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My 16 year old daughter was hired for her 1st job at the end of July at the Applebees's in Mesa & Southern.The job description was a Hostess .She was told at orientation she would greet customers, clear tables, check both rest rooms, serve food, , and seat customers..In August she was told by one of her managers(Wendy) that she had to clean both restrooms{ Toilets included).i forbid her to ever do that again and stated if asked to advise mananagement that was not her job function.On 10/23/15 she was scheduled to work 4:30 Pm -11:00 PM The General Manager Bruno Baez refused to let my daughter leavd kept a 16 year only where liquor is sold till 12::15 AM On 10/24/15 Felicia was told by Bruno Baez to clean bath rooms and she refused, and was told to leave, I will not have my daughter be harrased any longer, ..Already contacted their Corp Office and board of Health and have gone no where.I don't have to tell u response from AZ labor board provided..

poor food quality / horrible service

To keep it short and simple I was diagnosed with FOOD POISONING after eating at this place. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was EMPTY. Their food was spoiled and they still served it to me. This could be potentially dangerous if a kid or the elders eat it. Called the restaurant to speak to the manager and they said NO. Lady on the phone never gave me her name, she was extremely rude and never actually asked what I ordered or apologized. She ended hanging up the phone on my face. Be aware this place is disgusting.

  • Wine Is Good Jul 29, 2016

    Who diagnosed you? In order for a doctor to properly diagnose food poisoning and to point out the exact culprit is damn near impossible unless there is a large number of people also suffering the same symptoms from eating the SAME food from the SAME place. Simply put, anything you eat up to THREE days before you get sick could have made you sick. That is a scientific fact. Food poisoning is easy to diagnose, but hard to pinpoint the exact cause without a large number of cases.

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judge and curtis bar ripoff

two guy bartenders; first off Judge, me and my friend Girl sit down and order a drink we place our order and...

food poisoned

Salutations: The purpose of my letter is another attempt to notify management of my food poisoning; which...


I order wings from Applebees in Dublin, Ga. They were awful and I return them back to Applebees. The manager assured us that they would cook us some fresh wings and that they would be double fried as requested. When we got home my husband and I could tell that the wings had not been double fried but instead they used the same wings we brought back and heated them up and added a few more to the bunch. We were so disappointed! that the manager would allow this and think we wouldn't notice what she had done. This could of cause us to have stomach cramps or some kind of sickness after all the wings were a day old. Me and my husband are done with Applebees, they don't aimed to please their customers but took the messy way out.

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carside poor service

location [protected]@broad...i orderd carside at 6:04p, email confirmation confirmed pick up at 6:19. I got to...

poor food

Called for take out. Restaurant was empty upon arriving, 2 people at bar other than that no one else there, parking lot had a few cars. Bartender (female) looked haggard and out of it. Went back to get food. I did tip her but I am not sure why. Upon arriving home food was a mess. Burger had cheese slapped on the corner of it only like they didn't have a whole slice. lettuce, tomatoes looked like they had come out of the trash, fries cold and undercooked. It was a disaster and inedible. Now I know why no one was there, its a shame it has only been there about 1 year. Need to clean up your staff and your food or you wont be there much longer.

  • Le
    lemon1234 Dec 30, 2014

    Haggard is not a good look for someone greeting customers. Go home take a nap, clean yourself up before working with food and beverages other people are going to consume. As far as how l looked, I wasn't working in a restaurant nor eating in one so I could come in haggard or anyway I wanted to pick up a to go. But actually I looked clean and neat as did my son who was with me, we try to present ourselves in public or stay home. I worked in a restaurant for 10 years in my younger days, never would I have such an appearance nor would the company I work for allow it. I tipped her as she did her job, do you have nothing else to do but critic online complaints? Or is it that you can relate as you feel this is okay? I did not want to speak to a manager I chose to share my grievance here, its called free speech.

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poor service and food quality

Today 11/22/14 myself and 21 family members went to Applebees for dinner.after a 30 minute wait we were...

Brown Deer Food

bad service/ wrong order

Used to go to this applebees alot haven't been there for about 6 months, anyway went there last night for dinner and the service was slow tables were dirty tthe food we ordered was wrong...we wanted the bourbon steak but we got the 7oz sirloin my steak was suppose to be well done sent it back 2 times and still wasn't done ...my husbands was suppose to be medium and was rare sent it back also and he still didn't eat it due to being under cooked..we refused to send the food back again...they didnt apologize for giving us the wrong food but changed the price to coincide. With what they brought us...the only hood thing about the whole meal was the won ton tacos and our drinks...it was very upsetting to see a place we use to love to go to have such bad service and food...very depressing wont be going back at least to that one...we will try another store maybe but not anytime soon...

