Amazon.compoor customer service - account hacked

A Dec 05, 2019

My account was hacked and my email was changed. Despite changing my password and adding the dual sign on. I have called and was told it would be reviewed and they would email me. I stressed, not to email the account that the hacker changed it to but to my account. I never received the email so I assume it went to the hacker. I called back and they have to resubmit to the security team. It has already been over 3 weeks since the second incident and now I have to wait 2 more business days an hope they contact me. Poor security and poor resolution!

My account is under the name Tammy Atkins. The original hack was back in mid October and now it's December and I cannot get a resolution. I want my account secure and back to me. I am unable to view amazon prime for over a month because it is attached to that account. I would think that the account security for your customers would be a high priority. I don't want to wait another 2 business days to hear there is no resolution! I want someone to call me asap. 636.352.3363

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