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poor waiting

I travel the west coast frequently and eat at lots of applebees along the way. I recently visited Chehalis Washington and went to applebees. the first time i was there they refused to serve me some artichoke dip, unless i bought the appetizer for 13.00. Have they ever heard of side orders... the second time was today and they took our order, brought us our drinks and about five refills, and 40 minutes later still no food. Finally i asked the waitress where our food was, after all i ordered salad and you dont have to cook salad, she left and didn't come back. After an hour and a half of waiting we got our food a salad and a COLD hamburger, Oh and did i mention a 50 dollar Bill. THey never even said sorry of offered a complimentary meal, i like applebees but wont go there again very poor service.

Thnkx Brandi.

  • St
    Stephanie Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I seriously doubt you waited for an hour and a half. Every order once rang in, is listed on an expo screen in the kitchen on both the cooks line and expo line. All tickets have times on them and go into "urgent" status when the amount of time taken to cook the meal is exceeded. All servers have the capability to "detail" a ticket which means they can get a print out of exactly how much time has elapsed since your order was rang in.

    About your spin/artichoke complaint- if you don't see a "side order" available on the menu why would you think you could order it?? All of the items on the menu are pre portioned and set up in the walk in to be readily available. There is no "side order" portion made and no price for such a thing. You ate at a major chain restaurant, not a ma and pa.

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dehumanization of staff

I have worked for applebees in Merritt Island. Our store was one of the highest grossing stores in central...


My wife, daughters and my son planned on celebrating our 11th anniversary at the local Applebees restaurant. When we arrive, one of the waiter (bold young man) whisper something to the attendant that was looking for seats for all of us. We were sited and waited 20 minutes and nobody came to wait on us. All around us there were nothing but white people. There were three families that arrived after us and were greeted and served. Of course they were all white. While me and my whole hispanic family waited and nobody greeted us. I'm thinking that the waiter that started all this did not even look at us and thought that because we look hispanic we did not speak english. I wonder how many times has this happened at this restaurant. I spoke to the manager who suggested us to stay and pay for our food. WE DO NOT NEED YOUR PITTY... After what your employees have put me and my family I will make sure that this case is.

  • Ji
    jim Oct 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently visited the USA intending on having a family holiday
    In the tradition of vacation I and my young family after a great day out visited an Applebee’s restaurant on highway 27 near the junction to highway 192.
    We were seated by an assistant and while during our meal, a fist fight broke out with some Hispanic guys and a white guy, whom I have since found out the white guy was from Europe.
    Me and my family fled in terror only to be accosted by a gang of Hispanic and coloured guys and girls outside of the restaurant demanding money and Threatening to burn our rental van with us inside.
    In the course of this frightening ordeal a police car arrived and after a while the white guy was led away from inside the restaurant and into the police car, I complained to the police officer that the fight was actually started by the Hispanic guys, but they wouldn’t take my word over the other guys,
    The Hispanic chaps inside the restaurant gave a statement to the police to say that the culprit was in fact the white man. I can categorically say that the whole disgusting foray was started by the Hispanic people and that lies were obviously concocted to ensure that the police would pursue the wrong person.

    This has of course left a frightening feeling with me and my family and would never consider using an Applebee’s restaurant again in fear of being attacked by gangs and if the eventuality ever occured the local police would take the word of a local person over a law abiding person

    My family and I are from Spain, I am a doctor and my wife is a surgical nurse. I therefore have no hang ups what so ever of colour or gender nor ethnicity.

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  • Ja
    Jaxon2012 Jul 20, 2009

    Have you ever worked in a restaurant as a server? Sometimes servers have so many things to worry about that, by accident, they forget to greet a table. Maybe the table was in the section of a server who had already been cut and the other servers were confused about who was picking up the table. A lot of things can go into poor service in a restaurant that have absolutely nothing to do with racism. Also, whatever the server whispered to the host was probably something like, "don't seat me, I'm cut, " or "when you're done seating that table, could you clean off my section?" Oh, and by the way, when the manager offered to buy your meal, they weren't giving you pity, they were probably trying to offer you one free meal so that you would decide that the experience wasn't so bad, and maybe you'd come back again and give them some more of your money. Bottom line: your server might have been racist, but even if they were that probably had almost nothing to do with your poor service. Quit trying to play the race card every time something goes wrong in your life. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that you're probably not right.

