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Amazon.com Complaints & Reviews, Page 34

Amazon.comquicken 2017 deluxe - order #[protected]

This product was shown giving us the indication that it was a new C.D.
When we received it, we noted that the C.D. case was sealed. We broke the seal and loaded the program. The first screen we got was that the database numbers had been exceeded, thereby indicating that this was a used C.D.
Either send us a BRAND NEW C.D. or refund us our money. We can not use this C.D. and therefore we have wasted our money.
I believe the advertising of the product borders on fraudulent advertising. I hope not.
Leigh Spicer

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    Amazon.comcharge for prime membership

    On September 20th 2019 I was charged $12.99 on my Mastercard for a monthly renewal of Amazon Prime in the US. This is the first time this has happened. Why has it started now? The payment was described as from:
    Amzn.com/bill WA

    I am already a Prime member of Amazon.co.uk in the UK, and pay an annual fee in May. I see no need to pay for Prime in the US.
    Please refund the amount.


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      Amazon.comI ordered nothing

      Amazon prime took 13.09 out of my debit card. I don't have much money and i for sure dont have enough for amazon to be taking money off my card for no reason at all and i would appreciate it if they would return the money back to my card ASAP there was something i needed to order that was important and that i needed and now i am un able to do so so please return the money i feel like was stolen. This is y i deal with ebay n ebay only thanks

      I ordered nothing

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        Amazon.comproduct I paid for was never delivered. told there was a shipping problem - but my payment was never refunded

        order number #[protected]

        order placed sept 15th 2019

        when I track order I'm told there was a shipping problem and the product (a book called Open Borders Inc by M. Malkin) has been returned to Amazon. But no-one mentions anything about my payment. When and how do i get this payment back?
        I have never had this problem with Amazon before. Very surprised that i have had no further communication.

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          I am losing a lot of time and patience with the frequent remark "This item does not ship to Puerto Rico. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally." I could understand this issue for heavy items transported by trucks, but not for items as small as a 4"X4" chainmail scrubber. You may refer to community.ebay.com "Puerto Rico is not an international sale" or better yet, the US Postal Service. You better pay attention to this issue. This seems discriminatory and may have repercussions. For beginners, I will cancel my prime membership. Everybody in PR should.

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            Amazon.comdelivery service

            Your company should use the U.S. mail, Fedex or U.P.S. !!! my packages have been delivered to other people and other people have received my packages .Some packages that were delivered to us had other's addresses on them and they did not remotely look like our address !! Who is running your delivery service?A complete idiot must be in charge ! You are wasting money using your own service, since for every screw up .it costs you double since you have to replace the item that was delivered to the wrong address!!And someone received a FREE item !! MY suggestion will probably fall on deaf ears but at least I tried ! george mitchell Atlanta, Ga.

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              Sep 23, 2019

              Amazon.com — fraudulent product/ poor customer service

              I ordered mylar bags with 1, 000 cc absorbents. The product arrived quickly but only had 100 cc absorbent...

              Sep 21, 2019

              Amazon.com — terrible service even though I spent r40 000

              I just wanted Amazon head office to know what issues I've been experiencing specially since I've ordered 52...

              Amazon.comgift cards

              Lannie Arrington
              10:59 AM (12 minutes ago)
              to amazon-delivery+A2SDOH8PILFGUE

              As I stated in my complaints, Logistics provided 2 different answer to why the item dates continued to change. You have damaged a relationship with Amazon with unnecessary lies that could have remedied by just telling the customer the truth. Therefore, I am closing my Amazon Store Card and once the Prime Membership come up for renewal will no longer use Amazon for anything. Your customer service is a NIGHTMARE..I DREAD TALKING TO ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE WHETHER IN CUSTOMER SERVICE OR LOGISTICS! There are quite a few qualified people Amazon could hire those position!

              1. Due to the flooding in my area, they were not able to deliver my item on 09/16/19 and 09/20/19. That is ridiculous because it wasn't flooded in my area on 09/16/19...Lie...The delivery for 09/20 19, I was told the facility building collapsed...utter nonsense!

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                Amazon.comlate fees on credit report

                September 19, 2019

                Amazon and synchrony bank;
                To whom it concerns,

                My husband and I For about a month now I have been in contact with Amazon and Synchrony bank trying to work with you to get a delinquent mark off my credit report which I feel should not have gone that far. I. Enrolled in amazon prime and with it came three months free HBO. When I I didn't realize the HBO would continue. In the process of trying dispute this I got late charges on my account and it ruined my credit score.
                I have not been able to resolve this completely because I have Amazon people helping me and others telling me they can't make those decision and should not have sent me the email, or another person telling me it's not Amazon it's the bank. The bank who I contacted said it's Amazon and wrote a letter in our be half. This is all time consuming and frustrating.
                I am trying to refinance my home and in order for me to this I need an email from someone in USA that has authority to write the email and request it to be removed from my credit. The difference for me with this mark off my report is $0 closing costs instead of 9, 000 and I need this ASAP since it's already been a month of pushing harder to get this done. It has been much longer since the initial call to get it removed.
                I talked to Nicole and Cheton who did an email for me. If I need anything else to let them know. Today I was told I should have never got that email..??
                I need immediate help with this so my husband I can move forward with the refinance.
                The account is [protected]
                2398 tullymore dr
                Landis NC 28088
                I need immediate help with this matter
                Sincerely yours,
                Tracy mello Craven and Richard Craven / my email [protected]@mail.com which you will see most of the correspondence with.
                You should be able to look back and see all the chat messages and the emails

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                  Sep 18, 2019

                  Amazon.com — delivery service

                  On july 23, the delivery driver did not put van in part while delivering packages to neighbors. Van rolled...