I will never return

I’ve always been slightly unimpressed with the Apple Valley location and prefer to go to the Lakeville location, but after this past Saturday I will not return to the Apple Valley Apple Bees. When we walked in the host was about to suggest a high top table, I had two 4 year olds and a one year old with me, so when she started looking that way I quickly asked for a booth. We were walked back to the booth and sat down. I quickly remarked to her that the table was filthy as I picked up a chunk of food and threw it to the floor, nothing was ever done about this nor was I ever brought a booster or high chair for my one year old. The waiter seemed to take some time to get to us even though there were only a handful of other patrons there. I ordered a mudslide for myself, a soda for my son, a water for my daughter and a chocolate milk for my toddler. My 4 year olds were brought their drinks in the big adult cups….anyone with young children knows what a disaster that could be. No cup was provided for the toddler’s milk. And, for my second visit in a row, my mudslide had what appeared to be freezer burnt ice chunks in it. The waiter eventually made his way back to the table (he was very inattentive and seemed quite distracted, not to mention not very hospitable) and my friend brought to his attention how inappropriate it was that my 4 year olds were given such big glasses, his only excuse was that I wasn’t charged for an adult drink, I had to force him to take away my son’s drink because there were chunks floating in it!! We ordered our food after about 20 minutes of being there (and for how slow it was I was less than happy it took him so long to take our order). When our food arrived my drink had been empty for some time, I was never asked if I would like another….I had to ask our waiter to bring me a soda. I had ordered the appetizer sampler (something I order every time I go), my dip was easily considered room temp and I received less than a handful of chips  My friend’s meal was supposed to have lovely vegetables with it, she got 3 zucchini and some ridiculously large slices of onions. By the time the waiter finally checked back my soda was empty…..I never did get a refill. He dropped off our check and scurried off. Over 15 minutes later he finally came back to collect payment, in which we asked to speak to a manger. He sent out the manger in training who was unable to help us and had to waste more time getting the actual manager, whom in our hour and a half at the store I hadn’t seen on the floor even once. He was polite and offered to make things more acceptable for us. The worst, for me, came after all that. I took my daughter to the restroom and the hostess (who handled my children’s crayons and menus) came in, blew her nose, and left. The manager in training came in after that to use the restroom so I filled her in on the fact that after blowing her nose the hostess failed to wash her hands. The manager in training gave me some line about how it was because she was going off line so she would wash her hands in the back and turn in her mic. Imagine my surprise when I exited the restroom and this “off line” hostess was at the front pedestal with her mic still attached!!! Over an hour and a half on a Saturday afternoon (not even lunch or diner rush) to get in and out. Never again will I walk into that Apple Bee’s location.

poor service

My friends and I were on our way out to a party and decided to stop at Applebee's for something to eat...

poor service / attitude

I arrived at the Quakertown Pa., Applebee's with a group of at least 12 other persons and were seated in...

service and food

The service was terrible. We got our drinks after awhile but the mamager had to come over and tell the lady that is at the door to bring our drinks. Then later we got out oinon rings ask 4 diferent people if we could get ranch dressing then the cleaning lady is the one that brought it to us she heard us ask serveral people for it. So when we got it the onion rings where cold. Then on our salad we got one with just lettuce no tomatoes or nother else. One was good. When we did finally get out steak they where good but had vegtables on the plate and we had ordered mashed potatoes. It took over a hour to finally get everything.

terrible service

My family and I enjoy the food and atmosphere at Applebees. We are regular patrons (several times weekly...

what a nightmare

Tonight was the worst night ever at Applebee's. It was Thursday which was karaoke night. I understand...

waitress and manager

Awful waitress and manager. My husband and I never get to go to dinner. He is home once a month. He asked the waitress for a draft beer- blue moon and Sam Adams mixed. She answered with her nasty attitude that "we don't do that here". The manager came over and he was an even bigger idiot. Bad attitude and ignorant staff. They could have been nice when explaining that they don't mix the beers. Thanks Applebee's.

quality of food not the same

We used to love eating here - good food and service. The service is still great but the quality of food ha...

food and wait

I went to the restaruant to meet friends for lunch there was a total of 8 people, we had to wait 20 minute...

soliciting calls

Email said to answer questions about your favorite appetizer and get a $25 gift card to Applebees. The survey was asking if you would like to get quotes for different services and companies which I clicked on the No did not need one. I had to put a phone number in to get a code for the coupon; which then I received text from some psychic service which I had to cancel. I have received numerous phone calls since then from all these services saying I requested info online. I don't appreciate all the unwanted calls or them collecting my number for this purpose.

  • Fe
    fedupbutgood Aug 07, 2013

    I didn't know yesterday how invasive the telephone calls would be. I'm glad I didn't give them my cell number. About 25 calls in past 24hrs, I only answered a couple and they told me I had CHOSEN to be contacted, which is NONSENSE, because I answered NO to everything. My email box, meanwhile has received no less than 50 junk offers, saying "thanks for signing up" etc. The cost to gmail, hotmail, yahoomail, etc. is astronomical, can't believe they haven't rounded up these folks and put them in jail, they are sitting on Madison Avenue, getting richer by harrassing consumers!

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racist applebees waitresses & managers

The recent lawsuit was resolved through a Consent Decree filed with the U.S. District Court in Atlanta that sets forth the terms of the settlement (Case No. 1:02-CV-829). In addition to the monetary relief for Mr. Burch, the Consent Decree requires training and reporting by Applebee's. Prior to the lawsuit, Applebee's did not have a written policy in effect at any of its nationwide restaurants prohibiting discrimination based on race. Applebee's now has amended its mistreatment and discrimination policies to include color as a protected basis in accordance with Title VII. In both its Answer to the lawsuit and in the Consent Decree, Applebee's admitted liability or wrongdoing. The employees all mistreat and discriminate against each other, and set up new minority employees to get fired, staff do not wash their hands, restaurant managers are rude & have attitude problems, employees using racial slurs, food poisoning cases, the health inspector fails the restaurant many times, the servers are often lazy, inexperienced, & rude!! I will not ever eat or work there again!!