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  • Sa
    sarah Apr 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    c im with u there on the dicrimination thng bc we went to applebees in memphis and there was nothing but african american people there and we felt outta place! i already have a post on what happend, u could look it up if u want! but i dont come on here saying OH these AA people took over the applebees n i fell so outta place and they were staring me down, when u sound so discriminating yourself talking about white people! u just shuldnt do that!!! white people are not looking at u its just what u think!they dont care what color u r and if u think they do then thats ur problem! dont let it get to u! if ur comfortable in your own skin then u shuldnt worry! not trying to be rude but i had to say something!

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stringy gel substance in tea

Refill of unsweetened tea had a gel like slim substance in several globs floating in tea. Waitress Jenn wa...

bad food, bad service, mandatory gratuity

My husband and I made the mistake of going to a local Applebee's for dinner last evening. We ordered our...

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Unprofessional employee relationship

Hello I am an ex employee of the apple bees on power and ray. I wanted to post some info of two employees who...

dirty everything

Every time I got to Applebees (which is never a lot, I've only been there twice in my life) there's always something wrong with it. The first time that I went there my burger wasn't even fully cooked. At first I didn't know, I just thought that it was one of those barely cooked style meats. Well I brought half of it home and my mom took a look at it and told me it was definitely not cooked enough. The 2nd time I went which was many years later, me and my sister were talking about how restaurants don't wash their dishes properly and as soon as she said that I was opening up my napkin and looked at my knife and fork and what do you know, my knife had food from previous customers meal stuck right on it! And my sister had some food on hers too and it was also smeared onto her napkin (that's how much food their was on it). I took a look at my cup and there were lip prints on it from previous customers. The other time my sister went she told me how some girl at another table freaked out because there was a dead bug on it. I mean seriously, how dirty are they that every single time I've been there something like this happens?? And it was in 2 different states. After this happened, I promised myself I would never go there again, even if someone bought free meals for me there I would never go.

  • Jo
    Joe Butera Jun 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I watched the Buss Boy clean off a table with a rag that had never been rinsed out nor did he use any spray on the table. In fact, he only wiped an S on the table top to clean it. He then proceeded to clean the seat with the same rag he wiped the table with. Disgusting. I told this to the manager and he said he would take care of it and told me tht the spray was in the bucket at the front of the restaurant. I said, it should be in his hand. It does no good there. After that I observed him wiping off another seven tables with that same dirty rag, never using the spray and never rinsing it out and the manager stood there watching him do it. I left my food and told the manager that I would be calling the board of health the next morning. The applebees concerned is at 430 New Dorp land, Staten Island, NY. I could only imagine what goes on in the kitchen.

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  • Sh
    shaunagrants Mar 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rags soak in a sanitizing solution which is changed out multiple times throughout the day.

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  • Sa
    sallysue Sep 29, 2009

    I visit this Applebees a lot and I see managent sitting around and talking while the servers run around and do everything. When it is not busy there are 5 or more servers sitting around doing nothing because the restaurant is not busy but yet the managers keep so many servers on the floor when it is past 8:30 pm. I have also noticed certain managment touching serveral servers, rubbing their necks and so on. This place needs to rethink who is in charge. The customers have eyes and ears and can see everything that goes on. I can see when it is not busy people can talk and have fun but everyone needs to remeber where they are, in a work place.

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  • Tu
    tuffsubject Oct 31, 2009

    Dirty everything? You don't have enough information to validate that claim. However, you can do your own test to check your table. Check this out to see some restaurant table test results: http://www.tabletesters.com. If you are a member of facebook, please join the group contribute!