                  Earlier this evening I was parked in one of two disabled parking spots in a strip mall in my city of Chandler, AZ. Next to me an Amazon delivery truck whipped into the disabled spot next to me. I was a bit surprised that a delivery person would be disabled, but since i am 62 and lived for quite a while, i have learned there are plenty of situations in life. The driver leapt out of the vehicle and galloped to one business to deliver something and then galloped past my vehicle to go into a different business. That happened to be the one I was going to get a package from. As the driver left the business, I calmly share with her that she was parked in a disabled spot and this was not a lawful thing to do. She had a very rude reply to me which quickly escalated into her yelling at me and accusing me of harassing her.

                  Not the reality of the situation. I have photos of the vehicle and can text them since i do not know how to put photos online. I am saddened that a person who drives for a living chooses to disrespect and ignore the basic laws while working and representing your company.

                  thank you,
                  Therese M. Atallah [protected]

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                    Amazon.comaccount lost

                    Amazon locked me out of my account, then when I called to get back in, they kept me on hold for 30 minutes only to tell me that since the account hadn't been used in a year (due in part to getting repeatedly locked out) they couldn't reactivate it and I'd have to make a new one, so all the Kindle books I've paid money for are just lost and there's no way for me to get them back. Seriously? Amazon isn't capable of reactivating accounts? What a joke.

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                      Amazon.comamazon customer appreciation survey

                      Took the survey and was offered a selection of products to chose from as a reward. I chose the CBD Oil and the Price was free for the product and all was required was $6.99 for shipping. When selecting product I was sent to their web site where after putting in required info for payment and selecting payment I was charged over $29.00 dollars for the product and free shipping. Amazon should make sure that the products they offer come from honest vendors.

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                        Sep 12, 2019

                        Amazon.com — amazon reward visa card

                        Spent hrs. looking at mattresses, finally settled on a Nelaukoko 3" topper. All toppers had a $50 off Amazon...


                        This might seem like a frivolous complaint; but I find myself saddened and very upset to hear Shubert's "Ave Maria" being used to promote a Prime Commercial...As a Catholic I as many others; find myself brought to tears; listening to the beautiful, heavenly music that accompanies that special prayer to honor ‘Our Lady' ; The Virgin Mary...
                        I watched your commercial numerous times and understand the connotation was made in humor, but
                        ‘Ave Maria' or ‘Hail Mary' is one of the most sacred devotions of The Rosary to all Catholics...
                        Please reconsider using the music that illuminates this sacred prayer in your commercial...

                        Lorraine Randall

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                          Sep 06, 2019

                          Amazon.com — they approved my refund and they're not give it to me.

                          my name is Tony Bobet. I resided 1710 Seward Avenue, Bronx, New York City, 10473, apartment#5-g. I am filing...

                          Amazon.comamazon logistics

                          I lost a package that was supposedly delivered yesterday. I did get a call at about the time of the delivery. There was no caller ID and I was eating dinner, so I did not answer. This was likely Amazon delivery. I soon got a text saying my order was left in a secure location. I searched all over the complex, messaged the maintenance manager, and even talked to an Amazon delivery guy that happened to be at the mailboxes today. He was very frustrated and asked me where the lockers were. I told them that we have no lockers. I asked him about my package and he said to call Amazon. I presume that Amazon uses cheap, part-time labor for deliveries. Even giving them a fob may not work. Amazon will not let you opt-out of using Amazon Logistics. I think that next time I will have them deliver to an Amazon locker (like those at Whole Foods). This is inconvenient but better than losing a package. I am very frustrated.

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                            Amazon.comamazon lockers

                            9/4/19 Delivery by UPS refused by Amazon Locker three times. Item returned to seller.
                            There are no options to get package, return must be completed and item re-ordered and re-shipped. Any Amazon Locker in the area would have worked, but no option to arrange such (any available) delivery. Wasted over a week!
                            Catalpa Locker, 7675 E Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80220
                            UPS and Amazon need to improve shipping methods!

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                              Amazon.comwomen's clothing

                              Dear Amazon:

                              I am frustrated with the current selections in the women's clothing department. Over the last year, I have returned most of the clothes I have ordered and realized they are all being manufactured in China. The clothes never look like the picture online. Upon receipt of my order for clothes, I find the fabric cheap, the colors brighter than shown and the size of everything from the arms, bust, and neck to hem are irregular. To add insult to injury, instead of ordering my customary 1x or 2x size and having them fit, I must order 4xxxx or 5xxxxx and they seldom fit.

                              This week, I returned yet another item and learned that I must pay for the return because it has been shipped from China. I am a prime member and can no longer get a timely shipment, free returns, or clothes that may I depend upon to fit me.

                              I'll no longer purchase clothes from Amazon. There are many other companies available where I may shop for clothes to fit me. I may pay more than the cheap prices you are now offering for your Chinese manufactured products, but I can rely on a decent fit.

                              I am so disappointed in your service, especially in the last year. And the products you are offering to women is abysmal.

                              Very sorry, very long term Amazon shopper

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