid. The reason for making it invalid is: Missing original UPC. But what LOGITECH did not know is I xeroxed all the original documents, the original UPC, receipt and application for rebate that Office Depot gave to me when...

Logitech / Fraud and scam

I purchased the Logitech security camera from my local Best Buy store. The package promised a simple install and good performance. The install did go fairly well and within a few minutes I was viewing the camera images on my personal computer. The problems began about three days later. I...

Logitech / Scam and cheating

Purchased Pro-Fi Elite. Package says "Everything iPod". Unfortunately it does not charge my iPod Touch, my iPhone, or my Nano. So listening to music the battery goes dead. I spent well over 30 minutes waiting for customer service when I finally was connected to tech support. After 40...

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