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  • Ke
    Ken McClure Nov 11, 2010

    I would like to report the exceptional service by two of your employees at the Hiram, Georgia location on 11/08/10. The waiter servicing the bar area had a customer that was doing everything possible to make his job difficult. The customer was complaining about everthing from how the food was prepared to hoit was served. Even the floor manager was doing everything possible to accommodate this customer with little to no success. It was very apparent the customer either wanted a free or discounted meal. I even apoligized to the manager for this individuals conduct and I had no idea about this customer. This was a case of a village missing its idiot but I told the manager that I continue to look for a village without its idiot and help this individaul home. Should you have any questions please contact Ken McClure, 62 Stonebrook Dr. Rockmark, Georgia 30153 or (678) 575-0028.

    Ken McClure

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racist manager

I visited Applebee's in Federal, WA on 320th st. on Mother's Day (May 11, 2008). I had lunch there with my daughter. The manager (Chris) was there greeting guests, and handing out $10.00 gift certificates to all the moms. He continued to welcome guests and say happy mother's day to everyone seated around us, but never stopped at our table. After about 30 minutes, I decided to ask our waitress (Bianca) why I hadn't been offered a gift card or welcomed to the restaurant by the manager. She was confused and approached him to ask him. Once she addressed him with the issue he briefly stopped by our table, put the gift card down and said «I was making my rounds, Happy Mother's Day." and then walked away. He never apologized for ignoring us, never gave me eye contact, and never checked back with us like he did the other customers. After this happened I spent the next 10 minutes sitting there wondering if I had just been treated differently because I'm black. I felt VERY uncomfortable. On the following Monday, I called what I assumed was the corporate office and spoke to RIck Dobbins who told me that he is the "top dog" and that the issue couldn't go any further that him. His response to how I was treated was, «I don't know what to tell you, I guess I can talk to Chris and all my other managers about this. He never apologized, or acknowledged that this type of behaviour is unacceptable for representing this company. I recently moved here to WA from TX. Applebee's is on of the only restaurants here that I'm familiar with and enjoy. I am seriously considering never visiting Applebee's again. .

  • On
    Onalise Mar 11, 2010

    Why is everything based on race! You must love pointing fingers at people... GUESS WHAT whites are the minority now... So stop throwing your race card around :) You sound like a ###!

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  • Mi
    MitziMooreTV May 31, 2014

    you are correct about those managers..youtube racist applebees managers..i busted them on tape!! i am white and i quit because they call black people the n_bomb..it is all proven and admitted on youtube..but lawyers dont care.

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no bread or rolls

Tonight I had a steak dinner. To my surprise, I wasn't server bread or rolls. I asked for some and wa...

gift card

I used several gift cards for curbside service. One of my cards had expired. This card was given to me by my daughter for a Christmas gift. The card expired 2-28-08. I was unaware there was a date on it. I did not see a date on the others. I feel this is very unfair. Applebee's kept my daughter's money. Gift cards should not expire. Good money is spent to buy them, they should be good until they are used.

  • He
    Heather Mar 04, 2009

    This is not a complaint. This is a comment on our server. She was extremely nice and busy but, she did not let me go without my coffee. She immediately suggested the special which I did not see. She was friendly to my child and made him laugh. My son forget his boxed up food on the table and she ran it out to the car. It made our visit nice and the food was good too.

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poor service, theft

I ate at applebees and the service was poor, food was poor and I felt rushed to eat and vacate the table. I...

terrible employees!

My husband and I are frequent customers of your restaurant. On a recent visit we were shocked on the actions of the bartender and server. We chose to sit at the bar, the bartender was eating mashed potatoes, the server was eating a baked potato that he placed next to me while he was waiting on tables. The bartender went to get the server chips and cheese sauce, then he complained it wasn't hot because he was busy waiting on customers... and to end are wonderful dining experience, three of their friends showed up, where the server sat next to me was drinking a beer and talking about the wild night they had the night before. This is a family restaurant not a bar. This happen April 6 between 4:00 & 5:30. The manager at the time was standing there ignoring everything. We do visit your restaurant quit often, if this continues we will have to take our business else where.

broke out in hives / ruined birthday dinner

I went to Applebees for my birthday dinner in March. I ordered a drink and placed my order for my dinner a...

big fun trip not!!!

