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Amazon / Was scammed

Mazi on Apr 19, 2017
I used to buy from eBay in the past but there were too many scammers, so I decided to try Amazon. Up until now I was pretty satisfied with Amazon, didn't had any issues. But unfortunately thins did not go so well with my last order. Order didn't arrive and when I tried to contact the seller...

Amazon / Shipping fee

Scott on Mar 29, 2017
I bought a book from Amazon and was supposed to get a free shipping. I paid for my book but did not get any confirmations. One week later I decided to contact the seller to ask what was going on and I was shocked when he said that I did not pay for shipping. He said that shipping was not...

Amazon.com / Half of my order

MissShell on Mar 27, 2017
After I received my tax return I spent 1, 400 dollars on amazon. They took the 1, 400 out of my card then immediately froze my account until I had to verify who I was. After all that they said I didn't pay for the 7 things left in my order. They stole almost 700 dollars. I am a poor person...

Amazon.com / Not showing some respect.

dick gibson on Mar 23, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam: i am writing this complaint i being curse one of the seller. My name is Tony Bobet. i live at 1710 Seward Avenue, Apartment, #5-g, Bronx, New York 10473. The name is Amazon.com, resided at 410 Terry Avenue, North, Seattle, WA. The reason of the complaint that one of the...

Amazon.com / Kindle customer service and device

Rachael McDaniel on Mar 16, 2017
I am writing this review of the Fire Tablet with Alexa 7” display 8 GB. On March 16th 2016 I bought a new Kindle for $53 I am a student and on a limited budget but I used my Kindle for school. On August 2016 the Kindle died, the battery just overheated it was warm to the touch, so I called...

Amazon / I was very disappointed with Amazon

Kailly on Mar 14, 2017
I never had any issued with Amazon and I was their long time customer and bought many things from them. That was until someone hacked my account and made several purchases! When I found out about that I contacted Amazon right away and I was expecting them to help me, but they only said that...

Amazon.ca / Sony cfds50 cd/tape/radio boombox

Harlow1 on Mar 2, 2017
Purchased Sony Boombox from Amazon.ca August 1, 2016 and the unit broke down February 2017. Sony will not repair or replace the unit as the warranty is for 90 days. Amazon will not allow returns as it is past the date for return. Now I am stuck with a defective unit that is not worth the...

Amazon.com / Refund for ebooks I accidentally bought by "one click" mechanism

Complainant21930 on Feb 23, 2017
Spent 45 min with the company on phone last Friday, being transferred 3 times. Said I would get refund for these ebooks, but has not appeared on Amazon card. Emailed and whomever answered it says "I've checked the previous correspondence but I'm unable to get the information for which...

Amazon.com / Warehouse deals, inc

Ken Griffin on Feb 22, 2017
On jan 21, I placed an order with this company. Now, for the fourth time, I get an email from them - - on the day delivery was due, informing me that the item has not yet shipped, and that my delivery date is some 2 or 3 weeks in the future; and requesting me approve the delay. This is simply...

Amazon Affiliate Consultant Program / Company cannot be reached by email or phone

cason898 on Feb 21, 2017
I was called 8/16 by this company for a position to become a Amazon Affiliate Consultant. Mr Howard Jackson the recruiter talked and explained the program and was very convincing that I could make good money at this. I felt that knowing it had the Amazon name it was going to be something...

Amazon.com / Worst shipping, service rude rude behavior

Ebin on Feb 13, 2017
Hello, 1 week before i broght a watch for my mom(for her birthday gift) from amazon India (Order # 407-0684639-9598733), and yesterday i received notification from amazon that it will deliver 13th February and it have a mobile number of amazon courier service(+919495334934). i called him ...

Amazon / I have an issue with Amazon

Ramon on Feb 8, 2017
I have an issue with Amazon and it seems like no one from Amazon actually care and want to help. I bought a book from this store and it was a present for my sister. I was super excited about this purchased and couldn't wait for it. But time passed and there was no sign of my book, then I...

Amazon - Round3 / Damaged product

dick gibson on Jan 21, 2017
Dear sir: I am filing an complaint to round3. located at 4175 royal dr. nw ste 300 kennesaw, ga 30144-6428. I live at 1710 seward avenue, bronx, nyc, 10473-4215. apart#5-g. I order an item from amazon.com. the item is hotel transylvania, for $4.95. the customer services, daniele, from...

Amazon - SameDay4pmShippingAutoParts / Return policy not stated on website

Kmvh on Jan 13, 2017
I ordered a part on DEC 21st from this seller on Amazon marketplace. Unfortunately, we didn't need this part in particular after a diagnostic on the car was done. In addition, the part we ordered would not have fit the car anyway even though we had researched the model number. I...

Amazon / Unauthorized credit charges!!!

Patricia Toner Bovard on Jan 11, 2017
I never use this amazon chase visa, anymore. I did know there was a balance on it awhile ago due to medical charges. My error was to be ill for the last months and not reading online visa carefully while continuing to make minimum payments on what I believed to be an old liability... Today I...

Amazon.com / Amazon video on demand

I had 6 charges for Amazon on Demand Movies come out of my debit card on 1/4/17 that were purchased through Amazon.com. They were for $2.15, $3.24, $2.15, $2.15, $3.24, & $4.32. I went to my Amazon.com account history, and there are not any videos in my purchase history. Both my husband...

Amazon / Amazon prime video

AmyinVT on Dec 25, 2016
As a member of Amazon Prime I got a coupon to watch this movie for 99 cents instead of four dollars. I typed in the said code of "MOVIE99" and the movie started playing so I was lead to believe I paid 99 cents for the movie. Then after I watched it I see that I was charged four dollars. It...

Amazon / Amazon seller

AmazonisBurglar on Dec 21, 2016
Relying on your 100% vendor protection program; I have received and sent orders, I have proven you with audience information; I lost time typing an answer to the messages that came to me: but without any explanation you stole $ 1600. You have not written any serious messages to me even...

Amazon / Alert and warning: amazon will not refund fraud... Even to longtime customers: nexus 6p

Zubin Parihar on Dec 7, 2016
Alert and warning: amazon will not refund fraud... Even to longtime customers I'll keep this short. This is a warning to my family, friends, colleagues and others who are planning on shopping amazon in the future. I've not had a good recent experience with them... Borderline terribel in...

Amazon / Espresso machine order canceled after promise of delivery, "it will be shipped"

henbill on Nov 24, 2016
I placed order for espresso machine which as accepted. I was told the seller had been consulted and had promised delivery and that the item was being shipped. I then got a note from the company. "your order will be shipped and should arrive from seven to 10 days. Here is the order number...

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