Okay so I have been working at this place before it closed down and right after it re-opened. The management then was wonderful! Until...Our GM retired to move off. The next in line for GM was another lady who claims she has worked herself up. Yes she has the meaness to be a DRIVER in the service industry but still she is one of the fakest people I know. She only moves up people who do cocaine in the bathroom, Drink drinks infront of customers at the bar, calls and quits without a notice and then gets re-hired to KEY HOURLY. What in the world am i gonna have to do to ever freaking move up. I guess i'll have to do some drugs, quit and then go back ;) I love the company but working for her in this company is seriously a mind #$#&& . I do NOT reccomend working for this place. yes the moneys good but im not working for the money One day i want to be a manager for this place because i know deep down i have the ability to help this company succeed. Personally, Applebee's should hire managers with compassion for the company and atleast some degree in business. Oh yeah and do DRUG test on all the managers.

  • Od
    oddwench Sep 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have an issue that i don't know what to do about. i had a justifiable write up for a guest complaint. i was the one to tell my manager that she should either write me up or fire me. she decided to write me up, so that was acceptable. i then had a table who had a very non valid complaint, which you know happens all the time. since the the other complaint had only happened 2 days before, they took me off the floor and i had to come in for a "meeting" with the GM and the assistant who wrote me up. i held to the point that the last complaint was bogus, yet i then brought up all the problems i had been experiencing with management and the running of the restaurant, and consequently, i was "let go". they did allow me to wait for almost 3 days before they could apparently make a decision and although i knew what the outcome would be i was very frustrated by the way this was handled. as far as i know, in california one has to get written up 3 times for the same issue, not once------any advice???? applebees has problems, at least her in socal

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bad management!

We have been applebee's fans for years and have been to many, many franchises over the years. Our experience at the Morgantown West Virginia location was tragic, to say the least. After waiting for over 10 mins. after our party was seated, we saw several servers walk right by our table. I finally got the attention of a female server that was admittedly new and told our table that our server would be to the table soon. After another 5 mins. we flagged down a different server who took our drink order and after another 10 mins. our drinks arrived and the server took our order. Our food arrived 35 mins. later, some cold and the rest burnt. We called our waitress to the table and asked to speak with the manager. After another 5 min. wait the manager Brian came to our table and explained to us that the rest. had suddenly gotten very busy and his staff was not up to par stating that they had several new employees. This was the dirtiest Applebees I have ever seen. My coat was stained with something from the booth, water on floor in bathroom, no toilet paper, no paper towels and one of the urinals and one sink in bathroom were not working. Manager never offered to discount the meal and really just blew us off. We paid the bill and will never return. As we left one of the servers told us to call the gen. manager later that day when she was to be there. Worst service and food ever. Not going back to the Morgantown Wv Applebee's again!

  • St
    stephanie39 Feb 04, 2010

    I agree 100%!
    I was at the Applebee's in Arlington, Tx on cooper street & I-20. Me and my fiancee' were eating and the manager was yelling at his staff using the Fuc...word more than 6 times and then not 5 minutes later an employee was pointing to us and used the Fuc...word over 15 times talking about us..that the rest. was closed and that this was "f...ing IHOP!" THAT WE SHOULD GET THE "F" OUT! Even though we had asked the manager if it was ok to stay since they were in fact closed and he stated "yes" that they would be there for another couple of hours. The person who was angry with us...NEVER WAITED ON US AND WE WEREN'T EVEN IN THE AREA WHERE HE WAS CLEANING!



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  • Li
    Linda Cord Nov 07, 2010

    I ate at Applebee's in Roanoke, Va. today which was Saturday. My friend and I both ordered the Pick 2 . Spinach and Shrimp salad and french onion soup. They informed us they did not serve that on Saturdays. Only Mon through Fri. If you can make it Mon. through Fr. you can make it on Saturday. I will not eat at that establishment ever again. If that is the way you treat you customers. Linda Cord

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  • Ka
    Karen kish Aug 08, 2011

    So disappointed with the apple bees in Sacramento ca I was so excited to bring my family there today since my son has never been there are waitress did not know what she was doing my son never got his food my grandson did not get his French fries with his hamburger my son walk out and will never eat there again my grandson did not eat his hamburger because he wanted his fries my salad was good but couldn't eat because my son did not get his food so I paid for our meal and walk we live about 100 miles from there and I brag about apple bees all day couldn't wait to feed my family and leave happy thanks for ruining my day, , , ,

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Scam and fake!

One of the two entry/exit doors was locked as I attempted to enter the restaurant. I mentioned to the young...


My order was a Turkey Bacon ciabatta sandwich with swiss cheese, red onions, and mayo. I requested to have...

no service, bad service!

One day for lunch my daughter, my mother, and myself all decided to go to Applebee's during lunch time. We walked in, and requested a table for three, and right away we were taken to our table with no problems.
My mother had to go to the restroom during the time we waited for our drink order, but no one ever came to take the drink order! A waiter and waitress walked by at least five times and acknowledged us at the table. When my mother returned from the restroom, my daughter went to the restroom, still no one stopped. When she came back from the restroom, I told my family " They have 2 more minutes!".
Then another table was sat right next to us! The waiter went straight up to that table of 5, and began with their drink orders!!! ASAP!
We got up and walked out, but before I left I told them in the front I received NO service and I will never be back!!
We went to Cheddar's instead! and had great service and a good meal!!

  • Ta
    Tabitha Feb 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Le
    Leo May 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Acknowledged by who? Restaurants don't check this site. If you want to complain effectively, call the restaurant.

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  • Ro
    rotcg33k Jan 24, 2009

    I would have to agree with you and I work for an Applebees!!! Not the one you attended, and I'm very sorry you had to deal with that. But there not any better to there staff!!! i have been there well over a year and I'm 5 months pregnant and my husband has been in Iraq the whole time. I got news of this home coming and told them as much as I knew right way. But I was told that I would NOT be aloud to be there to get him home if i was sch. to work and no one to work for me. And then was told by a MANGER that he has been gone this long, and that he could wait a few more hours if he has too. It took Everything in me not to say anything back.

    So i understand and again i'm very sorry you had to deal with that. i have been a server for years and Applebees by far is the worst place i have ever worked. And if i did not need the money I would have walked out.

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terrible service!

We went to the Chillicothe Applebee's Restaurant this evening. Upon arrival there were about 10-15 people waiting right inside the door; however, there were 6 tables setting empty. My husband asked if the bar tables were open because nobody wanted them. She said no, that the new manager liked to wait until 6 tables were open before seating anybody. He seated people in bunches not as they come in. We left as this is horrible service. This would also make it longer for people to get food since they would be seated all at once. Right before we left the restaurant the manager said seat the next "bunch" at 7:15. That is crazy to have empty tables and have people packed inside the front door like sardines. We will not be going back again.

gift card

I bought an Applebees gift card for my boss for Christmas. My boss and her husband ate a meal at the restaurant and the gift card would not work. I called to get the problem corrected and was told the card would work on the following Thursday. The card was not activated on Thursday. I have called three more times and each time was told the problem would be corrected. It is not corrected.

  • Sh
    sheila r, martin Jan 01, 2010

    i went to your gainsville restaurant thurs evening, i gave the waitress 2 gift cards. one had 50.00 written on it. the other was a 25.oo gift card. she came back with the 50.00 card saying nothing was on it. but the place where it said 59.00 was not on it. the manager came over and said he called the number on the back and it was empty. we had 7 people and it got very embarrasing. i live in deltonam fla and we eat at the restaurant in orange city, and have never had this problem. i was very upset. i know someone switched my card, but had no way of proving it. the manager said he was going to get the general manager to come over but never did. i really feel i was scammed and should get some restatution my name is sheila martin, i live at 2318 matthew circle. deltona, fla. 32738 my phone number is 386-860-4245/ thank you

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